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A great opportunity to capture photographs of these magnificent characters or simply hang out and enjoy their company. An excellent site with one large pinnacle attracting tonnes of marine life including sharks, rays, turtles and reef fish, olive sea snakes, stonefish and other critters.

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A good place to spot minke whales in season June to August. Named after the batfish that live here, this site also attracts decent numbers of sharks and giant trevally. A particularly exciting night dive with congregations of hunting fish. This site also has one of the biggest beds of Pavona clavas coral stretching for approx thirty metres.

Concerning Altitude | Saba | Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center

An exciting pinnacle dive, draped in soft corals and absolutely heaving with fish life. A fantastic coral dive with vast beds of staghorn and other varieties, and dotted with colourful giant clams. Bump headed parrotfish and inquisitive barracuda cruise the site along with schools of other reef fish. Hunt out such creatures as stonefish, scorpionfish, octopus, clown anemone fish and turtles, not to mention the many schools of fish that call this place home. Show More. This amount will be added to your bar bill at the end of your expedition.

Click on the links here for extras such as dive courses , photo services and gear hire, plus discounts available. Premium — queen or double bed, private bathroom, ocean views. Standard — twin beds, private bathroom, ocean views. Club — twin bunk beds, private bathroom, no ocean view. Budget — twin bunk beds, share bathroom, no ocean view. Sample itinerary, subject to change based on conditions.

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Continental Shelf — Dive miles north of Cairns on the edge of the shelf where nutrient rich waters attract rich marine life. Cod Hole — Swim with diver size potato cod. Ribbon Reefs Between Lizard Island and Cooktown the reef sits right on the edge of the Continental Shelf, bringing in an upwelling of nutrient rich water attracting large fish populations and diverse corals.

Lighthouse Bommie An excellent site with one large pinnacle attracting tonnes of marine life including sharks, rays, turtles and reef fish, olive sea snakes, stonefish and other critters.

Gotham City Named after the batfish that live here, this site also attracts decent numbers of sharks and giant trevally. In certain cases it was even possible to fly immediately! Subsequently, fixed intervals were added 24 or 48 hours , depending on whether the last dive was a single or a repetitive one, and whether within the curve or outside the curve. Even among commercial divers and military divers the wait times before boarding a commercial plane varies from 2 to 24 hours.

The guidelines provided at the workshop, according to DAN, were not very restrictive and were implemented to improve diving safety. However, many of the dive center owners protested, saying that such implementation would damage dive center affairs on islands. Hall Laboratory, monitoring over subjects in flight simulations. DAN further investigated the relationship between the risk of decompression illness and the surface interval before flying in a case controlled study, an analysis of past events where incidents occurred or did not occur.

In , while returning from a research trip in the Maldives, Dr. Danilo Cialoni and Massimo Pieri, both part of our research dept. Alessandro Marroni and Prof. Costantino Balestra : a research project that sounded like a challenge… to administer cardiac echoes directly during a flight proceeding a diving trip. Conducting such a challenge was difficult, almost impossible, especially getting through all the red tape.

In the end, the challenge was overcome, and for the first time, we were able to see what really occurs in the body of a diver during flight.

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In just the first week of research in the Maldives over 4, files were registered, which has obviously been followed by a long and accurate analysis. The methodology of cardiac echo monitoring consists of four control phases.

Free! Character Song vol. 05 – Ryuugazaki Rei – 01. DIVE & FLY [Lyrics TL]

The first takes place during the outbound flight when the diver has not been on a dive in at least 48 hours. In the second phase, echocardiography and other tests are administered after each dive over the span of a week on a cruise.


Dive profiles are checked by the computer and downloaded for the following tests. All the dives are done within the safety curve, surfacing happens at the correct speed, and a safety stop of 3 minutes at about 5 metres depth is always respected. None of the divers have ever suffered decompression illness. The third control phase takes place in the airport, where cardiac echoes are taken of the divers right before boarding the plane, after a 24 hour surface interval.

In the final phase, during the inbound flight, all divers are monitored by cardiac echo and doppler exactly 30, 60, and 90 minutes after the aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

Can I Scuba Dive immediately after flying?

Some of the collected data is easy to understand. For example, during examination on the outbound flight no bubbles were observed in any of the divers participating in the study. Although it seems like an obvious result, this test needed to be done because it gives proof that if bubbles were to be found in the divers during the return flight, they would not have been caused by the flight itself, but by the combined effect of diving and subsequent depressurization in flight.

Other data revealed by the study was unexpected.