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It was only a matter of minutes before the silence of the woods was overtaken by loud repeating swooshes that ran through the tops of the ancient trees. I tilted my head back to see not one, but two enormous black birds crisscrossing the sky, dancing back and forth, up and down, side to side.

I put my dirty hands in the air thinking that if I tried hard enough, I could touch one when it floated past. I sat down and took off my pack, barely noticing a friend from my group had caught up and laid right beside me. We both sat in silence, watching and listening to the great show, pretending that nothing else in the world ever existed before or after those damn birds took to the illustration.

Issue Two - Winter You could just as surge in images of women out- easily find her climbing in the mountains as doors - women, in terms of trend, rediscovering her hometown. She explores with are having a major moment. Simply put, we we wanted to ask are on a journey to discover something deeper ourselves: What and more meaningful.

We interviewed a dynamic group of women in the outdoors and almost engineering-like with varied levels of traditional outdoor experi- mentality of de- ence to find out. The modern outdoors woman ciphering maps, is inquisitive and kind, willing to introduce less putting experienced friends to the outdoors.

She is chopping wood, beyond stoked to collaborate, and her competi- women connect tive nature, although present while in motion, is with the emo- more passive when creating content. She is just as Then there are comfortable casting a line as she is shopping on- also those of us line, and is constantly daydreaming about trips who like the adrenaline rush, but not with- modern doors johnie gall, dirtbag darling and adventures.

Men like buying things sas ha cox, trail mavens and boards by women, for women. Social media offers me a engaged. Wom- sense of instant community in a space where en get pumped I used to lack many female friendships. Women want contemporary silhouettes, in these scenic trend-driven color options and prints that vistas? Well, are more evolved than paisleys and daisies.

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The rest wore leg- lived that expe- gings because they were more flattering on rience already. We know our misogynistic, you truly support the female textbook definition of an outdoor woman athletes on your team, and you make gear is someone who skis, snowboards, climbs, and clothing women actually want. All the pastel fabrics or producing short and soft women we spoke with were different, but skis.

Odds are, on classic fabric. Timberland, Topo Designs, Dickies and Chrome. We are on stylish, versatile and apparel- an Italian Market mission to cook up some belly-warming beef and acorn stew with our favorite local crew. However, when alike. Manhattan Portage packs were worn like a badge Manhattan Portage founder John Peters decided to design of honor by in-the-know New Yorkers, the iconic red a new version of the commuter-friendly pack in the early label of the city skyline proudly emblazoned on every bag. Bozeman, Montana is so hot right now.

Kletterwerks set up shop in Boz- the country, Bozeman has always played an man the holiest of grails. Bridger Bowl, a eman over 40 years ago when Dana Gleason integral role in introducing Americans to non-profit, community owned ski resort that started making packs for climbing and ski- the expansive West. Due to lack of money There are a total of 77 named ranges Yellowstone National Park is the spread about a new material that was sup- of life and all corners of the Native Americans, representing 11 different tribes, living in Montana.

Wayne Gregory, George Kelty and some of the early founders of Jansport. A rumor had the size of a dinner plate, and was recorded on January 28, Upon arrival to MSU, Buck Since the launch of Kletterwerks in , decided he needed a bag he could use for Dana Gleason has successfully cultivated, school, so he started sewing his own packs sold and relaunched a bevvy of brands, in- inspired by river duffels.

In , Caravan Skis was born out modern additions and industrial materi- ing. City slickers from all world—on the map. Not to mention that the rely heavily on the architecture of design. At the end in the stockyard. A great choice for your breakfast fix, Wild Crumb with durable, vulcanized rubber bottoms. Their boots are you can expect the ridge line to be packed with locals. We can attest Patagonia fleeces. Catering to both men and women, to the freshness and quality of their offerings since we you can not only pick up some handmade wearable h ya l i t e.

Whether you prefer fishing, hiking, climbing or 3 Blackbird Kitchen b lackb i r dkitch e n. The 12 Hyalite Canyon entrees, which are made with local and organic The Filling Station mountain biking, Hyalite Canyon has something for ingredients. Reserving a campsite, not so much. This is why Hipcamp exists. C Hipcamp is a new way to discover and book campsites. There are a wealth of options to Texas and plans to encompass the entire Western United States aimed at landing you the perfect itinerary at the right price.

Why should by summer Ideally, each step ofthe process for the entire country could be done via Hipcamp, from research Hipcamp is more than just the and planning to booking and even sharing the antidote to Reserve America. Since Eric Bach told us. He later co-founded the company with Alyssa.

