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The Truth About Hypnosis | Psychology Today

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Learn the facts and the fiction about clinical hypnosis.

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Take Your Pills!

Be Responsible!

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Build Rapport Quickly. Are You Coming on Too Strong? The In-Laws. No Intimidation. Forgive Grudges. Not Personal. Not For Granted. Making Eye Contact. Relax with Authority. Be Calm in Confrontations.

The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism

Feel More Connected. Say Sorry. We Both Fine. Make More Social Contacts. Fear of Introductions. Keep in Touch. Calm Communication. Beat The Grumblers. More Empathy. Putting Yourself First. How to Set Boundaries. Happy Face. Male Dating. Female Dating. Are You a Bully? Stop Self-Centeredness. Book by its Cover? Job Skills. Leadership Skills. Ask Your Boss.

Attention to Detail. Bad Boss. Manage Better. Improve Your Writing. Sell Your Ideas. Be More Proactive. Be A Pro. Film Natural. Arrive On Time. How to Business Network. New Career. Choosing a Career. Fear of Meetings? Bullying Boss? Delegation Skills. Crying in Confrontations. Job Trauma. Filling in Forms. Job Satisfaction. Complete Your Tasks. I heard a voice outside the bathroom door. Are you still there? We hadn't known each other for very long but I felt pretty comfortable with Maye for some reason.

You don't look fine to me. Why don't you come over to my place for a bit? Plus I could teach you a thing or two about styling Why did that sound tempting? Let's go then. Not realizing how tired I was I lay on the couch, taking a breather. After a few minutes I felt pretty rested and relaxed so I went up the stairs. I'll lend you my stuff. I sat in the mirror and did my hair while Maye offered a few tips and pointers.

She showed me a few different styles and helped me pick one. I couldn't help but agree with her, my hair looked much nicer than when it was just flat and straight. Same time next week? I walked home by myself which gave me more time to practice walking. When I got home I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep. The next morning I realized I forgot to measure myself.

I guess I really was reversing through puberty. I didn't know what else to call it. I let out a small sigh. During school, I received some looks of disgust and people were shaming me. While it was slightly discouraging I figured it wasn't really worth paying them any mind. Friday rolled around again and this time I walked with Maye to the brain therapist. She was trying to convince me to wear makeup. When I sat down Dr. It's almost like I'm reversing through puberty and it's really concerning me. By this point, I was used to the pulsating and the strange whispering so it was really nice to just kick back and relax.

When I went under again I decided to try and listen to listen to the whispers once more, maybe I'd be able to make out more than a few words. I wanted what this voice was saying. It began to repeat. The third time around I began to say the words out loud. It felt amazing. I could feel my body reshaping itself to fit my new desires.

My rib cage shrunk, my spine curved some more, my hips widened, and I could feel my chest pushing outwards. I didn't want it to stop. I repeated the words a fourth time, this time a bit louder. I could feel my ass inflating and my waist shrinking while my chest pushed out some more. I couldn't help but listen to the voice. I shivered in pleasure as I repeated it again and again, losing count.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was done. I opened my eyes to see two mounds on my chest. My body weight had shifted again and I noticed I was breathing heavily. I could feel my heart beating and my breaths which sounded cute and feminine. It felt like I was sitting on a slight cushion and when I moved it moved with me. I let out a cute sigh, and I noticed my voice was at least a four octaves higher than normal. Thanks Dr. Oh, before you leave would you like our audio track for personal use? It should help improve your sleep even more. When Maye came out of her room I hugged her.

Jeong about how you thought you were reversing through puberty and made a few tweaks to today's session. Seems to have helped. I think these sessions were the best thing to ever happen to me! See you on Monday! I found it much easier to walk than I did last week.

When I passed the mirror I decidedly had feminine curves and a nice hip sway, but I wasn't completely satisfied with my body. I had small mounds probably A cup? My ass was definitely more cushiony and it had a bit of a jiggle to it, but it was still pretty lame. My hips had gotten wide enough that my dick was nearly enveloped, which was so small and pathetic I didn't know how I could get anything done with it. I found it much easier to pee through a new hole in my butt so it didn't really matter. After a few hours of studying I put on my headphones and collapsed on the bed.

