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The addition is correct but there is an error in your subtraction. We need many additions to our staff. This additional work will take about two hours more. In addition to my other worries, this has to happen. Do you need anything in addition? My address is How shall I address this letter? Tonight we are going to hear an address by our chairman.

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They complained about the city administration. During his administration a great many new laws were passed. The administration is opposed to these new taxes. The administration of a new drug curbed the epidemic. I was admiring the view. I admire his wit. How much is the admission? He made a frank admission.

Ask for me and you will be admitted. When were you admitted to the university? I admit that I was wrong. This child has been adopted. I can't adopt your view. Adults only. There are classes in foreign languages in our adult education project. There is an advance in price after six o'clock. What advances have been made in medicine recently? Could you advance me some money? Let me know in advance if you are coming. You have an advantage over him. This procedure has advantages and disadvantages.

I wish to take advantage of your offer. Take advantage of every opportunity. Don't let people take advantage of you. We did this under very advantageous conditions.

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Do you like adventure stories? It may prove to be a risky adventure. The store is advertising a sale. They are advertising for a cook. Where can I advertise for a used car? Her clothes are the best advertisement for her dressmaker. The play ran a big advertisement in the newspapers. He's connected with advertising in Los Angeles. She works for a big advertising firm in New York. My advice to you is to leave immediately. It may be advisable to go later. I don't need advisers! He was appointed adviser to the board. The aerial on our radio needs fixing.

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Must I always go through this? He has no ambition. He's hurt! Call an ambulance! He was an ambulance driver in the war. I am an American citizen. He is an American. Is your wife American or Russian? You're among friends. They quarreled among themselves. Just among ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed. We need a large amount of coal. What does the bill amount to? Why do you keep saying there's ample time?

That amuses me very much. I saw an amusing comedy last night. Are there any amusements here? I've become very interested in ancient art. Oh, that's ancient history! The room had only a bed, a table, and a chair. Measure each angle of the triangle. Let's not discuss that angle of the problem. What are you angry about? Don't feed the animals. Do you have any farm animals? They just announced that on the radio. Shall I announce you? They just announced their engagement.

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The arrangement of the furniture was very inconvenient. They made arrangements for his lecture at our college. The police made two arrests. Why have you been arrested? He's been under arrest for three days. The arrival of the ambassador was considered a hopeful sign. There isn't enough room for the new arrivals. When will we arrive in Moscow? Don't wait until we arrive. Did they arrive at a decision? This building contains many works of art.

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The gloves sell at five rubles a pair. I haven't got any money at all. We must do it, at all costs. It will take three days at best. At first we didn't like the town. I will be at home. At last the train has arrived. There were at least a hundred people present. Give me a dozen, or at most At most, it will take only three hours. I'll leave at once for Moscow. You know, it's been a very pleasant day at that. I can't work in such an unpleasant atmosphere. If you'd attached your belt securely to your dress you wouldn't have lost it. He's been attached to the embassy for many years.

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I hope to stay through the autumn. The autumn leaves are falling. All the doctor's efforts to save him were of no avail. Avail yourself of every opportunity while you're at school. Every available car was being used. My address in New York is Third Avenue. The average of the class is lower than usual. What is the average temperature here? It averages out in the end. Average this column of figures for me. On the average I go to the movies once a week.

Avoid that at all costs. I'm not wide awake yet. I was awakened at five o'clock. When is he going to awaken to his responsibilities? He's well aware of what is going on at the office. He's aware of his shortcomings. It is thirty kilometers away. How long have you been away? Have you been away? We are giving this away free. Please take this away. Don't throw anything away. An awful accident happened yesterday. We have been having awful weather. He behaved so awfully that I was ashamed. Whose baby is this? She is sewing baby clothes.

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You've got that sweater on backward. She runs a school for backward children. He's very backward about asking for anything. It was a bad idea to wait so long. His affairs went from bad to worse. The butter went bad. This bag is not big enough. Bring my bags up to my room.

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Were you ever up in a balloon? The band played a march. I need a new hat band. They banded together to hire a guide. The women spent the morning rolling bandages. You'd better bandage the wound at once. She was startled by a loud bang. Stop banging on the piano! The river overflowed its banks. We should deposit this money in a bank.

