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  3. New Madeleine McCann suspect: Portuguese detectives probe new lead 12 years after she went missing
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The bomb was rigged such that any attempt to remove it would set it off. The riddles transfixed the city of Erie and drew headlines in newspapers from St. Louis to Sydney. It also set in motion a byzantine investigation, with federal agents sniffing out clues and hunting down leads in twisted pursuit of the shadowy criminal who came to be known as the Collar Bomber. For seven years, the FBI was engaged in a scavenger hunt of its own, one that the Collar Bomber seemed to have planned as intricately as the one that had ensnared Wells.

The only question was whether the Feds would get any further than Wells had. The hunt began at Mama Mia's Pizza-Ria. That's where Wells was working at pm on the day of the robbery, when an order came in for two small sausage-and-pepperoni pies to be delivered to a location on the outskirts of the city.

Wells was a loyal employee—in 10 years, the only time he had called in late for work was when his cat died. Even though he was at the end of his shift, he agreed to deliver the order. He walked out of the shop, two pies in hand, at about 2 pm. Wells entered the bank with this ingenious handmade gun disguised as a cane. Photo: Michael Schmeling. The delivery location, reachable only by a dirt road, was a TV transmission tower site in a wooded area off of busy Peach Street. When investigators combed the vicinity, they discovered shoe prints consistent with Wells' footwear and tire tracks matching the treads on his Geo Metro.

But the site offered no clues as to who may have lured him there or what happened once he arrived. The next day, a reporter and a photographer for the Erie Times-News headed to the tower. The dirt road leading there was cordoned off by authorities, but the journalists spotted a tall, heavyset man in denim Carhartt overalls pacing in front of a home that sat right next to it.

His backyard extended almost to the transmission tower. The man identified himself as Bill Rothstein. Rothstein, 59, was an unmarried handyman and a lifelong resident of the area. He spoke elegantly, like someone who takes great pride in his mastery of the English language. He was also fluent in French and Hebrew. Rothstein seemed oblivious to the investigation unfolding beyond his backyard.

The journalists, eager to get a view of the scene, asked Rothstein if he could lead them through his yard. He agreed. They headed into the thick brush but still couldn't see much. After spending about 15 minutes at Rothstein's place, they took off. Bill Rothstein may have appeared to be just a man who owned a house next to a TV tower. But he turned out to be hiding a dark secret. On September 20, less than a month after the bomb killed Wells, Rothstein called Within hours of making the call, Rothstein was in custody.

He told the cops that he had been in agony for weeks. He had considered killing himself, he told them, and had gone so far as to write a suicide note, which investigators found inside a desk at his home. Writing in black marker, Rothstein expressed his apologies "to those who cared for or about me," identified the body in his freezer as that of Jim Roden, and noted that he "did not kill him, nor participate in his death. Bill Rothstein was a handyman with the skills to fabricate an elaborate explosive device. Over the next two days, Rothstein explained to police how a dead man came to be in his freezer.

In mid-August, he said, he'd received a phone call from an ex-girlfriend, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong , whom he had dated in the s and early s. Diehl-Armstrong told him she had shot her live-in boyfriend, James Roden, in the back with a Remington gauge shotgun, in a dispute over money.

Now she needed help removing the body and cleaning up the scene inside her Erie home, about 10 miles from Rothstein's place. Rothstein did what she asked. He kept the corpse in a chest freezer in his garage for five weeks. He painstakingly melted down the murder weapon and scattered the pieces around Erie County. But, Rothstein said, he couldn't go through with the plan to grind up the body, and he called because he was afraid of what Diehl-Armstrong might do to him.

On September 21—the day after Rothstein called —Diehl-Armstrong was arrested for the murder of Roden. Sixteen months later, in January , she pleaded guilty but mentally ill and was sentenced to seven to 20 years in state prison. But by that time, Rothstein was past caring about the old girlfriend he'd given up to the cops: He had died of lymphoma in July The team of federal agents investigating the collar bomb mystery hadn't been paying much attention to the Roden murder.

It was a local matter and seemed to have nothing to do with their case. But in April , they got a phone call from a state police officer who had just met with Diehl-Armstrong about an unrelated homicide. Rothstein's suicide note, it seemed, was a lie; Diehl-Armstrong had said that Roden's murder had everything to do with the collar bomb plot. When the Feds met with Diehl-Armstrong, she told them that, if they could arrange a transfer from Muncy state penitentiary to the minimum-security prison in Cambridge Springs, a facility much closer to Erie, she would tell them everything she knew.

Even before she was arrested for killing Roden, Diehl-Armstrong was one of Erie's most notorious figures, well known for her string of dead lovers. She first drew public attention in when, at 35, she was charged with murdering her boyfriend, Robert Thomas. Diehl-Armstrong claimed she shot him six times in self-defense, and a jury eventually acquitted her.

