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It provides guidelines for generating the best health readings for each of our resident species. Sometimes, old recyclable items can be used to keep our animals entertained and to bring out their natural behaviors such as hunting and playing. The Zoo will recycle many common items and place them in the exhibit. Common items used for enrichment include:. Swipe to see more. The orange heart on the animal profiles indicate which animals are available for Zoo PAL adoption!

Check out our Must see animals. Check Out our Must See Animals. Learn About Our Animals Your Zoo is home to more than 10, individual animals representing over species. Look for these icons. The green leaf indicates conservation efforts available for donations! African Penguin. American Coot. Caribbean Flamingo. Bald Eagle. Dalmatian Pelican. Helmeted Guinea Fowl. Many-colored Fruit Dove. Pink-necked Fruit Dove. Piping Plover. Rhinoceros Hornbill. Saddle-billed Stork. Scaly-sided Merganser. Steller's Eider. Tawny Frogmouth. Addra Gazelle. African Elephant.

Allen's Swamp Monkey. Amur Tiger. Andean Bear. Bactrian Camel. Bornean Orangutan. Colobus Monkey. Grey Seal. Grizzly Bear. Harbor Seal. Indian Rhinoceros. Kodiak Bear. Linne's Two-Toed Sloth. Maned Wolf. Masai Giraffe. Mongoose Lemur. Naked Mole Rat. Polar Bear. Red Panda. Emperor Tamarin. Francois's Langur. Grant's Zebra. Gray Wolf. Greater Kudu. Ring-Tailed Lemur. Snow Leopard. Spotted-necked Otter. Tasmanian devil.

Watusi Cattle. Western Lowland Gorilla. White-Cheeked Gibbon. Aruba Island Rattlesnake. Crocodile red-eyed skink. Cuban Boa. Galapagos Tortoise. Green Anaconda. Green Mamba. Kihansi Spray Toad. Leaf-Tailed Gecko. Red Spitting Cobra. Reticulated Python. Saltwater Crocodile. Karner Blue Butterfly. Leaf-Cutter Ant. Mitchell's Satyr. Monarch Butterfly. Blacktip Reef Shark. Flashlight Fish. Giant Pacific Octopus. Green Sea Turtle. Lake Victoria Cichlid.

Lined Sea Horse. Orange Clownfish.

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Pacific Sea Nettles. Beyond the Zoo Learn more about our conservation efforts going on worldwide. Behind the Scenes Tours Experience the Zoo from the keeper perspective! Caring for animals is the core of our mission. Be Healthy Check out this edition of Safari magazine. Must See Animal Care Videos. In one month our animals consume: lbs.

See It In Action Mark your calendars for our enrichment events. Many-Colored Fruit Dove. Tasmanian Devils. North Island Brown Kiwi. Sustainability at the Zoo Learn about the Zoo's implementation of sustainable practices and initiatives. How can you help? Learn how you can conserve the natural world through these helpful tips. View More Conservation Efforts. Become a Zoo Pal Sponsor! Look for the heart! Zoo PAL is sponsored by:. Be an animal parent without all the work! Current Zoo Pal Promotions. Adopt Me! Buy Me Lunch! They are black and white with black spots on their chest that are unique to each individual bird.

They are countershaded, meaning their white abdomen protects them from predators below while their black backs protect from predators above. They stand approximately 27 inches tall and weigh four to nine pounds. The species is native to the southern coast of Africa and their diet consists of fish and krill. They are endangered due to commercial fisheries and shifts in prey population from climate change.

Previous Next. Mudhens have slate gray bodies, red eyes and an ivory bill with dark markings on the top and tip. They are omnivores that eat plants, algae, insects, fish crustaceans and eggs. These tough, adaptable waterbirds can both swim and walk on land well. Mudhens are known to be aggressive and noisy with a large variety of calls.

Interestingly, Mudhens are known to fight each other with their feet, usually over territory. They stand approximately five feet tall, weigh about five pounds and have a wingspan of five feet. They have large beaks that are beige at the base, pink in the middle and black on the tip to aid in filter feeding. Their trademark pink coloration comes from their diet of crustaceans, mollusks, insects and algae. Flamingo populations are suffering from habitat loss for salt collection and being hunted for food. Population of the iconic bird plummeted to an all-time low in the s and through a relentless nationwide recovery was removed from the Endangered Species Act in Bald eagles are found near water sources throughout North American and are brown with a white head, neck and tail.

