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There was a little romance mixed in here which was nice. They had some good chemistry together. The story line and plot was good. Mystery, murder, kidnapping, villains and a little romance to boot. The story flowed very well, not Very interesting story, very good narration by Christina Traister audible review This was an interesting story, kept me guessing until the end. The story flowed very well, not confusing or repetitive.

Forgotten Passion by Penny Jordan

There is lots of dialogue throughout the entire book. I like lots of dialogue. As for the narration, this was my first listen to Christina Traister and I thought she did a great job. She did the men's voices well and and gave everyone their own voice.

The three main accounts of the prophesied hero

She read with emotion and even yelled when called for. I would totally listen to her again. This book was a free read with my KU subscription and 1. View 2 comments. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next book. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out "who-dun-it". I liked all the characters, and I appreciated the way the story was laid out. The heroine, was tough even though she had been through a lot.

I do wish she had made Clay work harder for her forgiveness though. Clay was a good guy, and I got where he was coming f I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next book. Clay was a good guy, and I got where he was coming from. They are together. That was a little hard for me to swallow. A great book, I would definitely recommend reading.

Dec 20, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: action-adventure-mystery-suspense , , law-enforcement , kindled-unlimited , romance , safe , stars , second-chance , sad , adult. Engagingly told, this held my attention from beginning to end. I appreciated a strong, compassionate heroine and gently told second chance romance. She wasn't bitter, she didn't beg him for another chance go, womanly pride! There's no mention of what either of them were up to during their separation, but I was ok with that.

The author didn't make it seem like the heroine pined away for the hero the whole time. In fact, 3. In fact, it seemed like the hero thought of the heroine way more often than she did him. I was ok with that, too, of course. All told, a great start for me and this author. Thanks to all my GR friends for their reviews of this author's books. Mar 11, Debbie Oxier rated it really liked it. While I hated paying more for the larger size paperback, it was worth it. I really enjoyed this start to her new series. Riley Tatum was a state trooper. When she's called to the scene of a murder, it brings back memories of a past she's tried to forget.

She used to be on the streets before someone rescued her and gave her another chance at life. She'd been kidnapped, drugged and left unconscious in New Orleans but woke up at a bus station in Virginia. When found by her rescuer she had five play While I hated paying more for the larger size paperback, it was worth it. When found by her rescuer she had five playing cards in her back pocket, a winning hand.

She barely remembers it. Now her murder victim has the same kind of playing cards on her with the word "Loser" written across the back. Clay Bowman works for Shield Security. His boss was in New Orleans when four girls were murdered by a serial killer dubbed The Shark. Those girls were found with playing cards as well.

Shield believes Riley was the one who got away and that the killer has come to Virginia to get her back. Each body she finds comes with a message. Clay's job is to protect her as they lay a trap for the Shark and slowly reel him in. But he and Riley have a history. Not long after his wife died their paths crossed. They had one night together then he sent her away, hurting her in the process. It's something he regrets but now that they are pushed together once again, he can't help but want her.

This was a really entertaining read with plenty of suspense and just a touch of romance thrown in. I liked the characters although Bowman was a little harder to get a handle on than Riley. While the author managed to keep me in the dark as to The Shark's identity until the end, I did figure out a major piece to the puzzle before the grand finale.

I would definitely recommend. Jun 17, Widala rated it really liked it. I liked the no-nonsense vibe of this book. Things were pretty straightforward, no holding back about anyone's past and no unnecessary secrets. The investigation was not too procedural but it had enough explanations. The pace was just right for me, not too fast and not too slow. The dialogue flowed nicely. The characters were interesting, although the book was leaning more heavy on the investigation, I still get to know them enough.

But, you'll be disappointed if you read this for the romance, be I liked the no-nonsense vibe of this book. But, you'll be disappointed if you read this for the romance, because the lovey dovey took the back seat, like in the very back. But it kept the book colorful. A very good read. Can't wait for the next book. Sep 03, The BookChick rated it really liked it Shelves: romantic-thriller , strong-heroine , read , suspense-thriller , swoon-worthy-alpha , audiobook , mystery. The Shark was my first Mary Burton book and it most definitely will not be my last.