Four years later, her husband, Richard Armstrong, died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The death was ruled accidental, but questions lingered; Armstrong had a head injury when he arrived at the hospital, but the case was never forwarded to the coroner's office. Back in high school, according to former classmates, Diehl-Armstrong was known for her dazzling intelligence, and she still possessed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of literature, history, and the law.

But over the years, that brilliance had become spiked with madness. According to court records, she suffered from bipolar disorder. Her moods swung sharply, and she appeared unable to control her nonstop, rapid-fire speech. She was paranoid and narcissistic.

In , investigators found pounds of butter and more than pounds of cheese, nearly all of it rotting, inside her trash-strewn house. Psychiatrists deemed her mentally incompetent seven times before a judge finally ruled she was fit to be tried in the Thomas case. She seemed to be exactly the kind of person—murderous, eccentric, and intent on demonstrating her intellectual gifts—who might devise an overly complicated bank heist. She also seemed to be the kind of person who would likely be unable to stop herself from telling the world about her brilliant ruse. Evidence collected over the course of the complex investigation: a Remington shotgun shell.

When Diehl-Armstrong met with federal investigators for a series of interviews, that's exactly what she appeared to be doing. While she insisted that she was not in any way involved in the plot, she admitted that she knew about it, that she had supplied the kitchen timers that were used in the bomb, and that she was within a mile of the bank at the time of the robbery. She also said that Wells, the dead pizza delivery guy, was not just a victim but had been in on the plan.

And so was Rothstein, the man who turned her in for Roden's murder. In fact, she asserted, he had masterminded the whole thing. But even as Diehl-Armstrong pointed the finger at Rothstein, she was implicating herself. Indeed, even before hearing her self-incriminating testimony, investigators had begun to suspect that Diehl-Armstrong was behind the collar bomb plot. Over the previous weeks, they had met with four separate informants who revealed that Diehl-Armstrong had talked about the crime in intimate detail.

One kept notes of the conversations, which included Diehl-Armstrong's assertions that she killed Roden because "he was going to tell about the robbery" and that she had helped measure Wells' neck for the bomb. Then, in late , a few months after Diehl-Armstrong first talked to the Feds, they received another break in the case: A witness came forward to say that an ex-television repairman turned crack dealer named Kenneth Barnes was also involved.

Barnes, an old fishing buddy of Diehl-Armstrong, had spoken too freely about the plan, and his brother-in-law had turned him in while Barnes was already in jail on unrelated drug charges. Threatened with even more time behind bars, Barnes agreed to a deal: He would give a full account of the crime in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Barnes confirmed the Feds' belief that Diehl-Armstrong was the mastermind behind the collar bomb plot. He claimed she needed the cash so that she could pay him to kill her father, who she believed was blowing through his fortune—money she expected to inherit. Barnes insisted he was kept in the dark about several aspects of the plot. But even with holes, his account corroborated much of what the agents had already heard. The investigation, finally, was gaining steam. On February 10, , federal agents met again with Diehl-Armstrong, who had brought her attorney.

The agents told Diehl-Armstrong they had enough evidence to bring an indictment against her. She went ballistic, slamming her fist on a conference table and cursing out the agents and her lawyer. But, incredibly, she continued to speak with them. In a subsequent meeting, she even agreed to drive around Erie with them to point out where she was the day Wells robbed the bank. At the conclusion of the drive, in which she admitted to being at several locations linked to the crime, Diehl-Armstrong told the agents she wouldn't provide any more information without receiving an immunity letter.

It was too late. The woman who couldn't stop talking had already said far too much. In July , a month shy of the four-year anniversary of Wells' death by collar bomb, the US attorney's office in Erie called a news conference about "a major development" in the case.

TV Schedule

Diehl-Armstrong and Barnes were charged with carrying out the sensational crime—a plot that Diehl-Armstrong had put into motion. The indictment also charged that other conspirators were involved. Rothstein was one. And Wells, the purported victim, was another. Pulling together information culled from more than a thousand interviews over almost four years, the indictment charged that Wells was in on the scheme from the beginning.

He had agreed to rob the bank wearing what he thought was a fake bomb. The scavenger hunt, he was told, was simply a ruse to fool the cops; if he got caught, he could point to the menacing instructions as evidence that he was merely following orders. But over time, Buchanan said, Wells went from being a planner to "an unwilling participant. The fake bomb turned out to be a real one. And the scavenger hunt went from a clever piece of misdirection to a real-life race against the clock.

Sitting in the press section, Wells' family seemed stunned. One of his sisters, Barbara White, repeatedly shrieked "Liar! Wells' relatives weren't the only ones who were dubious. For those who closely tracked the case, the government's long-awaited announcement was severely unsatisfying. It seemed to provoke as many questions as it answered. Why would Wells participate in such a plot?

Did he realize the danger that he was in? And could Diehl-Armstrong, with her myriad mental issues, really plan such a complex crime? The questions only multiplied a week later, when it was revealed that the FBI had concluded that the entire scavenger hunt was a hoax.

