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Implications Strengthening the impact of parenting interventions Despite the strength of the evidence for PMT cited above, there are several potentially important future directions that might further strengthen the population reach and impact of parenting interventions. References Sanders MR. Triple P-Positive Parenting Program: Towards an empirically validated multilevel parenting and family support strategy for the prevention of behavior and emotional problems in children. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review ;2 2 Webster-Stratton C, Hancock L. Handbook of parent training: Parents as co-therapists for children's behavior problems.

Contemporary research on parenting: The case for nature and nurture. American Psychologist ;55 2 Self-efficacy and parenting of high-risk infants: The moderating role of parent knowledge of infant development. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology ;25 4 Patterson GR. Coercive family process. Eugene, Ore: Castalia Publishing Co; Duration and developmental timing of poverty and children's cognitive and social development from birth through third grade.

Child Development ;76 4 The impact of poverty on the mental health and development of very young children. In: Zeanah CH Jr, ed. Handbook of infant mental health. Models of development and developmental risk.

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Infant-parent relationship assessment. Bradley RH. In: Reese HW, ed. Advances in child development and behavior. Vol San Diego, Calif: Academic Press; Jackson AP, Schemes R. Single mothers' self-efficacy, parenting in the home environment, and children's development in a two-wave study. S ocial Work Research ;29 1 Shears J, Robinson J. Fathering attitudes and practices: Influences on children's development. Child Care in Practice ;11 1 Fathers and mothers at play with their 2- and 3-year-olds: Contributions to language and cognitive development. Child Development ;75 6 Child-parent attachment and children's peer relations: A quantitative review.

Developmental Psychology ;37 1 Kochanska G. Emotional development in children with different attachment histories: The first three years. Child Development ;72 2 Maternal attitudes and knowledge of child-rearing: Associations with family and child outcomes. Child Development ;67 3 The relationship of adolescent mothers' expectations, knowledge, and beliefs to their young children's coping behavior. Infant Mental Health Journal ;14 1 Mother-child play: Sequential interactions and the relation between maternal beliefs and behaviors.

Child Development ;67 4 Unrealistic expectations and problem solving ability in maltreating and comparison mothers. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology ;52 4 Fry PS. Relations between teenagers' age, knowledge, expectations and maternal behaviour. British Journal of Developmental Psychology ;3 1 Unrealistic expectations of parents who maltreat their children: An educational deficit that pertains to child development.

Journal of Clinical Psychology ;38 3 Maternal knowledge of child development and quality of parenting among White, African-American and Hispanic mothers. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology ;26 2 Stevens JH. Child development knowledge and parenting skills. Family Relations ;33 2 The relationship of parental knowledge to the development of extremely low birth weight infants. Journal of Early Intervention ;16 3 Parent education home visitation program: Adolescent and nonadolescent mother comparison after six months of intervention.

Infant Mental Health Journal ;19 2 Increasing adolescent mothers' knowledge of child development: An intervention program. Adolescence ;26 Hammond-Ratzlaff A, Fulton A. Knowledge gained by mothers enrolled in a home visitation program. Adolescence ;36 Parenting knowledge among substance abusing women in treatment. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment ;27 3 Miller SA. Child Development ;59 2 Parental beliefs, parental accuracy, and children's cognitive performance: A search for causal relations.

Developmental Psychology ;27 2 Stoiber KC. Parents' beliefs about their children's cognitive, social, and motor functioning.

Early Education and Development ;3 3 Mothers' referential communication with preschoolers: Effects of children's syntax and mothers' beliefs. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology ;18 1 Parental beliefs and developmental processes. Human Development ;25 3 The influence of complexity of maternal thoughts on sensitive parenting and children's social responsiveness. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology ;21 3 Dishion TJ.

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The family ecology of boys' peer relations in middle childhood. Child Development ;61 3 Rubin KH. Parents of aggressive and withdrawn children. In: Bornstein MH, ed. Children and parenting. Handbook of parenting ; vol 1. Mothers' attributions and expectancies regarding their conduct-disordered children.

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology ;20 5 A comparison of three family therapy programs for treating family conflicts in adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology ;60 3 Dix T, Lochman JE. Social cognition and negative reactions to children: A comparison of mothers of aggressive and nonaggressive boys. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology ;9 4 Predicting mothers' beliefs about preschool-aged children's social behavior: Evidence for maternal attitudes moderating child effects.

Child Development ;70 3 Campbell SB. Behavior problems in preschool children: Developmental and family issues.

Child Development and Learning

Advances in Clinical Child Psychology ; Early intervention and early experience. American Psychologist ;53 2 Yoshikawa H. Prevention as cumulative protection: Effects of early family support and education on chronic delinquency and its risks. Psychological Bulletin ; 1 Dysfunctional parenting as a focus for prevention and treatment of child behavior problems. Feeding problems, sleep disturbances, and negative behaviors in a toddler.

A Good Start: Advances in Early Childhood Development | Bernard van Leer Foundation

Maternal responsiveness and cognitive development in children. Maternal responsiveness: Characteristics and consequences. Parpal M, Maccoby EE. Maternal responsiveness and subsequent child compliance.

Advances in Child Development and Behavior: Volume 25

Child Development ;56 5 Dyadic synchrony and toddler compliance. Developmental Psychology ;23 5 The influence of early patterns of positive parenting on children's preschool outcomes. Early Education and Development ;11 2 Dunn JF. Relations among relationships. Handbook of personal relationships: Theory, research and interventions. Socialization and temperament in the development of guilt and conscience. Child Development ;62 6 Rothbaum F, Weisz JR. Parental caregiving and child externalizing behavior in nonclinical samples: A meta-analysis.

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Volume 56. Advances in Child Development and Behavior

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