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The following ebooks are listed by author. Click here for an Alphabetic List of Titles. For details of recent additions see our Posted List. Steele RUDD Jump to authors whose surnames begin with The zip archive includes the html text and images. Standfast are available from Project Gutenberg in the US. Samuel Johnson appears as one of the main characters. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. The Long Dark Store Page.

The Real Story of Donald Trump Jr.

It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with The Long Dark. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within The Long Dark. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. A comprehensive walkthrough for Story Mode, aka Wintermute.

There will be spoilers, so you have been warned. This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Guide Index. Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle. Chapter 1: Memories. Chapter 2: The Crash. Chapter 3: The Grey Mother. Chapter 4: Paradise Lost. Sidequest: The Basics of Survival. Sidequest: Milton Deposit Box Keys. Sidequest: Milton Supply Caches. Sidequest: Highway Robbery. Sidequest: Extra Supplies.

Sidequest: One Last Thing. Episode 2: Luminance Fugue. Chapter 1: The Wounded Trapper. Chapter 2: The Best Defense. Chapter 3: Signal to Noise. Chapter 4: Renewed Hope. Sidequest: The Basics of Survival Part 2. Sidequest: Lake Gunshots. Sidequest: Aurora Hatch. Sidequest: Hank's Hatch. Sidequest: Lake Cabin Keys. Sidequest: Mystery Lake Supply Caches. Sidequest: Forest Talker Supply Caches. Frequently Asked Questions. I decided to write this guide after seeing the vast number of questions on the discussion thread relating to progressing through Wintermute. So, let's get started!

Important Information. Alright, so after that lovely opening cutscene that you can skip by pressing ESC , it's time to begin playing. Your first task is to light a fire. To do so, you'll need fuel, tinder, and matches, all of which can be found in Will's office. To complete this goal, you can either perform various actions eating, drinking water or click on items that trigger dialogue. You need to do five things to complete this objective.

The items you can interact with are: floatplane Will's parka sink in the bathroom hot plate poster in the hanger map in Will's office picture on the wall in Will's "bedroom" framed picture in Will's office After exploring the hanger, Will decides it's a good time for a nap.

All you need to do is sleep in Will's "bedroom," which is accessed from the hanger. The door to this room can be found here: And now the phone is ringing. Obviously, your next task will be to answer the phone. Just head back to Will's office and interact with the landline. This will trigger another cutscene. Alright, time to prepare. There are two objectives, although one is optional. The first is to load Astrid's stuff into the plane. This is easy; just pick up the locked hardcase and backpack next to the plane and load them into the plane's hatch.

There are three available items: a first aid kit, a distress pistol kit, and an emergency food kit. Unfortunately, each item is 5 kg, so you can only take one. Which one you pick is entirely dependent on your play-style. The first aid kit can be handy if you tend to sprain ankles or give yourself food poisoning. The distress pistol will allow Will to scare away bears and wolves pretty much guaranteed.

The food kit is good for players who run out of food quickly. And of course, you can choose none of the above, adding some extra challenge. Whichever you pick, make sure to place it in the plane hatch with Astrid's stuff. Once you've finished packing, click on Will's parka for a cutscene and the end of the chapter. Now we begin the game proper. Once Will finishes monologuing, you'll get a quest to stop the bleeding in his hand.

Thankfully, Will happened to be carrying a bandage around with him, so you just need to use it on his bleeding wound from either the inventory or the radial menu. You know, even though he just pulled a piece of shrapnel from his hand about 5 minutes ago. You can actually skip this objective by heading to the cave right in front of where you crashed. Doing so will automatically trigger the "start fire" quest.

But if you want to check the goal off, just cross this fallen tree and try to climb the ledge Will auto-focuses on it once you get close enough. After Will fails miserably at climbing out of the ravine, you'll get a new objective to find some shelter. As I said earlier, the cave you want can be found right in front of where Will initially woke up.

You'll also want to pick up some sticks, firewood, and newspaper on the way there since the next quest is starting a fire. To create a campfire, go to the Campcraft option in the radial menu and then select the fire icon. Once the fire is lit, Will decides he needs some sleep. I recommend you wait on this. If you check your stats, Will isn't all that tired right now.

Instead, spend some time making water and warming up by the fire. Once you've filled your water meter and gotten about 1. Will is dehydrated, freezing, and nearly starving at this point in the game. Unless you packed the emergency food kit into the plane, you should spend some time looting the rest of the ravine. There will be a little bit of food in the metal container, and plenty of wood lying around. You may also want to re-light your fire. Cold is the biggest danger; it will kill you faster than dehydration or starvation.

Once you're ready, go ahead and climb out of the ravine. The path ahead is linear. There will be three ledges to climb before you reach the remains of Will's plane. Once the dialogue is finished, you get a new objective to explore the crash site. As before, you should thoroughly explore the area, picking up sticks and other items.

If you packed additional supplies during Chapter 1, those will also be somewhere around here. Make sure to pick up Will's parka, Astrid's case, and the clothing revealed from busting up the green crate below.

death will attend caching out book 2 Manual

And don't forget to put the clothing on! Grab Astrid's case, you'll gain a new objective: to search for clues. To proceed, just get on top of the ledge via the bit of plane wreckage shown in the picture above. Will then auto-focuses on a piece of Astrid's scarf stuck on some branches. From here, you just need to walk straight until you reach the frozen pond. There will be a burnt-out campfire that you can re-light if you need to warm up. There are also rabbits that you can stun with rocks. If you run up and catch the rabbit before the stun wears off, you get the choice to kill it.

It's not the nicest thing to watch, but when you need food I've pointed out the direction you need to go in the picture below.

