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It gave him something else to do other than wait in the courtroom. Seconds later, the door opened. Maroni paused and the judge didn't walk out. Carmine Falcone walked out. The Roman walked across from Maroni and acknowledged him with the briefest of nods. The Roman took his seat among the spectators. Maroni knew by now to not count his chickens before they hatched. The deal he made which ended up with Loeb nailing him in the first place reminded of him of this fact.

So, never count your chickens before they hatched, otherwise he would be found eating crow or something along those lines. Salvatore tried to steal a look towards his father.

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Big Lou only scantly acknowledge his son's existence. He spent the vast majority of his time directing some death glares towards the Roman. Salvatore noticed the cold stare coming from Big Lou's face and realized something. The Roman decided to turn the other cheek. Salvatore knew better than anyone else this riled his father up more than anything else. The mobster placed his hands on the back of his head and tilted back with a frustrated sigh.

Maroni never once had the patience which had been gifted to the common mule. Blame it on the Italian temper. He started to drum his fingers up and down. The raindrops continued to beat down outside of the window. He watched the clock which grinded by extremely slowly and made this entire mess even more frustrated. After what seemed like an eternity, but only amounted to less than thirty seconds, the judge made his quick strides outside of the chamber. He stepped closer towards Maroni. The judge, the same one who threw Maroni behind bars in the first place, on Falcone's orders, surveyed him over his spectacles.

Things can't get any worse. Sal tried not to do his best impression of a grinning loon. This judge really didn't have the keenest sense of humor. Therefore, it would be only a matter of time before Sal did something to piss him off, or worse. Maroni, under one condition. Salvatore Maroni leaned back into the chair. He could see the judge's eyes lock onto his.

The mobster understood this man was not to be trifled with under any means. Maroni," the judge said. Mess up, and you'll be back behind bars. He held his fingers up into the air and crossed them. You ain't gonna get any trouble out of me. The judge's expression appeared humorless. The guy just didn't really have any humor whatsoever.

He scuffled his papers and walked off. Loeb's two subordinates stepped in front of him, as did Maroni's two bodies. One could see the resemblance to a Texas standoff in the old west between the two sides. Maroni thought about patting Loeb on the back or at least on the shoulder. He pulled back a couple of inches and decided he better not risk it. Loeb stood up straight. Both of the cops who joined him for the escort to their trial grabbed the Gotham City Police Commissioner before he could try something he may end up regretting.

Just being a concerned citizen. After all, there's still the nutjob killing cops. Doesn't matter if they've done anything wrong to people like him. Loeb's heart skipped a couple more beats and hit the back of his chest. Maroni brought up a pretty valid point regarding the cop killer, one Maroni would have liked to have kept buried for as long as I can.

Sal spent the next couple of minutes watching Loeb leave. He turned around and looked towards his father. Big Lou leaned forward and wrapped his son into a crushing one armed hug. He patted him across the area of the back. Salvatore Maroni could tell his father sounded a bit embittered because of this. Sal didn't really know what to say at this point to be perfectly honest. At least until we're in a better position. Big Lou knew it. Just because he knew it didn't mean he had to really like it at all. He looked towards his son. Big Lou had been fucked over big time by the Roman, and Falcone never once apologized for anything he did.

The Roman never apologized, even when he was in the wrong. Now his son was being sold the same bill of goods Big Lou agreed about years ago. He lifted his hand as if ticking off numerous problems one at a time. And there's Thorne, who is acting like the king of hot shit. Big Lou nodded in response. His boy really was not telling him anything he didn't already know at this point in time if he was perfectly honest.

Given the humiliation Big Lou received from Catwoman, he certainly would not have forgotten about her for an extremely long time. The two Maronis walked outside of the courthouse into the rain. A limo waited outside and standing by the limo ,holding an umbrella, happened to be Carmine Falcone. The two men went face to face with each other. Salvatore could already tell his father was a few seconds away from doing something Sal knew he would regret.

