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RE: February 25, 1942

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Anything at all is a great help. Bill Hendricks and a group of Marine reservists, the U. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots foundation collects new toys during the months of October through December each year and distributes them as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children. The goal is to deliver a message of hope and allow unfortunate children throughout the United States to experience the joy of Christmas. The Marine Toys for Tots foundation became an operational organization in Sept.

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Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program since then. Lloyd-Owen, while touring Nimitz today. Taking the opportunity to see what it takes to get an aircraft carrier back out to see, Guests visited the flightdeck, forecastle, flag bridge and hangar bay. With the chance to tour the ship and meet the SOYs, Navy League members and guests came away with a powerful first impression of the Nimitz and its crew. The best of the best. If there was ever a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, this is it. The celebrations and festivities encompassing the Westlake Park square is a recent tradition.

Although the carousel staff asks for a two dollar donation per person, they refuse to turn anyone away who cannot afford the price.

List of United States Navy ships present at Pearl Harbor, December 7, - Wikipedia

They buy the kids clothes, toys and anything else they need. The rush and stress brought on by our jobs, families or even ourselves can push some to their limits of. To help out my guys, I can normally do the job of two or three personnel. He explained that he tries to positively influence junior Sailors and help them in their pursuit of their enlisted surface warfare pins and training. Many of the recipients said they were surprised at their selections, as they were all just trying to do their jobs. I think the main reason I was surprised was because of the time I have in the Navy compared to the other people in the running.

All of the awardees gave the same advice as a key point of success: do your job and work to the best of your. Wimberly reminds junior Sailors that they can go as far as they want and that they should show that they are motivated. Anytime there is work to be done, volunteer for work, and be ready to complete the task. Although Sailors who are performing to exemplary standards are the strongest candidates for the award, a spotless record is not required for a nomination.

Gates found himself on restriction in the fall of Since being released, he has approached his career in the Navy with a new perspective. The Nimitz SOYs have the same goals in mind since being awarded: continue to maintain and exhibit themselves in exemplary manners, while trying to improve upon themselves and basic military appearance. People expect more from me. You must always be squared away, and maintain or improve where you are right now.

However, one of the awardees is preparing for life outside of the Navy, and is ready to take what he has learned from his time in the service into the civilian world. Just taking pride in everything that I do. I would say just go for it, right away, whatever your goal is. Children hold up new tooth brushes received from Hospital Corpsman 1st Class during her trip to Cambodia to help those in need.

I remember being in his lab playing with wax on the lathe and in his drawers of plastic teeth. I joined the Navy a little over 13 years ago as a deck seaman. I was a striker and knew I wanted to be a dental tech. At the time we had two separate ratings — DT dental technician and HM hospital corpsman. Shortly after the ship moved to Washington I was looking for a way to get involved in the community doing something that I was passionate about. I found an organization called Medical Teams International that has mobile dental units that provide free dental care to low income and the homeless in the Seattle area.

This became the perfect volunteer opportunity for me. I made good friends, later learning about the international volunteer opportunities the organization offered and before I knew it I was planning my first trip to Cambodia with MTI. We left on October 20th. My team consisted of a dental assistant, Kathi and a dentist Dr.

We flew to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From there it was a 10 hour bus ride to a small town boarding Vietnam called Bousra. It was at this time I felt myself getting nervous. Because of his physical prowess, he was assigned to carry wounded fellow Sailors to places of greater safety. Then an officer ordered him to the bridge to aid the mortally wounded Captain of the ship.

He subsequently manned a 50 caliber Browning anti-aircraft machine gun until he ran out of ammunition and was ordered to abandon ship. Miller described firing the machine gun during the battle, a weapon which he had not been trained to operate: "It wasn't hard. I just pulled the trigger and she worked fine. I had watched the others with these guns. I guess I fired her for about fifteen minutes.

