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Would you like us to take another look at this review? No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! You've successfully reported this review. We appreciate your feedback. OK, close. Write your review. Geology 22, — Avalon — Insular continent by the latest Precambrian, 27— In Nance, R. Geological Society of America, Special Paper Avalon — A pre-meeting viewpoint, 1—3. In Landing, E. Project Ecological Aspects of the Cambrian Radiation. New York State Museum Bulletin Cambrian Subdivisions and correlations. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 35, — Fortey and L. Earth-Science Reviews 69, — East Laurentia — a pre-meeting statement, 3—4.

Ediacaran—Ordovician of east Laurentia — S. Ford memorial volume. Geological Magazine , — Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 35 , — The Placentian Series: appearance off the oldest skeletalized faunas in southeastern Newfoundland. Journal of Paleontology 63 , — Global standard names for the lowermost Cambrian series and stage. Episodes 30 , — Environmental patterns in the origin and evolution and diversification loci of Early Cambrian skeletalized Metazoa: evidence from the Avalon microcontinent, 93— Paleontological Society Papers Furthermore, to identify every potential coding scenario for the node, an algorithm is generated as well.

The coding capacity of every network node can be established in this way. Moreover, a range of topologies are used to assess the proposed approach. A valid suggestion is also made that coding gains at a node depend on the node degree and the edges amongst its neighbours. This increased utilisation of wireless network promoted the research overthe energy efficient networks to generate maximum efficiency with limited battery resource.

The MANETS generate communication paths individually without the help of centralized infrastructure or centralised nodes like routers or switches. The communication is established using routing protocols which generates the path between sender and destination nodes, transfers data and control packets through the path and maintain the path information to renew the path in case of path failure. Some applications like military surveillance of the nodes in the MANET move randomly and update its location and information to the receiver node frequently. This leads to maximum consumption of energy in the nodes.

Locus Magazine Series

A directional flooding approach is introduced to reduce the power consumption and extend the network life time. The performance of the directional flooding protocol was compared with on demand routing protocols like AODV and DSR routing protocol to measure the efficiency of the system in hardware environment. Current researches are performed to generate congestion control measures to schedule the data packets from different network paths to process at the specific node. The performance of that specific node should be increased based on the capacity of routing the packets into multiple paths of the network.

The performance of these mobile intermediate nodes are been improved by combining the network layer and transport layer approaches. Due to the MAC layer problems like congestion increases the packet drop, delay and error rate, decreases the delivery rate and throughput of the network. In order to overcome these limitations, a maximum dominant set based semi graph model is developed to frame transport layer mechanism and AODV. DSR protocols are involved to generate a routing path between the nodes of the network.

The performance of the semi graph model along with the AODV and DSR routing protocols were evaluated by implementing in the hardware environment. The motivation behind this investigation was to evaluate the natural supportability rehearses in the lodging and extraordinary occasions with reference to four star inns in Chennai. Information was gathered from members speaking to seven unique inns and occasion settings in Chennai. The instrument utilized comprised of semi-organized survey, with some constrained decision inquiries questions relating to the manageability practices of every property.

The outcomes showed that the seven properties are effectively setting up and rehearsing natural maintainability rehearses and are propelled to ceaselessly look for further enhancement. This is a basic report to be used in contrasting the region neighbourliness industry's present and future manageability advance with different regions all through the world.

The market is already in a transition from traditional password authentication process to password less authentication technique. Because of its unique feature to identify every individual with different traits, voice recognition is gaining speed as authentication technique; however, it comes with some inherent limitations. In this paper, voice recognition is hybridized with behavioral authentication technique and a framework is proposed in expectation of overcoming some of the issues of voice recognition. We present a novel different source dynamic estimation technique utilizing a semi-randomized probe testing plan and packet entry arrange estimations which don't require exact synchronization between the hosts.

Conversely, our principle thought behind utilizing Network coding is to present relationships among probe packets in a topology subordinate way and furthermore create calculations that exploit these connections to surmise the system topology from end host perceptions. Primer reenactments outline the execution advantages of this methodology. Specifically, without packet loss, we can deterministically surmise the topology, with not very many tests; within the sight of packet loss, we can quickly derive topology, even at little loss rates. In many communications we transmit digital images and these images contain confidential information.

