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Alexander : Rendezvous -- Philip K. Campbell Memorial Award : retrospective prize winner. II -- Locus Awards : anthology. III -- Locus Awards : anthology. Giant Monster Tales -- Ditmar Awards : collected work winner. Fantastic Fiction -- Ditmar Awards : Australian collected work winner. Terrific Tales -- Ditmar Awards : collected work winner. Ripping Reads -- Ditmar Awards : artwork. Clarke Award : shortlist. Award for Criticism or Review winner.

Tolkien, Charles Williams, C. Le Guin -- Locus Awards : non-fiction. Butler -- Locus Awards : non-fiction. Dick -- Hugo Awards : nonfiction book. Clarke Award : third place. Smith's -- Hugo Awards : nonfiction book. IV -- Locus Awards : anthology.

Beam : Little Fuzzy -- Hugo Awards : novel. Zach -- Bram Stoker Awards : long fiction. Neil : Forge of the Elders -- Prometheus Awards : novel winner. Greenberg : Visions of Liberty -- Prometheus Awards : special award winner. And Other Promises -- Locus Awards : collection. Campbell -- Locus Awards : author collection. Kornbluth -- Locus Awards : author collection. Moore -- Locus Awards : single author collection. Weinbaum -- Locus Awards : single author collection. Sprague : The Best of L.

Sprague de Camp -- Locus Awards : single author collection. Gregory : The Waterborn -- Locus Awards : first novel. Gregory : The Blackgod -- Locus Awards : fantasy novel. Gregory : Newton's Cannon -- Locus Awards : fantasy novel. Gregory : Empire of Unreason -- Locus Awards : fantasy novel.

Michael Reaves : Dragonworld -- Locus Awards : art or illustrated book. Smith -- Locus Awards : single author collection. Greenberg : What Might Have Been? John : Nova Swing -- Philip K. Clarke Award : runner-up. Lovecraft: The Fiction -- Locus Awards : collection. The Bibliography of Martin H. Greenberg -- Hugo Awards : related work. Who -- Ditmar Awards : international fiction. Discworld's Story Unauthorized -- Chesley Awards : cover illustration, paperback.

Paul : The Tomb -- Prometheus Awards : novel. Willis E. Neil : Ceres -- Prometheus Awards : novel. Giger's Necronomicon -- Locus Awards : art or illustrated book. Squid -- Locus Awards : young adult book. Adder -- Locus Awards : sf novel. Campbell Awards, Volume 5 -- Locus Awards : anthology. And Having Writ Campbell Memorial Award : honorable mention. Sound engineered by Bill Thompson. Recorded and mixed at Madman Studios, Berkeley in December, Box , Berkeley, CA Cultural history of an ancient beverage.

A series on the cultural history of the ancient beverage, produced by Deutsche Welle in Cologne and made available to KPFA through transkripttionsdienst. Blues news and blues in the clubs. With Tom Mazzolini. Monday hosts. Call-ins With William Mandel. We'll experience a tour of the studios and facilities of the Institute, with demonstrations of digital techniques in music. See Morning Reading for details. Send check or M. Schedule: Idle Moments: Public Affairs. Tuesday, Jan. Black Coffee resumes at What a waste!

The back- lash against western influences and Chinese in- tellectuals during the Cultural Revolution had a devasating effect on classically trained musi- cians. Composers and performers were arrested, sent off to rehabilitation centers or collective farms, deprived of their instruments, music libraries and books. With the thaw in the 70's, music once again became a regular part of Chinese cultural life. Orchestras from England, the United States and other nations toured the country.

Following this highly successful tour, the FWCO made plans to record a commemorative album. East Meets West, including works by Chinese composers performed during the visit. Harold Lawrence flew to Fort Worth in November to produce this digital recording, and will preview it on his program. Ottorino Respighi is Italy's best known 20th century orchestral composer.

His three Roman tone poems, which served as a model for numerous Hollywood epic movie scores about ancient Rome, are staples of the symphonic "pops" repertoire. But anyone who has heard his sensitive arrangements of 16th and 17th century keyboard and chamber pieces will know that Respighi was capable of subtle expression as well as flamboyance. Two new digital recordings reveal this aspect of the Italian composer's output.

