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Moments later, we slunk out of the tunnel and into an unthinkably vast grotto. Our torch felt like a candle in the great darkness. There had been beauty in those caves, elegance in the way nature had carved them. We were too scared to talk, and too weary. They were graven of white stone, and in my heart I knew they were made of the same stuff as the lighthouse. Most of the statues were of people. We glimpsed beautiful maidens holding decanters.

We saw smiling children, some holding hands and standing in great rings, others all alone. As we walked through the pale, silent gallery of thousands, we saw old men and venerable ladies, soldiers and wealthy lords, beggars, fishermen, and stoic hunters. The sculptures were beautiful in a way.

Whoever, or whatever had carved them had a talent like no other. Somewhere in the midst of it all, Leuk tapped me on the shoulder. I looked back and saw horror in his eyes. He pointed at a row of sculptures removed from the rest. We came to it, the part of the cavern struck least by the moonlight, and we stood there with our mouths open. The sculptures in the shadows were not of men or maidens, children or village elders. They were of monsters, malevolent and skeletal, with talons in place of hands, pale knives instead of teeth, and faces made of nightmares.

From today until forever…

Some had horns. Others had tails. All of them had strange writing on their skin, words and sigils from a language none of us knew. But the true terror lay in their empty eye sockets, which were huge and full of evil. As I stood there, breathing not at all, I believed in my heart these statues mimicked creatures that must have existed.

Aios pointed his spear at one of the horrific sculptures. He looked wild with fear, sweating and cursing beneath his breath. My fingers went numb, and a chill crawled down my backbone. We stood there, the three of us, gazing into the grotto, stricken still with our terror. The first thing I heard was the patter of footsteps. Aios and Leuk heard it, too.

Bare feet, I thought. Aios waved his spear in the direction of the sound. He crouched, looking deadly and afraid. And then I saw it, a little boy darting between the sculptures. He was naked, pale as a fish, and faster than any child had a right to be. At ten paces, he climbed atop a sculpture and leapt from its head to another, smiling all the way.

The boy leapt from atop the statue of a milkmaid. Aios spun, screamed, and jabbed with his spear. He missed.

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As they struggled, I just stood there with my sword in one hand and the torch in the other. It was like I knew:. I never expected Leuk to be the brave one. For a single breath I allowed myself to hope. If the boy felt anything, I saw no sign. He looked up at us, still smiling, as Aios collapsed dead on the cavern floor. I saw no blood. I was paralyzed. My sword felt as though it were made of paper. The boy-Ghoul dragged Aios into the shadows. Leuk stared at me, and then went after them. I swallowed so hard it wounded my throat. I knew what was about to happen. Somehow, someway, I knew.

And when I heard a second set of bare feet pattering, and when Leuk cried out his last breath, I sank to the floor in a puddle of my own fear. Perhaps it was cowardice. Many thousands of breaths went in and out of me. I closed my eyes, and the world went dark. The second torch had burned out, and so I fired another.

It burned beside me as I sat there, a red whisper in the vast darkness. The ink was almost gone. The words were old, old things. Maybe they were magic, if such a thing existed. I drew as many of the words and symbols as I could. When the ink ran out, I hunkered down and gazed into the dark. I left the book on my lap. I had the foolish hope someone would find it one day.

The shaft of moonlight was far away, not enough to see by. The boy came first. He was naked and ghostly pale. White powder, surely bone dust, coated his arms up to his elbows. His fingernails were crusted in dried blood. And then the second Ghoul came. Naked and beautiful, she walked into the yellow sphere of light made by my torch.

Her hair was raven, her eyes pale blue lanterns. I sat, limp and sweating, and looked at them. The boy was her ward, her student, or maybe even her child. She tousled his hair, and a plume of bone powder drifted into the torchlight. I left my sword where it lay. With her fingers, she pried the flesh back from her cheeks. She tore like sackcloth; the sound alone made me sick. Next she peeled back the flesh from her arms and collarbone.

She was one of them, one of the monsters so perfectly sculpted behind me. Her true fingers were boney claws, her real face a horror of white bone. She had no blood in her. She was all sinew and marrow, a skeleton wrapped in human skin. In the old world city of Ellerae, one person goes missing every day. Or does she? Preorder Uncommon Evil right here. In a drowned village, on a dark shore, in a city of white stones, an ancient evil stalks. It has no name, no face, and no desire but to see the death of everything… …and everyone. Down through the ages it exists, sleepless and void, a relic from the world before humanity.

