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From now on, the upper deck is yours, you are responsible, you make the decisions. I will support you, and when you make a wrong decision, reassess and make the right decision. Around this time, flight attendants told him that a large group of German passengers, filling an entire section of the cabin, was getting restless and concerned. Some had not understood the PA announcements in English.

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Von Reth spoke with them in German, the information calmed them, and he agreed to repeat subsequent PA announcements in German. Others requested PA announcements in Spanish and French, but after updating them in those languages, he declined. One exception to his self-imposed narrow focus was attending to an elderly female passenger who had collapsed onto the floor, and was receiving oxygen from a flight attendant. The passenger showed signs of a possible panic attack — fainting, lying down and shaking.

Coincidentally, when she spoke, von Reth realized that she only spoke a dialect similar to his own first language, a German dialect.

QF32: what's been done to improve safety

Everything is under control [and explained the situation]. Von Reth directed them to secure the cabin for landing, stow loose objects, secure themselves into their jump seats, mentally rehearse the ABC able-bodied passengers, brace position, and commands to passengers during an evacuation impact drill and perform their silent review of memorized emergency checklist items. Von Reth described this landing phase as a very tense time for passengers, yet they complied with crewmember instructions as the aircraft stopped. There was not one firefighter in sight, no rescue personnel, nothing.

All passengers remain seated and await further instructions. This allows the crew to immediately activate the escape slides should they be needed. The threats presented by the fuel leak prompted von Reth to immediately try again to call the captain but each call attempt failed, so he considered going to the flight deck. At about the same time, de Crespigny called him and said that airport emergency service AES firefighters already were positioned out of sight behind the aircraft, assessing the situation while applying aqueous film-forming foam and washing away the leaked fuel from the runway underneath the aircraft.

Von Reth repeated the essence of this information to passengers.

Aircrash Investigation Qantas Flight 32 Documentary HD

No electronics. Switch it all off immediately.

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  • Put it away. Because I was so tense, they got the message.

    Investigations & Reports

    Moreover, evacuating QF32 passengers with the aircraft crew remaining inside, given the threats outside the aircraft, was not an ideal situation. De Crespigny told ASW the key concerns. They also decided to leave the remaining doors armed, with cabin crewmembers at those doors ready to activate the respective escape slides until all of the passengers were off the aircraft. Contrary to Qantas procedures for selection of the precautionary evacuation door, the AES commander selected the main-deck, two-right 2R door, von Reth said.

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