He grabbed the shoulder of Big Lou and tried to get his attention. For too long we stood apart, and…. They won't really do what's best for business. Let's buried the hatchet and start this all over, let's start this all over from the beginning. The two hardened mobsters stood with the rain pouring down on the ground.

Salvatore thought his father would have sooner buried the hatchet in Maroni's hand. The Roman extended the hand and Big Lou looked at it for a second. Big Lou extended one large hand towards the Roman's and squeezed it in an intense handshake. The two of them shook their hands. There was a big of a power play to the handshake between the two of them. Maroni smiled. He could get on board with that.

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The prison food, while better than what most got, did not beat a good home cooked meal. And the Roman had many faults, but he could whip up a mean dinner. Harry parked himself on the chair in the lab. He had gotten a full clean bill of health through magical means. However, there were a few things magical means could not properly detect.

Therefore, Harry positioned himself to be checked out by Alura. He had been stripped of all of his clothes. Alura checked Harry over with a fine tooth comb. She wanted to ensure every part of him was functional. Harry leaned back and let Alura do her work, because she knew what she did. While Alura checked him over, Harry decided to have a conversation about Faora about a very important subject.

And check up to make sure everyone is alright after the incident with the Lazarus Pit. I guess it's a good thing and a bad thing. Harry would have liked to say Blackfire's fixation ended up being single-minded on three people in particular. Nightwing, Black Canary, and Batman, all of them having played their own part in his previous demise, at least in Blackfire's demented and twisted mind. You're not precisely human, therefore there shouldn't be any complications.

And once she's arrived in this world, I'm sure the other females of the Kawatchee tribe will line up to be seeded just as much as I am. I didn't figure out I was going to name Danielle, Danielle until a few months before,' Eliza thought. Harry waited for Alura to finish her scanning of him. Harry knew better than to stop her when she was at work and trying to get things done. Dent I'm sure is going to be relieved when it happens, ' Veronica said. Harry doubted very much Killer Moth intended to help Harvey Dent out in any way whatsoever when he attacked.

Dent really did show he was willing to stand up for what's right and the press ate up his act. Harry shook his head and responded with one of the more prominent smiles he could imagine. He turned towards Alura who continued to run over his body. She stepped back. She rested her palms on Harry's legs and moved them up through the sheets.

You were fine from a magical standpoint. You may have snuck out a little bit ahead this time. Not enough to make a significant difference. Harry could get on board with this. He looked at Kara. She looked beautiful and sophisticated with the white lab coat covering her blue blouse and tight red shorts combination.

Her legs beckoned to be touched along with the rest of her. It would be a real shame not to have done anything further it, wouldn't it? Alura leaned forward and kissed Harry on the lips. Kara folded her arms and pouted.

List of every PC game checked by System Requirements Lab

Her mother performed a nice little show and worked her tongue deep into Harry's throat. The kiss ended a bit too soon. Harry didn't have much time to complain because Kara flung herself into Harry's path and pressed her breasts against his chest. Her nipples stuck through her shirt against Harry's chest.

Ascension (miniseries) - Wikipedia

The kisses covered Harry's body and she moved closer and closer towards the peak. Only one thing stood in Kara's way and Harry hoped the obstacle would have been removed sooner rather than later. Kara's hot mouth inched over so closely towards Harry's crotch. She pulled back the covers and exposed his hungry prick. Kara inhaled her mate's beautiful scent and dragged her tongue across it. She kissed his cock and gave it a light suck before she continued to lick him.

Harry enjoyed the sensation of Kara's tongue scrapping up against him. He could feel a second hot mouth. Alura decided to join her daughter in tasting their mate's penis. Alura took the swollen cock head into her mouth while her daughter licked the base. She could tell where the extra power was coming from. Harry tasted divine normally, but Alura had to double up to ensure her crystals did not overheat from the personification of pleasure she received into her mouth. Harry enjoyed the warm and wet feeling of the pure MILF mouth over him.

