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All we know is what has been said in the tabloids It's time to move on from the 'Meghan vs her family' discussion - it's going in circles and no one is going to change their mind. I know it was just a rumor but I choose to believe that story of Harry swinging from a window at one point during Kate and William's night time reception. And you can read that any which way you want!!!

I love that a royal wedding has the words beer pong in the story. One of the big differences is that this wasn't technically a "royal" wedding. As an heir apparent, William's marriage was an affair of the State and required inviting world leaders, political figures, the crowned heads of Europe, etc. Traditions were required in this case.

People thought it was a huge deal that they invited a handful of "commoners", some friends from Wales. With Harry, there were no such restrictions. I don't think I saw anybody titled that wasn't a relative and no politicos at all other than John Major, who I understand was invited as a Knight of the Garter, not a former PM.

Oh man, this was pages ago William is not heir apparent, Charles is. Williams wedding was not a state affair. People really seem to forget William and Harry's father is still alive and in line for throne. William and Catherine may have had some family pressure to invite prestigious people, but there were no such requirements because he was next in line for the throne, since he wasn't.

With their choice of location which Harry and Meghan were offered, but asked for something smaller - they had a lot more room for "political" invites- 1, attendees vs. William and Kate could have had the "smaller" wedding too if they wanted, though the large grand one was probably what was expected of them. And, this was very much a "royal" wedding, no technically about it. Prince Harry is, by birth royalty. His wedding was a royal wedding. I liked Meghan's wedding dress it was very simple, I thought it looked elegant and she was very happy to be married in it. I thought the cake was like the dress, elegant and understated.

They're a lovely couple and I wish them nothing but happiness and good health. My sister is all excited to be going on her annual trip to Wales the homeland of her hubby of 40 years and is especially excited to be meeting up with the designer of Princess Diana's dress, who her hubby roomed with at school back in the day.

Apropos to nothing, my sister didn't send me an invite to her fancy posh wedding in Wales decades ago. That after party sounds like it was hella fun. You just know that Serena was competitive as hell playing beer pong, nobody was beating her. The royal dance off would be a hoot. I noticed that Meghan is wearing stockings. Guess that is the real price of becoming a princess. I am thinking that is a price too high.

It was the only thing that bummed me out about her outfit, just because I enjoyed how much it annoyed the so called "royal experts", every time she didn't wear it. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. I liked their cake as I'm not a fan of fruit cake or fondat. I'm glad they broke away from that tradition fruit cake. I'm sure after all the tradition and royal protocol of the wedding ceremony and lunch afterwards it was nice for them to let their hair down and party.

I don't think that came across irl because the veil didn't hang the way it did in the sketch, it was always behind her. Also, she should have worn her hair down to get the right effect IMO. I notice how he always leans in when he talks to her or her mother rather than the straight back that the royals give people when they are just being polite. His smile also seems more natural. Given Harry's troubled past, I could see Charles just being happy that his life has come together and that he is in love with someone who seems to love him back.

Am I the only one who appreciates pantyhose?? It covers lily white legs and keeps my thighs from rubbing together! I think Meghan looks lovely today at the garden party. I like the stockings. It gives a more polished look. She is officially royalty now, so I am guessing she will always wear them with dresses. Except when I am wearing shorts, lol. I read the Queen does NOT like bare legs so Or your ladies in waiting. Even cuter! Charles, Camilla, and Meghan got the giggles because Harry was fighting off a bumblebee during his speech.

I noticed Camilla and Meghan giggling, but I thought they were gossiping or sharing dirty jokes. I know there are those little footies, but they end up slipping down off my foot. I did not care for her garden party outfit. Or the hose, which seemed too light for her skin. I mentioned it before, but as soon as Louis was born, Andrew was far enough from the line of succession that he became eligible to marry without the permission of the queen though supposedly it's Philip who loathes Fergie.

And why would Oprah go? Unless it was just for the experience and publicity, maybe? If she long admired Oprah, it's as good a time to get to know her as any.

As a prospective mentor, she's probably one of the few women in the world who understands going from obscurity to incomprehensible world wide fame -- and as a woman of color, too. They also share philanthropic interests. As for Oprah -- who wouldn't accept the invitation?

