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Blofeld: Think twice , it's a long way down. Tanner: I think we're having a bit of trouble with the line, Madam James Bond: It usually is. Thank you. Bibi: Farewell Mr. Bond, but not goodbye Frederick Gray: My God Jack. How deep is the water there? First Sea Lord: Not deep enough, I'm afraid! Ferrara: Ferrara. James Bond: Bond, James Bond. Ferrara: Luigi. James Bond: You left this with Ferrara, I believe. James Bond: He had no head for heights. Kristatos: The odds favour standing part James Bond: If you play the odds!

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Columbo: By tomorrow, we'll be good friends. Let us drink to that. Powered by CITE. Know another quote from For Your Eyes Only? Don't let people miss on a great quote from the "For Your Eyes Only" movie - add it here! Uneven Tone Hurts the Read When the father of a good friend is murdered and her friend is viciously attacked, MSA operations manager Vicky Hastings is determined to have her first field assignment be the undercover investigation that will identify and catch the perpetrators. There's just one small problem.

Her partner for the mission is Ryan Brennan.

For Your Eyes Only Movie Review

Sinfully sexy problem, yes. Small, no. Unfortunately, the gorgeous but frustra Uneven Tone Hurts the Read When the father of a good friend is murdered and her friend is viciously attacked, MSA operations manager Vicky Hastings is determined to have her first field assignment be the undercover investigation that will identify and catch the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the gorgeous but frustrating man sees her only as a friend and is completely dismissive of her talents and her contributions to the agency. He's none too thrilled with the idea of being her partner on this assignment, either.

Well he'll just have to suck it up and deal with it, because Vicky is determined to catch the killers and gain Ryan's respect as a valued member of the MSA team. She just hopes she doesn't die trying. Despite a limited amount of exposition to set this book into the series and a perplexing setup for the plot conflict why was a security agency doing what police are supposed to do? That worked for me, as did several crafty, well-conceived and executed plot points in the suspense thread.

Overall, I was surprised and pleased by the big picture of the conflict when it's finally revealed late in the book as it reaches its climax. There were also elements of the romance that amused and charmed, and the cute, sometimes goofy, sexy heat between Vicky and Ryan made up for some of the less favorable points in their relationship. Despite a hearty dose of emotional immaturity on both their parts, and the confusing, difficult-to-believe premise of friendship between them I never bought that setup, no matter what they said , they sort of worked for me as a romantic couple.

Unfortunately, the lighter tone of their relationship was at such odds with the severity of the opening sequences and the seriousness of the suspense, that I found the two elements jarring when taken together in context. Instead of blending and weaving together cohesively, the suspense threads and the romance threads never came together for me and ended up feeling very disparate throughout the book. And I'm sorry, but I have to vent. I think Ryan having to tell himself not to stare at Vic's ass mere moments after bearing witness to horrific brutality and nearly getting blown to bits was supposed to be cute, but to me, it was so completely inappropriate in the moment that it didn't give me much of a first impression of Ryan's character.

That situation wasn't helped by the borderline incompetence and lack of professionalism evidenced by Vicky and Ryan once they were undercover. The whole premise of them going undercover as a married couple was a pretty heavy-handed and overused romantic suspense trope to begin with. And once they've inserted into the scenario, they spent so much time bickering at each other and flagrantly one-upping each other with ridiculous cover story that the investigation got lost in the shuffle.

For someone who fought so hard to get where she was, claiming over and over that she was ready and more than able to do the job, desperate to prove herself, she came off as a complete powder puff at crunch time, or worse, a very disappointing gender stereotype. Truth is, though, for me it was really all about the tone. Because of how the story started, the lighter elements weren't as successful for me as they could have been.

Romance and Seduction

On their own and in a different setting, I could really have enjoyed the romance arc and would have had more patience for the characters and their quirks. Had the lighter romance been more in line with the darker suspense threads, this could have been a very solid read for me. As it is, the disparate pieces just didn't quite fit right. There were good points for sure, just not enough of them to elevate the story as a whole.

This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comments are my own. Oct 16, Lexie rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks-owned-read. Romantic Suspense and me have a rocky history. I used to read a lot of Harlequin's Intrique books mostly because I loved Rebecca York's almost Soap Opera-esque " 43 Light Street" series , but my interest waned as I became more involved in the Paranormal Romance lines.

