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Why Common Sense is Not Common Practice

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Want personalized picks that fit your family? Find entertainment that fits your kid's interests and your parenting style. Common Sense says Massive global destruction -- not for worriers. Based on our expert review. Based on 41 reviews. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 41 Kids say Parent of a 16 year old Written by bretskill March 27, This title contains: Language. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Parent of a 12 year old Written by Animefan March 7, Cool movie!

It is so cool. Though the middle finger is pretty bad This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Parent of a 17 year old Written by Skull Mario March 5, It is movie pretty good not bad, i love it and film more style and technology that is amazing but one negative if real on world going end the world most notice hearing people some important history and where is Deaf History very important save because never mind people hit get kid self is deaf try to help learn from deaf history just i want be feedback and information Thank you.

This title contains: Consumerism.

Common Sense Media

Positive Messages. Parent of a 17 year old Written by DrSlump January 31, Parent of a 11 year old Written by corneater January 22, No questionable behavior but, unrealistic scenes I didn't have any concerns about this movie. I was actually disappointed in a different sense.

I went to the movie thinking that it would be more realistic and would grasp you from the moment u watched but, I was wrong. The main characters just so happen to miss an explosion, crash, any type of destruction just by a centimeter. I felt that it was a stupid plot and had nothing that I admired in it except the effects and a few of the actors did the best they could with their parts.

For overall the movie was boring, pointless, unrealistic, but did have nice special effects and a few good acting moments. Not the best work stacked all together. The facts don't lie. Adult Written by BengalTigger December 19, Parent of a 10 and 12 year old Written by fnnkybutt December 12, In our case, we ended up with nothing to worry about. My kids 10 and 12 loved it, and were on the edge of their seats, jaws dropped for most of it. We talked about it for days afterward, and they want to buy the DVD. As the review mentions, there are some really good very cliche, but still good role model moments, good guys generally get rewarded, jerks generally get punished.

I'm glad we saw it together.

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A must see if you like doomsday movies I thought it was a great movie but not at all realistic or believable. Parent Written by Plague December 4, Its not the best end-of-the-world movie i've ever seen but its worth the money. This title contains: Positive role models. Parent of a 8 year old Written by sherricj December 1, Since the children and main family survive it should work for most children The special effects were great on the big screen. The movie just was a little too long. It had your typical disaster type plot and ending.

Common Sense Research Reveals Everything You Need to Know About Teens' Use of Social Media in

I have to say that I did enjoy the movie but don't expect to see a new story line. Lots of mayham and wonderful effects. I liked how people helped people. Adult Written by Ilovetwiligjt November 28, Parent of a 5, 9, 15, and 15 year old Written by Superparent November 25, SEE IT! Parent of a 7 year old Written by Dudlei November 19, The destruction scenes are very real, which might be exciting for youngsters, but at the same time they may be a bit scary.

The message is quite positive, since there's criticism over the fact that, in a major disaster situation, rich people would have higher chances of being saved. Parent of a 2 and 17 year old Written by Human November 19, Excellent kids movie. Parent of a 7 year old Written by Maxmum November 17, Too much style, not enough substance. This movie's realistic visual-wise depiction of humankind's destruction would be disturbing to young viewers.

As for adults, what passes for escapist fun is more a mindless waste!

Common Sense says

See a father and daughter review it together, on YouTube: "Gab and Dad review ". Parent of a 9 and 11 year old Written by MeekoThinks November 17, Non-stop action! Maybe too much for 10 and under. In our household, we are all fans or R. It can take months of effort to train yourself new habits for your behavior, work that no amount of knowledge can replace.

Sometimes all we can hope to do is improve our humility, as avoiding mistakes and failures completely is beyond us. Nice post!

2012 to 2018: The Differences

The Greeks would say all wisdom comes from self-knowledge at least some of them would say that , and things like cognitive bias only provide self knowledge if we regularly use those biases as tools for sorting our what we do and why. I think Gene Bellinger has a good framework for how data, information, knowledge, understanding and wisdom relate to each other:. Then we will naturally seek to really understand our own and others biases, rather than judge them, in order to improve our understanding in general, as well as to be able to evaluate whether the purpose as well as immediate effect of the bias fits with our own goals.

Despite a lot of recent neuroscience research showing that the brain can in fact improve attention, awareness, and many other aspects that would allow us to increase our chances of focusing on the right knowledge in a given situation, it seems to me that most people still believe that it all comes down to tenacious predispositions that only specially talented individuals can hope to posses. I like your ending point about humility, as I see this as something that allows platitudes to sink in and be acted on. The story of my life is becoming more effective at various things the more I detach my ego with humbleness, a process that is still going on.

Humility helps my sense of humour, which I sure need when, as you say, things are beyond me.