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  2. Darn your holey socks to repair and reinforce them when the heels wear through!
  3. To darn, or not to darn? - hujekarezubo.ga
  4. Step 2: How to Really Do It
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I could not deal with wool patches in my socks. Okay, the pictures on this are much more awesome than the tutorial I found and eventually scrapped and did it however I pleased. I did start further back and go over-under more purl bumps, making sure to go under on the right side. That helps a bit when you're going through and weaving the sideways threads in to cover the edges of the original hole and make it look more like one piece of fabric. The tut I originally found just said to trim the overlap which made me kinda cringe.

That just sounds like asking for more holes to form.


Why Is Selling a Horse So Darn Difficult?

Zaftiq—I am so not a knitter that I hardly think about the stitches! I'm a messy darner, like I said, but yes, I should have mentioned about grabbing the flippy ends where you can when weaving! I like your nails! Probably the first thing I noticed about the tutorial.

Darn your holey socks to repair and reinforce them when the heels wear through!

This is a great idea, but I would probably only bother with it on socks that I buy from here, and not walmart brand socks. I've been looking into ways to recycle my clothing and this is definitely a good one. Trina—Thank you for the video link! I'm super picky about video tutorials and couldn't find one I liked. I love Theresa's stuff! Courtney —Ha, I never think about my nails, until I'm editing the photos. Good thing nail painting day is just before Sock Journal photo day! The Craft:Zine link mentions patching thinner socks with cut up t-shirt material, which I may try on some of my cheaper and cheaply made socks that I want a little more use of but aren't in love with.

Ophelias Dreaming. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! For the last year and a half, I've been desperately trying to sew up the holes in my super Dreamies, knowing they were discontinued. I was always terrible at knitting and crocheting, so I always felt a little intimidated by darning, and it was one of those things i always meant to look up how to do but never got around to. Your step by step photo's are genius : Thanks so much for helping to prolong and add character to my super dreamies! Trina: Theresa's the one who taught me to darn! And now Brenna's cemented the lesson.

This is fabulous. I've recently moved into an older apartment with wood floors, and just about every one of my pairs of socks has holes in them from stray flooring nails that stick up. And I just happen to have a massive stash of embroidery thread. Seems I've got a lotta darning to do! I love my sox. I've been mending my socks for a years because I have socks that I really like and cannot replace.

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However, I've used regular thread, and stitched them. This is much preferable. I used to have an old darning item but it got lost. It was an antique that belonged to a relative. Wish I had it now as I have some more pretty socks that need darning.

To darn, or not to darn? - hujekarezubo.ga

Another thing I do, with some heavier socks Than-you for the links too; wonderful! This is a great tutorial! The only socks I've darned are a pair of sweater socks, so I just used regular yarn for them since that's what they're made of. I never thought to use embroidery floss. This will definitely come in handy next time I need to darn regular socks :. Thank you for this post! I'm very hard on socks, so it's a useful thing for me to learn :D. We're so happy to hear that we're helping save all y'alls' socks! We'd love to see the socks you've saved, you can always post a picture of your much loved and darned Sock Dreams socks on our Facebook!

After looking at several different sewing stores in vain for a darning egg and calling my mom ranting about "these darn kids nowadays don't fix anything dadblammit" I myself am 28 , I finally found one at an antique store. Actually I found a cache of darning eggs, some of them quite ornate!

Step 2: How to Really Do It

If you're in Portland and are as despairing as I was, check some of the antique malls in Sellwood for your pick! I have yet to delve into the layered depths of Sellwood's thrift and antique shops. They have a bunch. And, of course, our shop is in Sellwood, so it's easy to make a day of it.

THE SLIPPERS Trailer - 2016 Damn These Heels

My family all thought I was crazy for keeping every cute pair of socks I've ever owned for the last 10 years with a hole in them and that's a LOT of socks. For the longest time I just kept them in a big case, not able to bare tossing them away. Then, last month, while going through my grandmother's old sewing supplies, I found a darning egg and thought, "hey, if I knew how to use this, I could shamelessly keep all my great socks".

Enter sock Dreams one month later The moral of the story is that you guys rock!!

19 Comfortable Wedding Shoes You'll Actually Want To Wear All Night Long

Now I will have dozens upon dozens of socks to once again adorn my feet - woo!!! PS: yeah, I just got to this post - but better late than never Lcat, yay! We're just glad you found the post, no matter when it was. Save all the socks! These no show socks are a little thicker than regular socks, which means they stay put better on your heel. They are versatile and can be worn with a variety of shoes from running sneakers to heeled booties. We love that for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter! There are 3 non-slip silicone grips on the heels to keep them in place.

Available in 8 variety packs, there are styles for men and women alike. These no show socks are made of polyester and a little spandex to wick away moisture while being stretchy. There are no seams around the toe to help prevent irritation when exercising. When wearing everyday sneakers like Vans , Converse , Keds , or Toms , no show socks are a must since they're cut lower than traditional running sneakers.

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  • To darn, or not to darn?.

This style by Stance is ideal for everyday use as they are thin enough to avoid feeling bulky while still providing cushioning. These socks are made to be completely hidden in loafers or boat shoes for both men and women.

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The back heel has a silicone grip to prevent the sock from sliding down or bunching. Fashion meets function with these stylish socks. They peek out of flats slightly to show just a hint of lace. The silicone rubber nubs on the bottom prevent sliding out of your shoe or bunching. Many reviewers noted that they wore more expensive styles previously, but these are their new favorite! The Holy Grail of shoe nightmares, the answer you have been searching for! Check the video here! Available from the high street or many online retailer, the aim is to create less space in the shoe, making it harder to slip off, and pushing the foot back into a better position to grip the heel area.

Sometimes the gel slipped and I could see it over she shoe which was rather off putting too! Again, available in lots of places, these pieces of sticky tape are designed to be stuck inside the heel of the shoe, and create friction and grip between the heel and the back of the shoe.

It also takes a bit of space out of the shoe, creating a better fit, or so they say! Comments: This was not a great solution when wearing stockings and tights, it just slipped and at one point created a ladder in the stockings — not professional at all! Comments: Pretty ineffective to be fair — occasionally we could see the sock over the line of the shoe, and that just annoys us greatly — Did nothing to stop the heel slipping.