One dead.

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Every night. Until nothing remains. J Edward Neill. A slow burn with this one. Maggie is more about the slow deterioration of a person than about the actual jump-style scares. This version of the Thing decided to go back and tell the story of the Norwegian Base seen in the film. It dwells a bit more on the alien nature of the creature since they are the ones who dig it up in the first place. Many times the creature seems to reveal itself when discretion might have been the better option. My guess is that they wanted to go a bit more on the monster horror movie side rather than a purely psychological one.

I still enjoyed it, and you can tell they went to painstaking efforts to try and match everything you saw in the original with what you were seeing there. A cheat, as I have seen this movie, but since I was on a Thing kick, it only made sense to watch this version. Even remembering what I could about this one, I still got to play along with the characters trying to determine who might be the Thing and who might still be human.

The ending is just about the perfect answer to the question and takes on a slightly different feel having read The Things earlier in the week. John McGuire. Want to read the first issue for free? Click here! Already read it and eager for more? Every year I want to make October something cool. I want to fill the excess time with scares and vampires and zombies and whatever monster lives under my bed. But not this year. There are four characters in this movie and two of them only appear for about a total of 5 minutes of screen time. The entire focus of this movie is on the newly wedded couple who have gone to her cabin in the woods for the week.

A week of isolation, and sex, and fishing and strange lights outside, and wandering around in the woods and…. But really, this movie owes more to something like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Gaslight than anything else. As the viewer, you are there with Paul, trying to figure out if there is something legitimately wrong with Bea or if we might be dealing with a situation more different than we think. This is one of those movies where I enjoyed it right up to the end, but the coda was probably unneeded in its present form.

Definitely worth watching if just for the slow build of things being just wrong.

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You can read this short story at Clarkesworld for free here. If you have read John W. But instead of a strict retelling from another of the humans, this is from the POV of the Creature. You can watch Vicious on Youtube here. A girl is alone in her house… or is she? A gateway to the nether reaches of the soul…….. Putting aside such horrors as flying cockroaches Also known as the spawn of Satan. They bore holes into your soul. The wooded area behind my apartment complex creeps me out. Laugh if you want, but for some reason the forested area behind my home can be a creep fest at times.

I grew up camping in Boy Scouts. I love a great hike through the forest, or on a park trail through the woods. For instance, the first few weeks after we moved out here a couple of years ago, I remember my wife pointing out a set of sounds coming from the area behind our place.

What we heard that night was just plain strange. Usually with most animal sounds that you might hear at the same time, you can discern one from the other. An owl sounds like an owl. A dog sounds like a dog. A raccoon sounds like a raccoon. I just know that I sure as heck am not going to try and confirm or deny that, by taking a field trip to the woods.

Lastly, my apartment complex has done a piss poor job of keeping up the trail that runs through this area. Trash is strewn about, bridges have fallen into disrepair, small ponds are completely dry, leaves cover the path, and it just looks creepily abandoned by society. The month of October is the absolute perfect time for that favorite pastime of mine: watching horror movies. I love the bad ones that everyone else hates and somehow only takes a couple of friends mocking it to make it seem all the better.

I love the classics that everyone agree on as being the best of the best. New, old, black and white monster movies to slasher flicks to haunted house stories…. October is also a different kind of month for me. It is that last month which promises to be productive for writing before the hectic natures of November and December appear to rip every last bit of free time from me until the new year. That is the only conclusion you could possibly come to in all of this. Maybe that guy upstairs, rattling around in my skull, is both the architect of my salvation and also the cause of all my sorrow?

He plays both the angel and devil on my shoulders. I know that now.

Free Audiobook - The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Every time I go to start a new project he likes to linger on that first, completely clean page. Subtle little thoughts of what could appear there managed to fight off those first instincts, but that is only because of the larger plan he has awaiting me. Oh, he knows every sports team that is playing and when they are going to be on TV. Time is just a con game for him, and he is damn good a manipulating it. It must be the same reasoning that causes me to like all of those horror movies.

My Brain loves a good tale of woe and scares. Maybe I can throw him off guard, stay a little bit ahead of him, and when these last couple of months start-up I can set a new momentum. Force him to play catch-up for once. His second novel, Hollow Empire , is now complete. The first episode is now FREE! Check it out! Prior to beginning this post I looked around at plenty of blogs who list their Top 10, Top 30, even Top horror movies.

