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Because of possible interference of RabIg with the immune response to the rabies vaccine, the dose of RabIg should not be exceeded. If possible, the full dose of RabIg should be thoroughly infiltrated into the wound and surrounding area. Any remaining volume of RabIg should be injected intramuscularly, using a separate needle, at a site distant from the site of vaccine administration.

When more than one wound exists, each wound should be locally infiltrated with a portion of the RabIg using a separate needle.


If the site of the wound is unknown, the entire dose should be administered intramuscularly at a separate site from the administration of rabies vaccine. Rabies vaccine and RabIg should never be mixed in the same syringe. If RabIg is not administered as recommended at the initiation of the rabies vaccine series, it should be administered up to and including day 7 after vaccine is initiated but should not be administered after that time.

I want to go to...

For post-exposure prophylaxis of immunocompetent persons previously unimmunized with rabies vaccine, four 1. This is in addition to the RabIg as discussed above. Vaccine should be administered IM into the deltoid muscle in older children and adults or into the vastus lateralis muscle anterolateral thigh in infants, but never in the gluteal region as this may result in decreased response to the vaccine. For subsequent vaccine doses, the limb where the RabIg was administered can be used. The vaccination schedule for post-exposure prophylaxis should be adhered to as closely as possible and it is essential that all recommended doses of vaccine be administered.

Although there is little or no evidence, in keeping with routine immunization practice, it is recommended that, if a dose of vaccine is given at less than the recommended interval, that dose should be ignored and the dose given at the appropriate interval from the previous dose. If a dose of vaccine is delayed, it should be given as soon as possible and the schedule resumed, respecting the appropriate intervals from the latest dose.

RabIg is not indicated and should not be given to someone who has been previously appropriately immunized as indicated below. Appropriate previous rabies immunization consists of:. A complete course of either HDCV or PCECV, as well as RabIg, is recommended for those who may have received rabies vaccines in the past but do not fulfill the criteria listed above for appropriate vaccination. A serum sample may be collected before the initiation of post-exposure prophylaxis to test for rabies antibody, and if an acceptable antibody concentration 0.

If in doubt, consultation with an infectious diseases or public health physician is recommended. People with ongoing high risk of exposure and inadequate titres should be given a booster dose of either rabies vaccine. Both HDCV and PCECV have been shown to be effective in boosting immunity in previously immunized individuals, if given either as a pre-exposure booster or for post-exposure management. Refer to Post-exposure prophylaxis of previously immunized individuals for information on the post-exposure management of these individuals. NML conducts testing on serum and cerebrospinal fluid samples from all provinces and territories in Canada with the exception of Ontario, where serological testing is performed by the Public Health Ontario Laboratory PHOL.

Because of the excellent immune response to rabies vaccine, healthy people immunized with an appropriate regimen do not require routine antibody determinations after either pre-exposure or post-exposure rabies vaccination, unless one of the following applies:.

People with ongoing high risk of exposure to the rabies virus or potentially rabid animals require periodic serological testing to ensure the persistence of circulating antibodies. Serologic testing should occur at the following frequencies:. Others who have less frequent risk of exposure to potentially rabid animals or whose risk is likely to be from a recognized source such as veterinarians, veterinary staff, and animal control officers who work with terrestrial animals in areas where rabies is uncommon; veterinary students; and travellers to enzootic areas do not require periodic serologic testing.

If it is possible to avoid exposure to rabies, pre-exposure immunization should be deferred in immunocompromised people until they are no longer immunocompromised. If pre-exposure immunization must be given to immunocompromised individuals, antibody response should be determined after completion of the series. Determination of antibody response is also advisable if post-exposure vaccination is given to those whose immune response may be reduced by illness or medication. If an acceptable concentration is not obtained, revaccination with a second rabies vaccine series is recommended, followed by further serologic testing.

Some immunocompromised people may never mount an appropriate immune response. Refer to Immunocompromised persons. Data are not available regarding the concurrent administration of rabies vaccines with other vaccines. Based on expert opinion, live vaccines given by nasal or oral route and essential inactivated vaccines, may be administered at the same time as rabies vaccines. Vaccines should be provided at different injection sites using separate needles and syringes.

