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Megatrends and future markets — what are the best investment strategies?

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What is the future of mobility? You can find up-to-date news from the Schaeffler Group, images for the press, background information, videos, and much more for use in editorial articles about our company in the Schaeffler press area.

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    Schaeffler Group. Search term. Company The Schaeffler Group is actively helping to shape the rapid developments that are taking place worldwide as part of mobility for tomorrow.

    Pastry classes in Bordeaux and Toulouse - Labo&Gato - Labo & Gato - Reservations

    Learn more. Online annual report Staying in motion. Overview Why Schaeffler? Development opportunities Work-life balance Leadership culture. Investor Relations Megatrends and future markets — what are the best investment strategies? Constantinos G. Tetrazole derivatives are a prime class of heterocycles, very important to medicinal chemistry and drug design due to not only their bioisosterism to carboxylic acid and amide moieties but also to their metabolic stability and other beneficial physicochemical properties.

    Although more than 20 FDA-approved drugs contain 1 H- or 2 H-tetrazole substituents, their exact binding mode, structural biology, 3D conformations, and in general their chemical behavior is not fully understood. Importantly, multicomponent reaction MCR chemistry offers convergent access to multiple tetrazole scaffolds providing the three important elements of novelty, diversity, and complexity, yet MCR pathways to tetrazoles are far from completely explored.

    Here, we review the use of multicomponent reactions for the preparation of substituted tetrazole derivatives.

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    We highlight specific applications and general trends holding therein and discuss synthetic approaches and their value by analyzing scope and limitations, and also enlighten their receptor binding mode. Finally, we estimated the prospects of further research in this field. Keywords article, receptor binding, substitution reaction, tetrazole derivative.