There's potential for collaboration in philanthropy, possibly future interviews, and they're both interesting people who seem like they'd get along. I think they'll likely only have one child, considering her age and that royal families cannot use donors. I don't know that it matters at this point.

Any child of theirs would be 7th in line for the throne, and if you want to get really medically nitpicky about it, with a donated egg the kid would still be HIS assuming fertility issues weren't his. I can see them going ahead and just punting the constitutional question to whatever future situation it would be relevant. They are out there- but it is difficult for someone with darker skin to find a match.

Especially if she doesn't typically wear them, she may just not have found the right ones yet. I expect this gets better. Honestly, it is difficult even for light skinned women sometimes wear them too dark. Kate has a flare for perfect hose- to the point that you often can't tell she has them on except her legs show no definition around the knees.

Harry's kids, as great-grand children of the sovereign are even further removed than Beatrice and Eugenie were who were grandchildren of the sovereign, so were titled Princess. I wonder if he and Megan will go the Anne route and decline titles for them. Even William's were not automatically. They basically aren't relevant to the line of succession even if they are in it. Yes, my legs are A few years ago I was hiking in a National Park, tripped and impaled my calf on on piece of driftwood. It still has a mark it looks like a bullet hole with blood around, to be honest so Meghan has no such issues, I bet!!!

There are lots of hosery that come in many shades for black women. Nubian Skin is one line that comes to mind and they're based out of London. I thought the top of her garden party dress had the same fit problem as her wedding dress. It could be she is just hard to fit perfectly. The style is nice on her, but it bags wrong. Oh well, she will figure it out. At least it is nicely stylish without being too weird and mostly fits well. I never understood how the York girls never had clothes that fit well, they always looked too tight across the top.

I find that hilarious considering Diana came from a family with a country pile. Yes, she was a Sloane Ranger but she did her weekends in the country like everyone else. What was she thinking, as she sat in the pews of the five-hundred-year-old chapel, enveloped in history and irony? I mean the mother of the bride, Doria Ragland. A millennium of world-shifting encounters—of violence and of romance and of acts in between—produced this scene: the sixty-one-year-old Ragland, an American who teaches yoga and does social work in Culver City, California, sitting in the opposite and equivalent seat to Queen Elizabeth II.

One is a descendant of the enslaved, a child of the Great Migration and Jim Crow and seventies New Age spirituality; the other, the heir to and keeper of empire. Blood had long ago decided what life would be like for both. I read somewhere that Megan will now have to give up social media? Not sure if that is true and haven't bothered googling. My favourite dress and even over Megan's was Doria's.

Gorgeous cut, colour, style, and beautiful hat to match. Megan's dress has grown on me, though I think the material seemed heavy, and almost like the dress was wearing her. I am sure in person with the embroidered veil and sparking tiara, the dress showed a bit more personality. But since I didn't notice the veil until it was pointed out and the tiara showed its true beauty in certain lights, I was disappointed. However it was beautiful and elegant, and in the era of strapless and Pnina stripper dresses, not that I think Megan would choose those styles even if she could have it was refreshingly simple and understated.

One of the papers stated that it went missing somewhere along the way before the official pictures, but she never had one to start with. Instead there were flowers fastened to her ponytail and therefore only visible from the back. It doesn't seem to be an age thing as two of the bridesmaids were older. I can't find anything that explains why this was, it was like many did not notice. It appears that Meghan isn't wearing a bra with either the garden party dress or the wedding dress.

If you look very closely the breasts are hanging askew and a little low. This will greatly affect the bodice fit. Even very small breasts sag and could use a good bra. Although if she's happy with it, that's all that matters. A really good bra for Camilla would also make a huge difference.

I spent a lot of years sewing special occasion dresses. First step for just about all my clients was proper foundation garments. Meaghan and Kate are both beautiful. I can't imagine how slim they must be in person. They are both so tiny in pictures. It's true. She'd already stopped posting on them for months. I think she only posted once or twice after the relationship was confirmed and then she stopped entirely. She may not have been wearing a bra but I'd bet money she was wearing some type of pasty or something. I can't see her being completely bare for an official event like this and for her wedding as well.

