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So instead of there being one place on your iPad where you go for all your comics and other reading material, you'll need to fire up a bunch of different apps, each of which has a different interface, different agreements with different publishers, and different pricing schemes. In other words, kind of a mess that won't make it easy for the casual comics reader to decided to download the latest 'it' comic that they hear about on NPR or see a review of the the New York Times. I could be wrong. Jobs casually mentioned textbooks being part of iBookstore, and in the case of many math- and science-related textbooks there are graphical challenges as well, so maybe there's a plan to support formats other than EPUB in the iBookstore at some point.

In which case, we'll be headed down a different rabbit hole all together. Labels: commentary , ecomics. I don't have much to add about the upcoming Twilight manga adaptation , but one thing jumped out at me when I saw these preview pages in Entertainment Weekly : Poor balloon placement. She neglected to leave enough room for the word balloons, and as such we get the semi-transparent balloons so as to try to show the art underneath, or balloons covering up half of a character's head.

For example, panel 3 of the second page above, where you can barely see Bella's face squeezed between the two balloons. No offense to Kim, whose character designs I really like and who seems to do a decent job with the storytelling. But an editor really needed to point out the balloon placement deal on the layouts Labels: manga.

Our Graphic Narrative Discussion Group met last week and selected our readings for They are: February 18, American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang An award-winning and highly-praised graphic novel that intertwines three separate narratives to explore the Chinese-American experience and issues of myth and race. We will read and discuss both the original prose novel and the graphic adaptation. December 16, Masterpiece Comics by R. Sikoryak Adaptations of literary classics produced by mashing-up comic styles and characters with the source material, e.

Labels: gn. Sunday, January 24, Monkey Covers. This monkey on the cover of Pyton Spesial 1 is a crazed comics-making machine! Image courtesy of the GCD.

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Friday, January 22, Amazon Top Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 4 Crumb 6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules 7 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 8 Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art 11 Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood 12 The Complete Persepolis 13 Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic 16 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 17 Asterios Polyp 19 Stitches: A Memoir 25 N. The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1 30 The Walking Dead Book 5 32 N.

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V for Vendetta 34 The Arrival 35 Blankets 36 Batman: The Killing Joke 37 Batman: Year One 42 N. Wolverine: Old Man Logan 46 The Complete Calvin and Hobbes 47 R. Little Mouse Gets Ready 49 R. Invincible Iron Man, Vol. Expect to see it enthroned at the top of this list for a long time to come.

Sunday, January 17, Monkey Covers. It's Grendel vs. Standard disclaimer about fighting gorillas not really being monkeys applies. Friday, January 15, Amazon Top Watchmen 5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules 6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid 7 Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood 9 -. American Born Chinese 15 Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth 16 Stitches: A Memoir 19 V for Vendetta 20 The Arrival 24 Unwritten Vol.

Blankets 27 Batman: The Killing Joke 29 N. Dilbert: Wall Calendar 31 -. Simon's Cat 33 R. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 22 39 R. Y: The Last Man, Vol. Marvel Encyclopedia 43 R. The Walking Dead Book 5 45 Dilbert: Day-to-Day Calendar 46 Palestine 48 R. Green Lantern: Agent Orange 49 This is the first time since I've been keeping track that Palestine has made the top 50, and also the first appearance of one of the Babymouse volumes squeaking in at Well, 11 months actually.

Here's a chart showing how many comics I got each week, and how many I read each day, from February to December of Click to make it legible size I've mentioned before on this blog the fact that I have a fairly sizable comic book backlog; I estimate that it's somewhere around unread comics.

Ambience was good. I would recommend this place. My kids had so much fun. Room is big and clean. They have board games that you can borrow. Their staff always greets you with a smile whenever they see you. For those who would like to take photos, this place is nice and as per my sister there are a lot of instagramable spot. State of the rooms. Beach looked bad and so the pool. Not much. The television channels were good. I enjoyed the breakfast very much - a very wonderful selection to choose from. The atmosphere and staff were extremely friendly and the service cordial and prompt.

The breakfast was disaster, limited menu. The food was not very good. The location was bad some shops around but not able to walk on the road no pavement. The sea in front was very dirty not possible to swim. The staff was very helpful and smiling all the time. You can hear other guests in the next room needs sound proof. Food is delicious. Staffs are friendly. The view is outstanding and i would love to come back again. Very peaceful. They have a port instead of a beach. The staff, friendly and helpful. The location near the airport , very useful for staying the night before your flight.

The bed is confortable but there's was a sweaty smell that come out from the matress or its cover. The sheets were clean but this problem was on both beds. No good!

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Opening "Aozora no Rhapsody" by fhana 【Guitar Cover】

The weather is very hot so the the solution was sleeping over the duvet. So please, solve this issue on room 9. You have to take a taxi or jeepney to go to other places. The room has a a nice size, there's a lot of storage. The wifi was poor on my room but normal at general areas of the hotel but weak on swimming pool. Swimming pool is nice. There is no beach. Breakfast is good a la carte and staff are super helpful. Twin room booked was not available, but queen bedded room provided. Swimming pool sufficient for one day stay.

Easy access from the airport. We only stayed one night between flights, but were very satisfied with everything. Clean rooms, very friendly staff and an OK restaurant. Pool bar closed due to maintenance. Fried food tasted like old oil. Staff was amazing! Really friendly!