If rabies immunoglobulin is administered, this may interfere with the response to live vaccines. Systemic reactions are generally less common i. Lymphadenopathy, nausea and rash have been reported occasionally. Local injection site pain, erythema and induration are commonly reported following administration of RabIg, as are systemic reactions such as headache and low-grade fever. The majority of reported events were mild. Serious adverse events are rare following immunization and, in most cases, data are insufficient to determine a causal association.

Anaphylactic reactions have occurred in up to 1 in 10, vaccine recipients. Systemic allergic reactions characterized by generalized urticaria and accompanied in some cases by arthralgia, angioedema, fever, nausea and vomiting have been reported. Such reactions have been shown to follow the development of IgE antibodies to beta propiolactone-altered human serum albumin in the vaccine.

Temporally associated neurologic events have also been very rarely reported but causal association with vaccination has not been established. Local pain, erythema and induration are common. Headache and low-grade fever may follow administration of RabIg. Vaccine providers are asked to report, through local public health officials, any serious or unexpected adverse event felt to be temporally related to vaccination.

An unexpected AEFI is an event that is not listed in available product information but may be due to the immunization, or a change in the frequency of a known AEFI. There are no contraindications to the use of rabies vaccine or RabIg after significant exposure to a proven rabid animal; however, care should be taken if post-exposure prophylaxis is to be administered to persons who are hypersensitive to the products or to any ingredient in the formulation or component of the container i.

Expert opinion should be sought in the management of these individuals. Persons with a proven history of hypersensitivity to the vaccine or any component of the vaccine or its container should not be given the vaccine for pre-exposure immunization if possible. For specific advice, consult an allergy specialist.

For rabies vaccines and rabies immune globulin, potential allergens include:. Persons with egg allergies are not necessarily at increased risk of a hypersensitivity reaction to PCECV. However, for pre-exposure vaccination, an alternative vaccine, HDCV, should be used in vaccinees with a history of hypersensitivity reactions to egg or egg products. If an alternative vaccine is not available, post-exposure prophylaxis using PCECV should be administered to a person with a hypersensitivity to egg with strict medical monitoring.

Facilities for emergency treatment of anaphylactic reactions should be available. Persons with specific IgA deficiency have increased potential for developing antibodies to IgA after receipt of blood products, including rabies immune globulin, and may be at risk for anaphylactic reactions to subsequent administration of blood products containing IgA, such as RabIg. Infiltration of wounds with RabIg in some anatomical sites finger tips must be carried out with care to avoid increased pressure in the tissue compartment.

A history of a serious allergic or neuroparalytic reaction occurring during the administration of rabies vaccine poses a significant dilemma in the post-exposure situation. The risk of rabies must be carefully considered before a decision is made to discontinue immunization. The use of corticosteroids to attenuate the allergic response may inhibit the immune response to the vaccine. The existing titre of rabies antibodies should be determined and expert opinion in the management of these individuals should be sought promptly. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to post-exposure prophylaxis with rabies vaccine and RabIg, but it would be prudent to delay pre-exposure immunization of pregnant women, unless there is a substantial risk of exposure.

Pre-exposure immunization with rabies vaccine should be postponed in persons with moderate or severe acute illness. Persons with minor acute illness with or without fever may be vaccinated. Post-exposure vaccination should never be postponed. Radiation therapy, chloroquine, corticosteroids, and other immunosuppressive agents may diminish the efficacy of rabies vaccine. There is no evidence that interference occurs with antimalarial drugs other than chloroquine. Wherever possible, an immunization series should be completed with the same product. You will not receive a reply.

Skip to main content Skip to "About government". Key Information Refer to text for details. What Rabies is a rare viral central nervous system infection most often transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mammal. Transmission of rabies from salivary contamination of scratches, broken skin or the mucous membranes without a bite is rare. Pre-exposure immunization for high risk persons produces rabies neutralizing antibodies. Post-exposure prophylaxis is highly effective in preventing rabies.