I thought Meghan looked beautiful today and while the dress is likely not something I'd wear, it just solidified something I've long recognized about her. The saying, "you can wear a sack and look beautiful" rings very true for Meghan. The dress in itself is not out of this world but the woman is just so damn beautiful, she still stuns. She also has a lot of sex appeal even when she's not trying. I watched a quick clip of her and Harry walking back to the steps and just her walk seemed very sexy without trying. On a side note, every time I see this video I can't help but smile and it's also why I get annoyed at people who still insist Meghan pretended she'd never heard of Harry in their engagement interview when instead what she said was that she didn't know much about him.

Clubs like Dunfermline, Dundee, Falkirk and Partick Thistle would find themselves in a newly energised top league and with real chance of competing to win the SPL. British football once rejected European competition, now the Champions league final is the Holy Grail for all. A European league is probably inevitable, and money will continue to drive football as it drives everything else. As for the argument that it would affect our international status, if the SNP government can contemplate a future independent Scotland sharing areas like defence and social security with the rest of what would be left of the UK, then why should allowing two Scottish teams to play in England - be that radical and dangerous.

In fact, if the big Scottish clubs were really ambitious, they would be looking themselves to join the Championship, but that's for another day and another blog. Sign in or register to comment. One BIG problem - England doesn't want them! But everything you say is correct. Perhaps their Reserves should join the league that Gretna used to be in and gradually work their way up. Take a few years though. Complain about this comment Comment number 1.

I agree totally Jim and have been saying exactly this for some time. Scottish football will never improve as long as OF dominate every season and you are right to worry about the support dropping, look at the complaints about playing the same teams so many times in a season. It may even be the case that the bigoted factions would disappear in time as the wider world took hold. As a Celtic fan I would be delighted to move to England and would even be willing to start in League 2 if that's what it took but I think the Championship wpuld be more realistic.

Complain about this comment Comment number 2. Can't say that I am as much in agreement as Piorek is with the analysis. Certainly the key elements about the disparity are right but the proposed solution less sound. I also agree that the fan base, access to EPL funds etc could make both a credible force in UK football - Over the last fifty years we have seen both give as good as they get when there was a level playing field. However, for me the solution is not as simple as chasing them out of Scotland - one in three people attending a game on match day go to see an old firm game. For me we need to consider action closer to home and address some of the previously designated 'no-go' areas.

We have too many teams in Scotlad chasing too few punters - as we will see tomorrow at Hampden the number of so called Well fans that show up who are marked absent all year will make the point as starkly as anything. Being a supporter means giving support - turning up, paying the cash, buying the merchandise etc. Small cities in UK terms just cannot support two or three clubs any longer and two strong leagues could be better than the long tail od small clubs we have. Lets address the things we can and should - not throw the problem over the wall or border , its the Scottish way to hanker after the old traditions long after the cease to be relevant.

If everybody who claims to be a supporter did so we would have a thriving and vibrant game, TV would be more interested and we would have a virtuous circle instead of the vicious one we seem locked into. Anyway - off to look out my scarf, good luck to the lads tomorrow!! Complain about this comment Comment number 3. I have been an advocate of your solution for some time Jim. The problem is that England do not want them.

Given that Alex Salmond has just said that their poison will be stopped with the full force of the law is very welcome but simply highlights that no-one else will take them on. I am sick and tired of OF fans wondering why fans of other clubs scramble for tickets should their team be lucky enough to make a final. I will tell you why. I have lived in the North for 30 years. I used to be a season ticket holder in the distant past. I still get to Hibs games up here, every one.

Getting a final ticket is a must! How many 'Well fans that are not back home feel the same? Incidentally how many of these fans sit and weep as the local buses leave for Ibrox or Celtic Park. I will join Jim and nail my colours to the mast. Scottish football without the OF would be a calmer and more competive place. It would be difficult at first but we would survive. The snag is Jim, and I repeat myself, who the hell wants them? Complain about this comment Comment number 4. Its true, England doesn't really want or need the OF which you can agree with!

As for Swansea setting a precedent, you must remember that Cardiff and them have committed to English football for decades and the only reason the OF is interested now is because of the money! Complain about this comment Comment number 5. If the Old Firm could bring extra revenue into the English set up, who knows how welcome they might be, if they can rid themslves of some of their baggage.

