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  1. Microelectronics Paving The Way For Nano Technology – Sharp MEG
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  4. Nanotechnology in Germany: Market Report
  5. Microsystems and Nanotechnologies in Biomedical Engineering

Dynamic measurement using laser Doppler vibrometry is characterized by a high frequency bandwidth and extremely good displacement amplitude resolution.

Microelectronics Paving The Way For Nano Technology – Sharp MEG

This measuring technology even enables vibration measurements up to the high MHz range and even the GHz range — which is required for an ever-growing number of microtechnology applications. Wafer-level testing prior to separating the chips allows the sorting out of bad dies early in the production process thus helping to keep MEMS production costs low while maintaining high yield and quality levels. While electrical test procedures are standard here, certain tasks are necessaryto verify directly the mechanical function, typically by optical measurement. By combining a semi -automatic probe station with a microscope-based scanning laser vibrometer such as the Polytec Micro System Analyzer, you can efficiently and quickly measure the dynamic behavior of MEMS right on the wafer.

That way, you can achieve a high throughput and have a key tool for monitoring the production process.

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The development of a new microelectromechanical system MEMS always requires a new production process, unlike with pure semiconductor devices. Both the system design and an optimized process design are essential if a structural element determined primarily by mechanical properties is to work properly.

Nano and Microfabrication for Industrial and Biomedical Applications, Second Edition Micro and Nano

Prototype verification thus not only enables the design to be confirmed, but allows for affirmation of the manufacturing process too. To determine unexpected mechanical behaviour and model deviations, a powerful optical measurement by Laser Vibrometry is often the method of choice.

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Due to its high frequency bandwidth, high lateral resolution and excellent amplitude resolution, a laser vibrometer from Polytec should be the first tool you reach for so that you can reliably determine modal properties of MEMS such as transfer functions, resonance frequencies, damping and deflection shapes. The topographical analysis is also important for component development and process optimization. Surface data such as step heights and other dimensions provide you with valuable information about current process parameters, so you can reliably control the MEMS component manufacturing process.

The flow microsensor had been realized using silicon-on-insulator SOI technology.

The optical profilometer contactlessly determines parameters such as texture, flatness, ripple and roughness on both fine and sensitive Ultrasonic transducers produced using microsystems technology are promising for medical ultrasonic applications. Microfabrication also enables affordable series production of cMUTs using semiconductor technology. The semiconductor switching circuit can be directly integrated on the same chip, so as to simply create even large-sized 1D or more complicated 2D array configurations. A combination of different methods is often used to characterize new ultrasonic transducers.

You can then measure new transducer prototypes with microscope-based laser vibrometers such as the Polytec MSA Micro System Analyzer, to directly determine the mechanical frequency response of the sound transducer surface. In doing so, you will come to appreciate the large frequency bandwidth and real time capability that you use to reliably and accurately measure transient processes in particular.

The results were subsequently confirmed with independent hydrophone measurements. As surface acoustic wave SAW filters are electronic components that work through surface acoustic waves they are in fact mechanical filters. Due to their superior properties, they are an integral part of high-frequency applications such as mobile telephony. Due to the high frequencies, short acoustic path lengths and small vibration amplitudes, the measurement and visualization of surface waves places particular demands on measuring technology. Using a laser vibrometer is one of the few solutions available for measuring vibration on such systems.

The deflection shapes are visualized in an impressive way. You can even examine transients and relaxation behaviour. Key results are determining properties such as the filter characteristics and performance losses leakage. In addition to their use as electronic filters, SAWs play a key role in microfluidic applications too.

Nanotechnology in Germany: Market Report

In this regard, SAWs are used for targeted droplet manipulation of biomaterials. When such lab-on-a-chip components are being developed, the surface dynamics are examined with high-frequency vibrometers such as the Polytec UHF due to the non-contact optical measurement, the frequency bandwidth and the high resolution. It is hardly possible to imagine developing MEMS components without computer simulation. FE simulation models have to be tested and refined through comparisons with experimental data. Non-contact, optical measurement methods are essential to characterizing the mechanical properties with maximum precision.

2nd Edition

Laser Doppler vibrometers from Polytec have proven to be the perfect technique for quickly, easily and optically detecting the mechanical movement of structures within MEMS components and correlating the modeled behavior with the measurement data. Model validation of a micro mirror array. The 3D Micro System Analyzer records vibration components in all three spatial directions at once. The optical measurement system enables high-resolution 3D vibration analysis with amplitude resolutions in the sub-picometer range, for both in-plane and The possibility to directly integrate microscopic, mechanical functional units with semiconductor electronics at silicon level gave rise to a multitude of different micromechanical sensors and actuators and to the huge success of MEMS and microstructures.

The variety of device type encompasses pressure and inertial sensor systems for automotive and aerospace applications, MEMS microphones, MEMS acceleration and gyroscope sensors for portable electronic devices, a wide range of micro mirror elements for light manipulation, energy harvesters for autonomous systems and microbalances for extremely small material quantities. And, lastly, there are pMUTs and cMUTs for generating ultrasonics in medical technology and micro-acoustic elements such as SAWs, which are increasingly being put to use as electronic filter elements, but are also deployed in lab-on-a-chip applications too.

In fact, the input of microelectronics to the development and civilization of the human race cannot be overemphasized. There are presently lots of efforts in place to harness the benefits of nanotechnology.

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Both nanotechnology and microelectronics have opened up areas of new research and development, something that would have been unthinkable to achieve many years ago. However, a lot still needs to be done to transform the outcome of the numerous research on microelectronics and nanotechnology into meaningful job opportunities, economic growth, and a better quality of life. Still, commercialization of microelectronics and MEMS devices are still hindered, largely because of the complexity of dealing with such materials at such a small scale. Developing micro applications to replace or reinvent those existing is a possibility but they are quite expensive.

A simple look at the cost of developing solar panel cells for electricity generation will give you an idea of how expensive this process is. Having analyzed the economic importance of microelectronics and nanotechnology, there seems to be a well-defined path for future growth on a larger scale. A global system of approach needs to be utilized rather than an individualistic or state system. Tackling matters this way would ensure that synergies between players are harnessed for knowledge and development.

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Microsystems and Nanotechnologies in Biomedical Engineering

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