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Latest Book in the Series. Go to book. Perry June 14, Order in the next 32 hours 14 minutes and get it by Wednesday, July More Buying Choices - Paperback. Book 1 of 4. Be the first to review this item. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Perry October 1, Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Book 2 of 4. Other Formats: Kindle Edition , Hardcover. Perry July 2, In Stock.

Book 3 of 4. Other Formats: Kindle Edition. Perry July 9, Book 4 of 4. More About the Authors. Phyllis J. Phyllis Perry grew up in the foothills of northern California and attended the University of California at Berkeley. She writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for both adults and young readers. After having taught school for a number of years, she wrote a series of mysteries to help students increase their library skills while having fun reading about Fribble Mouse and his adventures.

For students in primary grades, she wrote Mr. This book discusses the evolution, physiology, conservation, habits, and habitats of the only mammals that fly. Motivate students to read by using a topic they love-sports-and extend learning across the curriculum! Discussion starters, multidisciplinary activities, and topics for further research follow each reading suggestions. Perry describes subject-specific fiction and nonfiction materials that help students make the transition from fiction to expository text. There are also additional print and nonprint sources.

Simulate integrated units of study on United States history with this guide. Perry provides recommended fiction and nonfiction books that help you illuminate different eras in U. Projects for individuals and groups help students develop skills in research, oral and written language, science, math, geography, and the arts.

Additional resources are listed with each section. This book describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitats of some species of wild dogs: coyotes, foxes, and wolves. This book examines the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitats of three of the world's largest freshwater mammals: the hippopotamus, manatee, and river dolphin, and discusses some of the factors that threaten their survival.

This book details twenty-five experiments demonstrating the structure, environmental needs, and life processes of plants.

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This book describes where different animals hibernate, what happens to their bodies, and how this behavior helps animals adapt to changing seasons. This book describes five different animals that live underground, how they build their burrows, and the adaptations these animals developed in order to live underground. This book discusses the history of rail travel and describes how trains work, careers in railroading, and possible future developments in rail transportation.

Jodi Picoult

The new children's series "Musical Colors" by Piano Press features rhyming music stories and poems with coloring graphics printed on heavy card stock. This medium accommodates crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paints without bleed-through, so each page can be beautifully colored to accompany the rhyming text. The plastic coil binding creates an easy-to-use, flat-laying surface. The coloring pages are reproducible for classroom use. Every letter of the alphabet is represented in "The Musical ABC," with coloring pictures of music-related objects, including instruments, musicians, and more.

The alphabet letters and rhyming text can be colored for practice writing. This book is great for teaching the alphabet and music vocabulary words to preschool and elementary school children. Instructions for crafting several instruments by hand are also included. Divided into 15 chapters and packed with ideas and activities, this enormously valuable guide turns everyday activities such as cooking, listening to music, and being outdoors into relevant lessons in the principles of science and math. And all activities involve inexpensive materials commonly found in the home or elementary school classroom.

In this fiction book, Fribble mouse lives right across the street from Mr. When Mr.

The story behind the story of Change of Heart

Crumb tells his young friend that he is going to take up a new hobby, Fribble wants to know what it is. Crumb says it's a secret. When he learns to do it well, he'll tell Fribble about it. Meantime, Mr. Crumb challenges Fribble to try to discover what the new hobby is before Mr. Crumb tells him. Fribble's guesses aren't all on the mark, but through persistence and library research he eventually uncovers Mr. Crumb's secret hobby.

This fiction book features Fribble Mouse who finds an old newspaper clipping and two stamps in a secret compartment of an antique chest given to him for his birthday by his grandparents. He invetigates and learns about the world of antiques, the first delivery of mail by balloon in , and the excitement of stamp collecting. Solving the mystery involves developing library research skills.

Fribble and his classmates at Tweek Elementary School are cleaning up Pioneer Park as part of a fall community service project.

In the park, they discover a rock with a plaque on it that is a memorial of a visit to the town years ago by a famous magician called Ehrich Weiss. Fribble works hard to find out the identify of Ehrich Weiss and to solve the other secrets of the rock. Each step in solving the mysteries causes Fribble to learn more skills in libary research.

Phyllis J Perry (Author of Colorado Vanguards)

Great Aunt Squeegee comes to visit for Thanksiving and to attend the school Fall Festival where Scrabble wins in the cake walk, and Fribble performs his newly acquired skills as a young magician.. A rich source of information on Colorado's unique past and exciting present. This book describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat of buffalo.

Carlton Winklehockey, better known as Wink, and his two friends, Aaron and Dynamike, find themselves with two cases to solve. First, old Mrs. Carabell's cat has disappeared. Good detective work puts them on the trail to a successful rescue. But then another case presents itself. While cleaning up a flooded basement, Wink discovers a box of old paintings. Where did they come from?

