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We are sad and our thoughts are with all victims of violence and terror everywhere.

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At Christmas, we celebrate love — to our dearest but also to our neighbours. We wish for the strength, for you and for ourselves, to resist anger and rejection and to hold on to love. Berlin is lively, colourful, crazy. Berlin parties, Berlin laughs, Berlin dances. Even now, especially now. Not to face reality with the bass-line of ignorance, not to suppress or to desperately demonstrate.

Just for our own good and sometimes, for the good of others. Our friends from the Prince Charles are giving a party that perfectly combines zest and sense: refuge. And give, by the by, refuge. Because all of the money spent by the party crowd that evening goes straight to those who invest it best.

As we know from our charity concert within the framework of the Haitian Heroes photo exhibition, the Prince Charles has always been a good place to give beneficence a colourful face. Because conscious partying is more than just a catch phrase. We wish you a meaningful advent! If you follow the moon cycle, the year only counts days. The remaining days are outside of time. Says mythology, at least.

We can make use of these old beliefs.

The 2 Minute Interview

From December 24th to January 5th, we can step into other worlds and into ourselves. Understand the time around the turn of the year as a time to pause, to have a look back and a look ahead. Bele Irle accompanies people in change processes and has drawn up a modern tool for contemplation from her own experience and traditional customs: her ebook takes us through the 12 Days, giving us impulses for thought, for exchange, for pausing. Topics like time quality, values and wishes, valediction and new beginning are wrapped into questions. Each person can engage in these questions in his or her own way.

Take notes, draw directions, put together the new year from them. Because these nights might not be as mythological as they sound. They are a chance to, very gently, fall out of time for a moment. Cheeks are aglow, the next course is served, the napkins are stained, the floor is covered in wrapping paper. When the last candle has burnt down, the hearts are still on fire.

If you look at it that way, everyday is Christmas at Studio Olafur Eliasson. And now, we can all be part of it. The favourite vegetarian recipes have been put together in one fantastic book. On the one hand, this book makes you want to organise a gigantic room with a looooooong table for yourself and invite all your friends the recipes are adaptable for groups of up to On the other hand, this creation inspires all kinds of thoughts revolving around eating and cooking. It tells the story of the studio and presents people who are passionate about culinary arts.

It confronts with ideas about working and eating and shows how closely these two aspect are tied together. The best ideas are born when we sit down to eat together! Philipp Westermeyer is a Rockstar. And he belongs to the family, in every way. He would probably describe himself as an entrepreneur from Hamburg and a man of action in media and marketing.

We could leave it at that. One could, of course, mention that he created one of the most important platforms for media and digital marketing there is: Online Marketing Rockstars. That his festivals, like the Online Marketing Rockstars Festivals coming up on March 2nd and 3rd, belong to the greatest and most inspiring formats you can and should visit in Germany.

That not only is he incredibly clever and fast when asking the right questions, but he knows how to answer them gracefully and honestly, as our little interview shows. That he, as father of twins, also functions in double player mode in private.

As we said, one could mention all that. Or we can just let him speak for himself. Here, down below or via the Online Marketing Rockstars Podcast. Because you can listen to that for free at iTunes and Soundcloud. If you want to give Philipp cordless ear phones now see below , please make sure to coordinate that with all other possible candidates. Someone who does things differently than most others would. Sometimes because he has talent, sometimes because he has ambition, sometimes because he has neuroses, whatever.

Back in the day when I used to drive to the station with my father to buy magazines. What is the biggest problem of your generation? Difficult, perhaps political disillusionment. What will change in digital marketing in ? Hopefully more advertising in podcasts, in our own at best… probably joined by a better understanding of content marketing, everyone is trying out and learning there at the moment.

Do you prefer being host or participant? Both, I do enjoy being host but I also really like going to events. Which company would you have liked to have founded? Very many… From the big film studios in the US to modern companies like Xing. Many things about the interface between media, entertainment, networking and marketing are exciting.

What can we twist you around our finger with? Good content, no matter the topic. What would you do without the internet? Probably newspaper and magazine business. Classical media, I guess…. Which superpower would you like to have? Black with lots and lots of files on it…. Oh and, PC or Apple? Or does one just ask Android or iOS now?

