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  3. Why People With Brown Eyes May Be at Higher Risk for SAD
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Using these emotion words may shield teens from depression

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Equally unable to resist a pun, he titled his paper "Blue eyes keep the blues away: the relationship between SAD, lateralized emotions, and eye color. Put another way, "Individuals with blue eyes appear to have a degree of resilience to SAD," the paper concludes.

About 5 percent of the U. Women are about four times as likely to have the condition, but no other risk factor had been known until now, says Workman, who grew interested in SAD about 25 years ago. Some years later I began to notice that seemed to be associated with having dark eyes. So, I began to investigate this," he says. It had been thought that mood variation might be associated with distance away from the equator — the latitude hypothesis, Workman says.

Sad, face, outline, with, closed, eyes Icon Free

To test this, his team gathered self-reported data from two samples living at two different latitudes 51 degrees north and 35 degrees north. They also examined the relationship between eye coloration and levels of reported mood variability with the seasons. They found no significant differences between the samples based on latitude, but they did uncover a significant difference between blue- or light-eyed and brown- or dark-eyed individuals across the samples, "with the latter self-reporting higher levels of mood variability with the seasons," he says.

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Though subjects comprise a small sample, Workman says that the statistical procedure known as a "power analysis," which determines the sample size to test a given hypothesis, suggested a sample of this size would be sufficient for this study. People know it is a sad moment and immediately ascribe your ruby sockets to sadness as opposed to something terribly infectious or even the result of staring too long into several glasses of claret.

The preceding weeks consisted of packing, cleaning, sorting and selling.

Why People With Brown Eyes May Be at Higher Risk for SAD

As the pressure built of the move, not the eyes , aided by the paint fumes from some last minute home maintenance, the lungs started severely protesting. So, to the doctor we went and soon returned with oodles of cortisone. Initially it boosted all energy levels so that Speedy Gonzalez would have struggled to keep up, but as it started petering out, the pressure converted to the eyeballs and… Voila! Welcome red eyes!

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Not only were the peepers tinted, but also dry and convincingly close to the point of popping. Each morning was spent prying them open slowly. The eyelids were also pretty puffy — if those two words can be used in conjunction — somehow sucking up the eyelashes into its fatty abyss.

Then there was the matter of the podgy fingers. No ring could fit those little sausages, yet again the result of cortisone as opposed to the hours of scrubbing and polishing floors not food.

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Being a sucker for torture, the brilliant decision to have a haircut pops into the obviously foggy head.