The claim can be overblown but there is no doubt that they are both bigger clubs than all but a handful in England. The Premiership is stale, with only three or four clubs having any chance of winning it. New blood and new revenue might well appeal. Meantime the Scottish game would re invent itself, stop foolish comparisons with a neighbour ten times its size, and live within its means. Complain about this comment Comment number 6.

That a team from another country can rise from the bottom of the league ladder over several decades? Are either half of the Old Firm going to be happy with that? This 'precedent' doesn't into account the fact that Swansea and Cardiff have played in the English leagues since their founding. Yet another sad example of a Scottish journalist churning out nonsense without considering something as time-consuming as fact-checking.

Its been a dismal year year for Scottish football journalism, and this piece just about puts a lid on the season. Complain about this comment Comment number 7. I think you really are missing the point with this devils advocacy Jim! Big clubs are a problem in many European Leagues. The answer is not England now and it never will be - only a complete idiot would want to go the debts of the Greed League. We'd get tired of all the anti-Scottish stuff pretty quickly. Our biggest clubs would be bought over by some Arab or American Sports Investor with an FA thats even worse and more inept than our own.

I'm not sure this would be a good move for anyone. Sign your own club up to massive debts Jim and tell us how it goes!! Why should the bust up of national leagues begin with a move to England? Answer me this, if Man U can get to play the OF and access the monies it would generate plus the fan spectacle, why can't they just go the whole hog and play the likes of Inter, AC Milan, Barca, Real, etc as well in a league format? Why can't the OF do that as well and start the process.

In terms of fan base and appeal they can comfortably compete with most of the Greed League teams. A European League system is a better answer for all of our bigger clubs: sensible spending regulation and better technical standards of teams with implications for improved players at home.

Think Europe not Engerlund. In the meantime I'm with Uriah on thinking about pooling economies of scale in the Scottish game. The industrial revolution and age of empire that saw the growth of our clubs is over. Meanwhile this weather system mving in tomorrow will make a very very even Scottish. Hope the ref isn't too fussy and we get a game. Complain about this comment Comment number 8. Complain about this comment Comment number 9. Could not agree more Jim. They would be very big fish indeed in the EPL.

I have no wish to drag a football blog into the political world, but I sense a new confidence. Why not? It does appear that the government have had enough of the baggage. Non OF Scottish football would be vibrant, and competitive. I remember the excitement, and the crowds, when Hibs won the first division.

What was that all about? We were about to win something. Imagine Hibs or Hearts, or anyone else, at Tannadice last game of the season. Empty seats? Don't think so. Bring it on! Ach Jim. Will it happen? Complain about this comment Comment number If people want Rangers and Celtic to play elsewhere, they'll need to be prepared to watch semi-professional football because that will be the outcome for the other Scottish clubs.

Secrets about Antique Books & Value by Dr. Lori

Anything that can possibly discredit our chances of becoming an independent country should be firmly locked away until 'afterwards'! In fact, I would not be at all surprised if the Powers That Be will see to it that the move does happen before we get to that referendum. I can hear the Newsnight presenter now In Spain, only Barcelona and Real Madrid have any chance of winning their league. Are you proposing that these two move to the EPL as well? Jim, when you were a lad and even when I was , the Scottish league was a hundred times better than it is now.

We know that. I'm tired of this fatalistic view of everything Scottish Come on! Why not push for real and lasting change by trying to stop - or at least limit - the amount of foreign players in the league. Didn't the Bundesliga do something similar?

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The clubs in the Bundesliga came together and agreed upon a strategy that would see their league strengthened, but - more importantly - ensure that the German national team would have a constant supply of excellent German footballers. They've succeeded. Why can't we at least TRY to have the Scottish clubs show the same kind of vision?

If Rangers and Celtic were only allowed 3 foreign players in each of their squads, of course they'd still pick the cream of the Scottish crop.

soul food vancouver: April

But if we are resigned to saying that the entire country can only produce enough half-decent players to fill their two sides, then we really do have problems. Okay, the quality might be poor in the beginning, but lets try to look at the long-term. And what's happening regarding have one body in charge of Scottish football? I wish Alex Salmond would intervene and scrap the current format for managing the game. And there must be hundreds of ex-professionals who'd be willing to give up some of their time to coach kids in a national football academy, where school kids could train their skills, not their competitiveness during evenings and weekends.