In , the Canadian-based digital recording company, Sefel Records, began a production of the complete orchestral and choral music of Zoltan Kodaly with Hungary's leading three orchestras conducted by Arpad Joo. The sessions took place in the Great Hall of the Italian Institute in Budapest, one of the city's best recording halls. The six-LP project was completed in December and has just been released.

Harold Lawrence talks about record- ing in Budapest and introduces excerpts from this world premiere digital recording. Respighi: Songs. Renata Scotto, soprano, with Tokyo String Quartet. Kodaly: Psalm us Hungaricus; Galanta Dances. Produced by Arun Nevader, directed by Jack Adams. This part will also be heard tonight at 1 1 pm. Produced by Padraigin McGillicuddy. Headlines at Features, short interviews, music. Tuesday hosts: Ginny Z. At , KPFB, A repeat of one of over interviews recorded for Probabilities over the last seven years. Hosted by Tim and the Gang.

Produced by Arun Nevader and directed by Jack Adams. Hosted by Patrice Story. Rebroadcast tonight at 1 1 pm. From Gerda Daly's collection. Dread Brothers International pre- sents the top ten singles and albums for the month inna Rockers stylee. Features, comedy, music. Wednesday host: David Lamble. Profiles of the people work- ing on a grassroots level for a peaceful resolu- tion of the complex Middle East conflict. Inter- views with members of Israel's diverse peace groups and Palestinian activists on the West Bank are interwoven with the sounds and mu- sic of Israel and the West Bank.

This series of four half- hour documentaries focuses on the treatment and disposal of industrial pollutants. The Paci- fic Northwest forms a backdrop for questions facing communities across the country: How dangerous are these products? Can they be safely contained and stored? Should a commu- nity be able to control their local production, storage and transport?

Until recent- ly, we have basked in economic and technologi- cal wealth, ignoring the hazardous by-products of the goods we consume.

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ABAA | Search for rare & antiquarian books, autographs, ephemera

Part one examines the values which have created the imbalance. Produced by Barbara Bernstein. Who knows what low-down blues and crazy jive lie hidden in the hearts of men and women, and their record collections? Your host up to a point : the black shadow. What are we three queens going to give Dan White for an Epiphany present? Sister Boom-Boom, a former candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, is going to deliver his "revenge, understanding and for- giveness" sermon and gay Guardian Angels will be with us to talk about personal and communi- ty safety measures.

Larry welcomes with a strong emphasis on topical songs. How you gonna keep 'em down on Animal Farm after they've lost ennui. Complete album at am: Live Hearts, a February concert recording of the hot Irish folk-rock band. Moving Hearts. Thursday, Jan. Adams will intro- duce the music of his new album on Opus One No. Night Peace. The Atlanta Singers; Kevin Culver, conductor. Re- broadcast tonight at 1 1 pm. Arab women with children show support for Peace Now demonstration in favor of Arab land rights.

January 4th, pm. Folk and acoustic music with Nancy Guinn. Plus features, music, etc. Thursday host: Buster Gonzales. Producer Steven Hurley delineates major political and financial factors influencing the level of men- tal health services available in the community.

This sixth show of the seven-part series in- cludes an historical perspective which makes current events easier to interpret. Women's basketball has been on the rise for the past ten years, particularly at the collegiate level. Yet wo- men's basketball failed to make it on the pro- fessional level after a two year try.

Reyna Cowan looks at the past ten years of women's basketball and its directions for the future. Be part of the studio audience at Shattuck Ave. Hosted by Christopher Scott. That remains the central — and most explosive — Krisian theological question today. Tete Espindola, Eliete and more. Byron Bryant with another look at the pulp origins of famous and unusual literature. Charles T. Tart, Pro- fessor of Psychology at U. C Davis, author of Altered States of Consciousness and authority on parapsychology, observes that many of the natural abilities we are born with are obscured by the process of "socialization.