Making is vulnerable towards unauthorized personals attacking the image and leaking our information which demands higher privacy. So, there are a number of methods available for achieving this privacy, one of them being Random key Steganography. The target image is randomly selected into blocks to uses of this image for hiding secret image.

Target image and Secret image is divided into 2x2 blocks called image tile respectively. A secret image hiding scheme is proposed with new security features. This scheme utilizes the mosaic images, which is created from the secret and target images. A Combined mosaic image or watermark image is similar to source image. The secret image blocks are hidden in the target image by performing appropriate random pattern blocks. There exist many approaches for solving this problem. Nowadays, the RFID network based approaches have become most popular for its speed and accuracy.

However, placing the RFID readers at optimal places in a building to cover all the areas in order to identify and track the objects and people is a cumbersome task. This paper proposes a model in which the RFID reader placement problem is formulated as a multi-objective optimization problem and also proposes an algorithmic framework to solve the same. The proposed algorithmic frame work consists of a multi-objective Differential Evolution algorithm which adds weights to each of the objective and also follows the opposition-based learning approach for initializing the populations.

The results obtained in solving the RFID reader placement problem with proposed algorithmic framework is studied and reported in details for individual objectives, combined objectives with different schemes and for two different population initialization techniques. Variables are used to represent the data in a program. On executing a program, the variables are replaced with the real time values and hence it creates a possibility for a program to process different set of data.

They are most predominant ones that involve in computation and bear the intermediate or final values in a program. These values are good enough in deciding the flow of the program and hence there is a necessity for analyzing flows. Data-flow testing is a white-box based testing technique that utilizes control flow and data flow through the program for testing. It helps the tester in chalking out the values of a variable, recording them and can trace the changes in values within the program.

It is done by using a concept of a program graph, which is closely related to the path testing, selected on a specific variable. This study presents an elevator group dynamic even and odd floor preference approach based on the real-time passenger traffic to overcome the difficulty of using elevators in the up peak and down-peak traffic mode. The proposed system framework divides building floors as even and odd based on the floor number, some lifts allocated for even numbered floors and some for odd floors. Even numbered lifts are responsible for serving calls of even floors, and odd number lifts are responsible for serving calls of odd floors.

Proposed study uses time-based floor preference logic for dynamic allocation of elevators. The primary motive of the proposed research study is to reduce the passengers traveling time, average-waiting time and improve overall system performance in up-peak traffic and down-peak traffic conditions. The time-based floor preference logic used for dynamic allocation of elevators significantly minimizes the waiting time and traveling time of passengers.

The technology advancement is making the UAV much better in its specification with advances in computing innovation, programming improvement, light-weight materials, worldwide route, propelled information joins, refined sensors and so on, are reinforcing the abilities and fueling the interest for UAVs worldwide. UAV also colloquially known as Drone is a robot that has the ability to operate autonomously without direct control from a human operator.

For nations, it is a surveillance tool, meant to watch over nations as Drones have been used in the past for warfare as such, and activities alike. Today the drones are much more versatile and are moving the industry ahead in its reach for activities as monitoring, investigation, product deliveries, aerial photography, healthcare, disaster relief management, agriculture and even drone racing. There are other types of drones too such as boats, submarines, and ground-based robots. The primary purpose is to explore the usage of drones in Humanitarian causes such as disaster relief and social causes as health care.

The finally some advanced algorithms and methods for automatic detection of abnormalities in cardiovascular system and neuroscience have been considered in this study. The variety of transform techniques are explored in this study and found that wavelet transform is very good tool for both stationary ST and non-stationary non-ST biomedical signal analysis.

Data mining started stepping and playing a major role in the medical field and it helps the medical practitioner to take a decision. Classification is considered as the major research issues in data mining. Classification is done based on the characteristics or features available. Currently, coronary artery disease CAD is getting evolve in South Asia countries, which is becoming a major cause for death. Data mining algorithms are being used to diagnosis of diseases, mostly in CAD.

