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Chloe Brooks has been living in Italy for years. She has everything she wants: a successful career, the ability to make sure she is as far away from her parents as possible, and an almost equally succ. Powered by Vidicon Pdf Book Site. Twitter Facebook. Home DMCA.

D. Robbins - Price Sheet

Well worth your time So far these are both books that I really enjoyed and they kept my attention so that I had to order the third book. This is a good book for general coverage of RoboHelp Things start to look up for Andrew when Daniela's football-playing boyfriend dumps her, but he soon learns some hard truths. Slowly the magician or the spectator unfolds the card and unbelievably it is seen to be the spectators chosen card with the signature upon it.

Made in house by JB's coin specialist. With this single piece of apparatus you will look like a sleight of hand master. Along with the gimmicked chip comes an instructional DVD with 9, yes, 9 knockout effects. Each routine is fully performed and taught using the miracle chip. After proving the ring has unusual properties by getting larger than smaller even in the spectators own hands you proceed to have the ring penetrate a chop stick or pencil.

Great visual and easy to do. Countless magic effects can be performed with these 2 inch red spongeballs! The ring is also slightly narrower across, making it less obtrusive. PK Ring only, no instructions or original packaging. A borrowed ring vanishes and then appears hanging from your keycase. You take the two rubber bands and stretch them into an star and other shapes. You then stretch them into another star. No really, give it a pinch and it takes the shape of a star! You can hand it out as a souvenir. He takes off the lid and removes a small piece of clear "photographic" paper, explaining that the paper is heat sensitive.

After a few moments the spectator opens his hands and may remove the lid from the box himself. Inside, he finds the paper developed with an x-ray image of both of his hands and a picture of his selected card! The magician hands them a pen to sign their bill and examine if desired.

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The magician retrieves the pen and bill, and without any funny moves whatsoever, proceeds to pierce the bill with the pen. The audience can clearly see the pen has penetrated the bill. The pen and the bill may then be handed out immediately for complete examination. The pen is completely examinable nothing added or taken away. The pen may be written with and refilled. They are fixed together by a bolt threaded through the holes. A spectator signs on the middle card. When the signed card is pushed between the other cards, the card slides.

That means, the hole on the middle card moves over, and now it has come close to the signature. Everything is examinable after the effect. No explanation video on the web site. Someone grabs your pulse. A friend, a spectator, anyone. You ask them to find your pulse. They do so. You start to concentrate The spectator feels your pulse stopping and you can also cause it to speed up again. A card is chosen by spectator and placed face down on the table in front of them. One by one a single letter is removed, and each time another word is formed. This continues until just the letter 'I' remains.

The discarded letters are then rearranged and amazingly they spell the name of the chosen card. A picture of a matchbox is drawn on the bottom card of the deck. The matchbox is given a shake, the picture animates and the drawing of the matchbox magically opens! But that is not all, folded up in the picture in the matchbox tray, is a playing card. This looks fantastic! You will love the gimmicks that make this effect that little bit different from the standard card trick. Resets in 2 Seconds!

Strolling or Close-Up! The magician wraps a cork with a bill, and fixes it using a rubber band. The bill is rolled up like a tube, and the space inside is divided by the cork into the upper space and the lower space. The magician puts four coins into the upper space of the tube. The coins, one by one, are dropped to the table, penetrating the cork. For the last coin, the magician puts it into his pocket, but it appears from the tube.

It starts you from scratch, so you won't need any experience or prior knowledge. Just download and install the files from us and from the very beginning you'll be well on your way to learning everything you need to know to performing magic tricks on your iPhone or iPod touch. It doesn't use any difficult 'slight-of-hand' techniques, so you can expect to be performing magic tricks without having to rely on previous abilities!

Postcards from the Prefrontal Cortex Youve just received a very special postcard and have it in your iPod just waiting for you to find an unsuspecting audience the more people the better. You ask your audience to think of several different things: numbers, letters, geography, and even a zoo resident. And 3 more mind blowing effects.