Many spiritual traditions refer to life as illusion. Tart interprets this as a commentary on the fact that most of us exist in a waking dream, sensing too little of what happens around us and distorting what we do perceive to fit our limited preconceptions. Growth techniques, correctly used, can help us to escape illusions, but incorrectly used they can intensify illusion.

Host: Will Noffke. Thomas Stern and Dr. Michael Goloff, members of the Berkeley Family Medical Group, about the medical and emotional problems we face as we go through the "aging process. Phone-ins at Friday host: Philip Maldari. Hablamos sobre la familia, la economia, los artes, scien- cia y mucho mas. Producido por Guillemio Ramiro. Raza youth and the future of MexAmerica.

Oldies, history, pride raps and social commentary. Producido por: Comandante Santiago. Fred Arredondo, M. Patricia Alvarado, F.

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CALL Spaniels. Just before graduation, they were singing at a school dance when D. Vivian Carter heard them. Their first hit for the label was "Baby It's You," followed in by their biggest nation-wide seller, "Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite," considered an all-time doo-wop classic written by Pookie Hudson and Calvin Carter. A selection of their best Vee Jay recordings will be aired, by listeners' requests. All requests must be sent through the mail on card or letter to the sta- tion, allowing at least two weeks for airplay.

Requests which cannot be met, for a variety of unforeseen reasons, will be substituted for the best matched piece of music. No rockabilly or "teen-heartthrobs" please. Hosted by Opal Nations. If you like good Dixieland jazz, listen to- day for Bud's single offering starring Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore and Phil Harris with the great jazz cornetist. Red Nichols. This program will kick off your new year in the most light- hearted manner, with some great old tunes. In this program she reads excerpts from her story, "The Organizer's Wife" and discusses the concerns in her fiction based on contemporary social oroblems and need for Black literature to be recognized as American.

Johnson, raised in the Mormon Church, was evicted when she found out she was a whole human being. Since then, she has worked for the self-determination of women and for a woman-defined world. She conducted a fast to garner support for the Equal Rights Amendment. She works for the empowerment of women. On September 3, r Johnson addressed the Citizens Party National Conven- tion in San Francisco and spoke on a broad spectrum of feminist issues: the environment, the economy, the rights and needs of women, and the need for an end to war and war- mongering.

This program presents highlights of her address. Produced by Nancy Delaney. Call-ins, interviews, features. Jazz with Bari Scott. At , Calendar of Upcoming Events. Produced by Doug Edwards. The way to do it is to know who you choose and why. And the way to feel it is to fuck 'em til they're blind. The both of you. So you can't feel the difference anymore. His words form part of 'My Friend Nica- ragua' a special 2'A hour program on Sunday, January 8th, and pm. Sunday, Jan. Hosted by Bill Sokol.

And you know, we werent's completely joking — all of those Texas tenormen had such a big sound we were convinced that the halls and clubs in Texas must have been bigger than average, and that those guys learned how to fill up all that space. Sufficient to say, precise, passionate musical synthesis of the mind and soul will abound. Jim Bennett asks you to join him. It is a poetry of excellence, vastness and committal. This special program is taken chiefly from two benefits sponsored by the Friends of Nica- raguan Culture.

Mayor of Berkeley. Nicaraguan poetry will be read in translation. Max Schwartz is specific about the relevance of Nicaraguan poetry: "If the poets and poetry itself in the United States are to achieve committal and relevance to its peoples to move forward a progressive history here, they will do well to experience Nicaragua and its generous offering. American poets must stand up!! The time is criticall" Part one of the program features the above mentioned poets and part two, from pm until pm concentrates more specifically on Father Ernesto Cardenal. There will be interviews during both programs.

Regular programming is pre-empted. This month: The Saxophone. See above listing for details. Regu- lar programming is pre-empted. Enjoy the sounds of some of Africa's finest groups. Produced by David McBurnie. Barbara Tuchman, eat your heart out. For five years, this energetic group of musicians, dancers, sound engineers and vidiographers has been conducting weekly evenings of spontaneous music — open to all performers and audience.

