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  3. Police kill about 3 men per day in the US, according to new study
  4. Ohio executes man who killed, raped 6-month-old

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Now let's take all of this, keep it in mind, and talk about Man of Steel itself. So this Superman who knows killing is wrong and who avoids using his powers to harm others, suddenly confronts near-invulnerable villains out to destroy humanity. When fighting such a threat for the first time, he struggles to overcome his lifelong avoidance of violence and over-use of his powers, and he tries to stop them as best he can, improvising as the situation develops.

The fight eventually has them struggling in a location where humans are trapped and the villain is seconds away from murdering the trapped humans. Putting his hands over Zod's eyes the favorite alternative offered by most critics of Zod's death would injure Superman and allow Zod to then kill the people anyway, possibly win the entire battle since Superman would be injured , and murder everyone else on Earth. Likewise, trying to fly up and away with Zod doesn't stop Zod from staring at the people and still frying them to death.

So in that moment of split decision, even a Superman who knows killing is wrong and who spent a lifetime being careful with his powers might kill Zod. This is because, despite simplistic absolutist conceptions, killing and death are not always absolutely equivalent, and not every instance of killing and death is absolutely equivalent to every other instance.

Could the writers have intentionally written the story to construct a way of avoiding it? Not a real test, anyway, since the assertion is stories must be structured explicitly to avoid really testing it at all, and there must always be an alternative option provided. Are there boundaries and limits? Well, yes, obviously there are several, since he kills sentient A. The only way to address those things is either admit they happened, or simply try to ignore them and rely on dubious demands against discussing them at all.

With A. Sometimes it was a rule against taking human life, sometimes it was against taking intelligent sentient life, sometimes it was against taking intelligent sentient biological life, sometimes it was against taking any life of any sort, sometimes it was against taking life except in extreme circumstances, and so on. Those writers and their stories were great, and their conception of Superman and his ethics were sound and important.

Just as his lates and the s stories featured different situations increasing or decreasing his adherence to a rule against killing, so too did many post-Sliver Age portrayals. Superman did indeed have strong ethics and morals, he practiced restraint his whole life, and he knew killing was wrong. He sought to protect life and to preserve safety for everyone — even those who opposed him and distrusted him.

As a result of his lack of experience and planning, and his failure to have ever remotely faced a challenge to his moral ethics about killing, he was unprepared for the no-win scenario. He killed, and like a soldier or police officer or private citizen who takes a life for the first time out of sense of duty and protecting life, the personal impact of that action had monumental effects on his psyche.

Still others will not only apply this strict standard to themselves, but also even to other people who face threats to their own lives — such absolutist pacifism tends to be highly judgmental, arguing that even a victim facing rape and murder is morally obligated to avoid using lethal force or even extreme non-violent force to protect themselves. Superman will face such a personal inner assessment, a crisis of conscience, and from it will arise a more strict and emotionally central personal rule against taking life.

The playing field is level -- or, more correctly, the playing field is tilted against Superman. In that scenario, the influence of his powers on his ethical code about limiting his actions to avoid abusing his power becomes moot as it relates to the battle against superior near-invulnerable villains attempting to annihilate life on Earth. A tired, battered, unprepared amateur Superman fighting a superior foe with the same near-invulnerability, in a battle that will go on until one of them is dead, and suddenly Zod is trying to fry a family with heat vision.

These data allow researchers, for the first time, to reliably measure how often individuals die in interactions with the police and quantify racial and regional differences. Fatal Encounters documented 9, police-involved deaths during this period. Men comprised 88 percent of the deaths. After excluding cases in which police use of force was not the direct cause of death — generally suicides and vehicular collisions — we identified 6, adult male victims of police homicide killed over this six-year period, or about 1, per year.

By contrast, the National Vital Statistics System and the Arrest Related Deaths program record about deaths per year, less than half of our count. Individuals in large, central metropolitan areas are generally at the highest risk of being killed by police, at about one death per year per , men. However, about two-thirds of all police-involved killings happen in suburbs, smaller cities and rural counties.

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In rural areas, police are responsible for more than 10 percent of all homicides with adult male victims. Our analysis shows that about 0. Latino and black men are killed at higher rates, at about one death per , men and 2. This means that black men are, on average, three times more likely to be killed by police than are white men.

The inequalities we found in the likelihood of being killed by police are similar to previously published estimates using official data , though we estimate the rates of police homicide are about twice as high as prior estimates. Racial differences in risk vary across U.

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Black men face the highest risk of being killed by police in Oklahoma, while Latino risk is highest in New Mexico. White risk is also exceptionally high in Oklahoma. Though men are around 10 times more likely to be killed by police than are women, racial inequality in risk extends across gender. Using these same data, we estimate that black women and American Indian and Alaska Native woman are at much higher risk of being killed by police than are white women.

