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In the course of his troubled tenure at Biehl's, Peter manages to make two friends he will treasure for the rest of his life: Katarina, a beautiful girl with whom he promptly falls in love, and August, a psychotic boy whom he adopts as a kind of son. In retrospect, Peter observes, his love for Katarina and August has taught him the meaning of family and responsibility; it has given him hope and the will to live.


With the help of Katarina and August, Peter begins to conduct an investigation of the school. He suggests, in portentous asides to the reader, that some sort of Darwinian experiment is being conducted with the students. As evidence, he cites some disturbing incidents: a student's attempt to cut off his own tongue, the administration of sedatives to August, the concealment of student records. Although Mr.

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Hoeg is intermittently able to use such incidents to orchestrate a sense of narrative tension, one later learns that many of them are little more than deliberately placed red herrings, a realization that leaves the reader with a vague sense of dissatisfaction. To make matters worse, Peter embroiders his story with stilted and pretentious musings about the nature of time. It is too overwhelming for that. You have to begin more simply.

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What does it mean -- to measure time? What is a timepiece?


And you have to sense that within or behind this change there is also something that was present before. The perception of time is the inexplicable union in the consciousness of change and constancy. These highly abstract soliloquies are apparently meant to add resonance to Peter's story, and to underscore one of the novel's central themes concerning the dehumanizing effects of science and the scientific method. Unfortunately they have another effect entirely: they weigh the story down, turning what might have been a deeply affecting story about a young boy's painful coming of age into a lugubrious and strangely impersonal allegory.

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Borderliner season 2 Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot

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Borderliners - the Prologue - Kirsten Arcadio

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