He reached forward and grabbed Alura's hair. He ran his fingers through it and stroked the softness of her scalp. Alura continued to bring her mouth down onto Harry's throbbing cock. She took his endowment into her throat with a few deep and potent sucks.

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Kara smiled and wrapped her warm lips around Harry's testicles. She knew this little act drove him mad and she intended to drive Harry over the edge with these potent sucks from her powerful and hungry lips. She planted little kisses all over his balls. Harry leaned back and enjoyed mother and daughter taking turns in sucking his cock. Alura gave Harry a few deep and powerful slurps. She swirled her tongue around Harry's head and brought him into the back of her throat.

Kara traded off and did more of the same. Kara enjoyed the taste of Harry's cock and also the fact her mother's lips touched it a second before. She already could sense Harry getting close. Kara brought her eager lips all the way down on him and wrapped them tighter around Harry before giving him a solid hum. She jammed his cock into her mouth and waited for the gift to be pumped out. Kara's hot mouth formed a vacuum tight seal around Harry's prick. She shoved every single last inch of his thick cock into her mouth. Harry held onto Kara's head and started to pump inside her mouth.

Kara accepted the gift of Harry's cum which pumped into her mouth at a repeated fashion. Kara tilted her head back to enjoy the full burst of cum firing into the back of her throat. Several deep and long spurts fired into her. Kara maintained the sucking and swallowed every last drop of the seed coming from Harry's balls. She pulled back and licked her lips. Kara removed her lab coat and shorts. She pulled off her shirt to reveal her perky breasts and pressed them against Harry's chest. She kissed him on the side of the neck a couple of times before gently pulling Harry back.

She shed her clothing. Alura turned up next to Harry in all over her glory. Said glory happened to be pretty glorious. Alura's dripping wet snatch pushed over the tip of Harry's head and engulfed his entire cock inside her wet and willing center. Alura smiled and pushed herself all the way down onto Harry. Kara's pussy would not be ignored. Harry gave her womanhood a series of light kisses and slowly worked his way to the center. His tongue coasted against her wet hole. Every swipe of his tongue moved and turned deep into Kara's pussy. Her wet and willing walls rocked back against Harry's probing tongue.

The combination of one hot pussy on his tongue and one hot pussy on his head caused Harry to grow overwhelmed. Alura brought her hips all the way up and slammed them down onto Harry's probing tool. She bounced up and down on him like there was no tomorrow. Kara paused and rotated her hips down onto Harry's face. His tongue hit the proper spot and caused energy to spark through her loins.

Harry hit the back of her walls and vibrated against her. Kara wiggled her hips down to allow him to bury his tongue inside her again. I want you drain my cum all over your face. Taste me, Harry, oh yes, taste me! Alura leaned in and cupped her daughter's perky breasts. Kara's hips clenched and released their juices onto Harry's face. She slid back and showed Harry's cum soaked face for her mother's consumption. Alura leaned forward and pressed herself against Harry's muscular chest.

Her pussy muscles maneuvered up and down against Harry's pole. She leaned in and used her hot and wet tongue to slowly remove the juices from Harry's face. Alura licked all over Harry's face and smiled when the juices had been sucked from his face.

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Kara watched her mother's actions. The way she feasted on her own juices caused Harry to grow extremely hot and intense. Kara pushed her finger inside her and pumped it into her. Alura resumed her bouncing up and down. Her body tensed up with an orgasm. Alura started to ride Harry's cock a few more times and pushed him inside her. Alura's wet snatch twitched around Harry's hard tool. Harry held his hands on her hips and enjoyed Alura's wet walls pumping all the way down onto him.

The juices released on top of Harry's cock and lubricated his cock. She pushed all of the juices onto his cock. Harry pulled her down and caused nerve endings to explode with more pleasure. Kara stared down Harry's thick cock which stood erect for her. Kara reached towards Harry's cock and wrapped her fist around it and started to pump him.