Please remove this bank of sand. He banked the airplane when he turned. Please bank the fire at night. I wouldn't bank on it if I were you. That was some banquet she served! They gave a banquet in his honor. Where's that bar of soap? Put the bar across the door. The fallen tree barred our way. He was standing at the bar when I walked into the club. Meet me in the bar. Where is there a barber? Can you direct me to a barber shop? Don't touch the pot with bare hands.

The apartment was completely bare when we moved in. When the flag passed, they bared their heads. I'm telling you the bare truth. You'll find many bargains there. According to our bargain, you have to pay half. Tomorrow is bargain day at this store. Don't scrape the bark off that tree. Return to Book Page. Aleksandr Pushkin — Boris Godunov Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published February 22nd by Glagoslav Epublications first published More Details Original Title.

Boris Godunov. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. You can learn important things about a great writer by reading other great writers who have imitated him. Shakespeare was fascinated by political history, the motiva You can learn important things about a great writer by reading other great writers who have imitated him.

Shakespeare was fascinated by political history, the motivations of kings and would-be kings, and the young Pushkin—an early admirer of Byron, the philosophes , and the revolutions in America and France—was fascinated by political history too. When the boy, at the age of ten, was found dead, Godunov was thought responsible. Six years Already have I reigned in peace; but joy Dwells not within my soul.

Even so in youth We greedily desire the joys of love, But only quell the hunger of the heart With momentary possession. We grow cold, Grow weary and oppressed! In vain the wizards Promise me length of days, days of dominion Immune from treachery--not power, not life Gladden me; I forebode the wrath of Heaven And woe. For me no happiness. Now I feel it; naught can give us peace Mid worldly cares, nothing save only conscience! Healthy she triumphs over wickedness, Over dark slander; but if in her be found A single casual stain, then misery. With what a deadly sore my soul doth smart; My heart, with venom filled, doth like a hammer Beat in mine ears reproach; all things revolt me, And my head whirls, and in my eyes are children Dripping with blood; and gladly would I flee, But nowhere can find refuge--horrible!

Pitiful he whose conscience is unclean! When doing the tasks for a literary birthday Challenge I am participating in, I try each month to pick authors I have never read. I wanted to read a bit about Pushkin himself before starting so I visited wiki and while there read a separate link about this play which gave a short outline of the main details leading up to Boris becoming Tsar in the late 's and what went on after that. I When doing the tasks for a literary birthday Challenge I am participating in, I try each month to pick authors I have never read.

I am embarrassed to admit I had not known that Boris Godunov had been a real person. This is a play with only 25 short scenes, but a lot happens throughout. Court intrigue, mysterious deaths, battles, romance, treachery and murder. But was Boris really guilty of causing the death of Ivan the Terrible's youngest but illegitimate son? According to the wiki article, his guilt was never established in real life but Pushkin chose to believe Boris was guilty, in order to add more drama to the play.

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He also modeled this work on Shakespeare's Henry IV, which of course I will want to read soon so I can compare the two while Boris is still fresh in my mind. I liked the play; it flowed smoothly from scene to scene, and I was so caught up in the action I found myself holding my breath in more than one spot. This is another work that has shown me that Russian history and literature is not always as intimidating as I have thought. I am looking forward to exploring Russia more thoroughly, and will start with two more works by Pushkin.

View all 5 comments. Clearly, this play shows a vicious circle of corruption which pollutes the power of Russia and its tsars. The Russian people is depicted as credulous, and wanting vengeance for Dimitri's death; for them, Boris will always be tainted by the blood of the child he murdered. But, when, finally, view spoiler [the false Dimitri succeeds in reaching power, and becomes a tsar, he kills Boris's children, when they are innocent. Fiodor and Xenia, and their mother, die because he is afraid of their power? The people can't celebrate the false Dimitri anymore, because he did exactly what Boris did before I became a tsar: kill the tsarevitch, an innocent and promising boy.

I also learnt maybe things about Russia and its History: I know next to nothing about it, and it's something that I'm really interested in! Between treachery, intrigue, usurpation and hypocrisy, power is coveted, but doesn't always protects. It is written for the Tsar Nikoli I as an apology for his Decemberist friends. It is interesting to note that P was supposed to be in St. Petersberg to support his friends but a black cat had crossed his path so he returned home instead.