Every element of the story was perfect -- the suspense, the intrigue, and character dynamics, sprinkled with a dash of romance -- kept the story interesting and engaging. The story dealt with the baser darker urges of human nature and how they often skirt the line between right and wrong. Exhibit A was the "The Shark" the mastermind behind the games. Exhibit B was the only player who managed to best him but had s The Shark was my first Mary Burton book and it most definitely will not be my last.

Exhibit B was the only player who managed to best him but had so much darkness in him that any light that eeked out was miraculous in itself. I'm The Shark is full of twists, turns, half truths and straight out lies. It'll leave you guessing until the very end. Jun 26, Betsy rated it liked it Shelves: zjun , wom-bayb The Shark is the first book I have read by Mary Burton. Although very predictable, I enjoyed the story. Likable characters and flow of writing made this a nice quick read. Solid start to the series. I will read more by this author. Jun 19, Jae rated it really liked it Shelves: suspence , first-read-by-author , handcuff-me-hot-cop , contemporary , Shame about the non existence of romance.

Zero sexual chemistry through out the whole book. Aug 25, Kim rated it really liked it. Virginia state trooper Riley Tatum lived an unusual life. She ran away from her New Orleans home as a teen. After a strange night that she lost all memory of, she landed in Richmond, Virginia, with a bus ticket and some playing cards in her pocket. She was taken in by Duke and his wife, given direction, and she made her way into a job as a state trooper.

She also does searches with her dog Cooper. When the body of a strangled girl shows up in her patrol area it initiates an investigation that beg Virginia state trooper Riley Tatum lived an unusual life. When the body of a strangled girl shows up in her patrol area it initiates an investigation that begins to open up memories of the night that sent her on the way to Richmond.

Working with detectives and a former FBI agent who she shared a night with a few years earlier Riley begins to track down a sinister poker game where the loser is forced to commit murder. This is an interesting and tense mystery and Tatum is easy to like. It's also a sexy kind of book that veers off into its sexiness in a frank way but in a way that was squirm-free for me, a male heterosexual reader.

After trying out a few Sandra Brown mysteries at the urging of my late wife I swore off her completely. Not only were the stories repetitive but the sex scenes were almost identical, with every male lust-match described with the same terms. I run into similar books written in the same pattern, and tend to blame the Sandra Brown success for serving as a model for aspiring writers. Burton writes passion in a way that's clearly from a woman's perspective, and there are "plunged into her moistness" moments, but Burton writes in a different way.

Perhaps it's because this is not Tatum's focus through the entire book. Further, the male lead has his flaws, and the relationship is tentative because of an earlier falling out. Sandra Brown wishes she wrote this well, and if book sales were based on fairness Burton would be on the NYT bestseller list and Brown would be self-publishing for Kindle readers.

A scan of scenarios for the other Forgotten books lists new characters and interesting story ideas. I won't race out to buy one but if I see one in the store I'll be happy to take one home. Nov 14, Pat rated it liked it. This was one of those books that were OK to read but by the next day you've forgotten most of it well I had. State trooper Riley Tatum is on the case of a series of murders of teenage runaways that are found brutally strangled with playing cards in their pockets.

The cards are professional quality and have the the word 'loser' written on them. Riley starts to have a few flashbacks of memory and she has, in her possession, a similar set of cards only its a royal flush and there is no writing on This was one of those books that were OK to read but by the next day you've forgotten most of it well I had. Riley starts to have a few flashbacks of memory and she has, in her possession, a similar set of cards only its a royal flush and there is no writing on them.

Enter Clay Bowman, he works for Shield Security - a private firm whose boss has been on the trail of the Shark for years. The Shark plays high stakes poker games for the life or death of a young woman. There was only one survivor and Bowman thinks that person was Riley. They end up working together and yep, you guessed it, sparks fly and they become an item who would have thought? It turns out that the shark is now in whatever town the book was set in because he's dying and he wants a re-match and he wants to kill 'the one that got away'.