The founders built a website as easy to navigate as it is never explored. Girdles and onepiece models are on display here, both of which were gradually replaced by the lighter-weight versions. In the s, barriers were broken down between these two fields of dress. The conservative nature of the fabric was echoed by the restrained cut of the golfing skirt—inverted pleats that did not swing around the body so widely that they made the wearer off balance.

Skiing and flying, which belonged to the new generation of sports, demanded flashy metallic detail, dazzling snow white, or the nearest thing to primary colors. Waterproof yet pliable ski mittens were made of chromed leather with a metallic finish horsehide.

Upcoming 2014 Wedding Trends Predicted by The Knot

Buckles and zippers were used experimentally as outer details on garments whose component parts could be detached and rearranged to perform a new function and create a new garment within seconds. For example, in , the house of Redfern, an established producer of yachting wear, designed a white velvet skating outfit whose skirt zipped off to become a scarf.

Tennis, Anyone? Caleb Saleeby. In Search of Sun and Sport. She was instantly recognizable by the colored bandeau wound around her head, matching her monogrammed sleeveless cardigan. The low-cut neckline of the dress featured an ingenious lapel that could be buttoned up to the neck after the match. Together, she and Lenglen changed the face of tennis since their less restrictive clothes helped to speed up the game. Nevertheless, modesty and convention demanded that they continue to wear white stockings— baring the legs was a freedom and privilege as yet restricted to the seaside resort.

The influence of Coco Chanel is felt strongly in these outfits, especially the three-piece suit with geometric-patterned sweater.


Those who had sufficient wealth and time on their hands to travel abroad paraded the decks of their yachts or the esplanades of the new seaside resorts. The pages of Vogue featured the Palm Beach and Riviera styles—beach trousers and backless bathing suits. These originated in the Paris couture houses but could be bought in the growing number of boutiques catering to this leisured outdoor life under the sun. She wore sunburn stockings with white satin shoes whose Spanish spike heels were fully six inches high.

Bathing beauties under a sunshade inspired by the artist Dufy. The painter Vanessa Bell, sister of writer Virginia Woolf, favored strong shades of purple and vermilion and rummaged around the markets of Europe for old fabrics and costumes.

Fashions of a Decade the 1920's

Artist Walter Sickert, then in his sixties, dressed in loud, large-checked suits with a white bowler hat, while fellow artist Duncan Grant chose working dress in slightly quieter hues—a loose-fitting tweed jacket, open-necked shirt with bandana, and corduroy trousers. Artistic women wore gypsy-type clothes, dirndl skirts with nipped-in waists, and head scarves instead of the more formal hat. The writer Djuna Barnes was instantly recognizable by her dramatic black cloak, while a woman calling herself Baronin von Freytag-von-Loringhoven took everything to extremes by wearing black lipstick and yellow face powder and shaving her head.

Raymond Duncan, brother of barefoot dancer Isadora, founded a school for the study of Greek arts and crafts in Neuilly, Paris, where he lived collectively in a vegetarian colony and wore handwoven cloths based on Greek vase paintings. One end of his elegant tunic was flung across his left shoulder, and his bare feet, in the simplest of thonged sandals, were immaculately clean…. He spoke with the flat twang of a mid-west farmer.

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They wore soft turn-down collars and enormous ties. The figure in the center, wearing a formal black-andwhite evening suit, is recognizable as a woman only by her elegant feminine shoes. This may have been a subconscious attempt to redress the postwar imbalance of men and women. This included the Paris-based lesbian writer Radclyffe Hall and various artists.

Like the Bloomer costume of the s, the fashion was caricatured mercilessly. Although this received much publicity and heated debates followed its formation in , its impact was mainly among theorists, and its ideas were never widely adopted.

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We have already seen how the Prince of Wales influenced fashion on both sides of the Atlantic by, for example, his stylish adoption of the Fair Isle sweater and how the leather jackets of aviators, heroes of the modern age, filtered into more casual civilian wear. Tennis, too, had a huge following in the s and a corresponding effect on fashion. US tennis champion Bill Tilden popularized the tennis sweater— a cream or white cable-knit sweater with bands of color at collar and waist. The anonymity of traveling, however, made them acceptable.

Many of these less restrictive garments have remained elements of stylish dressing ever since the s, a decade when innovations in fashion stemmed from the occupations, sports, and pastimes of the upper classes. The age of fashion movements coming from the street and work wear did not arrive until much later in the century. In Conclusion Fashion was made available to a broader sector of the public as a result of modern retail policies and the idea that consumerism meant emancipation.