To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you. Ask them to find your pulse. When they have it, ask them to snap their fingers along with it They will keep track of your pulse rate. Tell them no matter what happens to you, make sure they report ANY changes in your pulse rate.

You close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply and slowly They will agree it's beating harder. Then close your eyes and ask them if they feel the rate changing Then the performer turns his attention inward and has a self-induced attack! This is "cardiac arrest"! The performer takes a deep breath and holds it and his pulse stops The art to move objects with the power of the mind For this he will use something so simple and daily as a marker which can be used during the performance. He will place it supported in a glass or in the table and after seconds of concentration the marker will fall leaving all the assistants with their mouth opened.

The effect is very impressive if you do it in the hand of one spectator, because it is rising gradually until it falls. Have a spectator cover the image with their hand. Snap your fingers. Again the star disappears, and miraculously rematerializes on your spectator's arm.

When he blows on the ring, it immediately disappears. In the very next moment, the ring appears on the third finger of his left hand! You could even perform this effect in the nude! Includes gimmick and instruction sheet. Finger Snap - get - unbelievable reactions with nothing more than your bare hands! This is the effect that gets him booked time and time again. This is worth the price of the DVD alone!

Completely impromptu - a real reputation maker! Performer covers the cup with a coaster, and shakes it. When the coins are removed from the cup, they have changed to Dollar coins. Comes with coaster, gimmick, and an illustrated instruction sheet that includes web links for additional performance clips etc. The pen can be immediately examined! Always ready to go Anytime and Anywhere - Highly visual - the Mirage booklet teaches you in detail how to construct your gaffs and how to perform the most amazing and visual bend you'll ever see. Comes complete with black and white photo illustrated, 7 page, saddle stitched booklet and one pen.

It creates a stunning effect out of the 'down time' moment when you introduce your rubber bands to the audience. It comes with a special device that does all the hard work for you. Wayne Fox teaches you in detail, walking you through the method and presentations, then concentrates on the little details, tips and variations, that can raise your persentation of this effect to the best it can be.

They are placed in the hand of a spectator and, when he opens the hand, they have linked. Comes complete with paper clips and instructions detailing how to perform this linking miracle! Spectators will find that the Bracelets only come apart at the clasp and the clasp must be unscrewed to open. Bracelets are strung together with a heavy elastic to prove that there are no breaks in each Bracelets chain except for the clasp. You then take each solid Bracelet, and link the Bracelets together!

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Because the bracelets are beaded and strung on heavy elastic the bracelets can be pulled on to display that there are no breaks in them what so ever DAVID MANN You continue to magically link and unlink the Bracelets right in front of your audience! You can even incorporate other items like a spectators watch, necklace, or even a borrowed finger ring. The X Link is a fantastic new trick that utilizes the best of both tricks the linking rings and linking ropes and may be performed close-up and surrounded, fits in your pocket or on your wrist, and is a wonderfully entertaining piece of magic.

Comes with three 8 inch Black Hematite Bracelets and easy to learn instructions and illustrated routine. Pass your hand over the paddle and the holes magically enlarge. On both sides! Pass your hand over the paddle once again, and the holes change to an even bigger size. Finally the paddle is given out for minute inspection. Only one paddle is used in this effect. Collector's quality, each Ko Chang Paddle is individually numbered. These impossible cards are then given away as souvenirs to your spectators as evidence of the amazing magical experience they will never forget!

This jaw-dropping effect is absolutely incredible! On it's recent convention release it received reactions ranging from stunned silence to total bewilderment from spectators around the world! You will find the exact same top quality production that you have grown to expect from Fooler Doolers and Daryl - The Magician's Magician. Hyper-Bent-Elation comes complete with 24 specially printed poker size Bicycle Rider backed cards manufactured for us by the U. When covered with a card, the coin placed in the "Bermuda Triangle" disappears in the blink of an eye. The black hole sucked in the coin, which appears underneath it!!

