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The Wonder of It All

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Around half an hour later the plane started to descend, crashing into the hills near Grammatiko, killing all passengers and crew the deadliest air disaster in Greek history. An investigation revealed that a gradual loss of cabin pressure had left the crew incapacitated. On March 16, , a Lockheed L Super Constellation propliner carrying 93 US soldiers and 3 South Vietnamese, disappeared in clear weather on its way to Clark Air Base in the Philippines, prompting an eight-day search of more than , square miles.

Baffling Mysteries #6 (Ace Magazines) - Comic Book Plus

Eye witnesses on a civilian tanker reported seeing an explosion, but no remains were ever found. Egyptair Flight All people died in the crash, but mystery still surrounds its cause.

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The Egyptian Flight Officer controlling the plane was recorded repeatedly saying "I rely on God" moments before the disaster, and a colleague claimed he crashed the jet as an act of revenge after being reprimanded by the airline for sexual misconduct , but an investigation concluded he did not deliberately cause the accident. No wreckage was discovered for over 50 years, provoking conspiracy theories about sabotage and abduction by aliens. A Rolls Royce engine and the remains of nine of the eleven victims were eventually found at the foot of a glacier in the Andes. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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8 Baffling Astronomy Mysteries

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Unsolved Murder Cases: The Boy In The Box

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The Guardian As the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines jet continues to baffle investigators , we look at other famous aviation mysteries Amelia Earhart The pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart vanished over the Pacific Ocean in while attempting to circumnavigate the globe. The Bermuda Triangle The roughly triangular area bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico is where dozens of aircraft and ships are said to have vanished in unusual circumstances, with the disappearances attributed to paranormal or extraterrestrial activity.

Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Today, one-third of all American murders go unsolved.

10 unsolved mysteries that still need answers in 2016

February On February 23, , a man was checking his muskrat traps in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, when he came upon a baby bassinet box with a dead body in it. Knowing that his muskrat traps were illegal, the man decided against reporting the body. Two days later, a college student named Frederick Benosis was spying on girls at the Good Shepherd School when he too came upon the body. Benosis was also reluctant to notify the police, but a day later he nonetheless reached out to the authorities. Creative Commons The original poster with which the police tried to identify the body of the unknown victim in The boy was completely naked, and his hands and feet were wrinkled as if he had been submerged into water before he died.

5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught on Tape !

Furthermore, his esophagus contained a dark substance suggesting that he might have vomited shortly before he died, the cause of which appeared to be several blows to the head. Surprisingly, even though the case attracted significant media attention, no one ever came forward to identify the boy. However, progress was made in when a psychiatrist contacted the authorities with information regarding the case. Creative Commons Forensic facial reconstruction showing what the boy may have looked like when alive.