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Restore content access Restore content access for purchases made as guest. Article Purchase - Online Checkout. Issue Purchase - Online Checkout. People also read Article. Mark A. Runco et al. Creativity Research Journal Volume 24, - Issue 1. Published online: 10 Feb Do you occasionally gain new information about a person or event through the practice of automatic writing or the Ouija spirit Board that turn out to be true?

PC:CI:A Do you ever feel like your body does not belong to you? Do you ever feel like your thoughts are being deleted and replaced by the thoughts of an evil spirit? Have you ever allowed a spirit or ghost to speak through you and accurately spoke with another vocabulary or in another language not known to you at the time? PC:CI:X Have you ever allowed a spirit or ghost to act through you and suddenly obtained a physical skill that the spirit claimed to possess when they were still alive, and in which you lost when the communication was ended example: the ability to produce exquisite art?

Have you ever felt you were able to initiate communication with a spirit that resulted in the spirit intelligently replying to your questions by knocking, rapping, making other noises, voices, materialized objects or spirit bodies, or the occurrence of levitation, and of which other persons other than yourself have witnessed? Do you frequently hear strange and vivid noises that others do not hear or that you only hear when you are alone?

Do you feel that you somehow have the ability to assist the spirits of the deceased in crossing-over into the afterlife? Do you feel like spirits or people have been forcibly trying to take control of your mind? Do you occasionally have really great ideas or solve very difficult problems, but are unsure how you were able to come to these ideas or solutions? Do you feel that you have an abundance of good luck and strange, but positive, coincidences in your life? PC:CS:I Do you ever feel that your thoughts or emotions are somewhat influencing events or people you know to accommodate you?

PC:CS:O Do you occasionally have dreams about a specific event, and only days after your dream, learn that what you dreamt really just happened? Do you often find yourself unsure whether things you remember happening really did happen or whether you just dreamed them? Do you occasionally feel as though you are standing next to yourself or watching yourself do something as though you were looking at another person?

Do you ever have the distinct feeling that your mind or soul is traveling outside of your physical body? In addition, some of these items have been slightly altered e. Both of these sets of questions are included because they can assist the clinician in identifying abnormal factors and these questions have been slightly altered in a manner that negates veridical empathic phenomenology.

psychical profiling report type green esfj Manual

In addition, the measure includes 6. Lastly, there are 4. Do you ever feel your emotions or thoughts are being broadcasted or transmitted, so that even strangers know exactly what you are feeling or thinking? Do you ever feel that your emotions are somewhat influencing the people you know to feel what you need them to feel?

PPE:EI 3. If a close friend or family member is feeling very anxious example: going to a job interview or auditioning for a play , do you feel restless, shaky, nauseous, or short of breath?

Your Temperament Type: Guardian - Provider (ESFJ)

Are some persons or group of people empathically experimenting on you, or controlling your feelings, impulses, or behavior without your permission? Do you ever feel that your emotions are somewhat influencing people you know to feel like you? Do you feel as if something dreadful is about to happen several times a week?

Do you feel blue most of the time? MMPI:S 9. Do you ever vividly feel the emotions of others? MMPI:S Do you often get teary eyed if someone you are talking with begins to cry? ECS PT:TS:D Does being with a happy person pick you up when you are feeling down? MMPI:I Do you notice yourself getting tense when you are around people who are stressed? Have you ever felt a sudden sense of fear or sorrow associated with a certain place example: neighborhood, city, etc.

PPE:EC Does watching the fearful faces of victims in the news make you try to imagine how they might be feeling? Do you ever feel that strangers are inserting emotions or thoughts into your mind that you know are not your own? Do you ever feel that someone is forcing you feel or do things by hypnotizing you? MMPI Special Note: Some of these items have been slightly altered to include inaccurate empathic phenomenology and elaboration to assist in differentiation.

ECS: Emotional Contagion Scale more associated with emotional than cognitive modes of non-psychical empathy. Final Note In regard to chronic psychosis, clinicians should weigh the pros and cons of acknowledging possible extrasensory perception and engaging patients in experimental studies.

Clinical judgment should guide decision making in all cases. This assessment identifies the most probable extrasensory phenomena the individual has recently experienced, and where their potential lies in regard to possible enhancement. How often are you devoted and dedicated? How often are you confident, easy going, and playful? How often do you try to learn new things and have a hard time sitting still why doing so?

How often do people turn to you for advice? How often do you enjoy philosophy and science equally? How often do you know exactly what to do in a situation? How often are you engaged in creative problem solving? How often are you humorous and fun loving? How often are you warm and loving? How often do you keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself? How often do you put up emotional barriers even with those you know well? How often are you analytical and planning things out down to the last detail?

How often do you need your "alone time. How often are you problem solving and being detail-oriented? How often are you emotionally reserved? Do you fear commitment or being stuck in one place or position in life? How often are you good at going unnoticed and undetected?

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How often do you get your way by being deceptive or misleading? How often are you calm and peaceful? How often do you meet new people and go new places? How often do you personally help others and put their needs before your own? How often do you travel and spend time outdoors? How often do you prefer a hands-on approach? How often do you feel a special bond with people, children, animals, and nature? How often are you emotionally driven e. How often do people turn to when they feel sick or are in pain? How often are you practical, realistic, responsible, and dependable?

Did you experience severe emotional distress at a young age? How often are you meticulous and cynical? How often do you retreat to quite places for deep thinking? How often do you reserve your opinions and feelings for only those closest to you? How often do you feel that you have a strong connection with children and animals? How often do other people comment on you being standoffish, distant, or possessing a superiority complex, but you are just quiet and shy?

Someone very close to you passed away when you were young. How often do you feel underappreciated or think that people are taking advantage of you? How often do you work long lonely hours and take life to seriously? How often do people tend to lose track of time around you? How often do you feel it necessary to be assertive? How often are you hard for others to predict?

How often are you fast-paced and fast-talking?

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How often do you bring excitement and craziness into situations? How often do you engage in conversations that are very stimulating? How often do you draw attention to yourself unintentionally? How often are you noticed the second you enter a room? How often are you energetic, spontaneous, and outgoing?

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How often do you have times of great sadness, but no real reason for being sad? How often are you personally sympathetic towards others? How often do you have mood swings? How often are you seeking out the truth regarding all things and looking at the facts? How often do you say something that makes people stop and think, pause and reflect? Do you consider yourself to be highly knowledgeable, logical, and mechanically inclined?

How often do you use your listening skills? How often are you a deep, practical, and highly analytical thinker? How often are you taking care of, or protecting, others? How often are you hardworking, responsible, and troubleshooting? How often are you enthusiastic, imaginative, and find life full of possibilities?