She licked her lips a few more times and hovered up over the top of his cock. Harry soaked in the completely familiar and very welcomed feeling of Kara pushing down onto his hard and throbbing manhood. She pushed almost all the way up onto him and sank down onto him with a pump of her pussy lips. She pushed Harry almost all the way into her and shoved him back into her. Harry needed to bury his face between Kara's breasts.

His wife grabbed onto Harry's head and made sure he did not stray too much. Harry swirled his tongue around her nipples and sucked on them. Kara knew in the back of her mind what had been inevitable. Harry would make her cum and cum hard. Her walls tensed up around him and squeezed him hard. The situation had been reversed and Alura had been put into a position to watch her daughter ride her lover and ride him hard. Alura's fingers grazed against her opening. She situated one of her fingers inside her and pumped as deep inside her in time for Harry pushing his throbbing cock inside her daughter's pussy.

Kara lifted all the way up and reached another peak. The moment she drove her lover's thick cock inside her, Kara's entire body tensed up in excitement. The gushing came through her pussy and reached a fever pitch. Harry continued to bury his face in Kara's breasts. She moaned in his ear for more. His cock throbbed inside her body with Harry pumping inside her. It feels really good. Your cum would feel even better inside me. Kara stretched her hot pussy lips around his throbbing cock. She made sure Harry did not stray for her center. The contents started to size up within his balls.

First, Harry allowed Kara to cum. She came down onto his cock and saturated it with her pussy juices. It allowed Harry to slide inside. The two of them screamed and enjoyed their mutual orgasm. The next twitch of her pussy resulted in Harry pumping his seed inside her body. The moment the burning seed hit her insides, Kara came for a second time and then a third time. Alura pounced on the situation and decided to taste Harry's gift from inside Kara's pussy. Seconds later, Harry hardened again and pushed inside Alura's dripping hot pussy. A limo pulled up into a Gotham City alleyway.

Mysterious individuals arriving in style had not exactly been a something which had been uncommon to a lot of people. The person inside the limo would have raised a couple of eyebrows, had the people involved have been able to see through the doors of the limo. The gentleman dressed in a fancy, three piece suit. He leaned back against the limo. His silver hair shined into the light. Armin Shimerman 's Quark makeup is given a touch-up by Karen Westerfield. At the start of DS9, the duration required for applying the Ferengi makeup was approximately three hours.

The first was the helmet-like headpiece, which stretched from the wearer's eyebrows, over the person's head, to the back of his or her neck. The other appliance stretched from ear to ear, also covering the wearer's nose. While it was being carefully laid onto the actor's face, the makeup was glued down with a small brush. The makeup was then painted to match the complexion of the actor, a process which involved dabbing the skin and matching appliances. Painting the makeup pieces in took roughly an hour of the approximate three-hour total duration. It's a bit of a learning process [ It was claustrophobic, it was hot, and it was disorienting.

One of the ironies is that the Ferengi had such huge ears and the actors who played them were made deaf by the makeup. It was a little like having your hands over your ears while you talk; you could hear but it was a faint sound. On hot days it was enormously hot inside the makeup. It was very, very difficult. Voyages of Imagination. It has often been suggested that the Ferengi are in fact Star Trek 's representatives of 20th and 21st century Humans.

For example, Ira Behr remarked, " To me, the Ferengi, even more than O'Brien , are the closest to 20th century Human beings on the show. They're us. They have the energy of 20th century Human beings, they have the drive, they have the greed, they have the sense of self that we do. You can't trust them until you can trust them, and once you understand them, they're quite wonderful. And, like us, they're constantly rising above their limitations, and what more can you ask from anyone? They have all the drive, the need to succeed, the greed, the self interest, the good and the bad of us.