To end the trick, the magician gives all objects to the audience to be examined. It's refreshing! It's colorful! It's impossible! Steve Shufton's 3D Paradox sends their minds on holiday! Just imagine: Sectator holds a sealed envelope.

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Card, freely selected, is signed and shuffled back into the pack. Envelope is opened to reveal a brilliantly colored, beautifully illustrated greeting card! It's hinged open and out leaps a colorful 3D scene in which a smaller envelope "pops up"! This new diabolical take on the impossible location features: Stunning, visual magic! Perfect finale for any signed card routine!

Eye-catching professional quality, precision made and assembled with care! No reset or get ready - always ready to perform - anytime, anywhere! Sweet simplicity allows you to focus on presentation! Do it completely surrounded! A real reputation maker! Finally, a card-to-impossible-location needing no preparation, wallet, palming, swapping, folding, hiding, jackets, pockets or lemons! It also comes with the die, suitable for disappearance and reappearance and inspection, and the gimmick which makes it all possible.

The three rings become linked together on the pencil. All of this is done trapped on a pencil being held at both ends by the spectators. Take your pen and push the point right through the center of the bill. They actually hear the bill being punctured! They actually hear the bill tearing. The bill is now slowly and fairly restored and handed back to the spectator.

It looks so amazing!! If you like, the pen can penetrate a borrowed coin! There are no sleights required and everything may be examined. The selected card is signed and the rest of the deck is pocketed. Clearly tear the card into four pieces. As you blow out the flames, the card instantly restores, undamaged by the fire. The signed card can then be handed out to the spectator for examination.

After putting the rope through the ring. Performer pulls the ring then the ring gets off the rope. Next, performer hits the ring with the rope and the ring is trapped through the rope again.

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  • Completely examinable afterwards! This is an improved Ellis ring. Cross sectional shape is hexagonal. So Magician can show both side of ring. This ring has many possibilities. Comes complete with 2 hexagonal ellis rings one gimmicked , rope and an illustrated instruction sheet.

    He covers the ring with a card, flicks it with his finger and the ring magically goes into the case, from which the magician then removes it. After the toss, the ring can be heard to rattle inside the case, and even appears from within the case when it is opened! The trick can just as easily be performed with a marked coin! In the package you will find a specially prepared card case without the deck of cards, a single card, and a ring in case you don't want to borrow one from the audience.

    Borrow a spectator's ring she drops her ring into a tiny black velour drawstring bag. In an instant the bag and her ring vanish. There dangling from its drawstring loop among the keys is the velour pouch locked onto a key clasp you release the bag and hand it to her who is amazed and relieved to find her ring inside! Then, in a blink, restore the cigarette to its original condition.

    Perform on stage, close up, surrounded, even on the street. Perform standing or sitting. Perform it in long or short sleeves. He then does precisely that, and everything can be once again examined, including the bag! Complete with specially machined hardware, paper bag and illustrated instructions with full professional presentation. Easy to master and even easier to perform - Examinable before and after the effect - Don't leave home without it! Simple set-up. Real holes! Card can be shown from both sides prior to and after performance.

    Instantly examinable. Several rubber bands are dropped into hand of the spectator. HENRY EVANS The spectator is instructed to close their hand and in an instant the magician has the spectator open the hand to show that all the bands are now linked in a continous chain You will recieve complete instructions and all materials you need to perform this incredible effect. Supplied with a set of business cards which allow you to force and determine a wide variety of things whether a famous name, image or even a word obtained from a website.

    Well produced mentalism with a difference. Simbiosis by Mathew Gostelow. A compact, simple and direct oracle deck and reading system combining visual symbols and numerology. It is designed with mystery performers in mind and several routines are included that straddle the worlds of mind-reading and fortune-telling enabling predictions, coincidences and demonstrations of telepathy alongside character analysis and readings. The Box by Tony Chris. A rare chance to get this intriguing effect. The performer displays several black boxes and a red one. This contains a prediction.