Later the Tsar asked P which side he would of been on and the poet answers truthfully; the Tsar then puts himself forward as to act as censor to P in future works. View all 8 comments. Pushkin was a great poet, but, on the evidence of this work, not a great playwright. The work, based on Shakepeare's Macbeth, suffers in comparison. While it is eminently readable, and well-constructed, it lacks variation. Shakespeare knew the value of breaking the narrative with interludes, whether sinister the witches in Macbeth or humorous, as in the case of Falstaff's various appearances in his historical plays.

In contrast, Pushkin doggedly pursues the narrative. Oh well, we can't ALL be Pushkin was a great poet, but, on the evidence of this work, not a great playwright. Oh well, we can't ALL be Shakespeare View 1 comment. Adrian Mitchell's adaption of Alexander Pushkin's "Boris Gudonov" is bright and fresh and a lot less "stodgy" than some translations of Pushkin's tale of 's Russia that he wrote as an allegory of 's Russian politics.

Pushkin drew heavily on Shakespeare for inspiration and there are clear flashes of "Macbeth" and the Histories, notably "Richard III" in the play. As well as livening up the text - and introducing some comic rhyming drunken monks - the main deviation from the original is in Adrian Mitchell's adaption of Alexander Pushkin's "Boris Gudonov" is bright and fresh and a lot less "stodgy" than some translations of Pushkin's tale of 's Russia that he wrote as an allegory of 's Russian politics. As well as livening up the text - and introducing some comic rhyming drunken monks - the main deviation from the original is in one change in scene order which makes logical sense and improves the flow.

As an adaptation it's very strong and is a fitting last project for Mitchell. The play itself though remains fraught with issues. Unlike virtually all Shakespeare plays in my view with the exception of Julius Caesar , it is a play that tends to work better as a read than in production in my view. The story is fascinating though. Boris Gudonov is the Tsar having murdered the young son of Ivan, Dimitry, who would normally have led the country.

However a bright young monk, Grigory, decides to adopt the persona of the murdered young prince, gaining support of the masses and international support to his claim. The problem in production with the play is that, while we are told of Boris's evil nature, whenever he appears on stage with the masses, he's behaving quite well and the advice he gives his own son on ruling is not too bad. Grigory on the other hand is no more than an upstart with high ambitions. Shakespeare, for all his rounded characters, always made the evilness of his villains clear but it's not clear here who we should be siding with.

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Mitchell isn't able to solve this fundamental issue with the play, but it is, nevertheless, a strong, modern adaptation of this Russian classic play. I'm sure it lost a lot in translation. Saw it in Stratford - without doubt better performed than read! Read in a book with all of Pushkin's drama snippets. I found them all readable, but mostly too short to be much of anything, and also none of them seem particularly stage-ready.

Mostly they seem to be meant as epic poems just with several characters. Boris Godunow - The Zar, who maybe killed his son, reclaims his throne after being sequestered in a monastery, while a defrocked monk posing as his dead son battles him. Spoilers, the defrocked monk succeeds mostly because the Zar dies of natural ca Read in a book with all of Pushkin's drama snippets. Spoilers, the defrocked monk succeeds mostly because the Zar dies of natural causes on the way.

Is this about karma? Or the fickleness of the people? Who knows. Also reminded me way too much of Boris Badenow Der geizige Ritter - apparently this was kind of about Pushkin's dad. Follows a young broke knight whose dad won't give him money to live on because he's Scrooge McDuck. Ends in death. Mozart and Salieri - Salieri poisons Mozart because Mozart is so talented that he will ruin music forever. It's less than ten pages long. Kind of interesting but also kind of nothing, and Mozart is basically a frat boy.

Der steinerne Gast - Don Juan returns to Madrid despite his banishment to seduce the widow of a guy he murdered. He suceeds but the murdered guy returns as a statue and kills Don Juan. Don Juan is a dick and also sleeps with like three different women under false pretenses.

The statue thing is weird and kind of out of nowhere. A bunch of guys have a feast to celebrate the plague because they can't deal with death, and then the Church comes in and ruins it. Russalka - I want more of this one. It has mythology!!