Wells was destined to die. Barnes pleaded guilty in September to the conspiracy and weapons charges involved in the collar bomb plot. He was sentenced to 45 years behind bars, but he agreed to testify against Diehl-Armstrong in the hope of getting his sentence reduced. More evidence collected over the course of the investigation from left : a component from the collar bomb and directions leading the doomed victim to an orange-taped container in the woods. Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong's brilliance had become spiked with madness.

Paranoid and narcissistic, her moods swung sharply and she appeared unable to control her nonstop, rapid-fire speech. Diehl-Armstrong's trial promised to clear up the mysteries that had surrounded the collar bomb case. But those revelations would have to wait. First a federal judge ruled Diehl-Armstrong mentally unfit to stand trial. When she finally was deemed ready to face a judge and jury, she was diagnosed with glandular cancer, and the proceeding was put on hold again as she awaited her prognosis.

The judge received the doctors' assessment in August Diehl-Armstrong had three to seven years to live. Prosecutors opted to press on, and the trial was rescheduled for October Most intriguing, Diehl-Armstrong's lawyer, Douglas Sughrue, had decided to let his client take the stand.

1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All

It seemed to be a risky move. After all, she had already implicated herself in the murder. Tired of saving, Ada and Walter decide that they should elope to Yorkshire and marry there. S2, E06 Sun 30 Jun 19 Melody Directed by Waris Hussein. Two youngsters declare to their parents they want to get married as soon as possible. Charismatic socialite, Simon Carne, adopts the persona of Klimo to solve crimes.

New Madeleine McCann suspect: Portuguese detectives probe new lead 12 years after she went missing

Sun 30 Jun 19 Murder Without Crime In London, a man is blackmailed by his landlord after he accidentally kills a woman he picked up in a nightclub. Sun 30 Jun 19 The Swimmer Directed by Joseph L. Mrs Muir discovers that her holiday cottage is haunted by a previous owner. Sun 30 Jun 19 Carrington VC Directed by John Schlesinger.

Iconic short of a day in the life of a London Railway Station. Colonel J. Proudfoot is looking for a dentist to endorse his new brand of toothpaste. This episode also guest stars Michael David and Rene Kroper Mon 01 Jul 19 Snipshots Early silent animation made in , charming hand drawn cartoon and story. Mon 01 Jul 19 Dilemma In this critically acclaimed British film, Harry returns home from work to be told by a neighbour that screams came from his house moments earlier.

Mon 01 Jul 19 The Adventurers Director: David MacDonald. During the Boer War, several men go into the South African veldt in search of diamonds. Director: Margaret and Richard Hodkin. Part of the Women Amateur Filmmakers Collection. Mon 01 Jul 19 Moulin Rouge Director: John Huston. The story is that of the crippled artist who forgets his worries by drinking and mingling at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris. Rumpole finds himself in the unusual position of defending a police officer.

Mon 01 Jul 19 Millions Like Us War Drama. Celia marries a Pilot before he is deployed into wartime battle. Mon 01 Jul 19 Calling All Cars Comedy documentary, centring on the Dover Harbour car terminal. Directed by Maclean Rogers. Mon 01 Jul 19 Get Some In! Call Up. A group of lads are called up for national service to the Royal Air Force, where they learn life will never be the same again S1, E01 Mon 01 Jul 19 Bulldog Breed Director: Robert Asher. Norman Puckle joins the Navy under the same Admiral he refused to yield to in the harbour.

Mon 01 Jul 19 Public Eye John VII Verse Marker is faced with a head-on collision with DI Firbank. Mon 01 Jul 19 Seven Nights in Japan Directed by Lewis Gilbert. The fictional royal Prince George travels to Japan and falls in love with a local female tour guide named Sumi. Directed by James MacTaggart. An ambitious man must make his family socially acceptable before gaining a promotion. Mon 01 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Maggie begins to suffer from severe stress when faced with a bloody multiple murder.

Director: Stanley Kubrick. Four soldiers trapped behind enemy lines must confront their fears and desires. Directed by Quentin Lawrence. Mon 01 Jul 19 The Release Directed by Joseph H Lewis. A jailed gunslinger can win his freedom by making a deal with the governor of Texas. Directed by Muriel Box. A military doctor is falsely accused of dealing illegal drugs.

Can he prove his innocence? Stars: June Allyson, Lee J. Cobb, Dick York. An undisciplined group of Union soldiers in the Civil learns their craft thanks to a heroic Captain from Austria is not what he seem Tue 02 Jul 19 The Velvet Touch A police captain Sydney Greenstreet must solve the murder of a producer. Was it his ex or his ex ex? What is the secret of British plants survival in our harshest of winters? Before you burst with curiosity — let E.

Emmett tell you. Director C. M Pennington Richards. Robin de Courtenay, a Norman noble, is framed by his cousin for murder and so he flees to Nottingham Tue 02 Jul 19 Anne of the Indies Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Rumpole finds himself defending a husband on a charge for murder. Tue 02 Jul 19 Deadly Record Tue 02 Jul 19 Invasion Director: Alan Bridges.