Studies show that incarceration harms individual and community health and is a key driver of inequality in the U. Statistics is dumb and useless and fabricated by people with invested interests since long long time. What a stupid comment coming from a doctor.. Too stupid even for a misogynistic high school teenager some are like that at that age, you know let alone a doctor!!!

If you are a medical doctor I sure hope that you do not treat women in your practice. And women, if your doctor shares this name, I would take steps to vet him to insure that this is not his personal and professional belief as your health may be at risk.

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I must say you are wrong brother. God loves women and men as well. God loves me! Perhaps men committing suicide more often than women is due, in an instrumental sense, to the other factors mentioned — they take higher risks, and they have more dangerous jobs, such as fitefighting. A possible implication is that. Women conventionally are more practised at supporting life than destroying it. The greater love most children show their mothers more than the fathers could psychologically promote the life of mothers as compared to the male counterpart. It is also observed that women with more children live longer if they do not meet with the labour-related death than others with less children.

Rasputin, the man who wouldn't die (Strange Stories)

I disagree that men die more from homicide than girls or women. Simple logic; Women have a simple but amazing system that helps them get rid of toxins naturally every month for close to 35 years of their life. Now some scientist should check into that! For most of human history, women died first … in childbirth. Would someone who has access to the relevant statistics check this: I think I read that while for many years the life expectancy for women at a given age is longer than that for men, at some advanced age, perhaps somewhere in the eighties, it switches and life expectancy for men get a bit higher than that for women.

It may be that because men die off so much more than do women, at all ages, that by the time the elders reach that ripe old age of ninety-ish, the fewer men still around are an especially hardy bunch? At all stages of life, more women attend churches than men. This spiritual activities may bring happier and longer lives. Plenty of us live long healthy lives without the need for religious dogma. Lack of meaning in life leads ultimately to emptiness. If you go to Him, you will get the answers to those Eternal Questions. Christ has come to earth to live a perfect sin-free life and died on the cross to pay the sin-debt, so that we as human being can be restored to true Freedom and Purpose for our Creation.

I grew up in the Soviet Union for my 1st 19 years. I grew up as a person of no religion. Religion was the 1st step toward God, but it almost ruined my marriage and relationship with my kids, because it brought out the worst in me and caused much pain and suffering. Religion puts such a burden on people to follow all these impossible rules every day and eventually you become so hardened and frustrated that you rebel against it and your failure to live up to the established standards plunges you into depression, bitterness, blaming everyone, strips one of the sense of responsibility etc.

But, on the other hand, the relationship with Jesus has rescued my marriage and continues to prosper my life. After sincerely acknowledging my inability to follow all the rules, I have opened up my heart to Him and began to absorb His teaching from the Scriptures. Slowly but surely I sensed a healing coming to me and my relationships.

My pride is being replaced with humility, my domineering attitude is being replaced with serving my family and people around me. It is truly heaven on earth. Jesus essentially had only one group of opponents in His day: the religious leaders Pharisees, sadducees. Because Jesus brought the True Freedom from the Burden of Sin and a real relationship with God, which brought genuine healing from hatred, bitterness, lust for sex, money, or power, physical healing, emotional healing, restoration of broken relationships etc.

This brought about first of all a Big hit of the Pride of Pharisees and caused a big Financial loss. They hated Jesus for this and that is why ended up crucifying Him. So it is today. Man-made and Man-centered religion destroys people, but the Christ-centered relationship builds up people and creates genuine and lasting relationships and mutual love and respect.

A healthy community of people who replaced hatred with love, lust for pleasure and power with genuine pursuit of purpose and meaning. I am now 80; my dad died from untreated hypertension at Also I have avoided the many risky lifestyle activities following my strong relationship with Jesus Christ which spills over into my relationship helping others — both teens and adults.

It all fits together in a win-win combination. Paul, if you read any of the other comments based upon knowledge, science, and common sense, you have got to feel stupid for the stupid remark you made. Men do not die of heart disease more than women. I believe that the stress of providing for a family kills men at a younger age.


Police kill about 3 men per day in the US, according to new study

Oftentimes it is the man that feels he must hold down two jobs when expenses increase. Is this true? I am a single mom. I had to work some times even 3 jobs.

Ohio executes man who killed, raped 6-month-old

The men in their lives have been their real support. Women died in horrific numbers. All these statistics depend on these cultural changes. Statistical techniques matter too. For instance, millions of female fetuses are selectively aborted every year, but these deaths are not counted in longevity statistics. The best point this article may have proved was the need to follow healthy routines which include appropriate medical care, and to know yourself plus your family history and use it as a combined tool to make informed choices with your personal longevity as a goal.

To dwell on it would be a mistake though. It will be interesting to see the result for people born in rather than Especially with women now far more stressed by being in the workforce. On a serious note there is domestic abuse directed at women which should be included as a factor. When you mention that larger mammals have a disdvantage, I am not clear that is true. Humans outlive rabbits, dogs, etc. The general drift of marketing targets the most profitable area. If women are are the largest target, they are the target.