Of course. This sets Riley up for the ultimate betrayal but I could see this coming too. This book just didn't know what it wanted to be. It tried to be everything and ended up being nothing at all. I'm not even sure what the motive of the kidnapper was anymore and I don't care. I needed to DNF this but I like to punish myself apparently! I stayed up until 2am with a bottle of wine in order to finish it. The wine was the only highlight!! Jan 17, Anya rated it really liked it.

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I will start by saying this was an enjoyable read. It should be the first in a serie and I will probably read book two as soon as it's out. Now, why four stars? I really hate to give up on a book! And I don't know why I couldn't relate to the story because reading again the first chapters after I finished the book..

This was my biggest complaint. The romance part didn't convince me, I could't relate to the dynamics and it was cheesy and distracting. I don't always avoid romance, but it should have more dept to make sense. It was the mystery tread that took me to the end without losing interest, and there is the ending, predictable but in a good way I wouldn't want it to end in any other way and with a small cliffhanger for a sub plot I hope would be explained in book two. I really hate cliffhangers but this was more than accetable..

Jul 16, Glady rated it it was ok. Forgotten Secrets was an entertaining beach read, but the extreme number of coincidences strained credulity. FBI agent Riley's sister, Madison, was kidnapped 15 years previously so she becomes a profiler intent on finding out what happened to Madison. She is so good at profiling that, at 26, Riley is well-known in her field. Thayne's sister is kidnapped so he calls on Riley for help. Guess what? Th Forgotten Secrets was an entertaining beach read, but the extreme number of coincidences strained credulity. The cases are connected.

And the connections keep on coming. Not much is required of the reader here. Jun 04, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: perini-robin. A real page-turner. Riley Lambert is a profiler with the FBI.

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As a young girl, Riley witnessed her sister's abduction and vowed that she would bring her back. For 15 years Riley has worked on her sister's case while working her own FBI caseload. During one of her cases she met Thayne Blackwood and had a brief but passionate week with him. Ever since that encounter, they've phoned each other weekly. They understand each other and have grown to rely on those weekly calls. Then Thayne's sister is abducted and Thayne turns to Riley for help.

What follows is a puzzle of epic proportions with the whole town racing against the clock to solve the mystery. What an awesome thriller! You see these characters fears, hopes, and heartaches. You also see an emotional change in them fighting to accept the likely outcome and realizing what they want in their own lives.

Each scene reveals something new. No time is wasted. There are no dull moments in this story. It's fast paced with lots of action and mystery. I am hoping there will be other books to follow this one as I would really like to know what's in store for many of the other characters. If you want a book that keeps you up all night, biting your nails, this is the book for you!

Jun 03, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it liked it. Profiler, Riley Lambert was ten years old her sister was abducted from their bedroom and still has not been found. Riley's mission in life is find her sister at any cost. The cost seems to be her own well-being so she is put on forced vacation for a week. While Riley contemplates her next step, she receives a phone call from Thayne Blackwood, a man she is attracted to but afraid to get any closer. Thayne's sister has vanished after a break-in to her medical office. Riley finds herself getting closer to the case which is what her boss has warned her against and she could lose her career Reading the synopsis of this novel I was SO excited to read this book.

I have not read anything by Robin Pernini so I had no expectations of the writing. I liked this novel As a romantic suspense book, I was a little disappointed. I found that the back story, the romance and the grandmother's illness slowed down the pace of the suspense. I still liked that book so I will try another book, but read it as contemporary romance with suspense. Aug 21, Nathania Ma rated it liked it Shelves: better-if-shorter , cute-little-book , soon-forget-after-reading , family-feud , way-too-long-it-bores-me , female-authors , what-a-pity , okay-but-won-t-read-again , plot-too-simple , thrilling-and-horrifying.

To sum my thoughts on this book in a single phrase: "What a pity". To be honest, I have a feeling the case sort of solved itself and Riley and Thayne are really just tossed into a swirl and swept by the flow. It's a pity because Riley is a strong female lead and Thayne an awesome guy. It would be so interesting to see them working as a team and solving the case but that didn't really happen.