Several members of FNM will join host. Brecht's stories have remained among the least known of his works. He wrote them at various stages in his life, with a view to pub- lication, thus making them more accessible than much of his other writing. Published by Methuen. From charcoal fires to big business.

Blues in the clubs and blues news. Hosted by Tom Mazzolini. Plus features, music. The Ensemble Inter- contemporain is conducted by Dennis Cohen. Recorded at the Pompidou Center in Paris, Ned Wharton talks with Pierre Yves-Artaud, coordinator of studies there on the application of acoustic research to the development of new instruments and modern performance tech- niques. A special case in which our famous French detective invests heart and ingenuity. A frightened old woman is scared because someone moves objects in her apartment while she's away.

The police laugh at her, Maigret promses to go see her, but someone gets there before him. Maigret's hunt takes him into the underground of the French Riviera and brings an innocent woman close to disaster. Read by Ed Markmann. First of nine parts, postponed from an earlier date. Hosted by Karen Sundheim. Marya Merritt, D. Paul Forakis, D. Come in for a free initial consultation and examination. Offer good for your entire family. A S Call now for an early appointment Gilman St. Ma, newly arrived to "seek his fortune in the Gold Moun- tain," meets Lone, a fellow railroad worker who practices Chinese opera in his hideaway.

Their relationship reveals the hopes and aspirations of the Chinese who come to America. Parti- cipants will be given specific postures to use for particular needs. M Plowshares Coffeehouse pres. Todd Phillips. These groups can provide you with information on the recording business, dance, broadcasting, theatre, river rafting, marine ecosystems, printmaking, copyrights, boatbuilding, freelance writing and much more.

Drop in at their offices to find out about classes, services, speakers or trips made available to you by these outstanding Bay Area groups. A complete list of residents appears below. Bay Area Dance Coalition 72 S. Central Y. Children's Art Center S. Folk Music Center 0 S. Theatre Academy Tamalpa Inst. Noon- 5pm, Bldg C Perception Gallery pres. Annual Multi-Media Members' Show. And your involvement in events and programs at the Center will help fulfill the possibilities of this unique project on San Francisco's waterfront.

Building A. San Francisco. A fast-paced workout for those who want to work hard. Dance-exercises choreographed to music. Mon Tue Thur 6pm, Sat 1 0am. Aerobics Stretching, aerobics, total body conditioning to rhythmic music for better physical and mental well-being. Gentle movement lessons designed to improve posture, breath- ing, everyday movement or athletic skill, suitable for all ages. Individual attention to each child's develop- ment ages Bring bag-lunch, drop- in attendance acceptable.

Sun 1 1 am- 2pm. Belt Korean Karate. Nyland pres. Practical course composes the African-Am. Call for more info. Bldg B. Call for FREE catalog. For info, call Mason Art Ctr. Bldg D Call for info. For info, please write AiP Survival Workshops. Fort Mason Center. SF Instruction incl. Space for suitable activities is available for a nominal daily or hourly fee. Enjoy the pleasure of teaching, working, or performing in this unusual national park location. Call for booking appoint- ments and information. Arrangements can be made tor the handicapped if notified in advance.

Ramps and elevators are available. Legendary Saloon Pianists. Jennifer Stone elucidates. January 10 at am. Mennin was president of the Juilliard School of Music for almost 21 years, but was still able to compose. We hear a selection of his music, including: Symphony No. String Quartet No. Symphony No. In March, , Abigail Adams wrote to her husband John: ". Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could.

Rico's pictures, many of which- survive from that era, demonstrate a powerful social sense, reflecting the industrial scene and hard conditions of the Depression. In the 's, Rico switched to commercial media, his draw- ings appearing in magazines ranging from the New Yorker and The Nation to Weird Tales and Manhunt. In the 's, he wrote several novels including a spy series and one western. Now, in the 's, he has returned to his first love, the woodcut.

He is inter- viewed by Richard A. With Tim and the Gang. News at 7 8i ; Headlines at Presented by David Mayers. David Mayers with another program of readings from world folklore. Live, recorded and taped, from Gerda Daly's collection. Dread Brothers International explores the various ways reggae musicians use and reuse popular riddim tracks.

