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1. Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”

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Paul McCartney wrote this song, saying that he thought of it after a dream he had about his mother who had passed away when he was a teenager.

The song is known for its introduction in which the right hand playing a series of chords while the left plays single notes. As the name suggests, this song attempts to mimic the flight and actions of bumblebees with music. However, the song lives on as one of the most recognizable pieces of piano music in history. It is very fast paced with complicated fingering.

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The best way to learn this song is to practice it very slowly at first before attempting to play it at the proper speed. This just takes a lot of practice, and some suggest just rolling the chords quickly.

This should probably be learned when you are very experienced with the piano, or else you would be in for a frustratingly difficult, almost impossible, task. This song is technically difficult and demanding, but it is also physically so. Even the best pianists struggle with this one; understand exactly what you are getting into with this iconic song, and prepare to practice for months! The song is in C major. It is most famous for the piano intro that features the harmonica.

Sometimes, movie soundtracks become the most recognizable songs out there think Star Wars or Indiana Jones Theme.

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This song comes from the film St. It is known for being somewhat jazzy and melancholy while giving off a feeling of longing and happiness. Lastly, we have another song from a film that has the same name: Chariots of Fire. The movie itself is about two Olympic athletes from This popular soundtrack song would be another great one to learn, especially if you are already familiar with it. Famous piano songs range in difficulty, but they are well known and well liked so that your listeners will be happy and intrigued when you start to play them.

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While some may take longer to learn, they are rewarding and fun to play. If you need any help or would like some guidance from a teacher , contact us. You will find 55 of our other favourite famous piano songs below.

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