Lighter garments of simpler cut and the electrification of the factories also made mass production possible. In many ways, the twenties established the themes and marketing policies that would be developed in the post-World War II period and that are so familiar to us today. Trading on the traditional image of theater people as bohemian, Coward set the tone for a softer male image, especially in his trademark silk dressing gowns.

She has painted furniture and a needlepoint armchair in a riot of color, and even the teapot and dishes are of the latest rounded design. League of Nations has its first session. Lenin introduces new economic policy in Russia. Partition of Ireland. First birth control clinic in London founded by Marie Stopes. Mussolini becomes the first Fascist dictator in Europe. Mahatma Ghandi imprisoned for taking an anti-British stance. USSR formed. Collapse of deutsch mark gives rise to protesting factions, including Nazis.

Ku Klux Klan reign of terror in America. Progress in public health: tetanus and diphtheria immunization introduced. Passenger air travel begins. British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley.

Il Sarcofago di Spitzmaus e altri Tesori

Olympic Games, Paris. Britain returns to the Gold Standard. Cocktails from America are taken up by smart society in Western Europe. New homes are being installed with electricity. General Strike in Britain. Death of Rudolph Valentino. Scotsman John Logie Baird demonstrates the first successful television system to scientists in London.

American Charles Lindbergh makes first solo flight across the Atlantic. Freestyle, barefoot dancer Isadora Duncan is killed. Kuomintang takes Shanghai, afterward Red Army is set up in China.

17 Best Knitted Hats - Vintage Patterns images in | Crocheted hats, Knit caps, Knit hats

Indian National Congress demands Dominion status for India. Stalin launches Five Year Plan; Trotsky is exiled. Herbert Hoover becomes U. Wall Street Crash. Second Labour Government in Britain; first woman cabinet minister appointed. Arab-Jewish rioting in Palestine. Graf Zeppelin makes around-the-world flight. French tennis star Suzanne Lenglen wins Wimbledon for second year running. Expansion of public sports grounds, golf courses, etc. American Johnny Weissmuller the original Tarzan is first man to swim meters in under a minute.

Art Deco exhibition held in Paris. Charleston and Black Bottom arrive in Europe, taking over from the waltz and fox trot. Louis Armstrong forms the Hot Fives jazz band. Milne writes Winnie the Pooh. Henry Seagrave exceeds mph in land speed bid. Salvador Dali makes his first surrealist film, Un Chien Andalou. Kodak produces first 16 mm color photographic film but popular box cameras still restricted to black and white. Ensembles are now accepted as easy wear. Debutante Daisy Fellows challenges convention wearing black when presented to the Queen at Buckingham Palace instead of the traditional white.

The Prince of Wales now orders all his trousers to be made with cuffs, and unlike his father wears suits in town. Soviet Atelier of Fashion is formed. Bobbed hair becomes the rage. The Textile Color Card Association of the United States is formed, an attempt to establish a standard system of colors identified by numbers. The hemline is the shortest in history. US production of rayon viscose reaches 53 million pounds for the year. More masculine elements enter female dress.

Finding Antique and Vintage Knitting Manuals // Casual Friday 2-22

Jeanne Lanvin opens first boutique for men. Patent leather shoes are new. Nancy Cunard, wearing African bangles to the elbows, is photographed by Man Ray. The press declares "fever chart" hemlines. Hat brims return to fashion. A new femininity: hemlines are now longer for daywear, as well as evening. Glossary Art Deco A geometric style of decorative art. Avant-garde French for vanguard Supporting or expressing the newest ideas and techniques in an art.

Batik A textile onto which the design is drawn in wax before dyeing. Bauhaus German school of art and architecture, founded by Walter Gropius in , forced to close under the Nazis in Through s produced printed and woven fashion fabrics including designs by French painter Raoul Dufy. Callot Soeurs Three sisters of Russian ancestry who in s set up Paris fashion house.

Exotic evening dresses combining Chinese motifs, lavish embroidery, plumes, lace and antique textiles. Carnegie, Hattie — American designer who assembled her first fashion collection in —neat gray worsted suits, straight skirts, jeweled buttons were her hallmark. In she launched readyto-wear collections. Known for simple, functional garments of wool jersey, especially sweaters and pleated skirts.

Recognized the importance of sportswear, put the little black dress on the map, and encouraged the fashion for costume jewelry. Constructivism Dynamic, very exact, nonrepresentational style of art bridging art and industry that originated in Russia. Cubism Movement in painting seeking to represent several aspects of the same object or group of objects viewed from different angles within one composition, using cubes and other solid geometrical figures.