Comedy, music, etc. Three contaminated communities — neighborhoods in Tacoma, Washington are contaminated with arsenic, cadmium and mercury, spewed from the stacks of local smelting plants. Tacoma's waterways are fouled from the once uncon- trolled dumping of wastes into its bay. This program also looks at the nuclear site near Albany, Oregon and the massive amounts of radioactive wastes stored at Hartford, Washington. That's what people have often called Larry Johnson. It's hard to tell if he's the "last. Tonight he plays and sings his songs and blues classics, along with Big Joe Williams, Rev.

Gary Davis. John Hammond and others. Listener call-ins at will be encouraged during the second half ot the program. Hosted by Peggy Bray. Guitars, banjos, fiddles, deluxe pianolins, saws, penny whistles, concert zithers, and other interesting sounds will domi- nate the night.

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This is the third program featuring the interviews with Israeli composers by Israeli-American composer Shulamit Ran. Joseph Dorfman: Fairy Tale Electronic. Gila Yaron, soprano; Shalo Ronly- Riklis, conductor. Gabriel Iranyi: Solstice for clarinet, electronic clarinet, violin, cello and electronic amplifica- tion.

Hosted by Charles Amirkhanian. When Marcus Aurelius came to the Imperi- al throne in AD, it was believed by many that Plato's political Utopia had come to pass, for a philosopher had become king. Yet within his reign disaster followed disaster: wars, revolts, plague - all swept through the Roman Empire. The Meditations were Aurelius' private thoughts in which Epicurean and Stoic views were con- trasted in search of some system of thinking suitable for a world of devastation.

It is this tension which makes The Meditations one of the saddest and most mov- ing books in all literature. Read by Erik Bauersfeld. Music, features. Hosted by Buster Gonzales. The last pro- gram in this series concerns itself with the future of the mental health system, and with the possi- bilities for continued innovation. Major prob- lems still exist in delivering adequate services. Expansive thinking is as necessary as ever, yet the present task seems to be that of simply maintaining what has already been accom- plished.

Produced by Independent Producer Steven Hurley. Rather than selling. This e,ffort to sell one's personality is called "emotional work" by sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild, who discusses her book. Produced by Corless Smith. Hosted by Lotte Lieb. You can Include your work In your course of study through lr.

Dutch composer Louis Andriessen is interviewed about his new work, 'Velocity, ' and his recent works are aired on the Morning Concert, Friday, January 13th at am. Naughty, naughty! Charles Amir- khanian introduces Dutch composer Louis Andriessen and talks with him about his new work. Velocity, being premiered this week by the San Francisco Symphony which commis- sioned it.

Also on this program, recent works by Andriessen for standard chamber and orchestral combinations as well as a selection of his political music composed for De Volharding Perserverence , an ensemble of young Dutch players who perform for political rallies and events. Reshad Field, author of The Last Barrier and 77ie Invisible Way, draws upon the discourses in his new book, Steps to Freedom, to examine the nature of hope. Real hope springs from an awakening from a state of sleep to become a fully conscious, responsible human being.

He speaks of "objec- tive hope," the object coming not from blind superstition, systems, ritual nor magic, but from and within real knowledge. With this knowledge we can return to the natural order. Host: WillNoffke. Engineer: Dr. With Tom Diamant. Plus features, call-ins. Host: Philip Maldari. What can I do? How can I get involved? Here is a program to help you con- nect up to the millions working for peace, disarmament, and a nuclear-free world.

This program explores some of the community re- sources, creative projects and organizations around the world, nationally, and in your local area. Representatives from various pro- jects will be interviewed on tape as well as live in the studio. Audience participation wel- comed at Produced by Ralph Steiner. Oldies, Brown Soul, Musica Majicana and social commentary. Host: La Voz de Aztlan. In April, Most of Pickett's most "intense" recordings will be aired by listeners' request. All re- quests sent through the mail should allow at least 2 weeks for airplay.

