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However, the earliest example of this basic story found by QI did not spotlight any of the persons just listed [ The story was retold for decades. Famous men were substituted into the role of the individual making the proposition. Occasionally, the individual who received the proposition was also described as famous, but typically she remained unidentified.

McIntyre printed a version of the anecdote that he says was sent to him as a newspaper clipping. What do you think I am? Now we are trying to determine the degree. Come and bring a friend—if you have one. Will attend the second—if there is one. The trouble with her is that she lacks the power of conversation but not the power of speech. Widely attributed to Shaw, this quotation is actually of unknown origin. The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

But this quote seems more likely to come from William H. Quote Investigator Retrieved on Success does not consist in never making blunders, but in never making the same one a second time. Hoitt, p. I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides the pig likes it. Initially attributed to Cyrus S. Ching in Time , Vol. Wikipedia has an article about: George Bernard Shaw.

Wikisource has original works written by or about: George Bernard Shaw. I decided to hide in a storage room. Hours later my father was gone, I came out from my hiding place. It turned out that this was a critical move. The final round of the trial came. My healing came very slowly. For a long-long time when I saw a picture of my father or have heard of him, the ambulance had to take me to the hospital because of the severe asthma attacks I suffered, which was triggered by anything related to my dad. My high school years were my first firm steps toward God. But when I first encountered with the message that God can become my heavenly Father, I started to pour out my heart to him in the secret darkness of that closet.

That happened right before I started high school. I opened the Bible, probably the first or second time in my life. I knew hardly anything about it. But I started to read a passage I would not recommend to read to any seeker or new believer. The passage was Isaiah I felt pierced by every single words I read. Every words were healing my soul. Every student had to become a member of KISZ if they wanted to be accepted to university. I remember that the vice-principle of the school told me that I cut my own throat by denying to be a member of KISZ.

My already fragile trust in my teachers endedwith that sentence. The communists just changed their colors. My step-father was a severe alcoholic and a notorious womanizer. Later she gave birth to 5 children and all 5 ended up being in an orphanage. But even with the alcoholism of my step-father it was still a much better situation then my pervious environment. This was the third time when family ended for me. Finally, my mom, my sister who was married and pregnant and I were able to manage moving into a one-roomed apartment.

Mike started to disciple me. My excitement for evangelism grew greatly and at least 4 nights a week I went to a dorm to secretly meet with students, showing them the Jesus film in an 8 mm projector in their tiny room. In the summer of I had been arrested. Sharing the gospel at the beach of Lake Balaton was not welcomed.

The police searched our house for gospel literature. This incident had an impact on my attempt to go to university, too. Graduating from high school they banned me to start my studies. I gladly accepted that offer. The next 18 months were the healing environment I badly needed after being tossed around during all my childhood.

A life-changing and healing experience. Of course, the necessary departure of the Unos to leave Hungary arrived soon. Another painful, yet necessary ending was added to the many I already had. I felt left alone. While they were in Hungary, I was involved in the underground ministry of Campus Crusade. He told me that there is no good reason to invest in me, because there is absolutely no potential for ministry or leadership in me at all. These painful words ended my trust in other believers. I was giving my everything to this young ministry, I had been arrested, because I was sharing my faith, I was banned to go to university, because I was following Christ and now I was left alone.

At the age of 19 I was without friends, without church, without family, without work, without a future, carrying the burden of a very painful past. I felt horribly alone. He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber. My mom and I slept in the hallway on mattresses. I got a job in a small factory and worked there mostly during the night from 7 PM to 7 AM. Then I slept in a closet in the factory until 12 PM.

Acres of Diamonds

After getting up I went home, changed, took a shower and did my studies. After working two years in difficult physical labor I was able to get another job where I could work during the day. This was the time when Edina and I started dating, and some sunshine began to sneak into my life. During those lonely years I knew that if I ever want to get well and healed, I need to be able to leave behind my past.

His involvement in various corruptions in business sentenced him to be in prison for more than 3 years during that 9 year we have not seen each other. The reestablishment of our broken relationship was initiated by me.

The Daughter Of A Millionaire Refused To Marry A Poor Man, And This Is What He Did...

He never ever thought that he did anything wrong and he blamed everything on me and on my mother. His written will revealed his angered heart: he disinherited me and my sister and left all his wealth to his new wife. It was a sad moment. His anger disabled him to show any respect to his own parents by passing on something to his grandchildren from the wealth he inherited from his ancestors. He lived angry and died angry. The only mark he left on earth was anger. His death was another painful ending of a painful relationship. I had been re-invited to be a part of the student ministry again.

