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  1. The Three Languages of Politics - Griffin Paul Jackson
  2. The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides
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The point in which we all intersected is that we believe passionately in freedom.

The Three Languages of Politics - Griffin Paul Jackson

Previous generations laid down their very lives to ensure our liberty, yet these days freedom is often treated cavalierly. Written by economist Arnold Kling , it explains that people see the world in profoundly different ways, speak different languages as a result, and therefore often have no clue how to connect with individuals outside their own group. As an Amazon review observes:. The gist of the book is: political discourse tends to run along three axes…Liberals tend to judge along an oppressor-oppressed axis, Conservatives along a barbarian-civilization axis, Libertarians along a coercion-freedom axis.

So much of what gets said and written about climate amounts to people talking at each other — rather than to one another. Already established beyond cavil.

And then, there is the First AMENment, which supposedly gives you on the Right the license to force your religious views on a defenseless and captive audience…. Traditions should only be retained because they have intrinsic merit.

What traditions do you think we should retain, and what intrinsic merit do they carry? Health care is the paradigmatic example: Data from around the world proves conclusively that government-run HC produces better outcomes at lower cost. So, why do we cling to our inefficient system?

Part of what l learned in college Econ was that barriers to entry distort the free market.

The Three Languages of Politics: Talking Across the Political Divides

Another paradox is that in many instances, a heavily-regulated market is most likely to approximate a free market. The paradigmatic example of this is our regulation of securities markets. We should use transaction taxes to put the hedge fund managers out of business, getting us closer to having an Adam Smith free market. Subsidies often have a profound distorting effect on markets.

Similarly, the markets do a notoriously poor job on infrastructure. The natural selfishness which is a foundational tenet of free market economics precludes any assumption of altruism. Big changes can only come from government. Dawg: You continue to impute to others the very same sins of which you may also be found guilty. Oh, yeah, guvmnt knows best! Observe, first the world around you — see beyond the pages of an academic monograph — a slightly different world!

People who masturbate before a poster of Ayn Rand l mean you, Paul Ryan! History teaches that while capitalism is the most efficient economic system ever devised, it is inherently unstable. The same selfishness that makes the system work is what—if left to its own devices—will cause it to consume itself.

Capitalist systems devolve into fascist oligarchies, and we are there. My goal is to preserve capitalism for the long haul. The biggest asset of the typical medical practice is receivables, which is also the biggest headache. To have constructive conversations, we must first speak the same language. Until we do so, our lack of understanding is liable to morph into frustration, which primes us for undue anger and contempt. By understanding the merit in each axis, we make room for a more congenial—and productive—discourse. The graphic at the top is silly; the red and blue figures are not vomiting bullets, they are vomiting complete cartridges.

Good article, but how do we get folks to think along a different axis when they have a strong penchant for confirmation bias and lots of reinforcing media choices? This was my thought exactly. The article did a good job illustrating the axes of all 3 viewpoints. I believe that understanding the other sides is a good foundation.

Lets posit that there are three languages, so what? Political policies have consequences, and the consequences either promote national survival, or national dissolution. If we posit truth as unchanging, then we would say that the political order with the greatest ability to constructively adapt would best exemplify truth.

See a Problem?

Further, those seeking to bracket out the question of truth, or the meta-questions of survival of the social order are not making a constructive contribution to the discussion. Well said, KD. They claim to be liberating people from coercion, fighting oppressors, defending traditional values Marx himself said this, e. If there is any hope that we will be able to talk with instead of at each other without the dogma and drama, it is unpretentious little commentaries like this that alert us to our natural tendency to use speech as a tool of tribalism.

This anaysis might be of some use in the American context, but not in the other Anglosphere countries where the libertarian strand is weaker, the conservatives are blend of tories and liberals Canada being an exception and the workers parties used to be socialist. Anyone with any political sensibility at all knows that the language, or more properly, the focus of each of the three main political archetypes is on a different set of concerns.

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The trick is to demonstrate which focus is more important. The mistake that we all make is thinking that someone else is a fool or a knave for not concentrating on what we think is important. Leftists cannot understand that we on the right deplore discrimination on the grounds of race. But we do not think that true racism is such a problem as the left does.

The left thus thinks the right must be full of racists. They then strat seeing racism in everything. And the the disconnect arises from there.


Free markets are a myth inasmuch as they require a level playing field of accurate, complete information and of economic power among all parties concerned. When has that ever happened, at least for any meaningful length of time? Pingback: Three languages of politics — Tom Shakely. So, instead of two tribes squabbling over who is right, Kling suggests we need to have or actually do have three. It seems to me the author might be replacing one simplistic idea with another.

Essentially, a triangle instead of a line.

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Without the benefit of having read the book, it seems to me that Kling is sending everyone into their corners. Whatever happened to the centre? Does anybody even know how to keep three or four ideas in mind at the same time? I like how the conversation is going at Quillette.

It could be that every individual opinion can be characterized into a dimension on the axis discussed, and, because we believe in this theory that only a single opinion can reign supreme over all other opinions in a way similar to the subjective theory of value, every dominant opinion is singular and therefore polarized. Another is the over reaching of police on the streets creating unnecessary arrests drugs , only because the drug issue was a separate issue with a separate policy.

AND what that actually means. The damage it has wrought on humanity is disgusting. Congratulations to the folks at quillette. In my opinion you are making way for a new era of intellectuals. Pingback: TLP watch askblog.