Adverse reactions for rabies vaccines include injection site reactions, such as pain, erythema, swelling and itching. Who Pre-exposure immunization is given to people at high risk of close contact with rabid animals or the rabies virus e. Evaluation of an individual's need for post-exposure prophylaxis includes risk assessment related to the exposure to the potentially rabid animal. How Pre-exposure immunization: three 1.

Rabies vaccine must never be given into the gluteal muscle due to the risk of a decreased immune response. Post-exposure management requires consideration of: the exposure to the potentially rabid animal; management of the potentially rabid animal; and management of the exposed person. If indicated, initiate post-exposure prophylaxis as soon as possible but administer regardless of the time interval since exposure. In those who have not previously been immunized, and either are immunocompromised or are taking antimalarial drugs, a fifth dose of vaccine should be given on day Post-exposure prophylaxis of persons previously appropriately immunized with rabies vaccine consists of: local wound treatment and two 1.

Rabies immune globulin should not be given to persons who have previously received appropriate rabies vaccinations. Vaccination schedules for post-exposure prophylaxis should be adhered to as closely as possible; it is essential that all doses be received. Post-vaccination serology is recommended: after pre-exposure immunization using the ID route; following immunization of immunocompromised individuals or people taking chloroquine; or if there has been a significant deviation from the recommended vaccination schedule. Why Human rabies occurs very rarely in Canada, but if not prevented, is almost always fatal once symptoms develop.

Recent cases have been due to bat exposures. Pre-exposure immunization and post-exposure prophylaxis result in antibodies that prevent the virus from entering the peripheral nervous system. Spectrum of clinical illness. Of these 36 bat-related human cases, the types of exposures reported were as follows: Direct contact with a bat: Figure 1: Rabies - Number of Deaths in Canada, Figure 1: Rabies - Number of Deaths in Canada, - Text Equivalent This is a histogram that identifies that there was one death from rabies in , , , , , , , , , , , , There were two deaths in , three deaths in and five deaths in The last reported death was in Preparations Available for Use in Canada.

Rabies vaccines Rab. Sanofi Pasteur Ltd. Rabies immune globulins RabIg. Efficacy, Effectiveness and Immunogenicity. Efficacy and effectiveness. Pre-exposure immunogenicity. Post-exposure immunogenicity. Recommendations for Use. Pre-exposure immunization. Pre-exposure rabies immunization with either HDCV or PCECV should be offered to people at high risk of close contact with rabid animals or the rabies virus, for example: Laboratory workers who handle the rabies virus.

Veterinarians, veterinary staff, animal control and wildlife workers. Refer to Workers. Certain travellers. Refer to Travellers. Hunter and trappers in areas with confirmed rabies. Spelunkers cavers. Post-exposure management. Risk assessment related to the exposure to the potentially rabid animal. When considering the need for post-exposure management, the following should be reviewed: The species of animal, including the prevalence of rabies in that species and the prevalence of rabies in other species in the area. The type of exposure - bite, non-bite e. Unless one of these three potential modes of exposure has occurred, transmission of rabies is highly unlikely.

The circumstances of the exposure - provoked, unprovoked. The vaccination status and behaviour of a domestic animal. The age of the exposed person. The location and severity of the bite e. Type of exposure.

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Types of exposures can be considered in three broad categories: bite exposures, non-bite exposures and bat exposures as follows: Bite exposure : A bite is defined as any penetration of the skin by teeth. Bites inflicted by most animals are readily apparent with the exception of bats. Bites inflicted by bats may not be felt and may leave no visible bite marks refer to Bat Exposure. Bat exposure : Post-exposure rabies prophylaxis following bat contact is recommended when both of the following conditions apply: There has been direct contact with a bat, AND A bite, scratch, or saliva exposure into a wound or mucous membrane cannot be ruled out.

Circumstance of the exposure. Vaccination status and behaviour of the animal. The location and severity of the bite. How prevalent is rabies in the species of animal involved in the exposure? In North America, rabies occurs mainly in bats, foxes, skunks, raccoons and stray dogs and cats. Is the animal a domestic pet, wild animal or stray animal? Is the wild animal available for testing? Is the dog, cat or ferret available for observation?