No rockabilly or "teen-heart-throbs" please. Honoring requests is one of Bud's personal commitments, and today he is featuring two detective shows that were re- quested during a "live" broadcast last August. Their writings are full of humor, insight, pride, confusion, anger, pain - in a context that lets you feel the South around you. Produced by Ginny Z. Poet and activist Carolyn Forche spent two years in El Salvador as a translator and human rights investigator. In this reading, sponsored by University of California groups in solidarity with the people of El Salvador, Forche reads poems from her photographic es- say, Salvador.

These powerful works lay bare the situation in El Salvador as few writings have done. Call-ins, readings, interviews, features. Produced by Akinlana Songotosin Ibo. Jazz with Ban Scott. Awake Bach, baroque and Brazilian music, with the usual commentaries. There will also be selected interviews. Produced by Joan Marler.

Linda, who grew up in Argentina, plans to continue to write while doing graduate study in psychology at San Francisco State.

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Jon, an easterner and Stanford graduate, began writing poetry ten years ago, when he spent three years in Boston. He de- fines a poet as "one who does not deny the voices he hears but takes them seriously and writes from them. A three-part radio presentation by the Mind's Eye Theatre. The novel was adapted, directed and produced by Erik Bauersfeld with technical production by John Rieger.

Seward Drew Eshelman Dr. Parental guidance by children of any age is recommended PG. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, Jan. Today's programming is generally organized in the following way. There may be slight varia- tions in time. John Conyers about the new jobs bill to be introduces in Congress. Many feel that if, today, we substitute "Vietnam" for another country, the speech is still relevant.

Will L. Military Spend- ing, and deployment of missile systems aimed at the Third World. King, including King's speeches as well as an interview with Coretta King at pm. What is the danger in these state- ments? Can Jackson really form a "Rainbow Coali- tion? Will these be a conflict of interest between Jackson and other Black organiza- tions in registering Black votes?

Latteta, who has played the flute for over 18 years, performs this solo piece using her flute and voice to create African rhythms. Plus interviews with Latteta and a reading of selected Apartheid Laes. Pro- duced by Cindy Madron. King's birth- day a holiday. Produced by Darryl Bynum. How do women of color feel about this phenomenon?

A sur- vey of their views on such issues as child care, child support, job training and health care. What solutions are recommended? Joseph E. Alfred Smith, Jr. King selected from our archive. We are also working to obtain an interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson, who worked closely with King and is currently a presidential candidate.

Today's program ends with a special music tribute performed by Andrew Hill on solo piano. There will be a number of short features in- serted through the day. They are: But Some of Us Are Brave; short features about Black women who have made a difference: May McCleod Bethune, educator, organizer, presidential advisor; Rosa Parks, seamstress who started a bus boycott that started a movement; Lorraine Hansberry, playwright, spokeswoman, visionary; Fannie Lou Hamer, tireless organizer who changed the Democratic party; Marian Anderson, opera singer; Shirley Chisholm, Congresswoman, first Black woman to run for President.

In their own words, and in the words of others, you'll hear how and why they threw off the restrictions and limitations im- posed upon them, what inspired them, and the legacy of their work. Interviews with community organizers whose efforts and work aim to resolve problems and improve an area of our community. On the third Monday of the month?

African Dimensions does not wait for Happy B-Day, Martin! All of them! Steve Wolfe returns next week.

[QUIXOTIC] #5 La Mort des Nations - T2 Lion de Macédoine - David Gemmell - Folio SF - Fantasy

This is one of the great books of archeological discovery. Before Stephens' ex- pedition to Yucatan in , little was known of that country; the Mayan culture had not been discovered. Stephens found and described in this work 44 Mayan sites. It is also a great classic of travel. The author's descriptions of Yucatan folkways, manners, dress, amusements, and ceremonies bring to life the remains of the once brilliant pre-Columbian culture.

Read in four parts by Ed Markmann. Tribunal 1 1 was convened in Atlanta this November by the African National Reparations Organization, to gather further evidence on the conditions faced by Blacks in America. Stephens' masterful travelogue of a voyage to 44 Mayan sights in brings to life pre-Colombian culture. Produced by Radio Spear, P. Box , Oakland, CA Gold, Part One. Horace Gold is one of the legendary figures of science fiction. A writer of pulp stories in the 's, he emerged as an editor in the 's and was the founder and editor be- ginning in of Galaxy Magazine.