They weigh six to 14 pounds and have a wingspan of more than eight feet. Bald eagles have full color vision, mate for life and can live for up to 50 years! Western Capercaillie. Males average nine pounds, have a wingspan of inches and striking markings, while the female is only about four pounds and much plainer. Males have dark gray feathers with a metallic green breast, black or white undertail, white spot below their wing and bright red naked skin patches above each eye. Capercaillies are found in shady forests across Europe and Russia.

They eat berries, shoots, stems and pine needles. The Capercaillie population is decreasing due to hunting practices in parts of Europe, habitat destruction and alteration, an increase of small predators and human expansion. Dalmation Pelican. Species name: Pelecanus crispus IUCN Status: Near Threatened Dalmatian Pelicans are the largest species of Pelicans in the world, standing about five feet tall, weighing up to 30 pounds and having a wingspan of over 11 feet. Their name does not come from a spot pattern but rather the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, part of their historic range in eastern Europe and east-central Asia.

Dalmatian Pelicans are great swimmers that eat fish and are white with silvery plumage. Underneath their almost 12 inch long bill they also have an off-white pouch that turns red-orange during breeding season. Dalmatian Pelicans are listed as vulnerable due wetland drainage, pollution, human disturbance and being hunted for their bills for use in horse grooming. Species name: Numida meleagris IUCN Status: No record Helmeted Guinea Fowl are gray or black birds with white speckles that forage the African scrublands and savannas in large flocks for insects and plants.

Helmeted Guinea Fowl get their name from yellow or red bony lumps on their heads with red or blue patches of skin on each side that resemble a helmet. While these birds, which weigh about three pounds, can fly, they usually run away from danger. While they are common across Africa, they are hunted for their eggs and meat. Its name means ghost of the forest.

Kagu have gray feathers, bright orange legs and bill, red eyes, a head crest and bold stripes on their wingtips. They weigh one to three pounds and have a Kagu can run quickly and are patient hunters of insects, worms, lizards and snails. Its call has been likened to the simultaneous sound of a rooster crowing and a dog barking. Kagus are endangered due to predation from dogs and feral pigs and habitat degradation. Help my friends Buy Me Lunch! Species name: Apteryx mantelli IUCN Status: Vulnerable Kiwi are small ratites, or flightless birds, related to Cassowary and Ostriches that prey on the many species of insects that emerge after dark.

Depending on the sub-species, Kiwi can weigh two to 12 pounds and can live for 50 to 60 years. Kiwi are burrow nesters. They will hide and sleep in their burrow all day and come out at night to hunt. Kiwi have very small eyes that are sensitive to light, so they rely on their senses of smell and touch along with their long bills containing ultra-sensitive whiskers at the base and nostrils at the tip to forage for insects.

Kiwi are endangered due to predation from non-native mammals, specifically stoats a type of weasel , dogs and feral cats, in their home range of New Zealand. In support of kiwi conservation, the Zoo has a kiwi on display in our Pheasantry and supports Kiwis for Kiwi preservation efforts in their native range.

The global population size has not been properly quantified, but the species is reported to be uncommon, localized and decreasing. These little birds have been observed in small flocks in the canopy of banyan trees, where they eat the fruit the tree produces. Unfortunately, with the current rate of these trees being cut down for human expansion, relying on such a threatened food source could soon be very harmful to the longevity of the species.

The birds underwent an acclimation and quarantine period of approximately 60 days and were then set up in pairs to breed in our off-exhibit Avian Breeding Center. To date, four Many-colored Fruit Dove chicks have hatched at the Zoo. It is the largest and heaviest living bird, has the largest eyes of any land animal and lays the largest eggs at six by five inches and about three pounds.

Anatomy of a Koala Viewer

Ostriches are omnivores that will eat whatever is available, have long necks and are native to Africa. They stand five to nine feet tall and weigh pounds. Being flightless, ostriches use their wings for balance while running. In fact, they are capable of reaching 43 miles per hour in short bursts! Ostrich feathers are prized in the fashion world. As they do not eat the seeds, the Doves disperse the seeds and actually help to regrow their own food source. Males are more vibrant than females. As Pink-necked Fruit Doves have a very small range and are quite shy, studying the species is incredibly difficult.

