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Too bad. Some of them were really talented. What would we find under your bed? I kind of just chuck them on the floor when I change into my pajamas, then shove them under the bed when Adam visits.


SRP Heroine Interview: Jane Colt from Artificial Absolutes

And then I forget about them until I run out of tops or something. What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I can fly starships! I took some piloting lessons my second year at university because I wanted to prove to Devin that I could do anything he could.

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Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it? Barnes and Noble. Next Stops. The Absolutes Tour.

Cover Reveal: Wayward Stars by Mary Fan - Ruru Reads

February 25, Through March 15, February Review on Mallory Heart Reviews. February Interview on KBoards. March 2: Guest Post on Writing Sleuth. March 4: Interview on The IndieView. No comments:.

The Jane Colt Trilogy

Newer Post Older Post Home. Devin meets Sarah DeHaven, the most famous singer in the galaxy, while Jane meets Adam Palmer, a Via priest, who makes Jane like him in a way she cannot explain. Jane witnesses Adam being kidnapped.

From now on, Artificial Absolutes turns into a real rollercoaster of a read. Devin flees together with Jane who hopes to find Adam.

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What I loved about the book is that I felt like I was watching a movie — the descriptions are so well done that I had no problem visualizing everything I was reading about. If you are a sci-fi lover, Artificial Absolutes is a must-read for you!


Jane Colt is just another recent college grad working as an Interstellar Confederation office drone—until the day she witnesses her best friend, Adam, kidnapped by a mysterious criminal. An extensive cover-up thwarts her efforts to report the crime, shaking her trust in the authorities. Only her older brother, Devin, believes her account.

Devin hopes to leave behind his violent past and find peace in a marriage to the woman he loves. That hope shatters when he discovers a shocking secret that causes him to be framed for murder.