That's what they are. And to me that means they are deeply flawed, but deeply energised and energising characters. That's the gag: the Ferengis are Humans. They're more Human than the Humans on Star Trek because they are so screwed-up, and they are so dysfunctional. They're regular people. And that was the fun of that. Obviously, the characterizing is taken to the extreme, and sometimes even made into cartoons. But the best cartoons are also us. The intention of making the Ferengi analogous to modern-day humans filtered through to the actors. All these characters are sort of riffs on different aspects of our own psyche, so I suppose the Ferengi are that.

Whether it encompasses the entire 20th Century, I'm not so sure about that. By the time DS9 : " Babel " was in production, Armin Shimerman had high hopes that later scripts from the series would give more insights into the Ferengi species.

Don Stewart :: How Did Jesus Leave the Earth? (The Ascension)

In the writing of DS9 : " The Nagus ", the Ferengi replaced a syndicate consisting of various criminals from multiple different species. Much to his surprise, Ira Steven Behr found himself directly associated with the Ferengi since writing the script for "The Nagus". He noted, " I am now identified with the Ferengi as much as Ron[ald D. Moore] is with the Klingons.

Shimerman was somewhat concerned that the acting of the Ferengi in "The Nagus" might go overboard. David Livingston remembered, " My comment to him was, 'You can't go over the top. These guys are Ferengis. From its first season , beginning with the episode "The Nagus", DS9 tended to do one or two so-called "Ferengi episodes" every year. Armin Shimerman offered, " Since that time, there have been many Ferengi episodes where it has just been me, or Max and me [as the main characters left with the responsibility of making the episode successful].

Reckoned Shimerman, " There are probably many people who grimace when they see there's going to be a Ferengi episode next week. There are people who love them, and a lot of people who hate them. They just find them silly. The people I'd meet on planes who just watched the show, they loved the Ferengi episodes. They didn't see it as being untrue to the canon, or as, you know, doing the type of show that Star Trek is not supposed to be doing. They seemed to like them. In retrospect, Behr stated, " It's just I thought the Ferengi were really cool characters and gave us a totally different feeling.

Bole later remembered, " Rick Berman said, 'Don't forget, they're still Ferengis. It took actor Peter Slutsker three hours to get into his Ferengi makeup, as Dr. Reyga, each day of filming "Suspicions". If four people worked on me it would probably be minus 6 minutes. I had this fear that my Star Trek tombstone would read, 'He really made the Ferengi work.

I feel that Dax [in DS9 Season 2 outing " Rules of Acquisition "] kind of reflects my feelings towards the Ferengi, like it's beyond good and evil. They're just interesting. Now a lot of that interest comes out through humour [ Block and Terry J. Although meant to represent a serious threat, no one took them seriously. And although given humorous mannerisms, they weren't particularly funny [ On Stage 18 , where Deep Space Nine 's beautiful Promenade set was situated, a different genus of Ferengi had emerged. In DS9 Season 2 finale " The Jem'Hadar ", a comment partly regarding the Ferengi, said by Quark to Sisko and expressed from the Ferengi perspective, highlighted the differences between them and Humans.

And if we could show that Sisko, whose character has a lot of weight, would take what Quark says [about the positive differences between Ferengi and Humans] seriously, then the audience would take it seriously. Well, we're actually as good or better. We're saner, we don't conquer. Throughout season three of DS9 , the writing staff worked on developing distinctions between Quark, Rom, and Nog.

In DS9 Season 3's " The House of Quark ", the Ferengi encountered Klingons, in an unlikely pairing which allowed the writers to explore aspects of both species. The writing staff obviously imagined Ferengi psychology as being far different to that of Klingons, such as not considering a fight to the death honorable. The Ferengi was one alien race which, by the time Star Trek: Voyager was in initial development, had become an extremely familiar element of the Star Trek universe. Deliberately, much less attention was paid to the Ferengi in Voyager.