The burnt-out campfire is circled in yellow for reference. Eventually you'll come across a wolf eating a deer. Will makes the obvious comment that you should avoid tangling with it. Thankfully, it has lowered perception while eating the deer so just give the animal a wide berth on your way around. As before, it's a straight shot from here to your next objective. You'll come across another frozen pond with rabbits and Will notes that there's a radio tower in the distance. A radio tower means civilization So, keep moving forward!

At least until you reach the fork in the road.

Is That All There Is?

As you can see in this picture, there's a convenient sign showing which way you should be going to move the story forward. If you turn left instead, you'll find a cave. While it's not too useful no moss bed for Will to sleep in there is a good amount of coal for you to pick up. Coal is one of the best fuel sources in the game, raising the fire temperature by 20 degrees Celsius and adding around one hour of burn time to the fire.

The only downside is that a fire needs to burn for 30 minutes before you can add coal to it. Anyways, you'll want to climb up to the radio tower and then go past it through the gap in the rocks. Eventually you'll see a house with the lights on and smoke coming from the chimney.

Head on inside ignoring the blood and talk to the woman you find there. Well that was a nice welcome Once the initial dialogue is done, you'll get access to the dialogue menu above. To choose different options, just move the mouse in the direction of the prompt. The one currently selected will be highlighted. You can listen to all of them to gain more background information, but if you want to speed through just choose the ones in blue. After going through all of them, the chapter will end. The first NPC Will encounters, and she shoots at him. Well this is shaping up to be a fruitful relationship.

But at least she gave us a map, which you can access from the menu or by pressing "M" on your keyboard. Any mission objectives, story or side, will appear on the map, giving you a good idea of where you need to go. So we now have three new objectives.

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Grey Mother needs food and fuel. Specifically, she needs 12 hours of burn time to be placed in the bin outside her door. This can come from sticks, reclaimed wood, etc If you explore the town, you should find enough coal and reclaimed wood to fulfill the quest. There will be a hatchet sitting on the red toolbox outside if you didn't take it on the way in.

It's also a much better weapon against wolves than the metal shard Will pulled from his hand. You should honestly be able to get enough by looting the abandoned houses of Milton. However, it's much easier to get food from old gas station quest 3 so be sure to check it out.

How to speed up your Mac

To get there, just turn left after leaving Grey Mother's house and follow the road out of town. The station will be on your right and it's visible in good weather. Watch out for wolves, since they tend to blend in with the tree stumps.

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  • Once you enter the gas station, you'll meet this guy: Talk to him, and he'll introduce himself as Methuselah. None of his dialogue options are required, but they do give some interesting background information about the state of Great Bear Island and the storm that knocked Will out of the sky. Plus the developers did put a lot of effort into voicing all those new lines so Anyways, once you're done speaking with Methuselah, raid the gas station to your heart's content.

    There's plenty of food to keep you and Grey Mother going. And I strongly recommend grabbing the bedroll and lantern since those will be very helpful in the future. You'll also find a note here that will start the Highway Robbery sidequest. You can also access the optional sidequest: More Supplies. See that section of the guide for more details.

    It seems Astrid may have left town via the tunnel. But the way Grey Mother is talking about "being too late" is a little disconcerting. Will's next mission is to go check out the tunnel: just follow the road past the gas station and you'll find a wrecked bus. You'll then get a new mission to explore the bus. To proceed, just click on the back of the bus, where there's a large door. A small scene will play where Will wipes the fog from the windows and sees the word "Perseverance" written on the floor.

    After this, report back to Grey Mother. I'm starting to like Grey Mother But still, I'm getting the distinct impression that Grey Mother and Will are talking about completely different people. Either way, let's humor her if only for the sake of story progression. The farmhouse has been marked on your map, so it should be easy to find. Don't forget to check the mailbox for a potential rifle round!

    As you approach the farmhouse, Will notes that things do not look good, what with all the blood. Go ahead and enter the house for a very dramatic scene with Hobbs, an escaped prisoner from the bus crash. After hearing exactly what happened the night of the lights, Will is presented with a choice: you can either help Hobbs by removing the knife or you can kill him by pushing it in deeper.

    Now, this choice has no effect on current gameplay. Hobbs will either be dead, or just lay on the bench dying for the remainder of the story. HOWEVER, this choice will influence future gameplay, similar to games like Fable where your actions can cause the main character to be classified as good or evil later on. So whichever option you choose, keep in mind that it will affect how Will interacts with other survivors in the future.

    Anyways, once you make your choice, grab the key in the box next to Hobbs. You'll then need to make your way to the bank. But don't forget to loot the farmhouse; there's plenty of food for you and Grey Mother, as well as some nice clothing. And if you check the building on your left as you exit the farmhouse, you'll find a rabbit snare. Just watch out for the wolf that patrols the area. If you haven't started the Milton Deposit Box quest, now is as any good a time as ever.

    The deposit boxes are found in the vault at the back of the bank. The vault code is found in the bank manager's house the one with the Canadian flag , and you need his house key to get in found in the desk drawer of his office. For specific details, check the Milton Deposit Box sidequest. Go ahead and open the deposit box. You get another box, which is for Grey Mother. Head on back to her place.

    Oh dear, it seems Grey Mother confused Lily with Astrid in her old age. Still, she has revealed that there is another way through the mountains, down the climbing paths. While Grey Mother won't be able to make it, Will is capable. Once you receive the key to Lily's trunk from Grey Mother, the chapter will end. Well that was sad. I don't know about you, but I really like Grey Mother. For those who just wanted to steal her rifle from the get-go, take solace in the fact that you don't have to deal with her anymore.

    Head upstairs and unlock the chest. In the early hours of Thursday, the BBC shared a guide of advice for parents on how to help children struggling with the news.

    Many noted that those looking to leave tributes of their own can do so via an online book of condolence that the CBBC has posted. View on Instagram. Courtesy of nathaniel.