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  1. Little Faith + Big God = Huge Results
  2. Small Faith--Great God: Biblical Faith for Today's Christians
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Daily, I must remind myself that my faith does not depend on my feelings or my circumstances. Those things change constantly. My faith must be grounded in the Person of God.

Little Faith + Big God = Huge Results

Who He is and what He does. Just how big is our God? Scripture tells us He hung the moon and stars in the sky Psalm Nothing is too hard for Him Jeremiah ! God not only has the power to do anything, He also has the right. He establishes kings and deposes them Acts He controls life, death, and eternity Ephesians Koorong -Editorial Review.

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Small Faith--Great God: Biblical Faith for Today's Christians

By David N. Did you find this review helpful? One example of someone with small faith is the Judge, Gideon Judges When we first meet Gideon, he is hiding from the Midianites in his winepress. The angel of the Lord see side box comes to Gideon and calls him a valiant warrior Judges So Gideon asks God for a series of signs in an effort to strengthen his own faith.

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God will use Gideon to do one of the great miracles in the Old Testament — the total destruction of the Midianite army of , men with an Israelite army of There are those in the Christian community who will say that God can only use great faith. They will say that God has not answered prayers because the petitioner did not have enough faith.

Is this Biblical? Is this really what the Bible says? Jesus himself says that if we have small faith, we can do great things Matt Peter, the one who would become the chief apostle, had small faith but yet he became the second person ever to walk on water Matt Whether faith is great or small, God works great things through the faith of His people.

While we see people like Gideon and Peter, who had little faith but God worked great things through them, we also see that there are people with great faith who are able to do the same.

Small Faith-Great God by NT Wright | Idolatry | Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship

In the New Testament, two people are called out for their great faith by Jesus — a centurion Matt and a Canaanite mother Matt In both cases, these people displayed their great faith, not so much by what they did but by what they said. Too often, we expect people of great faith to be those who perform miracles, but God sees into the heart and in the case of faith, He can see who those with great faith are regardless of what they do or say. The reality is, those with great faith will always display their great faith with their words or deeds and in these cases, they displayed their faith with their words.

Jesus worked a miracle of healing and he does it through the great faith of these two people. The only reason he is able to walk on the water is because God enabled him to do so. To give Peter credit for walking on the water would actually take away from God and to make Peter a sort of god himself.

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God sees the great faith necessary for Abraham to believe that through his son Isaac, God has promised descendants as numerous as the stars in the heavens and the grains of sand on the shore, and yet he also believes that God will give this to him through Isaac, even should he be sacrificed Hebrews He had no idea how that would happen, but he knew God would make it happen. What great faith! In fact, in the Hall of Faith — Hebrews 11 — we see people mentioned who had both great and small faith and yet God recognizes their faith.