I think I got one of those Jap planes. They were diving pretty close to us. Heavily damaged by the ensuing explosions, and suffering from severe flooding below decks, the crew abandoned ship while West Virginia slowly settled to the harbor bottom. Of the 1, men on West Virginia during the attack, were killed and 52 wounded. Subsequently refloated, repaired, and modernized, the battleship served in the Pacific theater through to the end of the war in August Speaking of Miller, Nimitz remarked: This marks the first time in this conflict that such high tribute has been made in the Pacific Fleet to a member of his race and I'm sure that the future will see others similarly honored for brave acts.

Liscome Bay' s aircraft supported operations ashore between November At a. The aircraft bomb magazine detonated a few moments later, sinking the warship within minutes. Listed as missing following the loss of that escort carrier, Miller was officially presumed dead 25 November , a year and a day after the loss of Liscome Bay.

Pyro (Ship)

Only Sailors survived the sinking of Liscome Bay , while died. Naval Base, Pearl Harbor. Sam Lacy Sam Lacy was a pioneer in the field of sports reporting , giving a voice to the hopes, thoughts and dreams of Black athletes and fans across the United States. His family moved to Washington, D. Sam was very precocious and would often run errands for the players and shagged fly balls for them during batting practice.

Unfortunately, Sam saw early, and up close, how pervasive racism was in the south when his father was spat upon by one of the Senators players during a parade for the team. And so there he was, age 79, out there cheering with the rest of them, calling all the players by name, just happy to be there. And then it happened.

That hurt my father terribly. And you know, as big a fan as he had been, he never went to another game as long as he lived, which was seven more years. He also worked in other areas of sports, including serving as a caddie for golfers. During the U. His love of sports carried over to high school where he played baseball, football and basketball at Armstrong Technical High School. He attended Howard University from which he graduated in with a degree in education. While in school he gained a part-time position with the Washington Tribune, a popular Black newspaper.

After college he went on to coach various youth teams while also playing semi-pro baseball for the LeDroit Tigers who billed him as an Algonquin Indian as a pitcher. He also continued working at the Tribune, and bolstered his income as a sports commentator with local D.

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He began working full-time for the Tribune in and being gainfully employed decided to marry his girlfriend Alberta Robinson in The couple would eventually have two children, a son, Samuel and a daughter, Michaelyn. At this time in his life, he decided to give baseball another shot and in quit his job with the Tribune and moved up to Connecticut and joined another semi-pro baseball team.

Things did not work out the way he had hoped and he rejoined his family a year later, returning to the Tribune and was named sports editor in He therefore began a campaign to try to get Major League Baseball to integrate. He met with Clark Griffith, the owner of the Senators ball club, and talked to him about integrating the Senators, especially with players from the hometown Homestead Grays the Grays played at Griffith Park when the Senators were not using the ballpark.

Griffith also argued that integrating the Major Leagues would prove harmful to the Negro Leagues, thus presenting a potential loss of revenue for him if the Grays did not rent the stadium from him. In college in the s, he joined the Communist Youth League for a few years, attracted by the group's anti-racist efforts.

He later embraced socialism.

1944 ships

He was a gay black man, tall, with high cheekbones, and a gifted singer. He played a bit part in a Broadway musical alongside Paul Robeson, and Rustin often sang for his audiences as he toured the country, conducting race-relations workshops. Rustin was considered a master organizer, a political intellectual and a pacifist; he served time in prison for refusing to register for the draft.

He created the first Freedom Rides, which challenged segregation on interstate buses. He had two strong mentors. Muste, the head of the pacifist organization the Fellowship of Reconciliation, hired Rustin as a youth secretary to conduct workshops and demonstrations against war and segregation.

Noting the importance of unit reunions, Green said in another news clipping that each time they got together, the group learned something new about that historical day. During his lifetime, he spoke at schools, Navy forums and other events about his experiences in Pearl Harbor. Category : News. Get the latest updates via email. Sign Up. Home About. Hookele — Pearl Harbor — Hickam News.

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