Our relationship with Edina led to marriage in Our excitement as new missionaries were over very quickly: we were burned out, tired and wanted to quit. Many friends and respected pastors supported our direction. A different mission-agency recruited us to join their ministry. There was only one person who came to our small, tiny apartment and asked us to reconsider our decision and stay on staff with CCC. That person was Dave Robinson. Soon, it turned out that this was the right decision. The opposition came from believers, while the support came from non-believers.

Pretty much a recurring pattern of my ministry ever since. Our vision and attempts were ridiculed. Christians were criticizing and judging us. Our faith was laughed at. It was new. It was different. It was outrageous. The rest is history: 22 years later YTL is present in 62 countries. Millions have heard the gospel. Thousands got saved. Hundreds joined the mission because of that impossible attempt. And millions of dollars were given to missions. Anew challenge was added to the turmoil of the newly launched YTL in when we were expecting our first child.

In the midterm of the pregnancy the doctors came with a very bad news: this child will be sick and we need to abort her. Of course abortion was not an option for us, but prayer was. Thousands started to pray. God had another plan. Read more about that story here. As YTL grew, so did the health-challenges in our family.

The c-section took 2,5 hours and as they finally lifted him out he absolutely was looking dead. They had to revivify him twice before they rushed with him to the ICU where he spent 10 days. I remember driving home with tears rolling down, not knowing if I will have to raise up my little girl alone or not. We named our son, Renato, a name meaning: born-again; which name prophetically proved to become true. Edina still had horrible pains, fever and was in ICU as well.

She had not even seen the baby she gave birth to.

User Reviews

In the moment she saw him, even from such distance, she started to get better. She got up a little later, her fever went down and was able to leave the ICU. Miraculously 10 days later we could take Renato home. We prayed and hoped that our third child would not have any complications. We felt we had our fair share of health issues already. Yet God had another plan. We were going from doctors to doctors to get a diagnosis. The tumor on his chest was continually growing and bleeding. After much research the diagnosis came with a difficult dilemma.

The clinicians were so excited that they immediately took pictures of the tumor and called other dermatologists to see it. The diagnosis just began the journey. What should we do with such tumor? Is it benign or cancerous? The number one expert said that we need to wait 3—5 years and it will just go away by itself. The other expert said that it will never go away and we need to have surgery to remove it.

He handed the tumor over me in a little vial and asked me to take it to another hospital for pathology. These are just a few of the multiple and ongoing medical challenges, painful surgeries, rare autoimmune diseases, countless nights spent in the hospitals with our kids and the many other impossibilities we have faced with. The hard moments of medical challenges were also mixed with many other significant challenges, like:. It seemed that everything was falling apart in the whole ministry. On top of that there was not one staff fully funded and we were facing major legal instabilities.

In , I was asked to step up and take over the leadership of the ministry of CCC, Hungary in this very challenging and seemingly impossible situation. I was 37 years old, unexperienced, with little children who were mostly sick, all of them having sever asthma, with a wife who also had significant health issues, and our own support was not raised yet. I had never been a campus director which is the first-level of leadership in CCC. Matter of fact, I was never even in a campus team. However, there were two major impossible situations which deserves to be mentioned.

Although there were lot of financial impossibilities, the most difficult situations were never around money, but around people. People create more problems than money ever can create. A big chunk of leadership is solving problems other people create. Over these years the most difficult issues were facing betrayals. There were three cases that were especially painful. God helped us to make the right decisions in each of those, but there had been very significant battles, sometimes with friends or with other leaders who were close to us and whom we respected. But when you are in the middle of those decisions sometimes left alone, struggling with your own doubts, you can only hope that you are making the right decision.

The other very memorable impossible situation is tied to our legal case. First we had to find a legal structure which would fit well our ministry both financially and functionally. It took a lot of effort, countless nights of researching, but finally my wife encouraged me to go and meet with a certain expert and pursue their help establishing a Religious Order. Another hard decision and impossible legal trap we found ourselves in. We either try to sue the government in the European Court or just let this happen and suffer silently. By now, this proved to be the right decision.

Those who started a battle with our government, all suffered greatly and their mission had been hindered significantly. After a two-year-long, complicated process, we were able to establish a legal entity under the umbrella of the Baptist Denomination. Because of those church-plants we were able to go under the Baptist Denomination as an independent legal entity. Without that initial church planting effort 25 years ago, our work with YTL would not have a legal home now and we most likely would be loosing many of our staff.

There are many other miraculous details in the journey God allowed us to experience. Reading the chapters of our journey leaves us with three possible responses: 1. Worship God who is precisely and lovingly planned our journey. Learn important lessons from the journey. Human females are compatible and they are taken with their consent to live. Two thousand seven hundred females were saved. Looking for their intended. This book has a strong emphasis on the survival of the fittest.