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If the dog, cat or ferret is available, is it clinically healthy? Was the animal behaving unusually? If the animal is a domestic pet, what is the vaccination status of the animal? Domestic pets with up-to-date rabies vaccination are unlikely to be infected with rabies. If the animal is a domestic pet, has it been exposed to wild or outdoor animals? In what geographic area did the exposure occur? How prevalent is rabies in other animal species in the geographic area?

What was the type of exposure: bite, non-bite e. Can a bite or saliva exposure into a scratch, wound or mucous membrane be ruled out? What were the circumstances of the exposure e. An unprovoked attack is more likely to indicate that the animal is rabid. What is the age of the exposed person? Is the exposed person able to provide a reliable history? What is the location and severity of the wounds?

Management of the potentially rabid animal. Dogs, cats and ferrets. Wild terrestrial carnivores and exotic pets other than ferrets. Management of the person after exposure to a potentially rabid animal. Exposures to dogs, cats and ferrets. You can either rent car or hire a driver. Great information Tommy. Me and my friends are going to Jeju Island in November and wondering where can we rent a driver for a day to drive us around?

Do you know if it will be possible to hire a taxi for a day too? Hi Tommy. Found your blog very informative. I am from the Philippines and I really love South Korea — the food, culture, people, everything! I would like to know the weather condition of Seoul and Jeju by that time like how may degree celcius would be the temperature so I would know what outfit to bring.

Also, can you suggest a nice cafe or restaurant in Seoul? A Hanok inspired dining place would be great! Hi Tommy.. I would like to ask you about the accommodation in Seoul. Do you have recommendation cheap and comfortable Guest House or Hostel? Thanks you. Heading to Korea or planning to do so? Thanks to Keith Kim, you now know what to try on the street. Click on the link below. After this, we intend to spend 2 full days to go around Seoul. With this very limited time, which places would you recommend for us to visit myeongdong should be one of these?.

I was in Seoul last October 1 and spent two days in there. After that, we flew directly to Jeju Island and stayed there for two nights. In our first day, we went to Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm we visited Nami Island already in our Seoul Travel in on the same day, and these places are all in Gyeonggi-do which is very convenient for you since your business meeting will also be in that place. You can include Nami Island in your itinerary.

Well, you must! However, if you intend to spend the two days in Seoul, you may consider this: 1. WE are planning to celebrate a new year in Seoul. We dont pan to go too far from Seoul. We will spend around 8 days there. Thank you so much for this very informative blog. However, I still want to ask the difference between the Lotte World and Everland. And which is more suitable for ages up esp. Thank you! I am planning to go to Korea in Mid Jan for 5 days.

Understand the winter is very brute, and not sure if there is anything to do apart from skiing. Hi, you can just make sure you dress adequately for winter. Nami island will be beautiful, Mount Seorak as well, Yeah you can do ski that period. All attractions are open. Just dress adequately for winter. Hi tommy me n my friend arre going to seoul this sept. Hi Diana, this post is about attractions so you can refer to it. Shopping normally in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. Me and my friend will be travelling to Korea betwen the month of March and April this year.

If you could also provide best places to visit during our 5 days stay I would greatly appreciate it. However do double check again. I have read your blog and i like it. I was planned to go to south korea last year summer but because the virus there, i was advised not to go because of my little daughter. I was wondering if you have any tips what for activities i could do with my daughter or family friendly places i can visit? My mom and I are planning to visit Seoul, Korea this coming June as it is her birth month.

I just want to know the best adult theme park that we can visit especially when it comes to rides and attractions. What is the best and enjoyable for 5yrs old and 12 yrs old! Would it be everland or lotte world?? Hi Nell, Lotte World and Everland both are suitable for kids, perhaps lotte world as it is indoor. It will be spring time in March so do bring along jacket as it might be cold when there is strong wind.

Is it Everland have more cartoon character? They have cartoon character parade? As per for our iterinary we had everland. What do you think sir it is good for my childrens? For your stimation sir what is the temperature for the time of march 24 ? Do have any idea sir base on your experienced sir in seoul?