I came to Apple about two years ago. Do you have any ideas for presents? Tickets for the OMR for business partners maybe? I try new things in sports all the time. I learnt to jump rope in the last months as well, definitely easier…. What would you change if you had the power to? Probably something to do with the communication between cultures or environmental issues. What question should we have asked? I like thinking about the future of marketing and media, you were a bit coy there. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Kategorien: Events Autor: mmw Datum: The Crowd On The Train. Kategorien: Projects Autor: mmw Datum: Failure Is An Option The first contract, the first client, the first million.

Kategorien: Products Autor: mmw Datum: Vollpfosten German for something like a total spoon How can someone impress you? Kategorien: People Autor: mmw Datum: Madacy Music Group Inc. Field Recording , Special Effects. The tracklisting is taken from the back covers of the individual CD's.

muxmaeuschenwild-magazine - muxmaeuschenwild-magazine

Other Cat. Add Review jazzbag12 June 19, Report. I have the English-language version of this release. The photos above are the same. The catalog number differs on my version and is CLJ Even the individual disc numbers are the same. I can only assume the track titles are the same since Ich spreche kein Deutsch. If I'm ever feeling froggy, I might jump up and add my version, but that's a lot of dang tracks! Anyway, from what I can recall, these effects are pretty well done and feature a wide variety of noises and sounds. There is some overlap of themed sounds: "Wait, which jet noise was that supposed to be?

I've used many of these sounds on compilations in the past. If you're the type to enjoy this type of thing, I'd say go ahead and pick up a copy. I got mine on the cheap long ago, and I can't imagine giving it up. My favorite track might be Disc 3 Track 16 "N. Jets Beim Footballtraining" here, and "N. Jets Football Practice" on my copy. Where else can you find such an excellent audio example of failure wah wah trumpets aside?

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Fasching Mitten Im Geschehen. Video-Kriegsspiel Mitten Im Geschehen. Feuerwehr Mit Menschenmenge. Start Einer Boeing Landung Einer Boeing Vorbeifliegendes Flugzeug. Ticken Einer Uhr. Artillerie, Explosionen 3. Autounfall Stereo. Quietschende Reifen. Mittelalterlicher Kampf Stereo. Karnevalsspiel Mit Menschenmenge. Roulette Mit Menschenmenge Im Hintergrund.

Pferderennen, Menschenmenge Am Start. Schwertkampf Zu Pferde. Lachender Junger Mann. Lachende Frau. Spanier Zu Pferd Auf Indianerjagd. Etwas Grusliges. Miauende Katzen. Essensgong Triangel. Tiere Auf Dem Bauernhof. Fahrender Bus. Startendes Und Wegfahrendes Motorrad. U-Boot Tauch-Signal. Fliegende Geister Stereo. Trommeln - Parade. Trommeln - Marsch. Trommeln - Marsch 2. Trommeln - Parade 2. Zwei Lachende Frauen.

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Fotos vom Silvester-Feuerwerk 2014 (Fireworks in Hamburg/Germany)

Serie Von Explosionen. Kichern Und Lachen. Galoppierende Pferde. Donner Und Regen. Pfeife Einer Diesellokomotive. Schreie, Demonisches Lachen. Besetztzeichen, Telefon. Tonwahl Telefon. Bellender Bernhardiner. Schnurrende Katze. Gallopiernde Pferde. Kriegsgeheul Von Indianern. Jubelnde Menschenmenge. Lachendes Publikum. Starker Autoverkehr.

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Ankommende Und Stoppende Ambulanz. Einholen Eines Schiffsankers. Menschen Auf Einer Tagung. Start Eines Helikopters. Vorbeifliegender Helikopter. Maschinengewehre Verschiedene Waffen. Start Eines Kampffliegers. Fliegender Bomber. Peitschenknall Und Ochsenfuhrwerk. Pfeil Und Bogen.

Polinesische Trommeln. Sputnik 1 Telemetrie-Signal. Video-Spiel Skee-Ball. Video-Spiel Burp-Gun. Explosion Von Dynamit. Regen Auf Asphalt. Subway In New York.