An English army unit come up against strange beings from another planet who have landed on earth. Tue 02 Jul 19 Get Some In! Richardson frantically searches the camp when his entire kit disappears. Tue 02 Jul 19 Public Eye Mystery Drama. The Bankrupt. Marker is hired to enquire into the activities of a bankrupt shirt manufacture and uncovers a web of deceit. Tue 02 Jul 19 Expresso Bongo A sleazy agent discovers a young singer in a coffee house and starts him on the road to stardom.

Tue 02 Jul 19 The Servant Director: Joseph Losey. A British aristocrat, hires the mysterious household servant who causes unrest in the household. Tue 02 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Phillips and Barratt investigate a bizarre marriage. Tasked with finding Hannah Cole, Lt. Smith builds up an intriguing portrait of this woman he has never met. Comedy Western. A corset store owner goes broke and becomes a traveling sales lady in Texas An army wife on a military base tries to solve differences between her young, sensitive son and his brutal father.

Wed 03 Jul 19 The Fabulous Dorseys Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey play themselves in this rise and rise story of the fabulous Dorsey brothers. Wed 03 Jul 19 Freedom Radio A German doctor, disillusioned with Nazi propaganda, creates a secret radio-feed condemning the movement. Wed 03 Jul 19 Piccadilly Incident Director: Herbert Wilcox. A missing Wren returns from a desert isle and finds her husband has a new wife and son.

Rumpole defends his cousin after an old lady drowns on his estate Wed 03 Jul 19 Helford Oysters A day in the life of an oyster farmer in Helford, Cornwall in the late s. Wed 03 Jul 19 The Flying Scot Director: Compton Bennett. Smith tries to convince the medical officer that he has a problem as the rest deal with Leckie who talks of shooting himself. Girl In Blue. Marker is hired to discover her whereabouts of a missing Janice Summers, and bring her back home.

An alcoholic showgirl is murdered. A man who helped her is the only suspect. Wed 03 Jul 19 Town on Trial Director: John Guillermin. Who's Afraid of Josie Tate? Maggie reviews evidence when a wife insists on helping her jailed husband get justice. Director: Ida Lupino. Director: Jean Negulesco. A sponge diver on a Greek island discovers a sunken ship filled with artefacts. Directed by Frank Richardson. An old match seller is murdered but it's left to an American gangster to find the killer.

At a small Californian college Professor life is great until confronted for stealing another identity. Thu 04 Jul 19 Shadow of A Man Crime drama. A town drunk is found dead and the police suspect murder. Starring Paul Carpenter. A young mute woman is frightened by a maniac who is killing off people with disabilities Thu 04 Jul 19 After The Ball The biographical telling of the great music hall singer Vesta Tilley, who married into the nobility.

Thu 04 Jul 19 Meet Me Tonight Directed by Anthony Pelissier. Director: Gay Ashby. A man offers a young woman a lift, only to discover later that she went missing two years ago. Thu 04 Jul 19 The Winslow Boy Directed by Anthony Asquith. Pre-WW1 England, a youngster is expelled from a naval academy over a theft. His parents demand a trial.

Narrated by Orson Welles himself, we look at a weapon come of age, The Tank. Thu 04 Jul 19 Get Some In! At the Hop. Its the boys first night out since training started, unfortunately there is only one place to go. Directed by John Paddy Carstairs. Three friends plan a fun weekend, but they have surprise company tagging along. Thu 04 Jul 19 Sheffield Anglers in the s — Glimpses Charming documentary made in the s following the exodus of s of men every Sunday from Sheffield to Lincolnshire, Kirkstead for the weekly fishing competition.

Thu 04 Jul 19 Public Eye Many a Slip. A routine credit inquiry leads Marker to uncover some strange discoveries concerning an eminent doctor's wife. Directed by Michael Carreras. An East End lad, Alf Hitchens, dreams of hitting the big time in the music business. Thu 04 Jul 19 Cabaret Finders Keepers.

Maggie returns to Seven Dials for the first time since the explosion wrecked her office. S5, E01 Thu 04 Jul 19 Brubaker Director: Stuart Rosenberg. The new warden of an Arkansas prison farm attempts to clean up the corruption of the staff Thu 04 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Drayton Case. Directed by Ken Hughes. The aftermath of a wartime air raid reveals the body of a murdered woman. Directed by Leslie S. In debt to gamblers, Rodney Richard Hearne agrees to pass as a butler at a gambling party.

Four of Somerset Maugham's stories brought to the screen. Fri 05 Jul 19 Melody Fri 05 Jul 19 Doublecross Director Anthony Squire. Director: Thomas Hamilton. Fri 05 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Missing Man. The Dream of a Retired Vicar's wife sets police on the trail of a man who has been missing since Lillys superior attitude gets him, and everybody else, in trouble. Director: Robert D Webb. At the end of the Civil War, a Confederate team is ordered to rob a Union payroll train.