To conclude, I think this belongs to the category of books where the author just throws the conclusion at the readers instead of leaving trails and clues behind for the readers to follow. I think this trend is not healthy for the mystery genre and I miss the golden era of crime novels where there's proper mystery - with clues for detection.

May 19, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. An enthralling tale or kidnapping, murder, romance, and familial love. When the deputies sister is kidnapped from her clinic nobody thought that her case had much merrit. At least not enough to warrant the FBI coming on the scene. But luck is on Thayne's side because he has had a year long "romance" with one of the bureaus best profilers. So when he calls Riley to come and help they go on a hunt for information that may lead to finding his beloved sister. Riley is in probation from the bureau and An enthralling tale or kidnapping, murder, romance, and familial love.

Riley is in probation from the bureau and is told that if she works on any cases she will be fired. But she decides to put it all on the line in order to help the only man who has made her feel anything since her sister Maddy disappeared 15 years ago. Riley is an amazing women who has given up her hopes and dreams in order to find her sister. And Thayne is a seal who put his life on hold in order to help his family when they needed him. But now that they have a reason to team back up they hope that their combined skills will be enough to find Thayne's beloved sister.

This is one story that you will not want to miss out on. Perini's mother. Jul 12, John W. Robin Perini masterfully creates an adventure full of action and surprises from the first page to the very last page. Readers learn details of Thayne Blackwood's past including what has brought Thayne home to become an acting She Robin Perini masterfully creates an adventure full of action and surprises from the first page to the very last page.

Readers learn details of Thayne Blackwood's past including what has brought Thayne home to become an acting Sheriff's Deputy. She helps readers understand what make Riley and Thayne tick. The storyline's pace never slows down as Perini adds twists and turns with the introduction of support characters and subplots. Perini skillful creates thrilling mystery helping readers understand events going back 15 years affecting current unfolding events. May 22, Joann Maggio rated it it was amazing. Riley as a ten year old witnessed the kidnapping of her sister Madison.

Riley has devoted her life to finding her sister Maddy dead or alive. When Thayne requests her help to locate his missing sister Cheyenne, she comes to him. Thayne has been appointed temporary sheriff in Singing River while his father, the sheriff, recovers from heart problems. The only witness to see Cheyenne apprehended was Thayne's grandmother Helen and she is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's.

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His grandmother's memories fade in and out, past and present. Riley has dedicated her career to locating missing children. Her accumulated knowledge and previous cases let her see the parallel with them and Cheyenne Blackwood's apprehension. Ms Perini weaves a masterful story with so many twists and turns spanning 15 years with plots and subplots. She is a skilled mystery writer. I have read several best sellers with chilling plots but this book far overshadows them all.

I would recommend this book without reservation. This book is non stop suspense from beginning to end. Your are turning the pages anxiously awaiting to see what is going to happen next. I think you get the jest of book from the description so I'm going to forgo rehashing that. I will just point out that its rare in my reading these days to not at least come across a few chapters in a book that are slow or the story starts to fall flat but not once did that happen in the reading of this book.

Even during the times when the hero's grandmother wa This book is non stop suspense from beginning to end. Even during the times when the hero's grandmother was on the page who suffers from Alzheimer's you were captivated by how much emotion the author put into her words. You could defiantly tell she has first hand knowledge of someone living with the disease. Very good suspense that keeps you guessing till the end on what the reason these children have gone missing. The love story was also different because there was no angst between them — well except for the stress of trying to find his missing sister.

This is now one my favorite Robin Perini's books. This book is certainly fast paced, there's really no break in action. I read this one in less than 2 days and was captivated the whole time. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was the whole plot is rather unbelievable and the ending has a few too many rainbows and butterflies. No spoilers though! I got asked to read this book in return for an honest review, thanks Netgalley! Feb 22, Pam rated it it was amazing. Forgotten Secrets is by Robin Perini. It is an exciting thriller involving missing children.