Of course, horror movies are a subjective as any other genre. These movies get slotted high up in the rankings while other movies, ones I find much more deserving, languish below. I understand that. High Tension was a movie that I borrowed from a friend after he praised it. You have all manner of scares to keep you on the edge of your seat. You have a couple of heroines to cheer for — I really wanted them to get out. I had to rewind the movie at first.

I can dislike a movie while still recognizing its place among the keystones of the genre. It goes on for far too long. The screaming goes on for too long. The dinner scene, while creepy, just goes on for to long. I truly think that I saw this at the wrong time. By the point I got around to seeing this movie I was a horror movie veteran many times over. So any of the tricks that might have been invented within this particular framework was old hand.

I definitely get why people might like this movie. It has plenty of hot buttons to push. Add in a storyline that is constantly threatening to bubble over, and you just know this one is ending in a blood-bath. This is going to sound odd when talking about horror movies, but I still need the characters to actually act like people. Instead some of them just became speed bumps on the way to the big confrontation at the end which wanted to tell us that people are the problem sometimes, not monsters. Kevin Bacon gets killed in it. People have sex and then they die. In fact, we could make the argument that the Friday movies really are the ugly step-sister of the slasher sub-genre.

Likely many people checked it out in the first season and found certain aspects of it not to their liking. In an episode of Fear, the main group has the decision on whether they should help two people, one clearly injured. They could bring them both aboard and worst case make things a little more comfortable for the dying man. Ultimately the decision is made for them. Yet there is still the quandary:. If you were trying to survive in an apocalyptic situation, do you help strangers?

Clearly everyone is out to get you and letting them have some kind of real and true access to you will only allow them to get more opportunities to kill you. You may have to live with the consequences of inviting someone along with you if they end up doing bad things. Court and I talked about it for a while as to what we would choose and came to a different question: What would members of my family do I have not talked it out with them, this is just a straight out guess?

Too protective of his family. My Sister Courtney — Perhaps even more than my mom, my sister would want to help as many people as she could… at first. The one thing that would change that is if things went sideways and one of her family was put in danger. Assuming that like a tv show things could still work out, I could see such an incident ensuring no one else would get any assistance. My Brother in law Bill — He has a big heart. He loves helping people in the real world. No messing around, no-nonsense. Maybe even to the point that the very thought of NOT helping would cause her distress.

Guide to the Indo-European Roots Appendix

She might be the one who leaving someone behind would weigh on the most. My Father in Law — Before he passed away, I think I would have put him in the move on column, but at his wake I got to meet many of the people in the AA program who he helped try to get their lives back on the right track. Strangers who he felt compelled to help because he was in the same situation. In this case fiction has to mirror reality. As we search the wasteland for signs of food and water, those locked places would open their treasures up to us. And these Strangers, they are a variable in the equation that might not sit quite right.

But when we break camp, you need to go in a different direction. If something seems too good to be true type thing. And me? The Hecatomb includes 4 short stories, each connected, each taking place in the same world. It just happened. Nice and dead-like.

One by one, he watches the men vanish in the night. One gone. Erisa Stavrou, hunter of hunters, pursues her final prey into the sprawling city of Valai. Armed only with her shirt, her sandals, and an unbreakable blade, she knows she alone can destroy the last Horror. Without her, the endless cycle of one dead, every night, forever will continue until all mankind is destroyed. Both books also appear in the novella, The Hecatomb.

Each story is set in the same world. Hecatomb n — an extensive loss of life for some cause…. Special thanks to Amanda Makepeace for helping me put my original painting into print. A bounty of fantastical tales to steal your nights away. Drown in the deep, dark waters of your Kindle. Tread lightly into ancient, forbidden realms. Wander into the futures of apocalyptic worlds. Know what it feels like to face the darkness alone. No matter what whets your appetite: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, or hard, dark realistic fiction, A Collection of Small Shadows has it all.

Will be sold as a sexy black matte softcover and an electrifying e-book. It may very well not live up to this on rewatch. We all know that zombie movies are never only about the zombies as much as they are a device to tell a story about people and the world they inhabit. And this movie is no Apocalyptic Wasteland, but more or less a normal life with one small twist:. So the movie asks you one question: if you truly loved someone, how far would you go for them? This is your husband turning into a creature who kills people.

Do you cover it up?

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He still can have conversations with you. I brought this one to a Halloween movie night and it did not go over well with everyone. They both are views on sexuality and how both sexes view the issue differently. That if you decide to stick your piece somewhere unwanted, well… BAD things are going to occur.