Things like that can make a real difference! Please, lets have more positive ideas than the Big Two heading to England. Sorry to post again, but I had another little thought. Say Rangers and Celtic move to England. And as they slowly begin to reel in the Champions League money, the gap would again increase Then what? Move them to the EPL? Aberdeen and Hibs perhaps. And so it goes on. Unless our country finds a way of limiting the number of foreign players in our leagues and can cap the salaries offered in the SPL, I dont believe there is any chance we will see marked improvement in our club or national game.

The biggest thing in all this nonsense as has been said earlier is that they would not be leaving. There would still be a game at Ibrox or Parkhead in Glasgow every week clashing with the Scottish league games, probably live on Sky as often as not, as you can be damned sure Sky would be out to strangle interest in what was left of the Scottish game as soon as it could.

You can bang on as often as you like about the vibrant Scottish game that would be left behind if the old firm went to England, but that is nothing more than than delusion and denial. If you want a peek into the future of what football will become, just remember when Man. Utd withdrew from the FA cup a few years ago to play that ludicrous tournament against the worlds other "Glamour" sides - live on pay tv- in half empty stadiums at 3 am British time. Go back to two leagues of 16 teams, playing each other home and away- simples.

The argument will be as always Tv won't go for it, they want the 4 old firm games. Yes they do, but they have absolutely no interest in the long term future of football. Well said dd Television and the Old Firm need to be told that they do not rule Scottish football. Scottish football is made up of dozens of professional clubs and hundreds of thousands of non-Old Firm fans. If we live in a democracy, Television and the Old Firm only represent a very small voice in the game.

Rangers and Celtic in the EPL would just increase the size of them both and shrink the support and status of the SPL, it is a crazy idea. Look at the Welsh League, tiny crowds and little media coverage. If Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham and Newport joined the league the standard, crowds, media coverage etc would increase massively even allowing for the fact that Swansea and Cardiff would be the Welsh Old Firm. More Summer matches, more 'partnerships' with EPL clubs to allow talented fringe players the chance to play in Scotland, play offs and an expanded league.

They should stay. If the SFA and the fans want a more competive league they should look at the teams outside the old firm. The league is non-competive , why? Players leave the SPL to join english Championship sides , why? There are probably many more questions and they probably inter-link with the others and maybe some of the answers. The SPL is too small , playing each other 4 times , no please ,this just breeds static tactics and stale league structure.

This would encourage a new invigoured freshness to the fixtures , and -bonus- only 2 OF matches in the SPL!! A 30 game calendar would allow extra focus on Europe for all clubs , plus added insentive for the cup competetions , losing 8 league fixtures means you need to make up gate revenue through longer cup runs. Its only an idea but blaming the OF for all the leagues woes is not what is needed , it really only stop the harder more important questions being asked. When they get answered the league can only improve.

What utter bunkum! Scottish football would be like the League of Wales without Rangers and Celtic. What are the young players to aspire to, if they don't have the chance of showcasing their talents on television, if they can no longer hope of being picked up by the OF because our scouts are at far better leagues, because, getting EPL riches, we no longer need or want the Steven Whittakers or Kirk Broadfoots of this World? Where is the justification for central funding of coaching of young talent, when football is supported at the same level as rugby?

Where are the clubs to find the money for their coaching programmes? The idea that the yawning chasm will close if the Old Firm leave is an utter nonsense too. Hearts and Hibs will be streets ahead of everyone else, Aberdeen and Dundee Utd may be able to remain full-time, the rest will be part-time. The chasm will still exist, but at a lower level. If the SPL no longer pays it, how many local clubs will go to the wall? Think our league is boring and low in entertainment now? Take away the OF and you'll have to hold a mirror to its face.

The trouble is, that once again, too many blame success as the problem.

"lobo" in Arts & Collectibles in Ontario

The real problem is the lack of ambition at smaller clubs, with their cosy-cosy relationships with "real fans" mugs who turn up no matter what guff is served and demonisation of "glory hunters perhaps just fans who, heaven forbid, actually want a reasonable standard of entertainment for their hard-earned. If some of those smaller clubs were to actually try to raise the standard of player in their sides, take a few risks to improve the quality of the game, with the hope that we can attract a few more through the turnstiles, then and only then, might we see a renaissance in the game.

