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The slightly younger age of our patient population may have contributed to this finding. The CA values of. However, this indicates a possible redundancy of items, that is, a too narrow questionnaire with too many questions repeatedly asking the same content in a different way. Although the LEM contains a number of hip-specific questions, greater sensitivity to change compared to the SF pf subscale was only observed when using SRM.

This would also explain the lower responsiveness of the SF in our study compared to data reported for the English version. As in the original validation, our results support the usability of the SF pf subscale in patients with hip fractures.

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The assessment of patient's ability to understand and correctly answer to questions was left to the investigator during the informed consent procedure, and no specific test to assess cognitive impairment was used. Although this is a limitation of our study, it was skipped to limit patient's burden in the postoperative phase.

Patients of older age are often dependent on their relatives, live in nursing homes, or receive community-based support. The answers to the single items can show the clinician which individual tasks the patient is able to perform and to what degree. But in its current version, the total score of the German LEM shows a high redundancy of items and does not result in better responsiveness than the pf components of the SF Based on its psychometric properties, the German LEM can be used as a self-assessment outcome measure in German-speaking patients with hip fractures and to provide answers regarding specific activities in the rehabilitation phase.

However, the added value of this item questionnaire relative to the SF in these often frail, sometimes physically and cognitively impaired patients should be better scrutinized. We also want to thank Jan Ljungqvist, Elise Kaegi, and Susann Drerup for the support in the data collection and data checks. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Geriatr Orthop Surg Rehabil. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Corresponding author. Email: gro. Abstract Introduction: The Lower Extremity Measure LEM was developed to provide a specific instrument to detect changes in physical function in patients with hip fracture. Discussion: The German LEM is a reliable, valid, and responsive measure for the self-assessment of patients after hip fracture surgery. Keywords: fragility fractures, geriatric trauma, hip fracture, patient-reported outcome, validation. Introduction Evaluation of hip fracture surgery has traditionally focused on clinical or surgeon-defined measures, such as the Harris Hip Score or the Charnley score.

Validation study The validation study was performed in 2 clinics after the approval of the applicable ethics committee. Floor and Ceiling Effects Floor and ceiling effects of the LEM were assessed by calculating the percentage of answers scored 1 for floor effect, worst clinical result or 5 for ceiling effect, best clinical result at the 3M assessment. Construct Validity Spearman rank correlation coefficients were used to examine construct validity of the LEM relative to the SF v2 at the 3M assessment. Responsiveness Effect size ES and standardized response mean SRM were used to assess responsiveness between the baseline and 3M assessments when compared to the SF pf subscale.

Table 1. Getting out of bed is … 2 0. Showering is … 1 3. Putting on a pair of pants is … 1 3. Putting shoes is … 1 3. Rising from a chair is … 2 0. Standing upright is … 1 2. Kneeling is … 1 Getting up from kneeling is … 1 Bending to pick something up off the floor is … 1 5. Sitting is … 3 0. Walking within the house is … 1 2. Walking downstairs is … 1 5. Walking upstairs is … 1 5. Walking outside is … 1 6.

Using public transportation is … 1 Preparing light meals is … 1 3. Tidying, dusting, washing dishes is … 1 6.

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Doing laundry, vacuuming heavy housework is … 1 Food shopping is … 1 Socializing with friends is … 1 5. Doing the usual number of hours for your normal daily activities is … 1 9. Merged citations. This "Cited by" count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

Melanie (Mel's Bookland Adventures) (1, books)

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Das Lied der Deutschen ✠ [Real German anthem][+ english translation]

My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Sign in. Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 5 5 iindex 5 5. I would definitely recommend if you enjoy a psychological thriller with a big twist to end the story. Pick it up September 11th! I hate to take a word from a friends review, but all I could think of while reading this was how transient and dreamlike this book was. The little snippets of reoccurring wisps of thought, the ebb and flow of memories are completely enchanting. I am riveted, and I found myself wanting to go back and read it all over, knowing what I know now.

There was something so raw, so real, so tangible - so utterly heartbreaking- so relatable about the narration that I wrote passage after passage down, because what is reading for if not for self discovery? This was the book I needed for clarity, I think. No one tells you how hard the first year of marriage is, especially the first year of marriage after a loss. If we end up arguing all the time? I got that and more. I was not prepared for the beautiful writing, the honey-like flow, the edge of your seat curiosity, the heart pounding anxiety. I was definitely not prepared for the reality check, for the voice of reason, for a guide to love, trust, misery, anger and healing.