Suddenly the woman has the power to defend herself in an unexpected way. But mostly it is about growing into an adult. How you deal with the changes — both physically and emotionally. Two reporters come to a town to investigate some strange things going on, but what they find is that someone has figured out the Secret of Life. The only problem is that our minds cannot handle the truth, and so we snap.

Pontypool deals with the very idea our words can be the thing to cause us to go mad. A DJ, trapped in his station by a snowstorm getting these various updates of madness. And him slowly beginning to understand what might be causing it. With The Signal you get more of the traditional zombie movie, with a strange signal driving the madness. People turning on one another.

Divided into three sections, the movie shows how we need to keep our loved ones safe… and how that ultimately may not even be possible. George Carlin had a routine where he talked about the idea that given how we mistreat the Earth, perhaps our sexually transmitted diseases are the way the planet fights back. That anything related to sex was a no brainer since we all do it, want to do it, or perhaps are currently doing it.

Sex is the ultimate delivery system to spread the madness. From today until Halloween at midnight , my darkest, spookiest, creepiest titles are on sale…. Old Man of Tessera, a creepy short story. No All Hallows party will be complete without it. Gather your friends close, light some candles, and get deep.

FREE until midnight on Halloween. Down the Dark Path — Part I. Or be like a human…and read a book until the world ends. Check my entire book catalog here. Get in. Get terrified. Get out. And leave a review. When I first caught the reading bug in my early teens, it was horror fiction that grabbed hold of me and changed my life.

I use to be one of those kids that hated reading.

Are you sure?

It was torture. It was the paperback edition with the holographic image. The book ended up giving me nightmares. But I kept reading! I read Night Stone while my grandmother was visiting and when my grandmother came to visit I always gave up my bed. Was it just the timing of it all? Reading a horror novel and imagining monsters under the bed? I no longer have the paperback, but the book is now available for Kindle. Look for my verdict next month! The old house in Maine gave Beth the creeps. Not even when she heard the scratching and whispering at night. Not even when the tall, massive stones of her dreams began to ooze with blood.

For as she stared into the eyes of the wooden doll, she heard it call to her and felt the force of its evil power. And she knew that it was about to tell her what she had to do…. I want to write about things which go bump in the night. I want to embrace that certain time of year where we all yearn to be scared for some primal reason that we might not ever understand.

I want to discover the next horror movie or book or comic or tv show I should be watching in order to get my fix during this month. I want to talk about all of those things, but I am forced to focus on a different sort of horror this year. The sort of horror that haunts you as it unfolds, but then sticks with you for the remainder of the week… only to happen again and again. The truest horror for any sports fan. The Miami Dolphins have already fired their coach. A team that was last year and whose personnel had gotten better in theory at least.

Instead it has become the dysfunctional party we all know and love for the better part of a decade. IF there is a way for this to be a temporary measure. Oh, I still kept up with them on a near daily basis, still read the articles, read the blogs, watched at the trade deadline to see what moves they made.

But I knew this season was going to be bad. And I can deal with that. Next year needs to be better, and then the year after they should be in the hunt for a playoff spot if the powers that be are to be believed. I buy in. I mean, our head coach was fired on Monday. And as much as I think that was the right move for the team at this point, what do I honestly think is going to come of this season? Our next two opponents are weak compared to us though they might be world-beaters.

So what is realistic? I watched every game of our season. I will watch every game of this season. She could have found a nice guy who liked deflated balls and won Super Bowls, but she got someone who liked the team from south Florida. We joke in the house about when will we get to see the sailboat — meaning, when will one of our teams win the big one. But right now we are still like Wilhem from Mallrats…. He also has a short story in the recently released anthology Beyond the Gate , which is free on most platforms! They are the creatures that we all know exist, deep down in our heart, but there is actually no real evidence that the beast exists.

All we have is possible sightings, hearsay, and rumor from the past. And yes, as the world gets smaller and smaller by the advances in technology, the very idea that any of these things could actually be out there seems to be more and more a dream. When I was younger I remember a book I had. It talked about monsters, both in movies and those that might exist in real life.

So you had everything from Godzilla to Bigfoot and anything in between. I love this kind of stuff. The idea that we both know the world around us and yet, at the back of our minds, there is that question. Maybe they do exist? And before you dismiss them outright, consider this… when the first people reached Australia they described a creature that stood on 2 legs, jumped like a frog and sometimes had 2 heads. And the one I wonder how it could still be a possibility. Nobody has decided to chum the water hoping the thing will take a bite and show himself.