Hi Liu, yes Everland does have their mascot parade in certain times. March is spring. Will be chilly if there is wind. Temperature around 7 degree celcius. Hi again, Tommy! I just want to know the season in Seoul this June? A big thanks! My family is set for getaway to seoul this march 24 to 29 Im wondering what wer going to prepare for our clothes im from philippines.

Travel with 2kids and one old lady. Thanks Tommy. Hi Rabbit, do you mean island with snow or tropical island during winter period? Jeju Island is in Korea. Ooi, I am coming there on 6th and 7th I want to visit some places in Seoul can you arrange the same. I am Thin Yu from Burma. I am visiting Seoul on May 5 but have only 7 hrs to spend there. Do you think that 7 hrs will be enough to visit Seoul National university and the two palaces as I truly love to visit those ancient places?

Thanks so much in advance. Is there any nice places there? HI, Tommy, first time planning free n easy trip to Korea. I would like visit Jeju-Busan-Seoul, can you please provide some suggestion. Hi Susie, we do advise 2 separate trip if possible. If not Seoul 5 days, Busan 5 days, Jeju 4 Days. Thank you, tommy, is that easy to find a tour guide and taxi in Jeju and Busan? Need to book in advance or find when we there.

And, i plan to stay 3 nights in Jeju. May i know Seogwipo-Si and Jeju-Si these two places, which one stay for 2 nights? Hi Susie, it is approx 30 to 60 mins to reach Gimpo so on papaer wise, you should have sufficient time unless our flight got delayed. If you are self driving stay any area for 3 nights is fine as well. I really need your help. I would be really really grateful for your help.

Hi Bey, nami island u can self travel there. Same as Petite France? Can we self travel to Petite France anytime? Or the transportation has designated schedule? Hi Tommy! Just to help out Bey. Actually you can visit Nami Island, Petite France and Garden of the Morning Calm in a single day through Gapyeong City Tour Bus, but be sure to depart early and be strict on your time allocation per site. You will pay only one ticket and it cost 6, Won per adult. You can hop-on and hop-off on any Gapyeong Bus and just present your ticket to the driver. Hi tommy. I want to know how many days will i need to spend so that I can go on all these 15 must visit attractions in seoul and which season is the best time to go to seoul.

Getting more and more excited for our upcoming trip to Seoul this September! Thank you for the info Tommy! Ty in advance Michelle from Israel. Thank you for creating this blog, I really love it. It is really useful for foreigners who love to travel in Korea like me. Thanks in advance. Hi Toh, is good to be mindful Seoul to Jeju flight normally flies from Gimpo Airport which is 45 mins away from Incheon, so if you are flying on the first day, make sure have more time. We did list all 3 places attraction on our blog. Feel free to check them. We like to go sightseeing for 2 days on our own and spend 2 days shopping.

Could you suggest how could be best spend our time. Thanks, Sheila. The information given will definitely be helpful during our visit this month. Please recommend which is the best area to stay? How is Arirang Hotel? Hi where did you buy your admission tickets and pay all your admission fees for those attractions? Dear tommy I would like to visit to cheong wa Dae at korea. Could you please advice me how to visit this blue house? I m getting rush now. I will arrive to korea on 19th january. You have to add Lotte World Tower, recently opened this year.

Very exciting experience, lounge at is expensive but worth the money. Cause we will be going in Seoul February What clothes should we wear? Is Gangnam one of the most attractive place in Seoul too? What other places to visiy at the end of April? I hope it will be spring, but last year , first incheon snow fell on second week of January.

Thank you.

Convinnient - BTS Skytrain

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. News Ticker. About Tommy Ooi Articles.

Jim Collins - A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show - Podcast Notes

Website Twitter. Regards Francis. Dear Francis, Korea shopping is slightly expensive than China or Bangkok however the quality is better. Hi Tommy, Thanks for sharing. Good job bro!! Regards Kelvin Lai. We will come from Jeju Island to Seoul on 17 Nov in the afternoon. What is your recommendation, is it possible if we go through to Nami Island on 17 Nov..?

Do you have a recommendation travel to arrange Nami Island and Mt. We thank you for your kind help. Hearing from you soon. Best regards, yenni. Hi Tommy, Thank for the information. Do you have any reliable information on this process. Hi, I have not heard of this either. The link above is working but I am wondering what the purpose of it actually is.