Currently available algorithms gets lack in classification towards accuracy. In this paper, a novel classification algorithm is proposed to effectively classify towards the prediction of CAD, namely ant colony optimization based support vector machine. It is designed to classify and predict CAD more accurately. The proposed algorithm classify the records in a dataset in a random manner instead of sequence manner. A threshold value is used for classification for more accurate results. The proposed algorithm is tested on Z-AlizadehSani dataset for the classification of heart disease among the patients.

This research work uses the benchmark performance metrics namely sensitivity, specificity, and classification accuracy. This paper proposes a fast, efficient and automatic method of video inpainting to inpaint moving objects in the video. The presented algorithm employs the spatiotemporal coherency present in the video frames for inpainting while considering the fact that the background either has periodic motion or it remains stationary.

The algorithm does not require any manual generation of the mask. Batch frame based inpainting is proposed to maintain motion information in case of background having periodic motion. A new dissimilarity measure; 3D N-SSD is introduced to find similar frames for frame-based video inpainting algorithms. The proposed algorithm is tested for different background and illumination conditions. We have done speed and quality test analysis by inpainting videos of different backgrounds. Quick execution times and high PSNR values for inpainted videos show effectiveness of our algorithm.

Steganography can be used to enhance the security of digital communication. There are various methods to perform steganography on digital images, but very few deal with increasing imperceptibility and data embedding capacity together.

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In this paper, a high data embedding capacity spatial domain image steganography scheme is proposed which is highly imperceptible. In the proposed technique steganography is modeled as a search and optimization problem and Genetic algorithm GA is used to solve this problem to find the near-optimal solution.

Optimal pixel adjustment procedure OPAP is further used to improve the quality of stego-image. Experimental results exhibited that the proposed technique provides an improvement in imperceptibility of stego-image at high data embedding rate when compared to several other popular steganography techniques. The average PSNR value of various stego-images at two bit per pixel data embedding rate was The proposed converter process the power from input to output in a single stage. This converter is an integration of traditional buck-boost converter and a buck converter shared by a common switch.

To get unity input power factor the input buck-boost converter is designed to operate always in discontinuous conduction mode DCM. The output buck converter is operated in continuous conduction mode CCM. The necessary design equations have derived using theoretical analysis under steady-state conditions. A significant amount of fund is allocated for usage of technology in education under key Government schemes.

Schemes such as ICT Schools have potential for fostering academic growth and upgrading skills of students, which help immensely in their future employability. Several such schemes exist which pertain to technology in education and executed either directly by the state or through private entities.

A policy for implementation of ICT was thought out and designed at national level. The current research study evaluates the ICT policy and assesses its implementation at School level in terms of effectiveness towards mass education of the state of Odisha. It recommends suitable measures for improvement in monitoring, implementation based on outcomes of the survey. In the conventional rotational-invariant encoding method has disadvantage due to neglecting information of the some patterns by its process of encoding. It ignores the patterns when their spatial transition is greater than two for maintaining the rotation-invariant nature.

But these disregarded patterns will plays crucial role and have very much more discriminative power. Here, the present study proposing a novel model called OLBP by changing sorting the order of consecutive binary patterns without disturbing the property of rotational invariance. The result observed by experiments indicates the proposed work shows better classification rate which is worked on the standard databases when compared to previous existing methods.

But this assumption is unrealistic for large complex systems like harvesting systems due to lack of sufficient probabilistic information. The uncertainty of each individual component enhances the uncertainty of the whole system. In this paper, the concept of fuzzy reliability has been used for the analysis of fuzzy availability of a harvesting system.

The effect of coverage factor, failure and repair rate of subsystems on system fuzzy availability has been analysed. Mathematical formulation of problem with help of mnemonic rule and Chapman-Kolmogorov differential equations has been done. Main focus of this design is to achieve low phase noise and less power consumption. Proposed design is 4 stages differential ring VCO. The simulation results are presented with frequency range 2. These results are back annotated to the model and accurate model in verilog-A has been presented. Weltin, E. Familier, and I. Miletic and R. De Muer and M.

Solid State Circuits, vol. Verma, Virendra; Misra, D. Chung and C. Kuo, and C. IEEE, Vo. Tsitouras, F. Jalil, M. Reaz, M. Bhuiyan, L. Rahman and T. This changes in perspective the PC resources to the cloud giving price adequacy and it additionally gives versatile users openness to working resources. This proposal is execution prototypes of these frameworks with acceptance of entry of jobs to the framework and a work may comprise of numerous no.