Good imcluded breakfast.

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How I wish the breakfast was a buffet. They cook well and mostly Japanese cuisine available so I hope that they can improve on this and have better variety and options next time. I also wish that you can improve the beachfront so your guests can enjoy and swim in it too and not just as a means to get on the boat for island hopping. I love the room, the staff, their smiles and service! I love that I almost had my very own private pool located very conveniently near our room.

There was also a very nice view right outside our room, all you needed to do was step outside. I think the hotel is a bit overpriced, for the amount we paid we expected it to look much nicer. The pool looks good in the pictures but in reality it felt a bit cheap, had simple plastic chairs and uncomfortable tanning beds, simple concrete floor.

Also you can't really swim in the sea because its right on a small pier. Another thing that we didn't expect to be so disturbing was the sound of the rooster - you can get free ear plugs in the reception and I think it's says everything The staff was really nice and helpful. The bed was comfortable. The room was clean.

Not much food to order? It's very quite place and good services from the staff.. Nothing much The view was good, the restaurant was good too Good place, clean, lots to do around it Its close to the Mactan Shrine Very poor breakfast. Just the basics and no variety. No juices at their small restaurant.

The beach was dirty due to the high-low water but someone can't swim at all, which is normal for this particular area of Mactan island. Very friendly and attentive staff. All are excellent. I really enjoyed the island hopping organized by the hotel. My location room. I though the flooring is not a slab cement.


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So that I can hear the step's and some noise clearly. The TV was a little bit hard to operate. I need to call the staff to open. I was slide in the stairs going to the shore, It was low tide.

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I'm thankful for the staff in the restaurant that help me. The breakfast are plated. Not buffet. But i notice that there was no dedicated staff for the emergency. No bandage. I had a sprain. No first aider that will guide you. But in total staffs are very accommodating. The transportation is very hard. Taxi from the airport are very choosy. I end up commuting. Staffs are very accommodating. Not much that we could criticize.

The hotel staff is amazing. They were always willing to help with our every need. The rooms were spacious and clean. We had a lovely view of the ocean. The pool was not very good for relaxing, surrounded by simple hard chairs. Looks out over the ocean but there's no beach, more of a mini harbour.

The staff were lovely and the restaurant was great, simple food but very tasty. We loved the board games dotted around the hotel, kept us entertained on quiet evenings. Not in a walking distance from Donsol town. It doesn't accept payment with cards. Really friendly and helpful staff. Walking distance from the whale shark center.

Peaceful and nice swimming pool area. I missed some sun umbrellas or quality sunbeds for guests. There is a lot of space in front of the sea that is not used or misused. I think this space has a lot of potential but for some reason they are still not using it, maybe because the area is still under construction. Showe water pressure was very low. Swimming pool looked much nicer in the pics. The location is great, just opposite the sea. Beds were really comfortable and the rooms were clean and very well equipped. You can see that they successfully renovated the hotel.

There is a shared veranda facing the sea that is kind of vintage but marvelous. Staff was very kind and attentive, especially the lady at the front desk in the morning. They arranged take away breakfast for us when we had an early check-in.

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The pool needs cleaning. The location is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. The beds are comfortable, and the room is clean with ample space. The view is nice, breakfast is great, and the restaurant serves all meals till late. Rooms are big and comfortable, with airconditioning, a fridge, kettle, tea and coffee, towels, slippers, hairdryer and nice shower. There is a beautiful swimming pool next to the sea. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and the restaurant has delicious food.

The breakfast was really good. Not value for money. Location was very inconveniet as there was no beach in front of the property as we woukd assume of seaside property. Food was not good. Restaurant had no vegetarian options. Bathroom had no proper toiletries. Staff was nice and friendly. Room was clean.

A bit of dust under the bed. Food in the Restaurant was extroadinary! Service was also very good. Coming from hospitality industry I always pay attention to good service. First of all I booked in here to relax by the pool for a day. Not possible due to the construction on site. Very loud drilling and electrical equipment all day. A lot of incompetence from the staff finally saw the shower fixed at My advice is to pick somewhere else - their are plenty of other choices in the area.

The check in was great. No beach. I highly recommend the villa section great view and bigger rooms. Strong WiFi throughout. Extremely accommodating staff. Housekeeping was excellent. On site restaurant served fresh, delicious meals three times a day. Hot, strong water supply. The picture in the internet shows a beachfront with white sands but in actuality there are no sands just a grassy seabeds with stairs.

There are more verandas than a sandy beach. Jun 26, 37 comments. The subtitle changes in Netflix's version of Neon Genesis Evangelion have fans searching for answers. Could Khara have made the call? How much control does Japan have when American companies make the translations and the dubs? As much as they How does it hold up, 15 years later? Whether he is directing, storyboarding, writing, cr This film brings all the major themes and characters of Rascal's greater story full circle in a hilarious and tear-jerking climax. Kim Morrissy has the full details on this movie from its theatrical run in Japan.

The anime told a surprisingly thoughtful story about relationships and problems of growing up through the lens of su The upcoming summer season promises to deliver a plethora of new isekai series, but what about this season's underdog in the genre? Nick and Steve explain why this other-world story didn't need to be told. This week, Nick and Steve explain why this other-world story d MHA embraces the scholastic side of its premise for the first time in many volumes, in the lead-up to the U. Nick Creamer has the details.