In this two-part interview recorded last summer, Gold discusses his early years as a writer and editor and tells some wonderful anecdotes about the people in the pulp publishing busi- ness. He is interviewed by Richard A. Musical exaltations of Earth's rightful rulers. Produced by Too Dread.

Music, comedy, etc. Hosted by David Lamble. An in-depth look at recent events in Emeryville. The political factions of this controversial bayshore city and the history of embattled Police Chief John LaCoste will be examined. Emeryville's disputed redevelopment plan and the effect on development in Berkeley will also be discussed.

Produced by Johan Carlisle. Lethal Cargo: Hazardous Waste on the Move. Toxic cargos travel our roads and rails ever more frequently. Are pre- sent safeguards enough to protect the commu- nities through which they pass? A song by Divine provides the title for tonight's gay music show, hosted by Jon Sugar. Emphasis is on rock and rolL and blues, with little known and obscure tunes from Jon's collection. Lee, Kris drinks from a dixie cup.

These puns are getting desperate. Battier 8t Curtay, sound poets. Chris Mann: Doin 2s. Negativland: A Big Place. The Golden Palominos: Clean Plate, etc. Charles Amirkhanian: Nite Traps tape music. Sound poetry, alternative visionary collage music and art rock round off today's walk on the wild side.

Be part of the audience at Shattuck Ave. Tonight: Guitarist Dan Goldfus, accompanied by flute and violin, plays his very live and original music. Hosted by Tony Ferro. Hosted by Ray Farrell. With an emphasis on longer pieces. Say good- night, Kris. Micus, dilrubas, Spanish guitars. Aston Magna. Neil B. High Blood Pressure. Anxiety states, Phobias.

Sleep problems. Cardiovascular disorders Raynaud's disease. Angina etc. Bell's palsey. Strokes, etc. Chronic pain states. Childbirth Preparation. Sliding Fee Scale Member. Biofeedback Society of America. Biofeed- back Society of California Consultations also avail- able for Psychopharmacology— Psychiatric Drug evaluation and education. With Charles Ami rkhanian.

Last of a four-part reading by Ed Markmann. Rowena Patee, author, philosopher and artist, presents a modern approach to the Chinese Book of Changes. Taoist awareness of how to "go with the flow" is age-old, but the ability of modern people to practice it is urgent. We live in the white waters of change. When all is accepted for what it is, nothing could be more effortless than self-transformation in harmony with "Cosmic Law.

Hos ted by Philip Mai dan.

Publisher Series: Science Fiction Book Club

El programa de com- municacion que es un puente se espresa atravez de la via telefonica marcando Producido por Guillermo Ramirez. Live dedicas line: In a short time, Ralph Leon noticed them and signed them to a managerial contract. Both songs were lead by Nate Nelson. Other members of the group at that time were Paul Wilson baritone and Jacob Carey bass.

The group signed with Decca Records in and had a hit with "Ladder of Love. All requests must be sent through the mail on card or letter to the station, allowing at least 2 weeks for air- play. No rockabilly or "teen heart-throbs" please. Again in response to listener requests. Bud features four day-time shows that were popular when mom didn't go to an office or to any other work and whose most important job was at home.

What did she do when she slaved over those boring household chores? Well, of course, she listened to the radio! All were fifteen minute serial dramas and will be Bud's offerings for today. Astrologers Judith Cremarosa and Moksha share astrologi- cal insights into the confronting and potentially transforming upcoming 12 years as the planet Pluto enters her home sign of Scorpio, an occurrence which happens every years.

Listener call-ins Produced by Pam Scola. Judy and her selves invite call-ins, discussion and debate from the audience at Hosted by Marci Lock wood. Features, call-ins, interviews. An in-depth interview produced by host Rev. Who caresl? Well I refuse to play this time. He can't help it. He doesn't want to. This morning he offers his assessment on the nine albums and six singles that made a difference in You know you can't wait. And neither can the bird. In commemoration of Alan Watts, recorded November Part two of this three part Mind's Eye Theatre presentation of the famous horror tale.