The normal process is to show the correct paperwork at the airline counter, fly to China, fill in more paperwork and they stamp your passport. Hope that helps! Hi, We are cruising to Japan from Shanghai, in August and wondered if the hour visa will apply. London — Abu Dhabi — Shanghai. Straight to Cruise port and on to Japan that same day. We return to Shanghai, from Japan 8 days later, stay for 3 nights and go back to London via Abu Dhabi. Hi travelling UK to Beijing Friday 4.

Hi Alison!

20 Must Visit Seoul Attractions & Travel Guide

UK qualifies in the list of countries as well. Hi great site, thanks. Can I get hour visa on both Beijing stops? Yes based on this itinerary you should be eligible. One thing to double check though is with your airline to make sure they will allow you on without a visa as not every one knows how it works. Thank you so much for this article, super helpful. We will be traveling the below path, would this qualify for the hour exemption? One question: do the flights need to be with a single airline? Hi, Would this be ok?

Leaving from Beijing via Paris to Amsterdam on Sunday June 23 at 1am, these are all booked on 1 ticket. Then a oneway flight with another airline from HK to Beijing on Wednesday the 19th. I think this could work. Does 1 exemption visa cover both of those trips or each time do I just apply each time at the airport when I arrive into Shanghai? Hi Gabby! Does this hours visa exemption applied? Hello, thank you for the really useful article.

I am doing a similar journey to the one above, except I am actually spending 5 days in Hong Kong, before travelling to Shanghai. So my trip is:. What do you think? Too risky?

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  6. Stop overs seem a bit of a grey area. Airlines treat Shanghai to London as 1 flight, but Chinese officials may consider it to be Shanghai back to Hong Kong? Of course, no info on Chinese immigration site. Ultimately I think based on how your flight ticket is built, HK is the stop over and Shanghai is the final destination.

    My recommendation would be to get a full China visa just to be safe. The number of days in each place should be irrelevant except a maximum 6 days in Shanghai. I will be passing though Shanghai in a couple of weeks. I have a 14 hour layover and plan to go into the city for a short self-guided tour.

    I am planning on applying for the hours visa. I arrive at am and leave at pm the same day. Is this all ok? Are there any differences when only staying for part of a day? All you do when you land is apply for a Temporary Stay Permit. Ok thanks! Is my route ok? Thank you very much. Thanks Will!! Actually, the main purpose of my trip is going to Japan. Since my wife is a Disney fan, we thought it was a good time to go to Shanghai and Hong Kong because they have Disney Parks there too.

    Would it be better if we stay 4 days in HK and 4 in Shanghai? Very fun!!! This way, Shanghai is clearly a transit destination. Will, thank you very much for your help. Thank you very much for your help. We travel in from Singapore on the 24th sept I agree, I wish all the agencies and travel companies were educated on the full details of the visa so I can see how frustrating it is for everyone. From what I see here, the hour visa should be granted.

    But tomorrow I will visit a friend and stay there, so I need to register at a police station. Do I have to go to the police station in the district where I will stay? And which documents do I have to bring? Does my friend have to join me or can I go alone? Thanks for your help! Hi Charlotte! I hope this gets to you in time. I would bring all of your travel documents that you provided customs and anything they gave you.

    Glynn, did you want to comment on this? Are these on one ticket or separate tickets? Hi Will, Firstly, I would like to point out that I am not an expert on this subject hence why I normally hedge my bets. The main principle is that you are in transit in China going somewhere else, i. Hong Kong on the way out and the UK on the way back. Also, the flights in and out of China must be international only, no domestic touch downs anywhere are allowed. This means the Shanghai to London leg cannot stop anywhere else in China even on the same flight number.

    Premium Membership Benefits

    In fact this cannot be the case as the cruise ports are specifically included in the policy, meaning that you can fly to Shanghai and depart via the cruise terminal for Japan and qualify for a hour TWOV. This page from the Shanghai Immigration office sent to me by the Consulate here in Auckland. The most important advice is to do your homework. Speak to the airline. The Chinese airlines are probably more up to date.