Diaghilev, Serge — Russian, a member of the artistic and literary circle of St. Created the Ballets Russes, which first performed Paris in Ferragamo, Salvatore — Innovative Italian shoe designer and manufacturer, who made a name for himself in Hollywood, then set up company in Florence, Italy in Fortuny, Mariano — Spanish, but working in Venice from , painter and stage designer as well as creator of textiles and dress.

Designed simple garments with rich fabric effects and details such as lace and eyelet fastenings weighted with Venetian glass beads. Futurism Art movement claiming to anticipate or point the way to the future. Futurist artists created a feeling of dynamic motion in their works. Lelong, Lucien French couturier. Opened fashion house Created models for his wife, the society beauty Princess Natalie Paley, who publicized his style.

Lepape, Georges — One of the leading French fashion illustrators. Lucile Lucy Wallace Duff Gordon c. Claimed credit for liberating women from corsets and introducing new bright colors. Lucile also designed luxurious lingerie. Molyneux, Edward — British, trained by Lucile. Set up his own establishment in Paris in , creating classic clothes of restrained elegance. Patou, Jean — French couturier involved in fashion design from Formed his own establishment in One of first Parisian couturiers to market wholesale copies of original models. Poiret, Paul — Worked with Paris houses of Doucet and Worth before opening his own salon in Created clothes of simple cut, brilliant colors, and rich textures.

The first couturier to introduce perfume. Post-impressionism Art movement following impressionism, aiming to express the spiritual quality of things, rather than a realistic representation of their physical appearance. Rodchenko, Alexander — Russian Constructivist involved in socially useful applications of art after the Revolution—especially graphics and photography. Rodier French company founded by Paul Rodier, said to have produced 5, textile designs per year for innovative and exclusive haute couture fabrics, mostly in wool and linen. He employed cottage hand weavers in Picardy.

Schiaparelli, Elsa — Born in Rome, Schiaparelli developed reputation as fashion designer in Paris from c. This Autumn , women's fashion hats range from simple berets, Aran knit cable patterns, rib knit hats, cloche hats, felted hats, beanies, baker boy caps, Dr Zhivago fur hats and trilby styles.

With layering all the rage this fall then hats are a great way to slip on another layer. On the left we see a black Trilby hat topping off a black fifties suit trimmed with a mink collar and by Conran. On the right we see the Trilby hat by high street retailer Laura Ashley. The trilby was first seen in the Victorian era when millinery supplies were big business. In the Victorian era if you wanted to get ahead you got a hat. The Trilby gained prominence as the hat of choice in the s when it supplanted stiffer styles.

It was an all purpose narrow flexible brim hat that was much less rigid than earlier more sombre stiff designs. The name Trilby is from the style of hat selected for wear in at the first London performance of the play based on George du Maurier's novel Trilby. The style was worn especially for sporting and country wear. But soon it looked more formal than any other style of hat as casual wear or no hat became the norm. Ladies hats had a revival in the s when a youthful Princess Diana helped popularize a woman's hat.

The Trilby and the beret were both popular hat styles around the mid s. This winter many fashion companies have produced variations of the Trilby. Expect to see it in a wide range of materials from angora to classic wool checks like this fine example right from Accessorize. Most ordinary ladies hats are everyday, pull-on functional and easy to wear hats. They are also small enough to keep in your capacious handbag when not on your head. On chill winter days a hat like a beanie, a beret or a Baker Boy cap should keep you warm and safe. The most simple of hat styles for both sexes is a pull on or beanie hat closely followed by a beret shape.

Both types are easy to make yourself by either sewing, knitting, crocheting or felting. But this season there are plenty of beanie hat, beret or tam o'shanter varieties to choose from in the stores. When I think of a beanie I think of a plain close fitting hat that probably 50 years ago was more like a bobble hat or ski cap. Once bobbles and tassels are removed you are left with a close fitting basic cover for the skull like this beanie hat shown left.

This great easy to wear beanie is from Dorothy Perkins and is teamed with an on trend grey jersey top, wider trousers and all finished off with a contrast bow belt. The model looks great and the outfit is as always for Dorothy Perkins, value for money and is inexpensive. But modern beanies have great variation. They can be very close fitting jersey knits, textured cable yarn knits, fleece hats, felted wool hats, thicker fuller rib hats and also made of special thermal insulation fabrics like Gore-Tex. You may also call a beanie a beany. This ivory white cable knit beanie to the right is by Burberry.