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Candidates are doing their own research, paying close attention to the status of your brand in the global marketplace. By cutting out pay breaks, changing incentive programs and certain benefits to employees in an effort to counter the wage increase, news via word of mouth spread like wildfire. The point is that not only is your customer evaluating your brand reputation. Your potential talent is doing the same. So in summary, remember, perception is reality. Your employer brand matters. Are you being honest and transparent with your customers and your employees?

And developing an employee-centric vision needs to be part of your overall talent management strategy. Where their ideas are heard, and validated, and appreciated. The motivators are a combination of tangible, and intangible. The Conference Board describes engagement as discretionary effort. Now, what that means is that we want to do good work, as opposed to feeling obligated to get the job done. A great culture feeds on itself. Companies with great cultures hire not only for skill, they also want to ensure that an employees values totally mesh with their culture.

This company is being lauded in numerous articles, scholarly research, for making culture their number one priority. To become the worlds most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline. The mission of South West Airlines, is dedication to the highest quality of customer service, delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.

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Imagine having statistics like this. South West is a company with a turnover rate of only four to five percent. That contrasts with double digital numbers of their competitors. In other words, loyalty and retention are byproducts of an outstanding company culture. In summary, employees buy into the vision and mission of an organization when their efforts are acknowledged, when they know that their employer puts them first. Secondly, you want to hire people who are the right fit.

While skills, and aptitude are important. Attitude, and values are equally, if not more important. There is a direct correlation between culture, turnover, and profitability. If you focus on the culture to create a workplace where people want to go to work, rather than feeling that they have to go to work. You will start seeing immediate, tangible results when it comes to your talent retention strategy.

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Imagine investing time, money and energy to attract and recruit top talent at career fairs, and ultimately failing to plan for your new hires first days, weeks and even months at your organization. How inspiring is that?

1. Type of care and preferred times

The onboarding phase, this is a critically important period for a new employee. They need to receive purposeful, well thought out orientation and it needs to happen within the first 90 to days. So ask yourself, do you have a strategy in place to welcome new recruits? Remember, those first 60 to 90 days are critical, we cannot expect people to just fend for themselves. In summary, your onboarding strategy has to be well thought out and intentional.

employee engagement

When your organization fails to setup a new hire for success in the early stages of his or her career, job dissatisfaction and ongoing turnover are likely consequences. This article is a transcript of Talent Management Ep. Imagine companies investing heavily in recruiting great people and promptly allowing them to fend for themselves from their first day at work, with zero communication and a lack of strategy to help them succeed.

It sounds unthinkable, yet it is sadly true. It is a problem that is entirely avoidable if more organizations developed onboarding programs that mitigate disengagement, high turnover and the enormous costs associated with re-hiring. How do you extricate yourself from an unhealthy work situation?

Is it more difficult to do when you relish a challenge?

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Can you tell the difference between being a workaholic and a hard worker? Table of Contents. Contents Foreword by Jack J Phillips. Managing the Learn Amid the Churn.

Learning Agility: The X-Factor in Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

The Sustainability Cycle for Learning Organizations. Lead With Culture.

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Develop and Distribute Leadership. Drive for Results Continuously Improve. Build and Bend Change Capabilities. Foster Collaboration Connection and Community. Embrace the Art of Innovation. Plan Do Check Act Job.

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Further Reading. Holly Burkett No preview available - Army webinars WOCC workforce workplace. Bibliographic information. Foreword by Jack J Phillips.