Adapted and directed by Erik Bauersfeld. See listing Sun. For centuries, classical and popular music have been nearly one and the same in the Arab world. In recent years, a spirit of experimentation and influences from other cultures have brought about a period of rapid development. White's liter- ary reputation rests upon her acclaimed quar- tet of novels that chart with extraordinary precision and intensity a young Catholic girl's growth to maturity in the first decades of this century.

  • Histories of Heresy in Early Modern Europe?
  • Liste des partitions par auteur - Partition musique, tablature musicale, méthode d’apprentissage.
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  • Works (962).
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  • The Soybean: Botany, Production and Uses.
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Some of her finest writing, however, is contained in her short stories. This collec- tion, which contains eight stories written between. Trained as an actress at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, she worked as copywriter, journalist and editor. In addition to her own writings, she also translated over thirty novels from the French, including many of the works of Colette and Maupassant.

She lived quietly in London until after her death in January of Read in four parts by Padraigin McGillicuddy. Wrth Tom Mazzolini. Cover illustration for 'Strangers' by Antonia White, which will be heard in four parts start- ing Monday Jan. Ned Wharton looks at the extra- ordinary new Paris broadcasting station devoted to an unusual experimental format.

The station has no announcers and weaves together anything and everything, including new jazz, old jazz, new wave, new classical, folk music, operatic arias, rock, electronic music, dialogue from films, street ambiance, extracts from American radio, and so on, creating an alternative stream of con- sciousness. Wharton also talks with Andrew Orr, the Irish director of the operation. But time has altered the offi- cial Roman Catholic music of past ages into to- day's electrifying rendition of the Gregorian Chant.

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Meredith Monk, in her works. Featured on today's program are performances by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conduct- ed by Karl Krueger. George Whitefield Chadwick: Symphony No. Presented by Steve Wolfe. Read by Padraigin McGillicuddy. Hosted by Ginny Z. At , KPFB. Gold, Part Two. Richard A. Lupoff conrnues his discussion with the founding editor of Galaxy magazine. In four episodes. Hosted by Ben Azarm. Anita Breckbill, flute; David Breckbill, piano. Music of Mozart, Copland, Fukushima, Godard. Raw Rastafari dubtracks presented inna DBI stylee.

The media today are filled with concern over the perils of nuclear war. With all the attention given the subject in print and over the airwaves, in movies and in discussions, what information do children pick up, and what are they making of it? What exactly do kids know about the history of the arms race, the use of nuclear bombs, the destructive force of our present weapons? How are they reacting to the information and misinformation that they may have? What are they doing with their feelings of fear, anxiety and confusion? In classroom discussions, 7th and 8th grade school children look at some of the issues sur- rounding nuclear weapons.

They discuss their ways of dealing with present-dav tensions ihrouar jh i nightmares fan lasies and the war- games they play. Now that we know pollu- tion's dangers and can no longer ignore the environmental effects, how do we continue technological progress while ensuring minimal disruption of the environment? Last of a four-part series. Tonight two renowned eroti- ca experts, John Karr associate editor, enter- tainment and "Karrnal Knowledge" columnist for the Bay Area Reporter and Ron Bluestein, aka Ronnetttte, a columnist also with B. Call-in your questions at And listen to Lavender News at for the latest in gay and lesbian related news.

Most anything can happen as Larry follows the elusive caterpiller of night through the record stacks. Complete album at am: Glenn Miller and the Army Air Force Band, A French RCA selection of 28 record- ings by perhaps the greatest Big Band ever assembled Those who violently disagree with that assessment will be excused and can stay asleep.

Welch, continues to run despite lack of a transmission, engine mount, oil and spark plugs. Top that, Plymouth! Rivers of Mary, Jump Stuart, Shadow Passions and Forest are featured along with an interview of the compo- ser, who studied with Daniel Lentz in Santa Barbara and who currently is involved in pro- jects with various dance groups.