    The spectator can choose any one of the black boxes. The performer reveals the contents of the other black boxes. The red box is then opened showing the prediction. The spectator opens their chosen box and contents match. The spectator has a genuinely free choice as to which box they select and with there being no force or elimination involved. Supplied with boxes and DVD.

    Made by Magic Universal.


    This is the ultimate mind-blowing prediction routine, as well as being great for comedy or close-up. It has a very wide spectrum of use. This is a free trick effect before you even start on your show. The performer walks on with his case which has his act inside. He realises he has forgotten the combination numbers and can t open the case, so he can t do his act!!

    Standing well clear from the case he gets a member of the audience to try to open the case by changing the combination lock numbers. The helper verifies that the case will not open. The performer then asks individual members of the audience to each supply a number which the first helper enters into the combination lock. The case opens. It is sensational. My wife has also bought it for me for my birthday!! Brand new. Excellent condition. No dust jackets. Approaching Magic by David Regal Excellent condition. Unleashed by Jay Sankey Excellent condition apart from slight scuffing to cover.

    The Complete Walton Vol 1 Excellent condition apart from small tear to cover.

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    Focus by Phil Goldstein Excellent condition. Peek Performances by Richard Busch Excellent condition. Martin Duffy martin martinduffy. This is a beautiful professional prop. Built to last a life time. Turner watch or send me your trade list Mark Paul markpaul themagiccircle. Still have: 40 envelopes Over 75 cards 1 complete pad of 50 sheets 2 fish gimmicks Spare recommended pen Together by ilusionista snake Brand New. Opus mona lisa by nefesch.

    Computer's ability to verify proof is an illusion

    Brand New. PayPal only Ian Mitchell ianmitchell btinternet. Philip Phillips magic1 manx. Dave Short daveshort1 hotmail. Payment by PayPal. Am happy to negotiate on multiple items. James Troup james jamestroup. Photos available of all items on request Daniel Wood daniel. UK postage included.. Michael Ammar.

    Howard Hamburg. Michael Close. Max Maven. John Flintham john. Malcolm Fairhurst mal7 talktalk. Performance at large holiday centres. Various sizes some being 4 foot high. Comes with soundtrack for the show. The Standard Version of M. You will receive 40, A5 card folders. In each folder is a photograph of a page of data taken from a microfilm.

    These folders are hand made and aged in order to pass as authentic artifacts from WWII. Only PayPal and only send to UK. Royal Mail 1st class signed for. Pawel Swiatkowski pawelswiat gmail. Signed 1st edition hardback book in excellent condition. Out Of Print.

    I will post worldwide at cost. Harry Duffy cloud hotmail. Contact Kevin on: Kevin Morton kevinmorton92 hotmail. All brand new and unused. Postage extra all sent insured. Or can be collected at leamington day of magic. These are top end illusions that pack super flat and look fantastic. Flip Switch, The perfect illusion for turning one person into another.

    Introducing Bill's Magic by W. Eric Leonard eric. If you are a pro twister This is the one you want. The pump is like new and comes with The Pump, pouch, reel and charger. If you want to inflate for more than three hours you will need an additional battery. The Double weighs 7. There is no battery with this item because due to lack of use the cells went dead.

    You can buy them very cheaply. You just need a 12 volt 5 AH replacement battery. Payments by PayPal. Barely used. Comes with lots of refill pads and pens. David Abel davidabelcloseup gmail. Deals on multiple purchase. Philip Sweeting philipsweeting hotmail. Fantastic reactions but I have shaky hands. Huge discount on new price. Make me a sensible offer. Paul Cavendish paul cavendishmagic. Peter Gough paulinegough10 gmail. No instructions.

    Richard Griffin theunspeakablemagician hotmail. Brand new, bought as a spare.