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Becoming a Source of Support For Your Sibling

  1. 9 Sister Wedding Speech Tips So You Can Tell Your Sis How Much You Love Her On Her Special Day
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  4. I love my sister but can’t stand her husband. What should I do?

This being said, most likely, should you tell your Mom her sister passed away, she will become sad. It is nice to protect her from this sadness, but that is part of life. It is also highly likely your Mom will forget her sister passed away and you will either end up telling her this same sad news over and over or eventually stop telling her. Without knowing exactly what her cognitive ability is as far as recalling recent information and solely based on your question information, you can tell her once, console her and support her, talk about her sister and learn some memories you may not have heard before and then going forward either change the subject, re-tell her with the understanding she will become upset again or completely ignore the fact her sister has died and not bring it up.

Part of this equation is you. My wife was in dementia care with AD and two brothers and two sisters passed while she was there. I told her about each one when it happened. It never seemed to register with her. I felt that I should tell her and would do it again. All of us are sad when we hear of a loved one passing. I can no longer care for him, so we found a lovely Board and Care for him.

The problem, no one there really talks to each other and there are no activities. I am there with him most of the time and family and friends visit when possible. But when we are not there, they just watch Animal Planet.

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9 Sister Wedding Speech Tips So You Can Tell Your Sis How Much You Love Her On Her Special Day

Be kind to her by not causing even temporary pain. Telling your mom that her sister died might be what you feel is right but it would do nothing for her but cause her more pain and confusion. My Mom did not participate and the more people around her the more agitated she got and would say a phrase or two that would offend. You know your family better than anyone Prayers. My mothers only sister died while my Mom was in AD.

Her and her sister were very close before AD. So when she asked about her sisters at a later date, we just told her they were at work or someplace else. I think it is best to use your own judgement. Every person is different and will handle news like that in different ways.

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During the beginning of the reception, I allowed myself just a small sip of booze before I went up, since I didn't want to ramble — but it was nerves, not alcohol, that made me forget absolutely everything I said up there. I spoke, people clapped, and my dad congratulated me on doing a really good job.

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My family didn't disown me, and nobody accused me of ruining any moments, so I think my non-bombing was totally based on luck. My sister, however, planned her toast out like an adult. She took months to prep it, scaring me on occasion with threats of revealing a few embarrassing moments of mine. Thankfully, she didn't. And she practiced it, tweaking it to perfection. And what can I say?

How Stupid is Your Sister

Besides the aspect of me marrying my best friend that day, my second favorite part of the night was her speech. She did such a good job. If you're having some difficulty trying to piece together a loving yet entertaining sister speech for a wedding, here are some tips. Public speaking is horrifying for everyone.

Even the most charismatic individuals often fear stumbling over words, or awkward pauses. Even if this is your first public speech, pretend it's not — trick yourself into believing that you make speeches like this all the time.

I love my sister but can’t stand her husband. What should I do?

This is what you do! This is what you're known for! You are a superstar. If you're overly nervous about the speech, you won't be able to loosen up and actually have fun at the wedding. Remember the speech for what it is — a nice little gesture that shouldn't last longer than five minutes.

That's about how long it takes for your pizza rolls to cool from the oven.

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It's nothing. OK, so you always had a sneaking suspicion that your parents liked her more. Her wedding isn't the time to bring that up.

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Small quips like, "I doubt they'll give me the same budget when my turn comes! Your speech isn't a chance to air grievances. Even if you and your sister didn't always have the greatest relationship, it's important for you to only highlight the good. She spent a lot of time on planning her wedding, and you don't want to ruin it with negativity. There are certain stories that might seem hilarious, but truly aren't. Like, remember when your sister and you got super drunk, and told that guy off? Remember when she dated that guy in high school, and it turned out that he was gay?

They're memories, but they're likely not related, in any way, to the couple. Saying something like, "let's hope your gaydar isn't broken with this one! Likewise, littering your speech with a bunch of private jokes is bound to make the guests tune out. If you feel the need to include them, write them down and give them to your sister personally — it would be a nice wedding memento.

Unless your "remember when" is something super positive or life-changing, it should probably be left out. Stick to the endearing stories that make your sister look like Wonder Woman. Remember, this is his day too, and the focus is about their union.