Rob : A European League system is a better answer for all of our bigger clubs: sensible spending regulation and better technical standards of teams with implications for improved players at home. Give up that idea now; it won't happen. As has been pointed out, the OF wouldn't be moving miles down the road; they'd still be in Glasgow every second week, playing the EPL sides. As a customer and as a football fan, it's a no brainer.

Sort out the gaping inequalities of the SPL; too much cash in the pockets of too few; no incentive for playing youth; too small a league so that a run of bad results can cripple your season; journeyman foreign players taking wages that could and perhaps should be paid to homegrown talent; the list goes on. Where is our fighting spirit? Why should we just throw the towel in now, especially when the OF are IMO as weak as they ever have been and certainly at their weakest since Hearts nearly won it in '86?

If Hearts are able to invest and retain this summer, they could conceivably challenge for the title. If the OF were ever going to leave, it would've been in the early part of the last decade when Rangers and Celtic could play anybody in Europe at home with reasonable confidence in winning. A European League was a non-starter pre-CL but since then this tournament has evolved into a format where the group and knockout games give a taster of what could happen.

But the CL is all about the clubs from the Big 5. A TV and marketing deal that involves the big clubs in say a two tier league format the CL group phase equivalent plus cup competitions the CL knockout could comfortably compete financially with what these clubs can generate within their own national borders.

And then you throw in the added possibility of a inter-continental cup against teams in the emerging markets of Asia, and you can see where I'm going with this one. There are plenty of commentators already who speculate on when and not if this will happen, and in Scotland both Walter Smith and Gordon Strachan have aired similar views in recent seasons. The Europa League will not and does not generate adequate levels of finance for the mid-level European teams like Rangers and Celtic.

The movement may just as likely come from below call it an Atlantic league whatever as above. And its all got more chance of happening than the OF entering the greed league. Why on earth should the TWO teams who have brought the most footballing honours to Scotland abandon their fan bases North of the border and desert to a foreign country called England? Is it because your inferior team might then have some form of chance ,in a truly pathetic league ,that probably no one would interested enough in to follow ,or even care about? You would also immediately lose ,probably all representation in Europe Some people , sespecially "football writers like Jim Spence" really need to grow up and learn to shut up , if all they can talk is drivel!

BTW , apart from anything else Could someone get that lad Spence a good dose of reality medicine , he looks as if he is suffering from terminal fantasy land syndrome ,or maybe that is his problem , too much "medication"? And 'tail does not wag dog' as David Murray once said. There may be hundreds of thousands non-OF fans but these if these numbers really exist are fragmented across so many clubs in Scotland that it adds up to a very small hill of beans.

Most of the attendance figures are OF fans. Too many teams competing for dwindling numbers of fans. Its not enough and not enough people come along or will ever come along to replace that hole. Why not though turn this arguement on its head and instead of getting rid of the OF look to build clubs who can get closer to compete. Lets get rid of many of the small toon teams in the Scottish division; amalgamate the Dundee clubs Dundee FC will be out of the game soon enough anyway ; combine the Edinburgh teams; combine the likes of Motherwell and Hamilton; continue to laugh at the inability of AFC to even compete with their peers; develop teams in the New Towns and growing centres of population.

There is a lot of sense in the underlying basis of 3's arguement and he is right. Today will be the annual outing for many who wouldn't otherwise go near Fir Park or the likes of Tannadice or Pittodrie. I'm sure they can come on this blog and wrap themselves in their standard comfort blanket that its all really the fault of the OF and that everything would be okay if they left but really their clubs have no one but themselves to blame for the lack of competition in the SPL. To those comparing Scotland and Wales pipe down a minute and consider the difference.

Wales and Scotland are totally different. Wales is a rugby country generally and Scotland football first although I love both. Also why should Rangers and Celtic jump ahead of AFC Wimbledon, they have a history in the league and have worked hard to get up to the edge of the Football League yet two teams who are known trouble just get parachuted in, that's not fair. Also actually I would rather watch Hibs and without the OF maybe ticket prices will hit a realistic level and Hibs will be able to live within our means.