This Paper consider both steady and variable task sizes in no. On account of steady job estimate, this paperpermit distinctive classes of jobs, which are resolved over their entry and administration rates and no. In the multiple kind a job creates arbitrarily novel tasks amid its administration time. The last requires dynamic task of virtual machines to a work, which will be required in the versatile cloud. In the two cases, framework is displayed utilizing birth-demise forms.

On account of consistent job measure, here decided joint likelihood dispersion of the quantity of works from every class in the framework, work delaying likelihoods and appropriation of the usage of resources for together heterogeneous and homogeneous kinds of virtual machines. Paper displayed mathematical results and any estimates are confirmed by usage result. There are a lot of expectations that new paradigms will be developed for the processing of information.

The CMOS technology uses current switching but the QCA deals with encoding the binary information as it is the array of cells and every cell has quantum dots and its fast-dimensional scaling will in the end be expected to reach the fundamental limit. The interaction of the quantum mechanics with the coulomb in every cell, is the one that determines the cell state. Additionally, the molecular QCA has the ability of operating at a speed of Terahertz THz together with a very less power and extremely high gadget density.

Road accidents are very common in the present world with prime cause being the careless driving. With the advancement in the technology, different governing bodies are demanding some sort of computerized technology to control the over speed driving. At this scenario, we are proposing a system to detect the vehicle which is being driven above the maximum speed limit.

After the detection the system captures the image of the vehicle and gives the indication to the higher authorities. The mechanical properties, electrical properties of those materials varies independently. In addition to, the components used in MEMS have micro level dimensions and different specifications. Tedious work and concentration is need for Choosing of suitable metals and materials for specific application while fabricating MEMS Components. In this survey paper ,advancement in research for finding the metals and materials used for fabrication MEMS parts and components, metal micro films fabrication and metal conductors, structural parts of micro sensors and micro actuators magnetic actuators for micro-devices, are try to explore to researchers.

Various research papers related to MEMS material were collected from the literature. The name of metal and materials are mentioned and described briefly in an order. The MEMS fabrication methods are not discussed. In this technical era, when everything is being digitized, many of us prefer to transfer data in a digital form; to be more secure while using digital devices through biometric sensors. We encounter many more such instances in our day to day life where these devices and sensors are deployed. The biometric devices or systems require a quality input to achieve quality performance.

There is always a need to enhance the quality of the sample after its acquisition. In this paper, we are going to discuss image quality enhancement for biometric recognition system where iris samples have been used; by proposing an image quality analysis approach of segmented irises based on quality filters. It means input images are not directly passed to the filters, they are firstly segmented and then segmented parts will be enhanced using different filters.

We have segmented iris images into three major parts namely ROI, pupil and sclera. ROI represents the region of interest i. Moreover, iris images from four directions viz. Unlike general case, filters are applied for enhancement after segmenting the input images. To measure the quality of input samples, various image quality metrics have been calculated and analyzed comprehensively to reach to the conclusion that Gaussian filter performs better as compared to Average and Circular Average Filter. As energy is divided symmetrically then load of traffic will be disseminated in network.

Thus there is need to put minimum load over network. The same occurs during packet transmission. Reducing the size of packet using advanced logic resolves the issue of space and time consumption. These advanced techniques help in minimizing the energy consumption [3]. Appropriate load balancing is maintained by well managed cloudlets and virtual machine. This research states the impact of number of cloudlets and size over virtual machines.

Rice straw ash was also mixed with micro silica to form a composite for replacing OPC in the mix. In India, Rice Straw is produced in abundance and has extensive geographical coverage. Rice Straw Ash is technically of no use to farmers, and they treat it as a waste product. They tend to burn rice straw in order to clear their field for the next batch of crop. In this paper, rice straw admixed with micro silica is treated as a potential material for pavement construction, and various preliminary tests were done on cement-rice straw ash-micro silica paste to check the possibility of using rice straw ash in pavement quality concrete.