Fri 05 Jul 19 Monte Carlo Rally Feel the excitement build and meet the star drivers of Follow the journey through each country to the finish line and watch the win for B. Fri 05 Jul 19 Public Eye Podmore's Cat. Marker is hired to babysit Mrs Podmore's pet cat, Bertie. But things have a way of turning awkward. Fri 05 Jul 19 Nosferatu The Vampyre Director: Werner Herzog. Directed by Alan Cooke. Director: Sidney Gilliat. Due to boredom, John spends his time daydreaming of affairs with attractive women. Fri 05 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Losers Weepers.

Maggie and her colleagues are on the trail of forged bank notes that have fallen into the wrong hands S5, E02 Fri 05 Jul 19 Fools Rush In Director: Victor H. A ship with a cargo full of diamonds gets taken over by pirates. Starring Barbara Stanwyck. Nora attempts to lead a quiet life away from the political chaos of the Easter Rebellion that has engulfed Ireland and her home city. Directed by John Ford. Director: Bernard Miles. The staff of an engineering firm take over after going on strike. Sat 06 Jul 19 The Frightened City British Noir film about extortion rackets and gang warfare in the West End of London.

The Shadows had a hit single with main theme. Sat 06 Jul 19 90 Degrees South Director: Herbert G.


Stars: F. Evans, Herbert G. Ponting, Robert Falcon Scott. A record of Captain Scott's South Pole expedition. Sat 06 Jul 19 Crossroads to Crime Sat 06 Jul 19 The Square Peg Norman gets drafted and is mistakenly parachuted into Nazi occupied France. Director: Anthony Pelissier. After receiving a rocking horse, a child is able to pick winning horses at the racetrack Sat 06 Jul 19 Forbidden Directed by George King. An ex-serviceman plans to escape his faithless wife.

Sat 06 Jul 19 Doublecross Directed by Bryan Forbes. Director Robert Wise. Sat 06 Jul 19 The Sand Pebbles Sat 06 Jul 19 Belle Starr Directed by Irvin Cummings. A southern beauty, indignant at her treatment by the Yankees, marries a confederate guerrilla. A small town gets dragged out into space and the populace try to organise a local government based on equal rights for all. Controversy stirs in a village when a Lady is rescued at sea and the men begin vying for her affections Sun 07 Jul 19 Ambush In Leopard Street Crime Thriller.

A retired thief forms a gang for one last job, a diamond shipment. With good locations and a British cast it's an enjoyable British B film. Sun 07 Jul 19 Scotland Yard Director: Richard Fleischer. Sun 07 Jul 19 Boy on A Dolphin Henry is a mild man who writes adventure stories for his girls. All is fine until he meets Miss Honey! Directed by John Guillermin. The big day has finally arrived! Director Ken Annakin.

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The Huggetts have a telephone installed, along with a niece who causes disruption when she turns up. A ghost detective named Carnacki investigates the haunting of a country house that threatens a wedding Sun 07 Jul 19 Yield to the Night Director: J Lee Thompson. A condemned murderess relives key events while waiting for the hangman's noose.

Director: Ralph Thomas. A British MP faces the choice of his career or the woman he loves. Comedy, Drama. Directed by Jack Lemmon. To avoid settling in a nursing home, a retired salesman, is obliged to leave his son's family. Sun 07 Jul 19 Anne of the Indies Director: Lewis Allen. Three gangsters trap a family in their own house, with the intention of killing the president of the USA. Lovely footage a of charity celebrity Tea Party with Vera Lynn as the star guest.

See who you can spot among the celebrity guests? Reporter Joe Jeff Morrow finds his wife is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

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  6. Crime drama directed by Vernon Sewell. A husband plots to kill his rich wife. Does he have the perfect alibi? Starring Derek Bond and Hugh Latimer. Director: Leslie Arliss. Two school teachers take refuge in an isolated house in the Yorkshire Moors when a storm breaks. Pirates force Jonathon to lead them to his settlement after hearing about hidden treasures. Directed by Henry Cass. A salesman who learns he has months to live cashes in his savings to live in a fancy hotel. Mon 08 Jul 19 90 Degrees South Mon 08 Jul 19 Get Some In!

    Picket Detail. Director John Baxter. In s Salford, Harry Hardcastle and his sister, Sally, both, in their different ways, fall victim to poverty. Mon 08 Jul 19 Public Eye The Man Who Said Sorry. An oddly-dressed man visits Marker, insisting he is the only man capable of helping him. After an expose article is published, an MP dies in mysterious circumstances.

    Mon 08 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Do It Yourself. Alexander Korda's film for the British war effort shows the world both at peace and on the verge of Nazi domination. Director: James Parrott. Laurel and Hardy deliver a piano, but struggle to carry it up a flight of stairs. A Merton Park Studios Production. A young artist is almost driven to murder from the pressures of living in the Glasgow slum area. A man believes that his son's death was not just a straightforward boating accident. When Peter Weston returns to England he finds that Daisy, a tame alligator, has been left in his care.

