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It also has splash play area for younger kids titled "The Billabong ". The latest addition to Lowry, providing a completely authentic African experience. Martial eagles and Patas monkeys are visible only by this ride. This exhibit is home to many landmark African species, including meerkats , duikers , Reticulated giraffes , zebras , African bush elephants , East African crowned cranes , African penguins and southern white rhinoceroses.

The Ituri Forest, a later addition to the Safari Africa section, brought in the concept of a washed-out African river bank. The area includes a wide array of species, including greater flamingos , pygmy hippopotamuses , saddle-billed storks and shoebill storks. In mid-to late , the warthog exhibit was closed down and renovated to house Aldabra tortoises and juvenile Galapagos giant tortoises, who were previously behind-the-scenes exclusive animals.

The main free-flight aviary, accessible nearly at the entrance, is almost hidden in overgrown brush and plants, giving the feel of a wild experience. This show, held twice a day at the Zooventures Theater, is a fun [ citation needed ] and interactive [ citation needed ] experience that provides kids and adults alike with fun facts of birds of prey and what we can do to protect them.


Some of the exhibited species include the Eurasian eagle-owl , the bald eagle and the Andean condor. The zoo has 95 Species Survival Plan projects, which includes threatened and endangered species and species of special concern. These include chimpanzees, Bornean orangutans, mandrills, siamangs, black-and-white colobus monkeys, golden lion tamarins, Indian rhinoceroses, clouded leopards, sloth bears, babirusa, red wolves, African elephants, Bali mynah , Victoria crowned pigeon , great Indian hornbills, palm cockatoo , and Komodo dragon programs.

The zoo hosts a hospital for Florida manatees in which injured animals are rehabilitated with the intent of returning them to the wild. It is the only non-profit hospital in the world specifically dedicated to critical care for injured, sick and orphaned wild manatees. The zoo works in partnership with the U. Starting with the Australia addition, Lowry Park Zoo has added several children's rides, including a merry go round , "Flying Bananas", a kiddie train ride , and a mini roller coaster called the Tasmanian Tiger Family Coaster.

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Roaring Springs, which opened in June , is a log flume ride. The ride features a single 3 story drop, getting the riders and any visitors standing in the splash zone soaked! Roaring Springs will replace the former flume ride with a bigger and better water ride adventure for families to enjoy — a welcome and refreshing escape for the entire family from the Florida heat!

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Many animals' names and genders have been revealed in newspaper articles, international and North American regional studbooks, and by Lowry Park Zoo's Twitter, Facebook, and website. Many of the animals lineage can also be tracked down using studbooks and other zoos that take credit for the animal's birth. This is the second child after Zola F. Zsa Zsa gave birth again in December to a female calf later named Holly Berry.

See What’s Happening at the Zoo

Note: Johnny switched places with a male named Arjun on May 11, Jiyu was born in to Jamie and Arjun. This is their third child, they previously had Jahi and Jaya Clara. Note: On September 11, , Bzui gave birth to a female cub who has been named Berisi.

Note: Mpumi was born to Mbali and Sdudla in late In July , Matjeka and Sdudla had a calf named Mavi. Ellie previously had a calf named Tamani via artificial insemination. According to a collection plan from , the zoo plans on artificially inseminating Ellie a second time. Matjeka and Mbali are now being grouped with Sdudla at the zoo for breeding purposes according to educators.

Tourists name Novosibirsk Zoo in Europe's top ten

Due to social standings, Ellie cannot be placed with Sdudla for natural breeding. Ellie is the "official" matriarch of the herd since she had Tamani but since she no longer has a calf with her, Matjeka has taken over that role. Notes: Little Pine and Sugar were brought to the zoo since they both need constant care. Little Pine is missing her left eye and Sugar frequently needs her front hooves filed down.

Notes: Lucy was found orphaned in the Everglades as a cub. Micanopy found a home at the zoo in early after exhibiting domestic behavior and deemed a threat to the community. Walter arrived at the zoo with a serious injury to his paw. Note: Ahadi was born to Alake and Ongava on May 21, In , Kidogo gave birth to a calf named Khari M.

She previously gave birth to Kito and Kande. Kidogo gave birth in September to her fourth calf, Kipenzi. Note: Keeva was born at Baltimore Zoo, but when her mother Carole rejected her, Abby became her surrogate mother. Abby has been a surrogate mother three times before adopting Keeva.

Bahati was moved to Kansas Zoo sometime in February It was later confirmed that the two animals were Twiggy and Nick. Note: Bahati was born to Betty and Zack on January 6, Betty gave birth to an okapi calf named Bakari on September 23, In late , Bahati was sent to the Bronx Zoo. Rango also fathered Hadiah in , her mother is Josie. Josie is the mother of Gojo and Hadiah is the mother of Topi and both baby orangutans were sired by Goyang. Note: Meru was born to Myrtle and Toomey in Mentari was born to Myrtle and Toomey on June 2, Mentari is no longer mentioned on the zoo's website and is presumed dead.

Note: Mowgli was born to Malee and Yim in March , and the zoo claims he has become a "superstar" since his birth. He was sent to an unknown zoo when he turned six months old. As for his little sisters born on February 29, , Aiya and Shigu, they currently reside at Lowry as part of the Outreach Program to help educate the public. Note: Blossom and Newberry were found orphaned in Florida as cubs. To give them a second chance at life, they were transferred to Lowry Park.

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The two girls were finally introduced to their long term resident, Sam, starting in Blossom is believed to be slightly older than Newberry. Note: Tembikai was born to Ubi and Albert on January 30, On September 10, , Ubi gave birth to her third calf, Tengahari. Amber's chick is no longer mentioned on Lowry Park Zoo's website, and is presumed dead. Note: Penzima was born to Pixie and deceased male Marty in , while a deceased female named Zippo gave birth to Zareb. Both females had two more foals with Marty in , but Pixie's foal died and Zippo's was named Zuri, who also soon died.

Marty and Zippo died in , causing Zareb to move out and Penzima to stay. In , a male arrived from Tennessee named Asante, his whereabouts are currently unknown, though he is no longer at the zoo.

ZooTampa at Lowry Park

In , Penzima gave birth to Penda, sired by Dekimbe. The three currently live together in the zoo's Safari Africa area along with their crash of Southern White Rhinos. Note: Roxy gave birth to the first Hartmann's mountain zebra foal at the zoo, Ruuxa, in Ruuxa was sired by Rex. About the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Home to more than 10, animals representing over species from around the globe, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium leads and inspires by connecting people and wildlife. The Zoo complex is a recreational and education destination that includes the acre Zoombezi Bay water park and hole Safari Golf Course.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also manages The Wilds, a 10,acre conservation center and safari park located in southeastern Ohio. The largest primates, they have dense and muscular bodies. Their arms are long relative to their legs. Their arm-span can be more than 96 inches. Their coat is wiry and varies in color with various shades of brown, black, red and gray.

Dentition is the same as man.

As males enter adulthood, around 15 years old, they develop a broad, silvery-white saddle along the back, extending over the rump and thigh as they age. At that point, therefore, the male is called a "silverback". Hair length varies over different parts of the body. Hair on the chest is sparse-to-absent, as is the hair on the center of the face, fingers, toes, and underside of the hands and feet. Their skin is jet black almost from birth. Compared with the female, the male develops more pronounced jaw muscles that attach to the top of his skull, called the "sagittal crest".