While population numbers are unknown, it is thought they are declining due to habitat loss. To help support the population, Toledo Zoo began breeding and rearing Pink-necked Fruit Doves in and today houses the entire AZA population of the species. Since the beginning of our rearing, hatch rates have increased from two a year to more than five. In , the zoo hand-reared 14 Pink-necked Fruit Dove chicks. Species name: Charadrius melodus IUCN Status: Near Threatened Piping Plovers are black, white and gray birds with a black band connecting their eyes and a black stripe on their breasts.

They have yellow-orange legs, an orange bill with black tip and weigh only a few ounces. The birds migrate annually to over-winter on the Gulf Coast or the Bahamas and only nest in the gravelly beaches of the northern Plains, along the shores of the Great Lakes and on the Atlantic Coast. They are endangered due to a sharp population decline from human nest disruption and predation.

Thanks to the continuing efforts of the Great Lakes Piping Plover Project, including tracking pairs, rearing abandoned eggs and eventually releasing the chicks back into the wild, the population is recovering. The males and females both have the characteristic large, orange casque head ornamentation and look almost identical except for their eye color; males have red eyes while females are white. The birds are inches tall, weigh four to six pounds and have a wingspan of five feet. The species is considered near threatened due to logging destroying nesting areas and the birds being hunted for meat and feathers.

To help save the species, the Toledo Zoo supports The Hornbill Research Foundation, which organizes the field protection and research of this striking bird. Our support helps observe and protect nest sites in southern Thailand. It is in adulthood that the storks develop their namesake yellow saddle-shaped marking on their long red and black beak. Saddle-billed Storks eat fish, crustaceans and small reptiles. Interestingly, the storks swallow the prey whole and chase it down with a very large drink of water. They are found throughout sub-Sahara Africa and are vulnerable to wetland degradation from pesticide contamination and conversion of their native range into agricultural areas.

The males have a long, bright orange serrated bill, iridescent green head with a crest and black and white body with scalloping that resembles fish scales. Plus it's nice to hear some music that i would have never heard. Ladytron Royksopp Trentmoller Keep bang'n. Was going to post on youtube but it couldnt get past the copyright check There is like a huge discussion how we record our mixes.

This thread went completely wrong way. And you are all giving answers to someone who didn't bothered to search. It ain't no fun no more to post ur video here.. Funkytownstopsix PM - 23 July, www. U gota love it Bren AM - 24 July, www. Millz AM - 8 October, www. Watch www. Check it out and give me some feedback!!!!!! Watch vimeo. Similar to what you would do in pro tools. He is the real deal. But watch and enjoy.

The movement gets stronger everday. I made them a year ago. I plan on making more current ones soon and post them there. Lil Wayne - On Fire 2. Gucci Mane - Lemonade 3. Gucci - Wasted 5. Lil Boosie - Loose as A Goose 6. Wack 7. Dj Khaled - Fed Up 8. Jay-Z - On to the Next One 9.

Rihanna - Hard Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock Trey Songz - Say Ahh Ne Yo - Baby Be Me Dirty Money - Love Comes Down I would totally dig this smoking some hookah or something else and sipping on some yac. I can dig this, pretty unique. Good stuff VSP! FunkyRob AM - 13 February, why?

I was mostly bugging out that DisGrace had never seen that Daft Punk video before. Lol started to feel old Niro AM - 16 February, djniros. Niro AM - 16 February, www. Eskei83 AM - 18 February, Watch www. Eskei83 PM - 18 February, thanx Blackie Lox AM - 19 February, I've been doing online radio shows for a quite some time now, and I've decided to add videos to my repetoire.

Here's a link to my last show: www. Eskei83 PM - 19 February, Quote:. To be honest I'm not really one to check out video mixes, unless they have some pinache like those you posted. Eskei83 AM - 20 February, Quote:. Funkytownstopsix PM - 20 February, A-swift Mad Props Funkytownstopsix PM - 20 February, well the movie inside the move that kept the chapters was a little more than what I wanted to study..

Speakers and what not I rather not even think of I much rather you make me one Either way it was well put together and more like a musical production. Used as a Demo it would get you the job every time. Does put me back to where I want to try and do some of that cool stuff but hell man that's a lot of work The question would be how long did it take you to put that together and if a live show wold be just as good? Bezzle PM - 10 March, A lot of the tracks are my edits and some are my friends on StrictlyHits. Joshua Carl PM - 25 March, killer man ME is some much better to me I am one guys that comes up with all them nice effects you guys like Ive seen some mixes that are done on ME Eloy Garcia PM - 30 March, it's in your drop box!