Something about this book's synopsis caught me though. I haven't read the preceding titles and I may not since what worked for me in this book was Ryan, Vicky and the "Maxwell" couple. If I was being totally honest it was mostly th Romantic Suspense and me have a rocky history.

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If I was being totally honest it was mostly the Maxwells. Let me explain. So we'll have killers so very often killers who have brief moments of actual menace before they become some sort of cardboard cut out. The Maxwells though? They--in particular Jade--felt truly menacing. Curtis does a good job tossing red herrings as to who the couple could be masquerading as, plus what their motivations were. But the real bite lies in what they muse on oh so briefly and then toss aside because it doesn't fit the Maxwells current pattern of behavior.

As individuals Ryan and Vicky got a little bit annoying to me. If Ryan wasn't brooding about how Vicky was 'so special' to him and 'had to be protected' constantly, he was angsting about his lust for her. If Vicky wasn't emo'ing about how Ryan and the team in general don't take her skills seriously, she's angrily contemplating why Ryan refuses to ravish her. More then almost any couple I can think of these two had big time communication problems.

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  • Ryan's oblivious 'you mean everything to me And after about a pages of that it got old fast. Drew, the "James Bond playboy" of the group who I hope gets a book as I'd love to see him actually fall for a woman, Curtis sort of sets up this in the book to tragic results , is amusing as their backup support and the various couples at the retreats all have sordid scandalous lives they're trying to hide from their spouses.


    But the real shining gem for me was watching Jade and Simon unfold their meticulous, patient and sociopathic plan. Because Curtis keeps us guessing right up to the end--and everyone is pretty suspicious--I as the reader was constantly trying to guess who they were posing as. Was it Kurt and Paula--who had suspicious drugs in their room? Or Deborah and Hank--who seem a little to cheerful? Jennifer and Elliot--who always seem at odds with each other? Or Margie and Jeffrey--who seem so 'in tune' with each other all the time?

    The reveal at the end was surprising, but looking back made complete and utter sense. Nov 21, Nicola rated it liked it. A very good start for a thriller, but this book is billed as a romance. Yes, from the synopsis you know it's romantic suspense but it was still a bit of a surprise for the opening scene! A good surprise I guess I thought wow! This book is going to be gripping! Unfortunately, the majority of this book dragged. It was only in the last third that the story really started to pick up and I'll admit when the pace picked up I was hooked and wasn't putting it down until it was finished.

    The mystery side was very well written.

    J. Cole - 4 Your Eyes Only [Explicit]

    I'll admit that I don't read alot of romantic suspense, but with the books I read in the past I was able to work out the "bad guy" long before the reveal. In this book, I had suspicions which turned out to be accurate but my suspicions only developed towards the end. Up until then I was genuinely oblivious. The romance side of this story left alot to be desired.

    For Your Eyes Only (film)

    I don't really have the mental energy to go into great detail about how tedious the romance got at times. Ryan "has issues" and wont take his friendship with Vicky further as he doesn't want to lose her. He is completely oblivious to how he feels for her even though it's obvious - she is "home" to him and he ends up constantly hurting her.

    It took too long for Ryan to wise up and it dragged the romance side down. Vicky comes across as a blushing virgin even when she is not. She wants to be a field operative even when obviously isn't cut out for it - not because she lacks skills, but because she doesn't have the personality required for it. She's loved Ryan for years but after one rejection that she never spoke about or challenged him on she never did anything about how she felt!

    You just wanted her to grow some balls and smack some sense into him! I guess in the end she does! The banter between the pair was good though. There really was some funny moments while posing as a married couple. Especially their "therapy" sessions. The romance picks up a bit towards the end but overall, I just didn't feel it. I liked them but I wasn't all that bothered as to whether they'd make it as a couple. I guess from the ending they will. If romantic suspense is your thing, I'd say give it a try. I liked it but I doubt I'll hunt out more of the authors work.

    Not because of the writing etc but because I think at the end of the day, romantic suspense isn't my cup of tea and this book wasn't enough to make me rethink that stance. Nov 21, Ruby Johnson rated it really liked it. Ryan is a flawed hero with a terrible childhood. Vicky, a heroine has had just the opposite type of childhood with a big loving family.

    They both work for MSA. Ryan is an undercover agent. Vicky would have liked the relationship to be more.