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Fated mates so no cheating. No other woman drama. Praise the Lord Ms. So, I am one happy bunny. View all 6 comments. Jul 12, Julia's Book Haven rated it it was amazing Shelves: rarerome18 , favorites , alien-romance. So I love L. Casey and I think like most readers when an author you love branches into a completely new genre it can be a little scary. All the awesome that is Casey's writing with the added awesome of hot aliens that are completely devoted to their females? Yes please!

If you like scifi romances I highly recommend this one. I'm really looking forward to more in the series and more from this author! Also pretty sure L.

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Jul 14, Fabienne rated it it was ok. Likely the most annoying book I've ever read. Nova was just some whinny little girl who was constantly crying or running away without reason. The poor guy tried everything to help her adjust and feel loved. But she didn't get any of it. View 2 comments. Jul 14, Mariana rated it did not like it Shelves: apocalypse , soulmate , backstabbing-family-or-friends , hot-second-leads-i-wanna-read , the-heroine-was-a-bitch , don-t-know-how-i-finished-this , fantasy , i-didnt-tell-to-protect-you , hero-is-an-imbecile , no-connection.

I usually like L. Casey's writing, but in this case: wtf? The number of times she repeated the words, "hummed" and "hmmmm" is ridiculous. Even the sex scenes were underwhelming. The amount of sexism excused as "but this makes me feel safe" or "but it is better then the Earth I knew" is too damn high. No, no, no missy! I just can't with this book. I really don't know how I finished reading this. The last great hurdle was so annoying". The "excuse" for it to happen was so idiotic I wanted to throw I usually like L. The "excuse" for it to happen was so idiotic I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window.

The execution of said final problem was even worse. A two year old wouldn't fall for that crap. And the resolution of the problem The entire book was bad, but the last third of it was a special case of bad. I'll will give another change for the next in the series, just because this is supposedly a scifi romance novel series. But if the second one doesn't blow my mind, that's it.

I'll be done with this series, ffs. Aug 20, Julz rated it it was ok. While I really liked the hero and the world building of this story. The female lead was soooo annoying. Crying isn't cute. A female that cries at the drop of a hat and gets scared over everything, even brothers play fighting, is stupid and weak!

I'm not sure why this author thinks it is a good characteristic in a female but it isn't. It's pathetic and annoying. I like my female leads strong. Not cry babies. A shame because besides the really annoying crying heroine. The story was good. Thank you!! I don't know about anyone else but oh hell naw I would not put up any one being mouthy or scrappy with me.

I felt a little sorry to the males in this read! I always do wonder if there is life outside of our solar system and what would happen if our planet became a wasteland and this was one take on it. Granted, it's a bit dramatic but hey it's a story and I did like it. Anyway, I am curious for the next book in this series so I will be bookmarking this series as one to keep watch on. Aug 12, Hannah G rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , stand-outs. For example: view spoiler [If a female Maji, after turning 40 and becoming an adult, doesn't get some, it hurts. The males are happy to help, you know, so the females won't suffer.

Poor horny females So the males have a very active sex drive to keep the females satisfied and comfortable. How sweet of them Of course, sharing furs, as they say, doesn't mean they are mated. He has to bite her neck and put his essence in her, or his love juice accidentally knocks her up so they then become mates. No single moms allowed No bun, and she basically has something like a period.

Hahaha, OK, sure If you care to know more, here is more, with slightly spoiler-ish bits. Ditto for Kol's spoiler. She is all about surviving, it's how life shaped her, and being taken care of by Kol takes getting used to. But the "what if" game she plays always gets on my nerves in any story.

  1. George Bernard Shaw.
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  6. Overthinking and getting mad is unfair, so she isn't my favorite type of heroine. That and the fainting, puking, crying, temper tantrums, and flip-flopping. A lot. He tries to do right by Nova, but lies on top of lies has her running from him. He, like all Maji, is slightly sexist. Yet they are fiercely protective of females in general, and treasure their mates, whom they mate for life.

    So it's like a trade-off, the human way, or the Maji way, neither perfect, but clearly the Maji are the better option in this scenario. No fear of rape or murder. Of course not. Kol only has eyes for Nova, and once they are mated it's like sealing the deal with a no cheating guarantee. Nova is pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Casey, even though it's sci-fi, I figured why not? I had a good feeling that she would write some colorful characters, and of course, there would be the charming, occasionally infuriating, alpha males.