With Michael Piller having originated Quark as an occasionally humorous character, Ira Steven Behr continued the process, once he was promoted to becoming DS9 showrunner and executive producer, of humorizing the Ferengi. Behr further developed the psyche, incentives and society of his alien charges. He, having an interest in sibling relationships and male bonding, used the episode to explore relations between Quark and Rom, the writers devising a physical fight between the two brothers.

He considered the Ferengi attitude as perhaps including having standards perceived by oneself as high and inflexibility from those ideals. Ferengi anatomy resulted in their natural environment of Ferenginar being established as chronically rainy. In "Family Business", this decision allowed for more physical comedy between the members of the species, such as selling towels at the door for people to dry the rain off themselves. At about the same time as "Family Business" was produced, DS9's makeup staff managed to reduce the makeup duration from three to two-and-a-half hours.

The fact that many of the same makeup artists were being used for the Ferengi, and that those workers had done a huge amount of makeup for Ferengi and other regular DS9 alien races, made this time reduction possible. Ira Behr approved of how the Ferengi are depicted in "Family Business". He commented, " It's about as pure a Ferengi show as you can get. This season we've accomplished two very good episodes for the Ferengi [ It's family, and family stuff has to be dealt with.

Other members of production personnel also liked how the Ferengi are portrayed in "Family Business". David Livingston offered, " The fight between Quark and Rom I thought was wonderful, flying over tables and stuff. Multiple DS9 Ferengi episodes were directed by Rene Auberjonois , including the season three installments "Prophet Motive" Auberjonois' directorial debut on the series and "Family Business". The Ferengi makeup in the episode additionally included the backs of a pair of hands, two shoulders, and a back. Starlog , issue , p.

An idea pertaining to two Ferengi was thought up immediately following the creation of "Family Business". There was no way we couldn't do it. During DS9 Season 4 , the Ferengi began taking two hours to apply, rather than two-and-a-half. George III pitched. I wanted to deal with that prejudice and explode it out where everybody could see it.

We got to get back to Deep Space Nine. Armin Shimerman once observed that, in " Bar Association ", the DS9 creative staff attempted to "deal with two serious problems," the first being the relationship between Rom and Quark, with the former defying Ferengi society at large, whereas the second issue was asking the Star Trek fans to respect the species. Moore thoroughly approved of how the Ferengi are portrayed in "Bar Association". By the time "Bar Association" was produced, Armin Shimerman was disgruntled that a percentage of Star Trek fans seemed unable to accept a Ferengi episode if it was serious.

Ira Behr partly agreed with Shimerman's reaction. But I don't think it has anything to do with being three-dimensional [ More depth to the Ferengi than was usual was allowed in the episode " Body Parts ". By the end of Season 4, some members of the shooting company were happy with how the Ferengi were developing. Shimerman remarked, " We've had wonderful episodes [ We spend a lot of time in makeup together [ It depicts them much as they were to have been portrayed in the ultimately abandoned TNG two-parter "Ferengi Gold", with a group of Ferengi using advanced technology to pose as gods.

Despite the Ferengi having significantly transformed through their many Star Trek appearances, Ira Behr suspected a villainous Ferengi would still be too much to take, even by the time of DS9 Season 5. The Ferengi were on the minds of Ira Behr and Hans Beimler while they did a polish on "Business as Usual" and then immediately began writing the next Ferengi episode, " Ferengi Love Songs " whose title was changed, in such a way as to include the word "Ferengi", only at the last minute, because Behr wanted it altered. Ira understands the Ferengi better than any non-Ferengi I know.

She and Wallace Shawn found the Ferengi makeup to be remarkably thick. When Combs met Shawn on the set of "Ferengi Love Songs", Combs felt the Ferengi makeup they were both wearing, which he said made them look like "weird creatures," made the experience "really quite amusing" and "surreal. Aron Eisenberg believed that, by Nog helping Jake Sisko engage in lengthy negotiations for a baseball card in " In the Cards ", a quality inherent to Ferengi in general was exemplified.

