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Includes guidance on the character creation process, including potential names and suggested backstories for each of the core player classes. New Player Races.

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Includes rules for two new player races native to the forests and the northern steppes: the Thylean Centaur and the Thylean Satyr. Choose Your Epic Path.

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Includes six epic paths for players to choose from. Epic paths provide powerful motivations for your hero, making you a central part of the story.

Polygamy was known among the dragonlords, but it was less common than incest and was considered somewhat odd. The books and expanded materials do not make explicit whether all dragon riders are also dragonlords; the difference may be in land ownership or familial prestige. Although organized by families, the dragonlords were not noble houses as seen in Westeros — they did not have heraldry or mottos, and were not institutionalized in quite the same way, as multiple freeholders from the same family could participate in government relatively equally.

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Throughout the history of the Freehold, the number of dragonlords no doubt fluctuated depending on circumstances. During Valyria's wars against the Rhoynar over a thousand years ago, there were at least three hundred dragon riders, the number sent against the army of Prince Garin who was soundly defeated. Strong in sorcery , [4] the dragonlords of old are said to have used binding spells [5] and horns [6] to control their dragons, and they used dragonflame to reshape stone into decorative shapes.

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Many dragonlords had pale skin, silver-gold hair, and eyes of purple , lilac, and pale blue. While Dragonstone is believed to have been the westermost outpost of Valyria, [1] some maesters believe that the base of the Hightower was created by dragonlords thousands of years ago.

Almost all dragonlords died during the Doom of Valyria.