This makes this book special to me. I really enjoyed reading this book. I got caught up in the search for Cheyenne as well as the romance between Thayne and Riley. Thayne Blackwood had come home to Singing River, Wyoming and taken the job of Deputy when his father, Sheriff Carson Blackwood, was recovering from myocarditis. His biggest problem tonight was Ed Zalinksy who was holding a knife to the neck of his longtime on-and-off lover, Carol Wallace. Both Ed and Carol were drunk. Carol had thrown Ed out of her house once again.

Thayne just had to get the knife from Ed before he killed Carol. Ed was mouthing off and said that Carol had probably killed her own daughter. Gina Wallace had gone missing fifteen years ago. She had vanished without a trace. Thayne finally gets Ed handcuffed and is on his way to the station when he gets a call from his sister, Dr. Cheyenne Blackwood. Cheyenne had always tried to take care of and heal people and animals. She finally chose to be a doctor and then came back to rural Singing River to practice. Tonight, she had gone to the clinic with her Gram and found someone inside.

She called Thayne and then noticed they were still there. Cheyenne is kidnapped and vanishes without a trace. When they have no trace of Cheyenne, Thayne does what he has to do and calls Riley Lambert, his long-distance friend. She used her psychological profiling skills to investigate missing children cases, especially. When Riley was a six-year- old youngster, her older sister Madison, was kidnapped from their home. Riley blamed herself for not calling out immediately; but Madison told her to be quiet so she did.

Can't find the name anywhere. It didn't last long. Would you know? I thought that I was going to be familiar with more shows on your list. I loved me some Sanford and Son, but dont have any recall of Grady's show. The hilarious "When Things Were Rotten" was another short lived show. I guess it was ahead of its time. I think the show you are talking about was called "The Super" and it was a summer replacement series replacing The Courtship of Eddie's Father. It starred Richard S. Castellano as Joe Girelli, a single father raising his son, Anthony Bruno Kirby all the while managing a large apartment building in New York.

The series ran for 10 episodes starting in June of and ending in August of Penny Marshall did make an appearance in the episode "The Matchmaker" as Janice which aired on July 5, Hi dose anyboby here remember a very short lived show. I think it was called the Supper?

I think not sure that Penny Marshall and the other actor was from the Godfather I forgot his name! I belive it was in the early to mid 70's! When it was picked up as a series Scott took over the role that had been played by Tom Selleck. It was a short-lived having, I think, 7 episodes. Looking for a 70's program where there are two rodeo cowboys who go around the country solving mysteries.

When it aired on American television the title was changed to "My Partner, the Ghost". It starred Mike Pratt and Kenneth Cope. I don't think Grodin ever appeared in any of the episodes of that particular series. Perhaps he starred in an American version of the series or in one with a similar plot? Anyone know for sure? Does anyone remember a 70s show that starred Charles Grodin where he played a ghost detective partnered with his living brother? It may have been a BBC series. Yes - I definitely remember Makin' It - the theme song was awesome probably better than the actual show. I have that as a ringtone on my phone.

You can find that song on iTunes which is where I got it. It really takes me back to that time period! These two things "troubled" Tony a great deal as did a lot of other things, too as he could have been best described as "highly opinionated". I liked the character played, by David Hartman. Still as a young child and years prior, the show starring Bill Bixby, in the Courtship of Eddie's Father. Still like to hear that on you tube around father's day. It was about a bunch of young guys who hung out at a disco, and I'm pretty sure it was an attempt to cash in on the "Saturday Night Fever" disco craze.

And, if I remember correctly, Naughton sang the theme song as well, and actually had a minor hit with it. The Ugly Family or something like that. Anyone have a copy of that one. My uncle's plane was used in the show. Found it. Movie was Probe, series was Search. There was this weekly spy drama, I think it rotation with other shows, so it only aired every 3rd week or so. And the spy had this aspirin size camera he'd wear on a tie clip, or his ring, and let his controllers know what was going on.