    Tue 09 Jul 19 Second Woman James V Kern. An architect's fiancee is killed in a mysterious car accident on the night before their wedding… Subtitles Available Tue 09 Jul 19 I'll Be Seeing You Directed by William Dieterle. A British politician's liberal views become more conservative with his steady rise to power Tue 09 Jul 19 s Celebrity Tea Party From the private collection of Richard Hearne.

    Released from prison, Pinky Richard Jordan vows to go straight, but after taking a maintenance job, he attracts a lot of attention. A Charming short film made in following London workers on their weekends in the country. Tue 09 Jul 19 Public Eye Horse and Carriage. Marker finds the season of goodwill a little hard to bear when a husband hires Marker to investigate his wife. Tue 09 Jul 19 Man in the Middle Director: Michael Winner. Four marathon runners from different countries prepare to compete in the Olympics. The Conference. Scientists are looking for the perfect man to send to the moon.

    Tue 09 Jul 19 Suddenly Subtitles Available Tue 09 Jul 19 River of Steel Made in a beautiful animation directed by Peter Sachs, summarising the manufacture of steel and a humorous glimpse of a world suddenly deprived of its steel. This episode also guest stars Russell Nype and Eileen Ryan. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Gay Dog Director: Maurice Elvey. A Miner tries to increase his dog's odds at a big greyhound race Wed 10 Jul 19 Encore Three short stories by W.

    Somerset Maugham. Wed 10 Jul 19 Idol On Parade Newley is a pop singer called up to serve in the British army. Wed 10 Jul 19 Scotland Yard The Candlelight Murder. An inspector unmasks the killer of an elderly hermit. A British foreign correspondent, forced out of Norway, returns to the occupied Scandinavian country. Wed 10 Jul 19 Glimspes of a s Driving Lesson Shot around Wiltshire in the late s, we travel around the streets of the s towns with our instructor in our morris minor. Incredible shots of a way of life long gone. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Ugly Duckling Directed by Lance Comfort.

    Henry is an outsider waiting for a purpose in life until he discovers a formula. Wed 10 Jul 19 Get Some In! Christmas at the Camp. When 9-year-old Jennifer's parents get divorced, she is sent to a centre for maladjusted children. Wed 10 Jul 19 Public Eye A Family Affair. Marker is hired to find out if a woman put pressure on her deceased employer to leave her his entire wealth. Wed 10 Jul 19 Scream of Fear Directed by Seth Holt.

    After 10 years, Penny returns to her father's home and is convinced something is amiss. Directed by Edmond T. Paul, a divorcee, marries a French lady but his daughter is determined to spoil the relationship. Wed 10 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch The Good, the Bad and the Rest. Maggie tries to help when Steve learns of criminal activity at his college. In British India, a prince must be taken to safety across a rebel-held territory.

    Wed 10 Jul 19 Lena Rivers Young Lena, born out of wedlock, goes to live with a rich uncle, but his wife and daughter don't like her one bit. Wed 10 Jul 19 Salmon Fishing Industry Insightful public information film made in the s possibly earlier following salmon fishing from stream to the plate and everything in-between. Starring Jon Pertwee and Sid James. A cartoonist finds it impossible to concentrate on his next commission Thu 11 Jul 19 Treasure Hunt Director: John Paddy Carstairs. After reading Sir Roderick Lyall's will, the family learn they are short on money.

    Thu 11 Jul 19 River of Steel Made in a beautiful animation directed by Peter Sachs, summarising the manufacture of steel and a humorous glimpse of a world suddenly deprived of its steel. Thu 11 Jul 19 The Price of Silence Roger forges a new life for himself after his release from prison. But his past catches up with him. Thu 11 Jul 19 The Bargee Directed by Duncan Wood.

    Stars Harry H. The film charts the course of love of a Casanova who lives and works on the canals, breaking hearts. A converted bedsit hosts many people including student Jan and the secretive Tony. Thu 11 Jul 19 Man of the Moment Director: Carol Reed. A boy, who is heartbroken when his pet chicken disappears, buys a goat believing it is a unicorn. The empty market in the early morning; barrows being wheeled in, people bringing their goods in taxis, others carrying parcels. Thu 11 Jul 19 Public Eye The Golden Boy. Marker investigates why a man who had everything gave it all up and disappeared.

    Thu 11 Jul 19 The Raging Moon Bruce is paralysed after his brother's wedding. Rejected by his family, he is placed in a nursing home. Thu 11 Jul 19 Life at the Top Director: Ted Kotcheff. Mad Dog. Animal rights campaigners free dogs from a lab, but fail to realise that one of the dogs is dangerously ill S5, E06 Thu 11 Jul 19 Hell is a City A Manchester police inspector becomes obsessed with a criminal who broke out of prison. Depicts the lives of the inhabitants in a boarding house. It was the last appearance of Mabel Poulton and the last to be directed by Walter West.