I love it! Funkytownstopsix PM - 2 April, :. Let me know what you think Watch www. Joshua Carl AM - 4 April, now, that was fresh. Funkytownstopsix AM - 5 April, www. Everything else recorded in screenflow. I have even better ones but I have not updated the site in a while. More of a video blend.

Next question can use ableton 8 suite to do this thanks any help would be greatly appreciated. U brought back some really good memories Dj Ace AM - 5 May, smahvidz has them up. Any comments are welcome. Thanks Watch www. Pop music. I am looking for something like that for my site. This is the site the code is getting the player from media. BTW, nice mix - still watching it now :.

I can give you the entire code if you'd like, not sure it will work for your site minus my video codes. I think you made my mind up on buying it I just purchased ME last night so I can use for recording so hopefully I'll have something to laugh at soon Dj Ace PM - 27 May, that looks like video sl.

I've just been using the standard video cuts from promo only, but would love to mix more remixes. Are you making your own or do you have a source? Amos Quote:. Funkytownstopsix PM - 27 May, Quote:.


Anne McCue: Koala Motel

Those were some of my edits and edits from Strictlyhits. Gotta love watermark free video edits. The effects were Reflective Swap and Iris warp. New plugins for ME, not new new, but ones I haven't had before. There are much more effects, but I didn't use many in the mix. Thanks They also have text plugin that displays on the output and you can add an image like the clubs logo in the corner throughout.

I have Final Cut Pro, but am unsure if i should try to learn it, or get something else that is easier to learn. My FCP is a few years old. The transition between beyonce and Ciara was a little rough, but I caught it quick and smoothed out the transition. I got word from a bird that said: Record every broadcast from now on. So I'm going to try to follow that.

So here's the first installment. I think this might be my first mix post here after being a consistent forum member for the last years. Comments, feedback, whatever is appreciated. Constructive criticism is much appreciated as well : soundcloud. Just jumped on ME and love it. Here's my first recording please tell me what you think This is pretty much my style and comfort zone.. But i got more mixes coming this week.. With actual dope transitions.

This was my first test run.. Clean fades no transitions lol I wanted to do a mix with just the dissolve effect transition to keep it looking clean.. Need feedback, but i can promise better!!! ExtremeRemixes PM - 28 July, Whats up people im looking for some VJs that can make some hot videos to mashups and that are looking for some extra cash if your that vj hit me up thanks DJ Blaze. Leave please. I guess it is better than saying come to our site for videos, but still.

Saytj AM - 29 July, Watch www. Notorious B. Fugees - Ready Or Not Just downloaded that last night from SV. Nice tribute mix. Christians dance too I recorded it off the flip cam for now so Youtube wont disable the audio. Kinda cheezy intro but used what i had found SteadFast PM - 9 September, thanks! Recorded it with screenflow. I'm just a dj that plays video btw.

I'm also checking out vimeo: Watch vimeo. B aka Bobby Ray f. I love checkin out other mixes. It's mostly Freestyle; dope. Tumi PM - 15 September, Quote:. This one has more slammin electro videos in it. LOL Got it done just in time for halloween. Still getting used to it, but I love it Watch www. The Clipse came out so I had do a little mix Enjoy! Kinda slow compared to most others stuff on here.. I have since switched to ME though What's ur set up?

ENJOY ;. Dj Ace AM - 24 September, love the breakdancing segment add pop Dj Ace AM - 29 September, where di you get that intro of the simpsons Part 1: Watch vimeo. KingxD PM - 13 October, what is a good place that can host a 30min video mix so others can view? Dj Ace PM - 13 October, ummm Funkytownstopsix PM - 13 October, your own website Res-Q PM - 13 October, ustream also, i store all my lives around 3 hours mixin non-stop. Res-Q PM - 13 October, not yet crossing fingers , check it www. KingxD PM - 14 October, got it , i will try to upload to viemo.

I'm still trying to keep the musical part of these mixes alive. I'm an advocate of using the music I spin as an audio mixtape or video in a seemless fashion No editing to audio and very little changes to video , to keep the people feeling the music throughout the set. I'm of an older generation, so I can get away with that somewhat. Most of my crowds hit me with the "C'mon DJ you gotta let that song rock That's my jam.