Does anyone recall this? I was probably 12 at the time, and it was past my bed time, so I don't remember a lot of it. Early seventies? I think I've seen the pilot Emdiar is writing about. Was it the one with a clueless officer who didn't know the correct term for Absent Without Leave? There was a sergeant who had some shrapnel from the "Panmunjon". He explained he was in the "john" of a club named the "Pan Moon". Some of these series weren't bad but others like Flatbush were just awful!

Those were the good ol' days!!!!! The term "snafu" came up in conversation today, and it reminded me of a sitcom from the 70s by that name. It might only have been a pilot, I don't know if multiple episodes aired or not. I don't recall which war it was set in. I'm pretty sure it was a more traditional 3-camera studio-type sitcom.

I have no idea who starred in it. I haven't had any success finding references to it on the Internet. Any ideas what I'm thinking of? Hi JMilton Bray played a computer geek they befriended in the military. The trio operated their business out of a boat called The Riptide that was moored at Pier 56 hence the name of the agency. Penny's character used a aging helicopter called the Screamin Mimi in some of the cases.

The series lasted from and was a Stephen J. Cannell production. It seems he always stayed on the boat as a sort of tech guy while the other two were the action dudes.

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I barely remember this show, but the name of it has been nagging at me forever! Thanks :. Hi Joe. The Cassidy series you are thinking of is Breaking Away. It lasted for 8 episodes, I think. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed your walk down memory lane. Wow thanks for the flashback I'd like to add a couple Came out right after the Da Do Run Run song, lol That's when I turned my bannana seat in for a ten speed Only the "Dracula" storyline ran to its conclusion before the series was cancelled. Maybe in foreign markets? I am trying to remember the name of a series that had 2 or 3 series per weekly episode.

One series takes place in the old west but a town sherif accidentally discovers an under ground race of highly advanced humans, the other part is a couple of either reporters or private eyes discover a conspiracy and have to get to the bottom of the issue by trying to stay alive. After recently "discovering" Lost on Netflix it reminded me of a short lived 70's show with a very similar premise, but I can't remember the name.

It might have been piloted by a made for TV movie? Basically some people washed up on an island somehow, maybe a boat, but the island just goes on forever, and it was "honeycombed" I remember the exact word used! I don't think it lasted even one full season. Does anyone else remember such a show, I would love to find information just out of curiosity.

I used to love a show called BJ and the Bear which I think was aired in either the late 70's or possibly the 80's. It was about a truck driver who had a chimpanzee called Bear as his side kick. It didn't last long I don't think but I thought it was the best show ever at the time. It starred Stoney Jackson as an ex con and Nicholas Campbell as a hot shot reporter who spent a lot of time going under cover in order to get material for his news stories. The musical group Genesis provided the theme song, "Just a Job to Do". Although this show was on about the same time as Miami Vice so Just one note: You listed the show The Texas Wheelers but failed to mention the strange factoid for which it is most remembered: The killing off of the beloved MTM kitten, Mimsie, in the final aired episode.

The story goes that the writers were miffed by the early cancellation of the show and quickly concocted an animated version of Mimsie where the kitten is shot and drops as dead as the show that he represented. I remember a show where men and women had the roles reversed men stayed home and women ran everything, also the land of the Giants was a good show. One interesting fact is , the TV show had an entirely different cast, and another short lived one was Alias Smith and Jones.

Hi dto I know there are a lot of short lived 70s TV series that I haven't included in this article and this really wasn't meant to be a complete listing of such shows just a brief look at a few. But, readers are encouraged to use the guestbook to write about other 70's series that fit this category and there are a lot of them! Thanks for the visit and the comment. I grew up during the 70s and I remember very few of these shows. I guess it is a good thing that I never got into any of them.

There was also Battlestar Galactica. That seemed to fit a typical pattern of Science Fiction TV shows.

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It's first episode got good ratings but then interest fell off. Its ratings were such that it could go either way for a seconds season. The high budget and little interest among women are what made the studio decide against a second season. Quark most certainly was a short-lived and fun series, too. Thanks for the visit and the comment! What about Quark? They were part of 9 shows cancelled when NBC hired a new president.