    The docks, the cars, a barge on the Thames, big ships docking, Tower Bridge and ending up inside Westminster Abbey. Fri 12 Jul 19 Our Girl Friday Director, Noel Langley. A British cast lead this story about a shipwrecked group on a tropical island. Fri 12 Jul 19 Some People Directed by Clive Donner. The story of three teenaged tearaways who find themselves at odds with society Subtitles Available Fri 12 Jul 19 Brandy for the Parson A young couple on a boating holiday off the Kent coast get caught up in a smuggling racket.

    Tony is in trouble, and the only person he can talk to is Jan, but she has other plans for him. Fri 12 Jul 19 Remembering Kenneth More Nick Pourgourides, a devoted fan and keeper of many of Kenneth's items from his private collection, introduces us to photographs and objects form Kenneth's home. Fri 12 Jul 19 North West Frontier Take Two. Well-known faces from much loved British films and classic television shows talk about their lives and careers in the business.

    Fri 12 Jul 19 Get Some In!

    About J P Catton

    Director: Henry Cornelius. Alan and Ambrose are not going to let friendship get in the way of winning the London to Brighton rally. Subtitles Available Fri 12 Jul 19 Remembering Kenneth More Nick Pourgourides, who has been honoured with looking after some of Kenneth's most treasured possessions, talks us through more photographs, awards and memories from Kenneth's life and career. Fri 12 Jul 19 Public Eye The Windsor Royal. Marker is hired to find a new breed of rose that has disappeared Fri 12 Jul 19 The Comedy Man Directed by Alvin Rakoff.

    A story of a girl's awakening from childhood. Fri 12 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Wise Child. When a well-dressed con man begins harassing a rich middle-aged widow, Maggie doubts he's up to much good S5, E07 Fri 12 Jul 19 The Early Bird Norman is the assistant helping to run a small dairy which is threatened by a larger, modern organisation.

    Fri 12 Jul 19 Public Nuisance No.

    1. Literally PR Authors.
    2. Che storie ! (Italian Edition).
    3. El Halcón (Spanish Edition);
    4. The Footprints of Michael the Archangel: The Formation and Diffusion of a Saintly Cult, c. 300-c. 800 (The New Middle Ages).
    5. Innovating Discipleship: Four Paths to Real Discipleship Results (Church Unique Intentional Leader Series Book 1).
    6. Quick Links!
    7. In Frame Visual Arts Issue 7;
    8. A young man goes to work as a waiter in a French hotel in this early British comedy with music. Director: Thomas Carr. Scarlett returns to France to find the Duke of Corlaine seizing property and terrorizing those who resist. Sat 13 Jul 19 Hawkeye Hawkeye's Homecoming. Directed by Sidney Salkow. Hawkeye finds out that his brother has joined the British army and is now a 'redcoat'.

      Director by John Gilling. The British army must fight off the rampaging locals in 's India. Sat 13 Jul 19 The Early Bird Sat 13 Jul 19 Malta Story Director: Brian Desmond Hurst. Sat 13 Jul 19 The Traitors Directed by Robert Tronson. Espionage story telling how British and U. Sat 13 Jul 19 Love on the Dole Sat 13 Jul 19 The Shillingbury Blowers The arrival of a pop star and his wife, upsets the status quo of the Shillingbury village brass band.

      Sat 13 Jul 19 The Tamarind Seed Directed by Blake Edwards. On a Caribbean holiday, a British civil servant begins falling in love with a Russian agent. Subtitles Available Sat 13 Jul 19 Minesweeper A former naval deserter is drawn back to the services after the attack on Pearl Harbour. Sat 13 Jul 19 Lifetime Of Comedy Set in 19th Century France, The country's conniving chief minister will stop at nothing to gain possession of the sword. Directed by Sam Newfield. Hawkeye and Chingachgook find a group of new settlers, trapped in the Huron's territory.

      Directed by George Marshall. Stan convinces Ollie that they should become fishermen, but making a boat seaworthy is not an easy task. Sun 14 Jul 19 The Magnet Directed by Charles Frend. A boy steals a powerful magnet from a younger boy, which gets him into all sorts of trouble. Directed by Jack Couffer. Graham buys a frisky otter but soon realizes that a cramped London bathtub is no place for such a creature. Pitt This biopic tells the story of the year-old British Prime Minister who served during the Napoleonic era. Back from a happy honeymoon, the bliss is short-lived when his love of the wireless clashes with Ada's TV addiction S3, E01 Sun 14 Jul 19 Monte Carlo Rally Feel the excitement build and meet the star drivers of Sun 14 Jul 19 John and Julie Director: William Fairchild.

      This is a heart-warming story about two children who run away to London so they can visit the Queen. When a priceless gem comes within grasp, detective Horace Dorrington cuts more than a few corners to get his hands on it. Sun 14 Jul 19 Sewers of Gold Crime thriller. A group of fascists plan to finance their work by pulling off a bank robbery.

