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  1. At the National Gallery
  2. French artist whose paintings survived raid to get first UK show | Art and design | The Guardian
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  4. Boilly: Scenes of Parisian Life

At the National Gallery

It is perhaps relevant to this that Boilly, at the beginning of his career, was close to being a pornographer. One of the two earliest paintings in the show, dated in the catalogue , features a passionate lesbian kiss. In this sense, Boilly was the successor of the peintres galantes, Fragonard among them, of pre-Revolutionary France.

In addition to this, he possessed a keen sense of social differences.

French artist whose paintings survived raid to get first UK show | Art and design | The Guardian

Look, for example, at a drawing entitled To Pass, You Pay, in which a fashionable French family and their dog use a wheeled duckboard to navigate a muddy street. At the left edge of the composition, a down-and-outer reaches out his hand for money. In some ways, Boilly comes close to his somewhat older Italian contemporary Domenico Tiepolo The comparison suggests itself very directly by the subject of the largest painting on view, a Carnival Scene with a vast number of figures, dated Currently, when the art of our own time seems more and more determined to devote itself to social commentary, and also to self-glorification, Boilly deserves a second look.

What artists now do self-righteously, he does on the sly. The show at the National Gallery begins with a drawing featuring four self-portraits — his own roguish, be-spectacled likeness, seen from four different angles. The old power structures that had governed almost every facet of artistic life were swept away, and without them the young painter was faced with exciting new opportunities.

Jul 5, 1761 - Jan 4, 1845

Luckily, Boilly escaped imprisonment, turning instead to paintings intended for public exhibition. In depicting 31 of the greatest luminaries of his generation — among them 18 painters, 3 sculptors, 3 architects, and 2 engravers — Boilly was making a grand statement about the modern French School.

At the turn of the 19th century, Boilly also began producing ambitious urban vistas. In the painting The Poor Cat , The Ramsbury Manor Foundation a child stealthily picks a pocket while a family of beggars slumps lethargically on the pavement. Maurice Tourneux. Paul Marmottan. Le peintre Louis Boilly — Mabille de Poncheville. Ernst Goldschmidt. Frankrigs Malerkunst. Copenhagen, , pp.

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