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Are they valuable?. It takes expert advice and skillful research for Wink and his friends to solve this case. This books is not only fun to read but a valuable tool for teaching research skills. Carlton Winklehockey, better known as Wink, and his two friends, Aaron and Dynamike, are counting up the profits from a school popcorn sale when they discover an unusual coin. Investigation shows that this nickel is called a three-legged buffalo, the result of a mint error that produced a small number of nickels showing the buffalo with only three legs. Instead of being worth five cents, this coin is worth a few hundred dollars!

What to do? How to find the owner? This fiction book, aimed at readers 6 to 10, features Fribble Mouse who solves mysteries using library research skills.

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Great Uncle Skipper Mouse, a former sailor, is moving from a big house by the sea to a small cottage. He invites his relatives to come and visit the Maine coast before he makes his move. He also send to Fribble his old sea chest which is filled with mysterious objects such as a display board of sailor knots, boson's whistle, signal flags, scrimshaw, barometer, and telescope. Fribble learns about the objects in the sea chest through research, and also learns how to use a computer catalog, Dewey Decimals, dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, and road maps. And find out why noontime is a risky hour to go hiking in the summer—the news may shock you.

This book presents several science projects and science fair ideas dealing with ecology and environmental studies. Each book picks the authors' best science projects — which utilize easily obtainable materials — and organizes them into exciting life science themes, with full-color diagrams illustrating the important aspects of each science-fair-suitable experiment. Pandas' Earthquake Escape is a fictional story based on a real-life event.

Author Phyllis Perry uses the adventures of a mother panda, LiLing, and her one-year old cub, Tengfei, to teach children about earthquakes, animal survival, and to reinforce a mother s instinct to protect her child. After the quake, mother and cub run from the wreckage. Confused and afraid, they get lost! How will they survive outside their reserve? Will they find food? Will they find shelter? And will they safely endure the earthquake after-shocks? Sticks and Stones gives a glimpse into the simple and enduring playtime activities that children enjoy around the world.

The 39 games are accompanied by basic facts and interesting information about each country of origin. Information is provided for number of players needed, diagrams to set up playing area, and step-by-step instructions to play the game. Bonus puzzles and world map included. Bold Women in Colorado History shares the stories of ten Centennial State women, among them Clara Brown, a former slave who ventured west and remade herself into a respected entrepreneur; Chipeta, a Kiowa Apache woman adopted into the Ute tribe, who helped negotiate for peace between her people and the white outsiders; and Dr.

Justina Ford, who overcame both racial and gender prejudice to become the first black female physician in the state. Perfect for school or home, these collections of short but informative biographies are both a valuable resource and an entertaining read. For readers young and old, the Bold Women series proves what women can accomplish when they dare to be bold.

This nonfiction book is a basic introduction for children and families to the sport of geocaching. It discusses how to get started in geocaching, equipment needed, information about a GPS receiver, compass, types of maps, how to go about hiding and finding caches, various types of caches, swag, and trackables.

Includes a glossary of terms and a bibliography. In this fiction books, Brtittany, quiet and withdrawn since the death of her father in an automobile accident, faces new challenges when her mother remarries. They move to a ranch in southeastern Colorado. Even though she can't ride, Britt is given a horse named Comet. She meets new people and faces new situations. In time Britt learns to care for and ride a horse, makes new friends, and in a life-or-death situation, Brittany overcomes her fears and saves the day. Should she tell?

It all changes when a fire breaks out in the middle of the night, destroying her home Meg was looking forward to the winter holidays before returning to her last semester at Foothills Middle School where she hopes to be chosen as a cheerleader. To avoid changing schools, Meg finds a way to stay in town while the rest of the family moves in with her grandparents. She will live with old Mrs.

Coles in her mansion on the hill. But secrets weigh on Meg. Her brother has a secret as to the cause of the fire. Coles keeps information about her health from her daughter.

Learning Your Library with Upstart Books!

Which secrets should she keep A story for teens and tween Colorado history is filled with maverick men and women who shaped the state's identity and culture. Trailblazers Zebulon Pike and Stephen Long laid groundwork for the miners, farmers and statesmen who helped the area evolve into a territory and a state. Stanley and Nikola Tesla energized the state. When seventh grader Jeannie learns that Keelor Construction plans to exterminate two prairie dog colonies to make way for construction projects, she takes immediate action. From taking part in a protest, to organizing a petition drive, to speaking before city council, Jeannie fights to save the threatened animals.

She manages to balance this activism with her schoolwork and auditioning for the school talent show with her best friend, Mary Jo. With support from her friends, schoolmates, family, and other adults, Jeannie learns the power of people acting together, and that anyone can make a difference if they decide to act.

Ricky and his chubby beagle, Bones, don't fit in. Ricky is trying to be a good sport about his mother's recent marriage, but his new step-sister Annabelle and her cat are hard to take. Even when Bones saves the cat from a mountain lion's attack, Annabelle blames Bones for the mountain lion being there at all.