In the concept of text mining each document is generated from collection of topics. Topic modelling is based on probabilistic modeling, it has a huge range of applications such as linguistic understanding, image detection, automatic music improvisation identification etc.. LDA is one kind of probabilistic model that work backwards to learn the topic representation in each document and the word distribution of each topic.

I will also show how topic modelling works on news groups data set on R Tool. Topic Models to analysis news groups data set with tm and topic modelling package in R, to see what are those documents from different topics. The equations of a theory refined by considering transverse shifts and reduction are taken as the input equations describing the stress-strain state in plates.

A systematic effect of the transverse shifts on the stress state is observed in all problems due to the fact that the graphs of bending moments from changes in curvature and from transverse shifts are in antiphase. These issues require enterprises to rethink the strategies for utilizing the resources in an efficient manner.

In order to gain and increase a competitive advantage, these enterprises are enforced to move accelerative to be more capable, flexible, efficient, and innovative. To meet the present generation demands for utilizing the resources of Information Technology, Cloud computing emerges the most important paradigm that provides on demand business services globally. In Cloud Computing, resources and applications are available on-demand on the internet.

In this context the concept of third party is evolved which provides the services to the end users. By adopting the cloud computing, some social issues like trust, privacy, compliance and legal matters appears. On the adoption of cloud computing in the organizations, the outsourcing of data and trade as well as business applications to a third party causes the issues related to security and privacy critically.

As a large amount of depository of the heterogeneous companies are placed in cloud, there is need to have the safety of the cloud environment.

Conservatism in the Age of Trump

With the constant increase in the utility of cloud computing day by day, there must be a genuine effort to review and evaluate the current latest trends and evolutions in security. In this paper, a survey of different cloud computing models, different security risks, counter measures of security in cloud computing that affect the cloud environment in the area of confidentiality, integrity and computing on data are thoroughly reviewed.

Image fusion is executed either in spatial or transform platforms. In spatial domain spectral information is distributed in the entire image. In this work image fusion is implemented in transform domain. Slant Transform effectively represents linear brightness changes. Statistical measure discriminates the important blocks of the image efficiently. Smoothness measure identifies less noisy blocks efficiently. Hence, in this work image fusion in Slant Transform domain using smoothness is proposed.

Smoothness of slant transformed blocks are compared to select the important block from multiple images. Proposed method is suitable for multi-focus image fusion. Considering the life span of a solar PV power plant more than 20years, the study on meteorological parameters such as the latitude, ambient temperature, humidity and pollution level is necessary for choosing the right PV technology and precisely forecasting the power generation.

The negative impact on environment of the unrestrained population growth has also been discussed. This study assessed five different solar photovoltaic PV technologies - monocrystalline silicon mcSi , polycrystalline silicon pcSi , amorphous silicon aSi , copper indium gallium diselenide CIGS , and Cadmiun Telluride CdTe in various smart cities located in different zones of India using PVsyst simulation software and facilitated the PV installers to plan and identify the best PV technology for a particular smart city.

Thin film technologies - CIGS and CdTe has better performance ratios PR and capacity utilisation factor CUF in all six zones due to their low temperature power coefficient and ability to perform in low light or diffuse radiation condition. It prompts the accessibility of greatly extensive amounts images that need aid labeled toward clients.

Content Based Retrieval system contingent upon low level features. Content based Image retrieval utilization the machine learning approach on take care of the image Category features issues. So, there is need to utilized color texture based feature to extract image characteristic. Weakness on the construction of user application will allow the hacker or attacker to steal user information.

Spyware is one type of attack that steel user sensitive information without user knowledge. The proposal states that the method and technique used to detect and prevent the user application from malicious attack using deep learning AI Artificial intelligence. The edge oriented based image processing plays the major role in the Image processing technique.

The current real time applications demands low complexity, low cost and high performance devices for portable applications and it is achieved through CMOS-VLSI technology. This paper presents an efficient approach for edge-oriented image scaling processor Technique with low power and low complexity VLSI architecture design for edge-oriented area of image pixel scaling technique. This paper approaches the horizontal scaling and vertical scaling processor technique for improving the size of the image with better image quality than the existing image scaling processor.

