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How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'.

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Hikvision has more than doubled its overseas income from 6. Its overseas branches also more than doubled in the same period. According to consultants IHS Markit, between and Dahua also doubled the number of its overseas subsidiaries. Vendors such as Uniview and Kedacom have also expanded their international networks.

Their expansion was making an impact. Between and , Hikvision saw its share of the global video surveillance market grow from 7. Chinese companies have taken advantage of Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative, a giant development program that aims to connect Asia to Africa and Europe through infrastructure projects.

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Exporting China's security technology to the countries participating in the Belt and Road projects has been a national endeavor, companies say. It is what we should do to ride on opportunities of Belt and Road initiative with the country," Tongfang told the Nikkei.

Sharp Eye Surfboards

Others tapping into the Belt and Road projects include government-backed server maker Dawning Information Technology, better known as Sugon, which is selling in Russia, and Huawei, which exports smart policing systems, transportation and events safety platforms to Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America, the company told Nikkei.

But those opportunities could fade quickly if Washington decides to target the industry further. While China has succeeded in developing a fairly robust domestic supply chain for mass market, low to mid range surveillance products, it still relies on U. The tensions have already taken a toll. In August, the U.

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Hikvision last year saw overseas sales growth halve to Taiwan-based surveillance camera maker GeoVision told Nikkei that the doubts had sparked requests from U. China's surveillance companies are taking steps to mitigate any fallout. Hefei-based company iFlytek told Nikkei it had already prepared "alternative plans against extreme situations. Hikvision has appointed a U. Yet while the industry will feel the pain of a crackdown overseas, many insiders believe it would be difficult to deal a fatal blow to businesses that will continue to have the government's unflinching support -- if only for its own domestic purposes.

Nevertheless, it may still be difficult to push forward the most advanced technologies at home if access to U. These fears were further validated by a censored public relations post from a subcontractor of the Sharp Eyes project, Guangdong Aebell Technology Corporation.

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In the post, the company explained that their Sharp Eyes operating system is set to build a decentralized, real-time mutual surveillance system:. The system appropriates household TV sets and smart phones to enhance the extension of surveillance system to households and individuals. The system contributes to the construction of a comprehensive crime prevention and public security system, along with an integrated informational public security system that turns mutual, real-time and ubiquitous surveillance into reality.

How exactly does the decentralized surveillance system work? Legal Daily interviewed a public security volunteer who resides in Linyi City, Shandong province. The volunteer said she could keep an eye on the village while taking care of her grandchildren at home by making use of the smart community operation system installed in her household TV.