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  1. Naan Pepperoni Pizza
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Naan Pepperoni Pizza

Your recipe looks divine! I love apple butter and pumpkin butter must be equally delicious!

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Hugs, Cindy S. I've never had pumpkin butter but it looks sensational. I'm definitely going to try this. Gosh I wish I could have smelled this cooking! I bet it was divine! What a super job you did, Val. It really looks delicious. You are so ambitious! I loved reading about the mile diet too. I remember finding sugar pumpkin at last year's market - so now will be looking intently again. I MUST make this. What a thoughtful, timely, and yummy choice for this post.

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  • So wish I was there with you. NExt year I will be there as I am retiring at the end of this year.

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    What to do it again? I would love to meet you in the flesh! Can't wait to hear all about it. I guess there's a whiff of Autumn in the air that you're thinking of pumpkin. Lucky you to receive that canning kit.

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    I'm sure you'll make good use of it. Look forward to reading about the workshop you attended. Gosh, Val this sounds so good! I've only had apple butter, but with fall arriving soon, I think that this would be so yummy spread on a hefty piece of bread right now! Also, I enjoyed reading about all of the events and the canning process. I'm always learning something new! Can you post this on my Fresh blog hop going on now? It's perfect for this time of year! Have a great weekend! What a wonderful looking pumpkin butter!! Looks truly appetizing!

    I just stumbled across your blog in search of pumpkin butter recipes. This is definitely on the list. Thanks for the tutorial. I have never made pumpkin butter. I bet it would be great rolled in a crepe and served with maple sweetened whipped cream. I will have to watch and see if local pumpkins are a big thing in my new home town. Pumpkin butter sounds amazing!

    I've never done my own canning before Your post really breaks it down : Thanks! Great post. I've never tried pumpkin butter - sounds good. I love my new canning equipment.

    HOW TO : Can Squash to Fry : Recipe & Canning Instructions

    Hope you enjoyed your workshop. Wow Val! Roberta Wood. Drakes Press. Fermented Vegetables. Kirsten K. Karen Solomon. Eugenia Bone. Judy Maxwell. Real Food Fermentation. Alex Lewin. The Amish Canning Cookbook. Georgia Varozza. Samantha Michaels. Coffee Roasting Tips and Fun. Jessica Lindsey. Asian Pickles: Korea. Scott Casterson. Jill Nice. Gail Nelson. Kathleen Gabriel.

    Miranda Lewis. A Beginners Guide to Dehydrating Fruit. Bernadette Sparks. Starting from Scratch. Sarah Elton. Robert Paine. Saving the Season. Kevin West. Glenn Andrews. Naturally Sweet Food in Jars. Marisa McClellan. Swiss Chard. Alice Sabo. Wood Fired Oven Baking. The Artisan Bakery School.

    The Home Creamery.

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    Kathy Farrell-Kingsley. There are two home canning methods : water bath canning and pressure canning. Understanding the components and difference between the two processes will help you choose the method best for the foods you want to preserve. A lower temperature canning process, water bath canning is ideal for high acid foods and recipes that incorporate the correct measure of acid.

    The combination of time and temperature destroys mold, yeast and enzymes that cause spoilage while creating a vacuum seal. This process is recommended for produce and recipes including:. It is the combination of time and temperature that will destroy foodborne bacteria and create a vacuum seal necessary to prevent spoilage.