    Now I have another series from this author that I will patiently wait for. I don't know who will all get a story, Kol's brothers, cousin, and friends all seem like good choices. If all the stories focus on Human x Maji couples, I have my eyes set on two guys in particular. My duty is to the Guard. There are just so many possible mates to be made. So, L. Casey has many options. Jul 08, BookSmacked rated it it was amazing. This was my first ever venture into the world of Sci Fi romance and you can be certain it won't be my last especially if there are more books to come in this series for sure.

    Nova is a young woman who has had to fend for herself in what I would maybe call apocalyptic Earth. She's rescued or kidnapped depending on whose perspective you look at by an Alien culture called Maji not sure if that is even the right term. Remember sci fi newbie here. Anyway the Maji have their alphas in fact all of them This was my first ever venture into the world of Sci Fi romance and you can be certain it won't be my last especially if there are more books to come in this series for sure.

    Anyway the Maji have their alphas in fact all of them are alphas but their unwavering need to protect and treasure woman is swoon worthy. Nova has to come to terms not only with the impending destruction of Earth but the fact that she is now in the hands of strangers who are different in her in many ways but at the same time have some similarities. Nova she was a tough gal and definitely wasn't afraid to tell Kol at times where to go and how to get there. Kol was commanding and definitely showed why he is one of the leaders of his species.

    Together these two have almost a battle of wits that was completely entertaining. I definitely couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see if they would end up together and how the hell they would navigate the differences they had as well as the way they lived their lives which was so different. I was definitely pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book considering that it is my first sci fi read.

    Let me tell you though these characters definitely left an impression.

    Follow Temple University

    There were also elements of angst in this book as Kol and Nova find themselves connected to each other. LA Casey also has some supporting characters in this that stand out as well. I am dying to get their stories, Sukrah and Mikoh especially. If you are fan of romance it really doesn't matter the sub genre this book is a definite recommend for me and if you haven't read a Sci Fi romance before then seriously this is a great book to start with.

    While I had some issues with this story line, overall I couldn't put this book down!! I read late into the night when it release and even after I left the gym and should have been showing so I could get to work on time! If you like alien books then I would recommend this book. Nova is from Earth and has always had a rough life. Since pollution has destroyed the Earth and somehow caused the sun to die, humans have a limited time left. When Nova goes to the world base near her, she finds it aband While I had some issues with this story line, overall I couldn't put this book down!!

    When Nova goes to the world base near her, she finds it abandoned except for the alien craft beside it and augmented humans which are much like terminators and greatly feared. When she lays her eyes on the Maji, they literally take her breath away and she faints could also be because she was injured in a fight with an aug.

    Next thing she knows she is waking up on a foreign ship surrounded by aliens. Between the humans and Maji, culturally the gap is expansive so at times they misunderstand one another and some drama stems from that. I think some of the dominance could have been toned down and still conveyed the same point sometimes bogged down the story but it's how Lee writes. I'm interested to see where Lee takes this story next and who will get the next book. Now that the story line has been set up she has a LOT of room to expand on it.

    Much like her sister told her after reading it I think she should make a Maji book her next top priority! I read other books by L. Casey but this is by FAR my favorite of hers. I will be here for it!!!! Sep 09, Rachel K marked it as not-interested. View 1 comment. Oct 28, Deljah added it Shelves: dnf , reads. I'm going to dnf this one. It's just not reading well, and I have too many other things to read than to spend time struggling through this. Here's what I didn't like: -Lots of editing errors -Overuse of italics to show emotion and emphasize words -Info dumps -The heroine's reactions to the aliens just didn't ring true to how one would expect a person to react in that situation.

    I was constantly rolling my eyes at I'm going to dnf this one. I was constantly rolling my eyes at them. I didn't want to read about them. Now, if I was the author, the word "want" would have been italicized in the previous sentence, lol.

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    5. Out of the Ashes (Maji, #1) by L.A. Casey?
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    7. On to the next Jul 11, MillsyLovesBooks rated it it was amazing. Casey took a leap into Sci-Fi Romance and what a leap she took. Out of the Ashes is book 1 in the Maji series and is a great start to kick us off into this new world. We are no longer alone in the universe and the human race is now an endangered species. Earth is on the brink of imploding and Nova our heroine is fighting for survival.

      She's alone and doesn't trust anyone. When she stumbles upon a space craft she panics and does what she always does she runs. But in doing so her path crosses L. But in doing so her path crosses with the Maji!! The Maji have come to Earth on a scouting mission they wish to make a deal. They are also under threat and need help from the human race. Kol our hero he is the ships master but he's also of royal blood. When he first encounters this little human he can't help but feel drawn to her.

      When she is hurt from there encounter he decides to take her aboard his ship. But there is more to the reason of just being drawn to her.