This book blew me out of the water. I am left profoundly heartbroken, jaw to the floor, hoping and praying that the last few sentences were not an illusion. This is my new favorite. It sits high. View 2 comments. Captivating Mystery that you will not want to put down. Listened with TTS. Clean except for some Mild Foul Language. I was a huge fan of Raabe's first book and found the structure of this book to be very similar which distracted from the story for me. The short chapters and unrelenting pace keeps you reading and guessing as to what is really going on.

A great psychological thriller. Oct 22, Antonia rated it liked it. I want some happiness. Scott Fitzgerald Naja, ein richtiger Thriller war das nicht. War nicht so meins. But you're the only person who questions if he's the man you married. He may look similar but Sarah is adamant that he is not her husband and yet, he knows things about her that no one else could possibly know. This is the premise of The Stranger Upstairs. The Stranger Upstairs had good intentions but it didn't pan out for me. First, I found too much time was spent with these two repeatedly arguing about his identity when a simple DNA test or a photo of the man could help prove or disprove his identity.

I realize it's explained that he was 'photo shy' but he'd still have a photo on his driver's licence, health card, work ID etc. Unfortunately, I also found the pacing slow and uneven and the resolution was weak and lackluster. I had first read Melanie Raabe a few years ago and quite enjoyed her book The Trap and while I give marks for this latest book's unique premise, the execution was weaker than I had anticipated and with too many hard to believe ideas throughout, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I would have hoped. Disclaimer: My sincere thanks to the publisher for providing me with a complimentary digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Set in Hamburg, Sarah Peterson has gone seven years without knowing where her husband is. Seven years ago, Philip Peterson completely disappeared after supposedly going on a trip to South America — leaving his wife, Sarah, to bring up their baby on her own. Sarah has fought to live a life every single day, in the hope that she would one find out what happened to her husband. Everything changes when she receives news that claims that Philip has been found, and is alive after all this time. Completely ecstatic, yet confused — Sarah cannot wait to finally see her husband again.

However the person who stands before her she does not recognise. Who is this stranger that is pretending to be Philip Peterson? What does he want from her? Why does no one believe her? Sarah cannot go to the police, as the stranger threatens that she will lose absolutely everything in her life. She cannot risk this! So Sarah is forced to share her house with this stranger — until she can find out the truth.

Did she kill her husband? Things just are not adding up. I really don't know what to make of this book.

Buenos Dias Argentina

Okay I have given it four stars!!! How would you feel if your husband had been missing for seven years? You carry on with your life bringing up your son but always alone. Then you get the phone call informing you that your husband is alive and on the way home. You have been waiting so long for this day and now it has finally arrived.

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When you see him at the airport you don't recognise him. In your head you are screaming This is not my husband this is I really don't know what to make of this book. In your head you are screaming This is not my husband this is an impostor. But he goes home with you. Is it him?

No it can't be or is IT???? The rapport between these two is always on a knife edge. WHO is he and where is her husband? The wife becomes really scared when the stranger asks her " What is the worst thing you have ever done? She has a secret but HOW can the stranger know????.

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This book is a real page turner and the rapport between the two main characters is spellbinding. When I came to the conclusion of this book I was emotional. Love can be pushed aside but if you look deep enough it is always there. I would like to thank the author, publisher and Net. View all 10 comments.

Sarah Petersen is convinced that her husband Philip is dead. It is seven years since he disappeared in Colombia and she has been thinking of having him declared dead. When the Foreign Affairs Department tells her he has been found and will be home tomorrow, she really thought she would have more time. Everybody gets off the plane and she is still waiting for Philip to emerge, and then she realises he must be one of the men already on the tarmac.

He is a stranger - she thinks - an imposter. Her so Sarah Petersen is convinced that her husband Philip is dead. Her son Leo was a baby when his father left and he takes an instant aversion to the stranger. The authorities deliver the stranger to her house despite Sarah's attempts to tell them she does not know him. She takes her son to stay with friends. An intriguing story as Sarah tries to discover who the cold stranger is and what he wants from her.

There are things that only Sarah knows but the stranger seems to know them too. Lots to think about when you have finished reading the book. Apr 25, K. Trigger warnings: disappearance of a spouse, violence, mental health, view spoiler [hit and run resulting in death hide spoiler ] 3. Sarah's husband is found, seven years after he disappeared on a business trip to Colombia. But when he gets off the plane, Sarah has no idea who he is. He's a total stranger. Everyone else is like " But she knows it's not true. The first I was hooked and absolutely sped through the story.

Unfortunately for me, the ending didn't live up to the rest of the story.