The whispers were very soothing and I fell asleep almost immediately. Most of the week went by in a blur, I was too focused on my next session. The voice in the audio track Dr. Jeong gave me blended into my subconscious and I found that I was starting to become more feminine and girly every time I listened to it.

I was starting to perform feminine mannerisms in public without realizing and it felt normal. My masculine thoughts were being pushed away while the feminine thoughts kept getting stronger and stronger. I was disappointed to hear that but these appointments were probably incredibly expensive. For the last time Dr. Jeong put on the pads and the headphones and I prepared myself. Once the forehead throbbing started I moaned with pleasure, noticing how sultry and high-pitched my voice actually sounded; it was a pleasant sound.

I could feel my dick rapidly deflating and retreating into my body but I didn't really mind, this is what I wanted after all. I needed this. I shivered as wave after wave of pleasure hit my body. My ass and my boobs starting pulsating and I couldn't help but clutch at my boobs with my slender fingers and petite hands.

Once I touched my nipples I discovered that they were incredibly sensitive. Just then I heard a new voice come into my head. I couldn't tell if it was my subconscious or the headphones but I was eager to listen and repeat. I just let it happen. Why bother to deny it? I could feel the final changes taking place and I opened my eyes. Jeong, I feel… wonderful. I had the urge to go to the bathroom and admire myself. My boobs had fully grown and whenever my shirt rubbed against them I felt immense pleasure.

My ass was now in fully inflated and I rubbed it. Incredibly smooth, as I would expect. At school instead of receiving dirty looks I received jealous stares. Maye complimented me on my looks and helped me shop for some clothes and undergarments. I even got asked out on a date a few times which was flattering. Chigwa, I feel like a new person. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Half way through when he starts hearing words is when i really started to like it. Keep up the good work. Ziboetes Featured By Owner Jan 30, This is a fun story, though I agree pictures would have been cool.

My only real criticism is that 5'1" seems really, really short, even for a 17 girl, especially when s he was roughly average for boy. I might have left it at 5'4 or so unless the shrinking is a big part of the story itself rather just being a side effect of becoming a girl. Yeah that wasn't intentional, first time doing a story in this much detail so I might've messed some things up.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. Sentinel00 Featured By Owner Nov 9, Wow, superbly done. I love it.

I can tell. I've always liked slow changes. Much more detailed that way I believe. My applause - it's been a great, fun read that I initially didn't expect when I saw this story popping up in my notifications. Really impressive work here. My only complaint would be the lack of pictures. Thanks for the feedback, I would add a picture but it's hard to find the exact picture you're looking for you know? I'll either try to get better at drawing or I'll try to lower my ridiculously high standards.

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Prev Next. He didn't care who he was spying on, as long as the victim of the spying never found out. He didn't care about the information that he gathered that much either, he just did spying for the love of it. He found out that the fashion and beauty club was having a pool party at the founder Julia's house.

He would spy on them the whole time, and he had everything planned. Just before the party started, he would remove a loose plank he had found, and hop into a nearby bush just beside the fence. The area was perfect. He would get a seat behind two deck chairs, and he would have a basic overview of everything that was going on at the party. The party started at PM. He was ready to do nothing but what he loved for the next couple of hours. James was a 13 year old with brown hair. Are you serious?

Of course I am sure! I have everything. View Gallery. Featured in Collections Stories by ambernicolestarr Trapped in the mall Trapped in the mall Alex had always hated having to go shopping. His mother and sisters often had him drive them around when they went shopping. He always found it to be incredibly boring and thought he would escape it when he moved out. Now that he got his own apartment though, he had to furnish it and that meant a long mall trip. He walked through the mall just wanting to get done as soon as possible.

The first stop was to go get some furniture where maybe he could just buy a bed for today. The only thing he really wanted was some exercise equipment as he was rather scrawny. He was also kind a bit small, but there was nothing he could do there. Nothing seemed to catch his eye as he paced around the store until he found a nice looking bed in the back.