KingxD PM - 21 October, Im recoding with ME and exporting the file to quicktime but when I try to upload the file to vimeo it says file to large. Is there a paid version of vimeo that I can pay for to be able to upload larger files? Or what should I export the video file as from ME without losing to much quality? It's actually cut from an extended mix, but decided to post the last 15min. Nothing special just yet but i hope u enjoy. Djcrazy PM - 25 October, Watch www. Djcrazy PM - 25 October, i make myself. Djcrazy PM - 12 November, Watch www.

Enjoy and feedback would be awesome! Cole love this beat : Watch vimeo. The original mix was almost 2 hours so I chopped off the intro and outro. Also had to reduce the quality on it to get it to fit in my allotted megs of space. Mostly old bay shit from the hyphy era: Watch www. Miami to Ibiza - Swedish House Mafia ft. T-Pain Deuces vs. Douches spoof - Chris Brown ft. Tyga vs. Affion Crockett Watch vimeo. Peace DJ Tanner. LOL it is what it is Watch www. Some have been posted here. Enjoy, critique, etc. MIX Watch www. ScreenFlow is powerfull tool - I did everything in it Normaly I use Avid Media Composer for video editing but this time i just did not need it Funkytownstopsix PM - 4 January, Screenflow is nice Ur English was very good on that Henry GQ I thought you had screenflow I used screenflow to record a mix I did in ME Done son Let me know what you guys think of the mix!

Dj Kick nice demo. Joshua Carl AM - 11 January, so, these great house guys have been on me for a while to do a mix for them. One morning, I woke up and just knocked this out, rendered it all day and sent it off. They do a pretty decent podcast, but I wanted them to push the envelope with a video podcast: www. Funkytownstopsix PM - 19 January, an90's mix They also say gift subscriptions are not renewable, but that is not true.

All four of my gift subscriptions have renewed. I tried cancelling my subscriptions online. I had to select cancel 6 times for each account before the account cancelled. The customer service rep was nice but was unable to resolve my issue. I definitely do not want to get swept into this, thank you all for posting your issues!

I took two 3 months subscriptions for my grands. Every aspect of my order was messed up. The first box was to come to me but it went to them. They were nice and sent a bonus box for each that I could give them for Christmas; only one arrived in time. Now, 3 months later I got a charge on my cc from them. When I contacted them, they said it was auto renew! I did not sign up for that and can only guess it was hidden in the fine print of the 3 month package. Even so, they never sent a receipt when they charged the card, I only found out from my credit card company.

The product was a good idea but this company is a nightmare! She said it was more for little kids. I sent an email to the company and they responded that they will change her order for further shipping to a more mature content. Maybe a different create instead of kiwi. I thought that a gift order was not renewed. Can you let us know how it went?

I ordered 3-month subscription for 2 grandsons at Christmas. They continued to get more crates and I was getting charged every month. I tried e-mailing to rectify the situation. I can see the sent e-mails!! They say they did not receive any e-mails. It took me about an hour today to find the number to talk to a live person to cancel my order.

Just disgusted. Click here and it should take you to Tinker Crate, which is for ages !

Paul McCartney discography

I just ordered 2 sets for my grandsons and hope to NOT have any problems with this company. I am cautious because of the negative comments but will try this to see for myself. I own large childcare center and whether I refer this to many others will depend on the product and customer service. I am hoping this works well so I can write a positive review. For 3 years, we have ordered Kiwi boxes for our grandchildren to share.

I have never had a negative issue with customer service. The boxes come to me about a month apart, I pay for them once a year, and I will continue to make this expenditure for many more years. I believe the benefits of the boxes to the children outweigh any potential hassles with the company.

My advice is to order as a gift for a year. Kiwi crates are amazing! Such a great quality of materials. Everything is working once assembled and booklets are full with information and ideas. I have a problem with storage thought. We accumulated so many boxes and finished projects and my son refuses to get rid of any single bit. Do you have any system for storage? I have 2 kids, ages 11 and 12, that I homeschool. These things would be a great asset to our learning activities — IF it all works properly without any major issues.

Okay, so we just got the Kiwi Crate the tinker one that we ordered. One box, one month. I have three kids, 11, 9, and 7; so I get three boxes each month. LOVE them!!!! Materials are all prepped, instructions are clearly written, and my kids get VERY excited about each project. These projects have stirred creativity, problem solving, curiosity, and a love of learning in my kids; worth every penny.

Do you get the optional curated book to accompany the box? Thank you! I order the curated book that accompanies each box. My Grandson who is 9 Loved the books too! He is 9. The first box was the Tinker box and was a kit to build a Paint spiral kit Where the base spins and you drip paint in as it is spinning and included a book on Physics.