Someone mentioned James at 15 - and said that they thought it was just a movie - but it WAS a tv series I remember it well! I think it ran into 2 seasons so maybe doesn't quite qualify as "short lived. Some of the shows mentioned I had forgotten all about! I've searched years to find their episodes.

Yes, the David Naughton sitcom is certainly a short lived series. Thanks for the comment! What about: Makin' It — a sitcom starring David Naughton as a disco dancer in the late s. I have the theme song as a ring tone on my phone right now! Absolutely, that series fits well on this listing!

Hi Jeff: It was one of my favorites, too. But, I wish they would have released the entire series. I found that I liked many of the short-lived shows and was always disappointed when they were cancelled. This was a great list. Thank you for writing it. I do want to clarify Get Christie Love was a great show. I saw every episode. But wasn't "Julia" starring Dihanne Caroll the first primetime show starring an African-Armerican female?

Anonymous, the movie was James at It was then turned into a tv series, Jessica at I don't think it lasted long enough to change its name to James at You mentioned John Schuck's show, Holmes and Yoyo. But he also had another show from January through March with Sharon Gless called "Turnabout". It was 7 episodes long and I enjoyed every horrible moment of it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!! I wish I could include every series that fit on this list, but that would make it toooooo long.

But, the fact that nice folks like yourself, take the time to mention other short lived series the guestbook is the next best thing. And as for Harry O I believe that a pre Charlie's Angels Farrah Fawcett had a semi occurring role on that series, she worked in 8 episodes as Sue Ingham. Great list! I remember many of them some good, some bad, and some so bad they're good. I was expecting to find "Harry O" on your list. This series ran from to David Janssen played private detective Harry Orwell, doing a wonderful noir voice-over. Anthony Zerbe played Lt. Trench, Harry's "friend on the force.

The series recently became available on DVD, and is worth a watch. I don't think Gibbsville has ever been officially released onto DVD or the like. It is possible that some collector out there has some copies of episodes, but I'm not sure what the quality would be like. Love this article, makes me curious about some of these series - especially Gibbsville via via 'Nightcrawler' Is it available anywhere? I can't place any short lived series with that description at the moment, but maybe someone out there can offer up the title?

A young widowed man with curly blonde hair and a little girl he plays guitar and sings maybe something about sunshine. Has tall dark haired beatnik friend. It ran for 14 episodes in TV season. It sounds as though this is the show you are thinking of? I recall the title as "Nikina" but could be wrong. I saw only one episode but it was memorable.

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It was about the kidnapping of a mentally disabled girl by a criminal who gradually found her to be a compassionate confidante. Does anyone remember this at all? I'm beginning to think I dreamed it, it is so obscure. Wow ,the memories! Thanks for collecting all this info of days of bygone goodness! Do you remember a morning show about an older brother and younger brother on their own that travel around looking for their parents perhaps? I vaguely remember a magic coat or something that the younger brother had?

Thanks , Dennis. My step father was in the pilot of Manhunter in He and his friend took their model A's for the filming and he was used in a couple scenes. Does anyone remember a s sci-fi TV series about a family mom-dad-son-daughter that found themselves in a parallel universe? I believe the recurring theme was their attempt to return to our earth as well as being hunted by the parallel government officials that knew of their existence..

I think this article did a great job of listing most short lived 70s TV series. I can't think off the top of my head of any others that no one has mentioned yet, but these are great picks! Come join us for great films and fun! They were from a book series by Vilhem Moberg. I think it came out about the same time as Little House on The Prairie, and lost out to it. It may have been the better series. The New Land was a pretty good series. It came out about the same time as Little House On The Prairie, and they didn't want two similar shows on.

Both movies and books were excellent. I have for some time been looking for the title of a sitcom about a family in which the daughter, think the character's name was Andrea, pours out her heart to the Mom at length. The Mom appears to listen intently only to ask, "Did you wash under your arms today? It must have been short lived. It's all I remember but looked like it would be very funny. Who remembers this? It was about an armed forces T. So many shows that got a short run but had higher ratings than the "Hits" on Cable T.