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  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health Problems of Female University Students in Iran: A Qualitative Study
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  3. Existentialism and taboo sex scream of youth trying too hard

Harrison : I don't know. I know so clearly who I was when he knew me, and how helplessly silent and inarticulate I was, and how I wasn't able to convey even a fraction of what's in the book. I think there was a good deal of bewilderment on his part occasioned by my unforthcomingness. Harrison : I was so unable to tell him what was happening. Not that I don't think that he should have been able to add up a lot of the pieces, but I wasn't able to talk to him, I think, because of the somnambulistic qualities of the relationship for me.

There was so much I wasn't acknowledging for myself, so it would be very difficult to put it into words for somebody else. Yalom : That dreamlike quality is one of the strong points of the book. It is certainly a way people disassociate themselves from a reality that they can't fully acknowledge. Harrison : Yes. It took me a long time even after I stopped seeing him to be able to put the pieces together. There's a point in the book where I report going to see a psychiatrist, and I say: "Well, I'm not working right now, and I stopped going to school and I don't really have a job.

I think it took me about four sessions with him to start putting those things together. To sort of make a fabric of suicidal thoughts, eating disorders and incest. Yalom : Do you think of your father, well, to use the legal term, as the perpetrator, even though you were older than most female victims of incest? Harrison : I don't know; it's sort of a tidy container of a word, and I feel that so much of what I've done over the past years has been to try to untangle this real complex of betrayals and desires and needs and hurts that involve not just me and my mother and my father but also my grandparents on both sides.

Yalom : The publication of The Kiss unleashed a terrible backlash in the literary world.

He said your most aggressive critics have condemned you for telling the truth about a "viscerally disturbing subject. I think there are some truths that you can tell that offer some comfort; and there are other things that you can tell, and they are disturbing.


Sexual and Reproductive Health Problems of Female University Students in Iran: A Qualitative Study

I never thought I had written a book that would be embraced across the board. I know that if I had written that book I would have failed on my own terms. I lived through this, I know what it is like, I know that a lot of what's in there is disturbing. It's not going to go away. I was committed to not glossing it over, and I was committed to not portraying myself as a victim because I think there is this very insidious aspect to our culture right now in which victimhood is almost equated with identity.

People begin to think of themselves as children of alcoholics or whatever. Within that understanding of the self is a sort of slipping away from taking responsibility in a situation. It is only through taking responsibility that you can find any freedom.

Publisher Description

I'm not trying to take too much on my shoulders. I'm not saying I wasn't the child, or that I wasn't victimized to some degree by my father and by the whole situation. The more important truth for me was that there was a burden of responsibility that I needed to take, and as long as I fled from that I couldn't find any freedom. That's one of the things that really bugs people.

And the other thing that bugs people is that I haven't been broken by this. We have this real understanding of the cost of breaking a taboo. There has been a great cost in my life, and it's going to be something that I feel for as long as I'm alive.

Existentialism and taboo sex scream of youth trying too hard

I know the pain that came out of this relationship, and I know well what scars remain. But I don't wear them in a way that would make people feel more comfortable. Harrison : I'm not unmarried. I'm not incapable of sustaining a relationship with a man. I'm not childless. I'm not in a mental institution. I don't have an I. I don't have any of the things that would make people feel better about the person telling the story.

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Harrison : I'm writing this book about my grandmother, and in some ways that's kind of a prequel to The Kiss. It is sort of a hybrid; it is not completely memoir or biography but it's not fiction either. Yalom : Well, it's very peculiar because we still have our best-seller list divided up into fiction and nonfiction, and there are some books that straddle the two domains.

It will be interesting to see where your next book is placed. I have no idea. Every once in a while, I pick my head up from my desk and think, what is this? It's not a very useful question to ask myself at this point, so I have to shove it aside and keep going. Yalom : How do you think The Kiss is going to change your life as a writer? Harrison : I've written three novels that have dealt with this relationship in one form or another. I was working on a novel that I put aside to work on this. The novel was going completely awry because, while I didn't want to write about this anymore, I found that it was still intruding in some way.

I'm sort of waiting to see what sort of effects it has. It suggests that parents have higher expectations of what they want in that relationship.

However, the GSA survey, which covered parents sending their children to state and independent schools, suggested some subjects remained taboo. A fifth of parents never talked to their daughter about smoking and 39 per cent found it hard to discuss sex and relationships. Some 15 per cent avoided conversations about puberty.

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Almost a third of parents spent between 11 and 30 minutes alone with their daughter on a typical weekday, but three per cent did not have any alone time. More than a quarter spent more than two hours a day chatting with their daughter at the weekend. The GSA's new website will offer tips and advice from Britain's leading girls' school headmistresses on issues such as bullying, friendships, schoolwork and communication.

It will also give ideas on how to advise daughters about avoiding binge drinking, how to boost their self-esteem, approach conversations about sex and even what to do if children talk about plastic surgery. According to the survey, parents' major worry was the quality of their daughter's education - 28 per cent - followed by the dangers of drink and drugs, which was cited by 24 per cent.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 27 June Sex 'still a taboo subject' in the home Sex and relationships is still a taboo subject between parents and teenage daughters, despite innovations such as text messages, a survey claims. By Graeme Paton, Education Editor.