The horizontal and vertical image scaling processor technique is implemented in the proposed technology in order to improve the input image size of X image into X with better image quality. The Proposed five stage VLSI architecture consists of three phases such as edge orientation, vertical scaling and horizontal pixels scaling blocks respectively.

Customer is now at the driving seat of new financial industry scenario as the whole control is now in the hands of customer. Due to the prospering technology, traditional banking has totally changed. Banks need to establish a new customer driven environment with innovation in business models. Being a most trending technology many organizations wants to adopt clouds as a cost effective strategy ,to provide innovative client services and to increase and manage IT efficiency.

But banking industry still have some issues such as security ,privacy ,compliance and authenticity which somewhere produces an obstacle to adopt this flexible and agile technology. So there is a need for some mechanism which can provide a secured cloud environment in banking industry. This paper also shows features of clouds and security challenges of clouds in banking industry. The retrieval operation based on the sha pe details defined in a sketch input is used for image region descriptor and a distance based mapping approach is developed for image retrieval in a database system.

The search overhead, decision accuracy and feature representation is constraint to such sketch based approach, hence in this paper, a context re-ranking model based on feedback modeling is proposed. The approach has an advantage of faster retrieval performance compared to the conventional retrieval system. The validation is made with the simulation result developed for the proposed approach over the conventional benchmark approach.

In this research work concludes with a discussion of relevant open areas for further research. Numerous scientists chipping away at it so as to pick up the same number of uses from this imaginative innovation so as to use as vitality sparing building material that grants transmission of light into indoor condition and this solid go about as an engineering reason for good aesthetical perspective of the building. Translucent concrete is, acquired by inserting optical strands in it. This solid has light-trans missive properties because of these inserted light optical components. Light is led through the concrete from one end to the next.

DNA fingerprinting in forensics: past, present, future

Contingent upon the fiber structure, these outcomes into a specific light pattern on the other surface. These strands transmit light so viably that there is supplant traditional concrete by this new and testing material. This is a creative building envelope chiefly utilized for sunlight porousness for the misty parts of outside veneers and rooftops.

This solid for all intents and purposes there is no loss of light led through the filaments. Not just there is the great quality and light entry by utilizing optical filaments yet since the optical strands have less density than that of concrete thus by utilizing optical strands in concrete we get light weight concrete with adequate different properties and valuable number of uses. This can be achieved by intimating the accident to the nearby emergency unit in minimal time by using artificial intelligence based on the severity of accidents.

In existing methods, the accidents are detected using On-based unit, and transmitted to the control unit using nearby antennas, where the severity of the accidents are classified using data-mining. Then the fetched data is compared with existing accident dataset which it is retrieved from previous accidents, the analysed results are then transmitted to the nearby emergency unit [1], [2].

The energy is mostly wasted by huge number of nodes even they are inactive. WSN is a collection of different technologies like embedded, processing, and communication technology. The use of WSN gets widened in the fields of health care, traffic management, monitoring of environment, and management during disaster. The main intention of research aims to analyze the WSN and propose a power aware routing protocol PARP to reduce consumption of energy by the wireless node in congestion. The proposed routing protocol works by constructing a multicast tree to send message to the destination with less effort and energy.

In order to control multicast delivery system, this work selects the node nearest WSN node for the perfect position to the forwarding node for preserving the energy between two neighboring goals that is placed in multicast tree.

More titles to consider

This research work uses the Network Simulator version 2 NS2 for evaluation purpose and the performance metrics as throughput, packet delivery ratio, energy consumption, and delay. Because of high thickness and portability of nodes, conceivable dangers and road accidents are expanding. Wireless communication permits sending safety and other basic data. The essential structure goal of these applications is to serve the clients and give security of human lives amid their journey. This framework likewise used to counteract Sybil attack by limiting timestamps given by RsU at a beginning stage itself.

An attacker is one of sort of end client, yet their role in the system is negative and makes issues for different segments of system. A serious attack, known as Sybil attack, against ad-hoc networks includes an attacker misguidedly asserting numerous characters. A Sybil attack delivers different messages to different nodes.