It was stashed away in the corner and there was a small barely visible crevice between one side and the wall. It looked ver. Playing with Sis Playing with Sis There was an aura of anxiousness hanging through the air. It was a Friday afternoon and 10 year old Jenny was at home with just her 15 year old brother Daniel for the weekend as their parents went to a wedding. This time she had something that could help with that problem. She had a bit of an odd friend named Alexis that gave her a solution.

Alexis said she knew how to hypnotize people and taught Jenny the skill. Jenny was a bit skeptical, but she had nothing to lose. She needed to get him to let her test it out to see if it works. Will you let me try it out on you? His sister had left for college a couple of months back. His parents were often busy and working until late in the night. Normally he had his sister to keep him company, but now he spent most of his days alone.

She was always kind and supportive to him and he missed her a lot. He was happy to hear in the morning that his sister was going to come back in a week since it was winter break. Sadly his parents were gone for the week because of work and were coming back when they picked up his sister. Since he had nothing better to do he walked into the room. He spent the next couple of hours dusting and pi. Another day, another group of people, another mockery.

Samiel knew not to stick around any longer and kicked a rock to leave them. It had been like this all his life. Word spread around town, and before long everyone from old geezers to kids in the cradle knew he was not someone to adore, but rather someone to mock. He kicked the rock further down the street. Inside it was a young, fit woman in a track team getup.

Stepping out, a small breath emerged from her mouth, visible on this slightly chilled morning. The young woman stretched her tone legs carefully, hopeful to get rid of all the kinks in them before she got to jogging. Gotta keep in shape , she thought, gotta to be fit and slim like everyone else at work… you think all that instructing would be enough, but nope. She had been running every week since she took a job at the local gym in her communit. Confidence - TG It had begun as a normal Monday at Westwood High School as students began to file into the classrooms that were scattered all over the place, except the school bully named Ryan and the victim who went by Marty.

Ryan was your average school bully with sports background and a past that sounded very stereotypical in most cases, his father was an abusive drunk while his mother was completely oblivious to everything that went on. The only thing he had going for him was his blonde hair, good looks and his blue eyes.

As for Marty he was just a kid with a nerdy side that stood out more then he probably would have liked but he managed, with short light brown hair with dark brown eyes and a scrawny build. As for what caused Ryan to decide that Marty would be his punching bag is still unknown, the other students were to scared to find out. The only person other then a few teachers that actually would try and stand up for Marty was ironically Ryan's ex Holly, she never did really like how he treat.

The man looked to be about his mid thirties. He was well groomed for having black shaggy hair, a nice beard going all over his face, and being buff a bit. He was wearing a large black long sleeved shirt with dark pants and shoes. Driving over the wheel he wore black leather gloves to not leave any prints.

This man was known as the Phantom Thief. His real name was Rocky as his friends and family called him but none knew his dark secret and pass times. I guess tonight is the night. Rocky always got an adrenaline rush from stealing and breaking and entering others homes. He didn't know the reason it all started but he guessed his life was so boring and this was exciting. The thril. He'd always had a high IQ and usually the smartest of his classes.

He was a bit shy, and hung around only with his 4 closet friends, not really looking to make new ones. He went throughout his day normally. Reading his book and taking notes on it. He liked to have his own "Spark Notes" on everything he read written in his words in case he every need to read through it again. His room had a wall dedicated to books and his notes. Another wall just for his computer and desk. One for his TV and games, and one for his bed. Bill thought he had a mostly normal setup for his room. It was late, normally he's about to start going to bed. As he put on his sleepwear, comfortable pants and a plain white T-shirt, he laid down.

Bill tried his absolute best but he could not get to sleep. He was starting to not feel well. He went into his bathroom a splashed water on his face. He dried it on a towel, and as he was, he didn't notice his face get smoother, or his nose get s. You got to use it just before Alex came over!

I was getting everything prepared! I had no time to be using the TV! Unfortunately for Michael, Brandon usually ended up winning these arguments. Despite Michael being three years older and a head taller, Brandon had a secret weapon, being the baby of the family. He would whine to their parents, who would come in and protect their poor youngest son and rule in his favor.

Speaking of which…. View More. Jasmine normally has a whole posse of gals behind her while shopping, what gives? A grin reflexively widens across my face upon seeing her. Hey, I bet I could hypnotize you with this!