It wasn't one of the other 10 SPL clubs owing loads to the taxman and in so much debt, it was oh so perfect OF team Rangers so you have no right lecturing us about living within our means, I hope you do go to England and Whyte is found to be a pauper so you finally go out of business. Also, if the SPL would be better without the old firm, why isn't the first divison better supported? The Old Firm are not the reason Scottish football is a mess, they are just a convenient excuse for the rest.

Rob Your argument is well thought out and put, but I feel that perhaps you have overlooked one thing; distribution of revenues. In order to pay the very top clubs from the big 5 leagues similar to what they get atm from their domestic leagues, and remember that it's not an equitable payout throughout the league you would be reliant upon subscriptions to pay tv, and advertising revenues, which would need to be at least a similar level to those existing for national leagues atm, whilst simultaneously competing with the national leagues.

You'd be relying on the same number of subscriptions in each country as there are for domestic leagues, and that would require the supporters of all the other clubs to buy into it. The extra advertising revenues, where are they coming from? Furthermore, Real and Barca, at the very least, are allowed by La Liga to negotiate their own media deals and raise huge revenues from them.

Clubs throughout Europe, including the OF, webcast their matches outwith their domestic territories atm. I don't see this happening. How will the champions league allocation be sorted for the English teams. The English teams will reject it as the likes of spurs, liverpool and man city that wants champions league football won't want even more competition.

No need for the "Plonker" bit If you want to make reasoned argument that's fine. The vast majority of those replying to my blogs make their case eloquently and passionately. Very often they disagree strongly with my views, but they conduct themselves with decorum and dignity. They have the ability to argue the toss with me and fellow respondents without resorting to cheap shots. If you want to indulge in name calling perhaps you'd be better off on the kind of boards which indulge that juvenile behaviour. Jim, are we not too bogged down in the idea of the celtic-rangers duopoly?

You say they have had a duopolistic strangehold on the title for nearly three decades, however that's not strictly true; they have only regularly occupied first and second place together since , a little over a decade and a half. Prior to that there is simply no history of a duopoly in the sense that "other" teams could only finish third at best , in fact the record of celtic and rangers finishing first and second together is a measly 5 years, between and That is not to deny the old firm's dominance in terms of championships won, but at least when the other clubs were challenging there would often be a Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen who would break through and actually win it Whilst since Celtic and Rangers have become huge commercial enterprises while the other clubs have floundered, this is not enough of an excuse for the failue of the other teams to mount a challenge.

I don't think we're nearly ambitious enough any more. Well that's handy, because you only have to play them 8 times. That leaves 30 other games in which to pick up enough points to mount a challenge. Be better than the rest then see where it takes you. You never know. We are far too defeatist, far to happy finish third. Hearts this season were never going to sustain a challenge because deep down they were too satisfied at merely being the best of the rest.

It was little wonder they fell away in the end. I long for the day that another team views second place as failure. We need more ambition, we need clubs to adopt more of a winning mentality to give their fans something to buy into, we need another handful of clubs to at least WANT to win the league and forget this phoney way of finishing third or, even worse, getting into the top six. Keep celtic and rangers here. Demand more of our other clubs. Stop letting chairmen and managers away with defeatism, it just gives them an excuse for their own shortcomings. Let's raise the bar and change the mindset.

Then we'll get the crowds back. Winner takes all. Anything less is not good enough. May I ask you a direct question Mr Spence? Have been watching the Scottish Challenge Cup Final and noticed the sectarian singing comments by the commentators. I never really noticed any sectarian singing, but am thoroughly disgusted by this turn of events - anyone know what sectarian songs were being sung by the Celtic support? Jim, any chance of some additional comments from Rob about this? I'm sick of the religious nonsense attached to football these days.

I have no idea why this debate has been has been hijacked by so many OF apologists. Or perhaps I do. The idea that the OF would defect to England was first muted by Both Chairmen are on record, in recent memory, bemoaning the lack of of opportunities should they remain within Scottish football. They were thwarted in this ambition as the EPL did not want them. Hardly surprising really. The argument was that a number of English clubs were worried about the competion which is fair enough.

Self interest is something that the OF understand well enough. They have shared the same sponsor since such was allowed, and have never voted against each other in The SPL. I have no wish to repeat myself. I could be talking rubbish, I often do, but why not? Money is not the be all and all. Scottish football would find it's level financially and go forward accordingly. Comparisons with Wales and Ireland, while valid, ignore the fact that we Scots are predominantly a football nation. I am also puzzled by some of the 'solutions' given by contributors who advocate merging teams so that we can simply compete with the OF.