Every message contains distinctive source personality. PRBAA is utilized to characterize the requests acquired from various nodes so as to furnish prompt reaction to crisis nodes with less time delay. Advancement in technology has minimized human effort and time. Eluding side effects due to technology growth has direct or indirect impact on human health.

Cause, effects, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of EHS is discussed in this paper. The evidence of causality of exposures in effect is evaluated by means of criteria list. Other functional impairments with similar symptoms, causes and effects are also discussed. This paper discusses the e-survey conducted on different age group affected due to the effect of EHS.

Hence from a limited quantity of research in this area concludes that diagnosis and awareness of EHS need to be improved to safeguard the mankind. The concept was hosted in bitcoin cryptocurrency systems for distribution of coins in a distributed ledger system. Introduction of smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain explored various distinct applications ranging from financial services, supply chain management, healthcare amid others. However, current set of literatures focus more on development and realization of blockchain and petite work is done on mathematical models, performance analysis and optimization of blockchain systems.

The research founds its limitation in acceptance rate is always one unit larger than the arrivals of blocks termed as an ergodic condition for stable working of the complete system. While we talk about the affordability and quality assurance in health-care industry, several statistical analysis is carried on to make health solutions more precise and flawless in this current era of increasing health problems and chronic diseases.

Advancements on data driven intelligent technologies is disease diagnosis and detection, treatment and research are remarkable. Medical image analysis, symptom based disease prediction is the part where the most sought after brains are working. In this paper we aim to present our proposed model on the prediction on diagnosis of cardio vascular disease with ECG analysis and symptom based detection. The model aims to be researched and advance in further to become robust and end to end reliable research tool. We will discuss about the classical methods and algorithms implemented on CVD prediction, gradual advancements, draw comparison of performance among the existing systems and propose an enhanced multi-module system performing better in terms of accuracy and feasibility.

Implementation , training and testing of the modules have been done on datasets obtained from UCI and Physionet data repositories. Data format have been modified in case of the ECG report data for betterment of action by the convolutional neural network used in our research and in the risk prediction module we have chosen attributes for training and implementing the multi-layered neural network developed by us. The further research and advancement possibilities are also mentioned in the paper.

This paper deals with multimedia hiding system in which secret multimedia file is kept hidden in dual cover images. The proposed model takes the secret multimedia file and divided it among two cover images of same dimensions and size. The multimedia files are considered as a continuous byte and then it is vertically split into two halves, in which one half is the most significant half bytes, and the other half is the least significant half bytes.

Then the two halves are embedded inside the two cover images using a four bit least significant replacement technique. To avoid capture of stego images by an attacker, it is expected to sent stego images separately through different channels. The secret multimedia file can be extracted by combining least significant half bytes of two stego images. The recovered secret multimedia file is similar in structure and content with original hidden multimedia file. References: Pilkington, M ,Blockchain technology: principles and applications.

Browser Download This Paper, Atzori, M ,Blockchain technology and decentralized governance: Is the state still necessary? Where is current research on blockchain technology? PloS one, 11 10 , e Mattila, J. The blockchain phenomenon—the disruptive potential of distributed consensus architectures No. The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy. Ekblaw, A. Authors: Saher Manaseer, Oroba M. Al-Nahar, Abdallah S. References: Lee, H. A Mobile Ad-Hoc network multipath routing protocol based on biological attractor selection for disaster recovery communication, The Korean Institute of Communications Information Sciences.

ICT Express 1 86— International Association of Online Engineering. Chen, T. Network Traffic Modeling. Hossein Bidgoli ed. Floyd and V. Networking, vol. An engineering approach to computer networking: ATM networks, the Internet, and the telephone network. Addison-Wesley Longman Publishing Co. Mohammed, S. M Sani, D. Computer engineering and intelligent systems journal, Vol 4, No 4, Thompson, K. Wide-area Internet traffic patterns and characteristics. IEEE Network, Flickenger, R.

Chandrasekaran, B. References: Aubert and P. New York: Springer-Verlag, Caselles, F. Catte, T.

Microperimetry’s expanding role

Coll, and F. Caselles, R. Kimmel, and G. Chan and L. Process, vol. Scale Space Meth. Kumar, P. Olver, A. Tannenbaum, and A. Kimmel, A.