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The children start rebelling and with it, betrayal. Charles of Habsburg, a duke from Austria, arrives in Spain to battle his adversaries and falls madly in love with Isabel of Portugal. Passion is guaranteed. The childhood, crowning and wedding of one of the most influential women in Spain's history, Isabel de Castilla. A Spaniard with a dark past.

Her son on a quest to find his father. A young socialite escaping her abusive stepfather.

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They all live together in Hotel Galicia. A priest with a traumatic childhood tries to guide several of his most vulnerable parishioners through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Piljoo has the perfect plan to destroy the powerful family that ruined his life.

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All he needs to do is push the woman he loves to marry another man. Intending to aid her family, a beautiful young girl accepts the job in a prominent model casting agency, only to discover their girls are hired for something else Set in the s, in this Portuguese drama, Dalia returns home after the sudden death of her mother. Living and working in the neighborhood, La Lagunilla, two friends, Paloma and Laura, long to find true love.

Marichuy is a teenager who grew up in an orphanage. She escapes before her fifteenth birthday, and starts to find her way in life. Three identical triplets are separated after a car accident. Marimar is beautiful, illiterate and poor. Left at the altar, Regina becomes cold and bitter. The past of the Altamirano family will interfere in the love between Fernanda and Carlos. Together, they will have to fight against lies and ambition.

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Veronica is a victim of the cunning of her cousin Virginia and Martin, who wants to avenge the death of his brother. Only love will fix everything.

After meeting Maximiliano, she will fight for his love, start to believe again and be happy. A group of students attending a prestigious boarding school en Mexico form a band that is destined to become iconic. The series follows the adventures of Sarah, a very kind, polite seven-year-old girl and her best friend Duck, a mallard.

Sincronia Events 9- Hitabaldaäs @ Subversalles (pt.2)

Friendship, imagination and lots of problem solving. Join Nelly and Nora, two sisters who spend their holidays in a camping park with their family on a farm beside the sea. Andy Day is a fun explorer with a passion for wild creatures. Join Andy as he travels through amazing and entertaining adventures.

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Sincronia ( Madrid )

Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: Nuevo. Radiestesia medica editado por Sincronia. Seller Inventory AGP Language: Spanish. Brand New Book.

Radiestesia Médica: El péndulo al servicio de la salud (SINCRONIA TERAPIA)

Seller Inventory ARN Condition: Brand New. Spanish language.