No, this one I have written off a long time ago. I mean, it would just be too cool to have a real life dinosaur still exist somewhere out there. Mongolian Death Worm — Electrical discharge. Acid Spewing. Big old red worm that lives in the desert. Where most cryptids have maybe one ability, this one comes like a nightmare. Still, the old stories from pirates and seamen about this great squid creature that might live in the depths below.

They stirred something in my brain, conjuring up images of great tentacles grabbing a hold of ships and ripping them in two. There is already so much underneath the surface of the ocean, why not be fearful of one more thing. A bunch of larger, stranger wolves terrorize the French countryside in the s to the point that the royalty have to issue a decree in order to deal with them.

In the s a pack of wolves again, obviously werewolves, right? Which I did a brief review of here. Bigfoot — I think this is the one that started my love of these mysterious creatures on this list. In my mind I still see that footage from the 70s? And while that video is probably a fake, I have to believe that somewhere, in the undiscovered wilderness is a small population of these creatures who have occasionally been encountered and mistaken for a bear or large gorilla or even a hairy man.

Maybe I just want things to be real. Maybe I like the idea of a world where a tiny bit of magic still exists in the unexplained. One of the highlights from Dragon Con besides being in the art show! Let the Bodies is the sequel to Old Man of Tessera. But though society has recovered, the threat of infection is always there — and Los Angeles coroner Tommy Rossman is the man they call when things go wrong. I mean it could be as simple as the Pet Rock or the windshield wiper on the back of your car, but for me it tends to take form in the movies and TV I watch or the books and comics I read.

So here are a few of the culprits that have me shaking my head at myself. A newcomer to this list, the book is the crazy quest set in a future where everyone effectively has checked out of the real world and lives the majority of their lives online. It is about being a love letter to everything good and holy from the s. Hey, did you like War Games the movie with Matthew Broderick? Random Japanese monster movies? Dungeons and Dragons? And guess what… I loved all those things. In many ways it was like my subconcious wrote the book and then gave it to this guy so he could slap his name on the thing.

Hey, I liked zombies before they were cool. In that between time where they had become a joke. Long after Romero had become a name only a few people might have known. I was watching those terrible movies and the good ones and everything else inbetween. But The Walking Dead… that could have been me. The frustrating part is that it took one guy to realize we all liked the story of survivors. We like the idea of a world trying to destroy us. Again, not because of the TV show, but because this is a book series which has finally managed to bring Fantasy back to the forefront.

I mean, fantasy novels are mostly what I read in middle school and high school. Everything was really just a riff on those core ideas. Elves are mysterious. Dwarves are grumpy. Goblins and Orcs and Dragons and…. Game said that you could choose a different path. Something more realistic, less magic based and still be lauded for it. Sadly, it may have done its job too well. It might be the new standard, and a new stand-in for Tolkien… instead of breaking the old rules it merely created a whole new set of them.

The movie I certainly could have written. Especially in light of Scream being one of my all-time favorite movies not just horror movies, but overall. The deconstruction of the genre by that movie is really taken to the next possible level here. In Scream you ask What are the Rules? Something that might look at the horror movies of the 70s through today and anticipate what the next trend might be. At a time when Vampires were not really the creatures of the night of our youths. Let the Right One In gets back to both the idea of the unknown… this otherworldly THING who must be feared, and combines that with the idea that lonelyness is not just a human trait.

That our need for connection with someone, with something will always triumph over everything else. And that true friendship is one of the most important concepts in the world. So why not be friends with a vampire! Awesome cover. Just straight up grim, just the way we like it. I am from Port Saint Lucie Florida and have lived here for over ten years. I am the writer of eight novels and have penned the critically acclaimed dark suspense Thanatology series.

The debut novel in that series, The Cursed Man has been filmed as a major motion picture and is coming out this October, premiering in California. I am the co-screenwriter of the film with producer James L. When I get an idea I do my best to outline it. Once the story is outlined, the writing process begins. It is during this process that I either love, hate or sympathize with the major players in the novel.

I like my imagination being challenged every step of the way. The most challenging aspect of being a writer for me is standing out in a very overcrowded market. Professional cover, edited inside and a professional layout of the internal text is key. I need to breathe new life into a genre that is plagued with zombies and end of the world conflicts whether pandemic or war. By visiting my website: www. I answer all fan mail and questions from aspiring writers myself. There is a tab to contact the author. The Devil Tree is available as a hardcover or on your Kindle.