      Sun 14 Jul 19 Modesty Blaise A spy spoof in the 60s tradition featuring comic book heroine, Modesty Blaise. Two college students are forced to earn a living by joining a band. Nominated for 2 Oscars. Sun 14 Jul 19 Juggernaut Director: Henry Edwards. An evil doctor and the greedy wife of a rich man plot to poison him so they can get their hands on his money. The Blazing Caravan. Director: Ken Hughes. A Salesman turns murderer after learning that his client has just won the football pools. S1, E4. An insurance investigator tracks a series of robberies to a gang who are hiding the stolen jewels in the produce of a bakery.

      First film from Joss Ambler, filmed at Pinewood. Director: Gordon Parry. A seaman gets cold feet about his wedding when his mother-in-law to be takes control. Mon 15 Jul 19 The Peke Speaks Directed by Widgey R. Comedy documentary with a humorous commentary by Frederick Allen. We follow nearly every dog breed around England and find out who were 'dirty dogs,'. Mon 15 Jul 19 Duel in the Sun When her father is hanged, the beautiful Pearl Chavez goes to live with distant relatives in Texas.

      A welfare worker becomes emotionally involved with a group of homeless children. Music by Larry Adler. Mon 15 Jul 19 Blind Corner Director: Lance Comfort. The wife of a blind composer plots to murder her husband after he learns of her affair. Mon 15 Jul 19 Conflict of Wings Directed by John Eldridge. Villagers take action when they find that a nearby RAF station is taking over a much loved bird sanctuary. Mon 15 Jul 19 Get Some In!

      When Jakey learns his father will be ejected from his house, he takes matters into his own hands. Mon 15 Jul 19 Public Eye It's a Woman's Privilege. A pleasant visit from Marker's former landlady takes a turn when she tells Marker her problem. Mon 15 Jul 19 Hell Drivers Mon 15 Jul 19 The Birthday Party Directed by William Friedkin.

      The down-at-heel lodger in a seaside boarding house is menaced by two mysterious strangers. Mon 15 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Appearances Can Be Deceptive. Maggie thinks that a woman who has killed her abusive husband acted in self-defence. A Miner tries to increase his dog's odds at a big greyhound race Mon 15 Jul 19 Vacant Possession An estate agent arranges to meet a couple for a viewing at a flat. Formerly 'lost' short. Director: Francis Searle. Criminals kidnap a man's daughter in order to obtain forgery plates which they believe to be in his possession Tue 16 Jul 19 June Allyson Death of the Temple Bay.

      Stars: June Allyson and Lloyd Bridges. As sea captain Anderson's vessel is sinking, he begins to question his motives for going down with his ship. Tue 16 Jul 19 Waterloo Road After Jim reports for military duty, he suspects that his bride has been seeing another man. Directed by Terence Fisher. Conway is on trial for the murder of his neurotic wife by means of a sedative overdose. Tue 16 Jul 19 Blood of The Vampire In the late 19th Century, the anaemic Dr Callistratus is the governor of a brutal penal institution in a remote castle.

      Hello Neighbor vs Detective Donut: THE MISSING DONUTS MYSTERY SuperHero Kids SHK Comic In Real Life

      Tue 16 Jul 19 His Girl Friday Director: Howard Hawks. A newspaper editor tries everything to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying. Directed by Jeffrey Dell. An inspector hunts a killer who is looking for an actress who witnessed him commit murder Tue 16 Jul 19 Jazz Boat Director Ken Hughes. An electrician is summoned to assist a gang in a big robbery. Tue 16 Jul 19 Get Some In! Field Exercise. C Flight are dropped 15 miles from home, but with no idea where and must find their way home. A newlywed couple are desperate to get back home after their houseboat runs out of fuel in France.

      Director: Len Lye. A simple tale of a mother cheering up her daughter with a pie from her rationing-stricken pantry is skilfully crafted into a work of real artistic depth. Tue 16 Jul 19 Public Eye Madge Reading turns to Marker when she suspects there is another woman in her husband's life. Tue 16 Jul 19 Deadly Affair A British secret agent is puzzled by the sudden suicide of a man he's recently investigated. Tue 16 Jul 19 Malta Story Tue 16 Jul 19 The Gentle Touch Maggie finds that the sophisticated Cecily is dangerous when she uncovers a grim secret.

      A Chinese missionary comes to England where he helps a young girl who is ill-treated by her father. Captain Matt Holbrook Robert Taylor leads a squad of brave and tough detectives tackling crime. Wed 17 Jul 19 The Purple Plain Director: Robert Parrish. Canadian RAF pilot Forrester is a loner whose bravery can't cover a streak of reckless instability. Wed 17 Jul 19 Passenger to London Director: Lawrence Huntingdon. A great B British film. An agent, carrying important papers, is knifed to death on a passenger train.

      Wed 17 Jul 19 The Jazz Singer