To suggest that Edinburgh should have a single team is so breathtaking in it's arrogance tells me that OF fans don't have a clue. As to the sectarian question. OF apologists must realise that it must stop. I suspect that I am not alone. Hibs, Hearts, and possibly Aberdeen have issues. They are minor compared with the poison from the OF. Alex Salmond is not about to miss and hit the wall. Strathclyde police have already called for OF games to be behind closed doors given the disgraceful scenes this season.

New legislation may just force you to look elsewhere. Who knows, It might be England. Jim has set this hare running. He has received abuse for sticking his head above the parapet. I'm with him. OF fans need to have a good hard look at themselves. Jim England is never going to be an option for the old firm.

In the past I had thought this was an option but until the old firms fans clean up their act they are certainly not welcome in England if the views of the fans on this football stadium forum are anything to go by. This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. I'm guessing that the elections being past by that point had little to do with that though. Strathclyde police and the SNP lost all credibility with regards football after praising the behaviour of c20, fans singing racist songs at a National Cup Final in March, stating that they hoped such behaviour would continue into the night and beyond.

Distribution of revenues is an issue yes but not an insurmountable one. After all bumper TV contracts are time limited and can shift away from national leagues leaving room for other broadcasters. People subscibe to see big games. Astonished the others allowed it. There were protests this year in La Liga. It might not always be so: it takes two clubs to play a game. Competition partly relies on economies of scale: too many clubs competing for fans Hibby and the 'gap' is too big to bridge for most and will be for some time.

I have some sympathy with the poster who queried the perception of the OF duopoly but since only 16 or 17 non-OF teams have actually won the Scottish title since , the outcomes suggest the strength of their dominance with the occasional 'blip' from other competitors. They are too big for the Scottish League I would agree with that. Could the league survive without them?

I'm an optimist on it so I'd like to say yes and hope that one duoploy wouldn't simply just be replaced by another. Personally though I think you are stuck with us for the near future. There will be no move to England that is for sure. They don't want us and I'm not convinced OF fans want them either. On sectarian problems we are in agreement. As you'll know from previous posts of mine I prefer the football this toxic cultural sideshow.

I hope the new legislation is enforced and not used as a threat. I know plenty OF fans who won't indulge this but equally I've known plenty who do and honestly I'm tired of hearing the latter. Jim Spence. The king of talking absolute drivel. You amaze me almost every week with your annoying articles.

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The SPL should be the same top 6 every season. They should come together and work to keep the OF in their place and push as far ahead as they should be relative to the smaller teams. Unfort not one person in scottish football has any vision and so we are reduced to listening to this absolute rubbish that sprouts out of peoples ,like you JIM, mouths. I'm surprised to read comments regarding clubs outwith the Old Firm not showing any ambition i. Rangers, despite their multi-million pound income over two decades from the Champions League and a huge fanbase, came extremely close to going to The Wall recently.

That other clubs should try to employ the same cowboy economics seems to me a pretty crazy idea. I still think the deterioration of the Scottish game comes back to the same problem - too many foreign players and no ceiling on salaries. It's no coincidence that Scotland has qualified for 1 World Cup?

Just look at the England national team; known as, pretty much, a joke around the world. Too many foreign players and insane salaries. That bubble will burst spectacularly soon enough. Come on Lets Be Avin You Colchie has hit the nail on the head: "the OF wouldn't be moving miles down the road; they'd still be in Glasgow every second week, playing the EPL sides. The reason the OF have continually raised this possibility is because it really does suit them. That they have managed to convince anyone that it would be good for anyone else at all strikes me as amazing.

Anyone who cares about scottish football in general should regard this idea as a total non-starter. Anyway, there seem to be a lot of commenters here who think that it is 'good marketing' or some magic powers that have allowed the big two to pull away from the rest, or that this change is somehow inevitable. It is not. There are two main factors at work over the last two decades: The increased money from the champions league, and the re-structuring of scottish football that allowed the top clubs to run things for their benefit. The first of these we can't do much about, but there is plenty we can do to bring about about a more competitive league.