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Danica Pappas. Three's a Crowd Merrie Melodies. RocSoc Classic TV. Merrie Melodies - Dog Tired. Merrie Melodies - Dog Daze. King Andrew Cecil.

I love a parade

Merrie Melodies - Dog gone cats with original recreated titles. Merrie Melodies - Dog Gone People.

Zaza Cartoons. Merrie Melodies - Ding Dog Daddy. Merrie Melodies - Dog gone modern. Instruments could get damaged on the plane or lost all together. Another helpful tip is to schedule flights one to two days in advance of the parade, which provides bands a bit of a buffer in case there are weather delays or mechanical issues. Transportation to and from the parade route can be tough to coordinate, especially with so many bands, spectators, floats and performance groups congregating in the same area.

Bands know best what they need in order to perform well, but some key advice from tour operators is to stay hydrated and nourished, bring extra layers or rain protection, wear lighter uniforms or monogrammed shirts in hot weather, and bring a nurse if possible. In extreme cold or heat, keep bands protected either on the bus or in a heated or air-conditioned area, and have people on hand to help if members faint during the parade.

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In addition, be sure bands get plenty of practice beforehand. After the parade itinerary is built, the next important element is finding the right accommodations. When researching hotels, be sure to inquire about their experience with students, as well as how much space and parking they have.

Location also plays a role, especially when thousands of people are in town for the parade. Rickert suggests asking about the kind of breakfast served and if there is private event space for storing equipment or hosting pre- and post-parade meetings.

I Love a Parade () Merrie Melodies - video dailymotion

Dining arrangements outside the hotel can be difficult, especially with a band of people. If there are restaurants with that capacity, then you can arrange a lunch or dinner for the entire band all at once.

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