It is on Kindle Unlimited and the unique thing about this release is if you buy the hardcover, you get a free download of the Kindle version. They can visit my author page by going here. Based on the Port St. People were hung there … and bodies buried there … exhumed by the police.

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Overcome by superstition, some tried to cut down the tree, to no avail. Since then, it has stood in a remote section of a local park — left to its own devices — quiet in its eerie repose — until now! Best-selling psychological-thriller author Keith Rommel has imagined the whole tale anew. The Cursed Man is coming soon as a major motion picture. Special thanks to Keith for appearing. Enter your email address to subscribe to Tessera Guild's blog to receive notifications of new posts by email!

Email Address. After three months, we were down to eleven. We all knew how it would end. But only a few got to see it. And so I watched. And listened. And learned. It was a perfect place, my home. I loved it. There was no wind that night. Only the scarlet light on the silent earth. All it did was take the living away. And never bring them back. Easy enough for the Ghoul already , I thought. I rubbed my feet one last time and went to sleep. Before any of us. And our lives had been better for it. And now what am I? Though somehow I knew the result would be the same. What place? Fetch it.

What about it? For hundreds of years. I knew what I wanted to say, just not how to say it. But wait. There was something else I wanted to say. A memory of my childhood? But Aios, Philok, Leuk, and Nikolas remained. I nodded at Philok, grateful. We were terrified. One every night. Hundreds of years. And so we all knew what had happened.

We shivered the notion away and kept walking. Aios looked annoyed. But then again, he always did. And soldiers. And when I woke, Nikolas was gone. And his sword, still in its scabbard. Not torn. Almost like he left willingly. I looked at my hand. My knuckles were bloodless. I realized I was squeezing my sword. Every one of the tales is real, and each one is A young man from the drowned village of Veni wanders along the sea until he comes to the city of Tessera.

The Old Man takes him in and urges him to explore Tessera, where nothing and no one are as they seem Old Man of When Andelusia Anderae leaves home in search of a better life, she accidentally plunges into the world-ending war between Imprisoned as a little girl, Lys awakens in the world's lowest prison. She's to become a concubine to a faceless noble in a land far from her native home. But when fate intervenes, she seizes her only chance at freedom.

But that was before the Lichy plague. Now, twenty years and millions of dead later, only a few cities remain. The survivors walk a fine line between life and the grave In the distant future, a privileged young man dreams of journeying to the farthest reaches of space. But when asked by his family to perform a terrible act of vengeance, his world Sit down, sip from a glass of something wonderful, and read the true story of a small-town boy who makes a habit of biting off more than he can chew.

Follow his life from his grandparents' house in rural Illinois to the Earth is no more. Every human settlement in the galaxy has been destroyed. On a planet far from home, Joff Armstrong watches the stars and counts the years until the Eaters of the Light return. He knows In the old world city of Ellerae, one person goes missing every day. Poor little Mia doesn't stand a chance. Or does she? Stark cities made of black towers and white houses dot the planet.

Tiny robots and powerful dream-inducing software keep humanity entertained. Nearly everything is A soldier of misfortune joins ninety-nine of his brothers in search of The Ghoul, a mysterious creature which has hunted humanity for centuries. One by one, he watches his fellow soldiers vanish in the night. One gone Having survived the Night of Knives, beautiful Nadya rises to power as the baroness of Tolem. There's just one problem. The Emperor of Vhur has just dispatched his largest army to retake Tolem and burn Nadya at the stake Want to start an argument?

Short of walking up to someone on the street and dumping a bucket of cold water on their head This book The most challenging entry yet in the Coffee Table Philosophy series, Questions for Women picks up right where its predecessors left off. Designed with women in mind, but varied enough for everyone, this is the perfect In Malog, the sun never shines and the rain never ceases.

Sorcerers from the ancient world gather to plot the end of all things and the resurrection of a civilization better left in its grave. As Andelusia turns against Designed to provoke, question, and challenge. Crack the cover open during big parties, small gatherings, or lonely nights on the couch In this unique take on dating and relationships, dozens of real-life strangers sit down for interviews, and all of them provide the true-life tales of their craziest, most unusual break-ups. Every break-up is REAL, and People love a good breakup story So here we go again.