We will see when we get it. PROS: The crates were a fun activity for us to put together. Good for quality time. However, because of the hassle and SO MUCH wasted time on hold and talking with incompetent customer service agents, I cannot recommend these projects. You are better off making something on your own from scratch or finding another company that is reliable.

CONS: The material in the crates is cheap and most of the projects fall apart after a few weeks of use. This caused a lot of disappointment with my daughter, especially since we had built them together. Another thing that she was excited about each month that led to disappointment. I had to call and ask them to send replacements. One of the five replacements never showed up and I had to have a replacement sent for the replacement. The company is trying to save money, but ends up providing a hugely sub-par experience for customers.

They know this is a problem because they actually have a voice-jail option to press for shipping issues. Each time you call, expect to spend 30 minutes up to an hour waiting on hold for a rep to help you. I learned to NEVER select the option for them to call you back which is offered after about 15 minutes on hold because it will disconnect you. Do not send an email, because the people replying do not have basic reading comprehension skills. I provided the shipping ID number, and the tracking number, my name and all info.

I ordered two 3 month subscriptions as Christmas gifts last year: TinkerCrate for my son, 12 at the time, and DoodleCrate for my daughter, 16 at the time. I opted to have the crates delivered in January, February and March. All of the crates arrived on time and included terrific projects. My son really liked his but my daughter was not as excited. The projects were interesting, but she was not interested in them if that makes sense.

She discovered she is more of a sketch, draw, paint artist, so she gave her crate 2 make a leather cover for a journal and crate 3 string of lanterns, I think to the 12 year old who was quite delighted with this development. Our packages arrived in good shape, on time and with the necessary materials. My son looked forward to their arrival, and would want to build immediately whatever had been sent.

The directions were clear enough to allow him to work independently which worked out well…. As I said, we like TinkerCrate here. Our experience has been very positive. My son has been campaigning for renewal for Christmas. We were gifted two sets of crates last Christmas, another for a birthday last year, and then all four of my kids were gifted three months again this Christmas. We have had really good experiences with all of our crates. Of course, some have been better or liked more than others. The ones we got this christmas did not get used as much as others in the past.

Overall though, I recommend this service IF you are going to get a 3 mo subscription or more. I do think the Tinker crates and the Kiwi crates are better than the other lines. But what is received in all the crates is age appropriate and neat things my kids are always excited about! Also, I did call customer service last year before ordering the first crates and had a good experience with minor wait times.

They were knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend! I want to cancel my 2 subscriptions. They are 3 month subscriptions. I only intended the 3 months for grandkids Christmas presents. I wrote last week, no response other than you received my email. She was unable to complete the project.

The missing parts are being sent but it is not fun to work on a project and be unable to complete it. I thought the three extra boxes I ordered would be sent out each month but they have all arrived at the same time. I thought that they would be tracked over the months. I have had the same experience as Heather, above in that my grandson received the pencil sharpener, which was fabulous until he pulled the motor out of the crate and it had a broken wire, called to report twice, both times being promised by the recording that someone would call me back in 25 HOURS and finally did receive a call back mid January and the part was replaced… but the excitement of the project was lost and 3 weeks later he has not touched it to finish.

Then a couple of days ago my granddaughter, 6, received an awesome medical project with body parts to make and a chart to place them on and one of the CHEAP connectors was missing on the stethoscope… why not just throw in a couple of extras instead of disappointing a child???? We love comments from readers, so chime in with your thoughts below! We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind.

Read more information on our comment policy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Subscribe to followup comments via e-mail. Never miss a deal again! Sign up for our brand new Facebook community! Join Here. October 5, Crystal Paine. Add to my favorites. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. Looking for more?

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Emily says:. Colleen Larkins says:. Rachel says:. Angi says:. Alison S. Lynn says:. Mindy says:. Thanks so much for the awesome tip, I will check into this at Target! K says:. Lea Stormhammer says:. Thank you for saying this. I recently tried the kiwi sample box and had no problem canceling. I think they have heard the complaint and made changes to serve the customer better. Rebecca G says:. Kirbee N. Karen says:. Pam says:. Kathy says:. Tammy says:.

Celia says:. Susan says:. Abbie Johnson says:. Jill Jackson says:. October 7, at am. I also signed up for a trial.

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Anne McCue: Koala Motel - PopMatters

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