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Love my kitty love bites. Snickers has just recently started giving me love bites on my cheek when I wake up in the morning. She does it tenderly and sometimes 2 or 3 times. SO, I figure that is a much better way to wake up than having her zapping across the bed and me at full speed! LOL Sometimes she will very gently touch my face with her paw first. With regard to cat tail wagging: I find if my cats gently wave their tails even if its a full wave, they are content.

The wave from an angry cat is more like a flick from side to side rather than a wave, even if the rest of the body language seems normal. Mine too!

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She is a very calm cat that rarely seems in a bad mood. She seems to wiggle the end of her tail when she is pleased. On the rare occasion that she is angry at a cat outside I will see something quite different. She does love bites but they are painless and gentle and usually followed by kisses. My cat Jaci comes up to my face to head bump, give me a cheek rub, and then a little very light nibble on the bridge of my nose followed by a couple of licks. There is nothing in her behavior to say she is overstimulated, just she has to give that extra display of affection.

Mine does the same. Nothing that ever hurts me. I successfully trained my cat, using applied behavior analysis and behavior modification techniques.

It did not take long to extinguish this aggressive biting behavior. History of said cat- she was taken from mother too early, she cried for weeks calling her mom. She very conflicted with me because of this — she knew I took care of her and loved her, but she knew she wanted her real mom. I started taking mental notes of what triggered the behavior, and antecedent circumstances. She would be lying by my side, perfectly content, purring, curling her paws with me petting her favorite areas.

Sometimes I she bit me because I pet the wrong areas, and sometimes it was just too much love for her. She used rabbit-kicking along with a very aggressive bite, breaking skin. With my hands in the shape similar to a high-five, again, at her level, she backed off. This happened upwards of ten times. Soon, she able to independently stop herself and simply leave my side instead attacking.

Usually, she would go to her food and eat. I have 2 cats..

When Your Friend Says "It's Cool Bruh She/He Doesn't Bite"

My cat absolutely loves attention and if im not paying attention to him or am idly petting him while doing something else, he will often bite the backs of my legs to bring my attention to him, although this is recent behavior. She alos buts my head and rubs my head with hers. I have a kitty, Cleo, who tends to give me these soft bites when I am going on a rant about something. Any ideas? She is typically very friendly but at night will often follow me back to my room batting my legs and softly biting.

This has started happening fairly recently and tonight she jumped onto my bed to chase me. I moved away and she looked at me and meowed with her tail going side to side.

Love Bites (film) - Wikipedia

And I on him. During the past year his affection for me has increased exponentially. It baffled me but I have been set at ease. He likes me. He really likes me. For several years my eight year old calico has nipped my arm to get attention when I ignore her requests for petting. She and her litter-mates were delivered to my vet when they were only a few weeks old and their mother cat had gone missing. The first year and a half she was always at my side or in my lap.

Very much a friendly, people-cat, walking up to visitors and rolling over on her back so they could stroke her tummy. I wonder if she observed my calico nipping and decided it was the proper response to being ignored. A wagging tail is not always a sign that the cat is getting angry.

A few years ago we adopted a mother cat and two of her very young kittens. When the kittens were only a few days old the woman was going to put them all in a box and leave them in a park, where they most like would have been coyote dinner, but thank goodness a neighbor took them all to our vet. The kittens found it to be a great toy when they were young and we thought maybe she did it to amuse them, but she continues to wag her tail to this day. Sometimes she sniffs along my arm and then will just randomly bite, then back to purring and snuggling.

Cats are weird! Or they could be hurting and are trying to find a way to tell you something is wrong. Best of luck! I started to vibve him a loudd NO and a hard push away.. These suggestions might help you sleep at night! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Toggle navigation. Posted in Behavior ,. February 15, at pm. December 18, at am. October 4, at am. September 23, at pm.

September 8, at am. December 28, at am. September 7, at pm. September 4, at pm. August 31, at pm. August 3, at pm. October 22, at pm. November 19, at pm.

(ebook) Who Says Love Doesn't Bite?

July 28, at pm. July 26, at pm. July 17, at am. Here, why you get bitten so damn much—and what you can do about it. This reaction happens within a minute or two of being bitten, Day says. The bad news? There are actually more than 3, species of mosquitos worldwide, so chances are pretty good you can still come in contact with a sucker who can make your skin itch and swell. The main reason runners get bitten in disproportionate numbers is because mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, which runners tend to produce more of than the average person, according to Day.

This is because, especially after your run, mosquitoes sense those secondary attractants. Day also recommends wearing mosquito-repellent clothing on your run Most of these options, though, are long-sleeved shirts and pants, which you may not want to wear in the summer—it all comes down to personal preference. If you do end up with a bite or three , Day recommends alcohol swabs to relieve the itch.

Scratching it, he notes, will only make it worse—and could even cause infection. Type keyword s to search.