    I am flying China Eastern later in the year and a visit to their office was very helpful. Speak to the embassy, but they can be very out of date. The public pages on the Wellington embassy site are from ! I am traveling to China to visit my brother Expat living in Shanghai for 5 days. I will stop at Hong Kong for two days sightseeing on way to Shanghai.

    Is this itinerary acceptable for ? How long is your stay in Shanghai? Thank you for this helpful article! I am a US passport holder. I do not think this is eligible for the transit visa. We fly to Beijing 24 th stay 35hrs travel to port Tianjin on 25th join cruise to Japan return to Tianjin on 3oth travel to Beijing airport fly home to Germany same day 30th. Am I entitled to a hr free visa? Hi, The rules allow cruise passengers as well air passengers. You will be stamped into China at Beijing airport, stamped out at Tianjin International Cruise Terminal and stamped into Japan at your first port of call.

    You are in transit between Germany and Japan. You should be fine with a hours visa free transit. Do you know if I can get a hour visa for both of my stopovers? Would that be a considered multiple entry? Here HK is considered to be outside of China for the purpose of this visa and thus works. Are these on separate tickets?

    Then fly from Taipei Taiwan directly to Hangzhou. Stay in Hangzhou for a few days less than six. Then fly from Hangzhou back to Los Angeles U. The only caveat is my return flight from Hangzhou to Los Angeles has a two and half hour layover in Taipei Taiwan. There will be a change of plane and a different flight number for the flight from Taipei to Los Angeles. Please help. I called the airline and the travel agent. They all offer no help.

    They returned my email inquiry with a link to their policy which does not give answers to connecting flights. Hi, The issue is that you going back to the same place you came from, i. Where you go after Taiwan the USA is irrelevant. With the itinerary you have specified you are having a trip to China and would thus need a visa.

    This is a great article and thanks so much for sharing. Total stay in China will be less than six days. Thank you very much! Hi Nica, based on your itinerary here and based on the technical rules. Hangzhou airport and Shanghai airport are all in Zone 1. Taipei is only a stop for a few days and not quite long enough subjectively from a Chinese customs officer. At that point you might be better off getting a Chinese visa. This is a great post! Question could we do Japan-taipei one ticket stay for a few hours Taipei-Beijing-Japan.

    Hi Cassie, this should work for your last leg. Best of luck! I do have a question about the transit visa. I hope that helps! I desperately need help. I went to the Chinese Consular and everything looked good, they gave me a visa collection form, but then called to say the empty page in my passport was not a visa page. Therefore I had to go to US embassy to get more pages. And of course the embassy here in Qatar stopped issuing more pages and require a brand new passport which will take 2 weeks. My flight is in 10 days. I left in nearly tears and have been researching an alternative.

    My flight is from Doha, with a 1 hour connection in Hong Kong. And then to Hangzhou. I stay in Hangzhou only 5 days. So I meet the hour rule. Does this qualify? I called Cathay Pacific and they were no help, not knowing anything about the visa free transit I think she was just lazy. Then just buy another ticket back to Doha? Please advise as this is a very important trip and I can seems to get an answer. Okay so from how the hour in-transit visa works, you can land in the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. This is part of the Zhejiang zone which also includes Shanghai.

    The routing you state will probably not qualify as the place you go to after China cannot be the same place you arrived from. The TWOV is for people in transit to a third destination, not returning where they came from. It is only the place that is important. Hope this helps. I will be traveling from the U. Do I qualify for the hr Visa-free stay in Shanghai? And if I wanted to travel to Zhejiang province, would that be allowed too? Hi Monica, based on what you have there you should be okay, two of your hours being your two stops in Shanghai.

    Zhejiang province is part of the Shanghai zone so you can definitely travel there. Are you thinking about Hangzhou? Does that 3 hr layover in Shanghai factor into the hours too? Hey Monica! Do you plan on going out of the airport? Sorry I missed the 3 hour part. In terms of Wuzhen Water Town, yes it is within the Zhejiang zone. Have a great trip!! Not leaving the airport for the 3 hr layover. And great, thanks so much for the help, Will. I am relieved!