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  1. How To Hire A New Jersey Private Investigator And What To Look Out For
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Learn How to Become a Private Investigator

The course is professionally designed, interactive and packed with information that will give you peace of mind and confidence. We will answer all your questions and do everything we can to prepare you for your Ontario Private Investigator Testing. It is important to note, that CTS is in no way associated with the Ontario Ministry of Communtiy Safety and Correctional Services, and as such we do not claim to have any knowledge of the Ontario Private Investigator Exam questions and actual content.

How To Hire A New Jersey Private Investigator And What To Look Out For

This program has been developed for you specifically. The course will be engaging, relevant, practical and fun. Expand What careers are in my future?

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Private Investigator

Catalog No. This course covers the basics of locating individuals using open sources of information, ethical considerations for investigators, constitutional law application and current investigative practices as preparation for success as a private investigator, corporate and private security or insurance claim investigator.

Includes lessons on developing a business and marketing plan and preparing for the Wisconsin Private Detective license exam. View Course Outcomes.

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The course will provide the student with the skills necessary to conduct general investigations related to both criminal and civil liability. Best practices and strategies will be presented.

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The student will learn of the benefits of open source information; the application of criminal and civil law in proving elements of a crime or determining fault, the legal parameters to conducting investigations, and the required standards to submitting investigative results in court. An examination will be made of the various career paths available in this field. This includes corporate security, insurance and worker compensation, private investigations and public safety.