By the end of DS9 Season 5, the Ferengi makeup took around an hour and a half to apply. When David Livingston asked Aron Eisenberg to improvise a dance for Nog to do in sixth season's " You Are Cordially Invited ", imagining how members of the Ferengi species might dance was puzzling for Eisenberg. He asked himself, " How do Ferengi dance? The Ferengi ensemble in "The Magnificent Ferengi" went some way toward motivating Ira Behr to make a rare set visit while the episode was in production.

The actors playing Ferengi characters in "The Magnificent Ferengi" were happy with the Ferengi portrayals in the episode. The fact there were "seven character actors in this Ferengi makeup" resulted in Jeffrey Combs finding the installment to be very fun, from a production standpoint. He enthused, " Some of the things that we were doing just sitting around, or waiting for the camera to roll, some of the dialogue was really cool.

They were brilliant, " Shimerman enthused. He prepared to direct the Ferengi who were included in that episode by reading The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and Legends of the Ferengi. Chalmers was very impressed by the performances delivered by the installment's selection of Ferengi-playing actors. He especially liked that all three Ferengi-playing actors could speak to each other and share ideas when it came to their performances as members of the species. When later season seven outing " It's Only a Paper Moon " was produced, the Ferengi makeup took three hours to apply and an hour to remove.

As DS9 neared its end, bringing two specific Ferengi characters back to the show was important to the DS9 writing staff. Armin Shimerman once reckoned that, instead of Zek ultimately continuing as Grand Nagus, he himself would have had either Ishka or Brunt assume that role at the end of DS9. However, the writers believed the Ferengi would, in Ron Moore's words, "eat him alive," unless their society changed. Behr stated, " We had to figure out what would have had to happen to Ferengi society that would enable Rom to become the nagus.

The audience had accepted the leap Moogie had accomplished for females, so we figured they'd be able to make this leap. Jeffrey Combs was surprised that, though he had expected the Ferengi characters of Gaila and Leck to return following their appearance in "The Magnificent Ferengi", those characters were never again reprised in DS9, due to the producers running out of time by the end of the series.

The DS9 producers were very proud of the Ferengi characters that appeared on the show. In retrospect, Rick Berman admitted, " I have been just delighted by how rich these relationships have become [ Likewise, the Ferengi-playing actors from DS9 were happy with their own efforts on the series.

We've been very lucky, the Ferengi. In many ways we are family. We get together often. There is a great rapport between all of us. It's been fortunate that they cast just the right people for the Ferengi. I am very proud of a lot of the work that we did on Deep Space Nine. When we had Ferengi episodes and all of us were together, I think there was not only joy in my heart; I truly believe that they were better days for the crew as well. In about or , Armin Shimerman and a friend of his thought up an ultimately never-produced idea for an animated series featuring Quark and Rom as teenagers.

Star Trek Explorer , Vol. Although Armin Shimerman was eager to make a guest appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise , the possibility of returning in a Ferengi role didn't appeal to him. It was important for the Ferengi-playing actors in ENT : " Acquisition " to be reliable at conveying what each of their characters was feeling and talking about, even while speaking in Ferengi. The episode's final draft script called for this, noting at the start, " Though there are no subtitles, we should be able to sense from their attitude the basic gist of what they're saying. As scripted, the Ferengi in "Acquisition" with the exception of Krem were unconscious at the end of the story, with an " anesthetic agent " having been administered to them as well as they having been shackled to hand holds aboard their own ship.

Their fate was modified so that, in the episode itself, they are conscious though still handcuffed to the vessel, on board the craft. Both Ethan Phillips and Jeffrey Combs , who each portrayed at least one Ferengi before appearing as a member of the species in "Acquisition", likened the Ferengi appearance to that of a Human backside.

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Phillips once referred to the make-up as "the butthead! People would know right off the bat, 'Oh, Ferengi! They're back! Combs remarked, " I heard that they had been thinking of me for one of the more aggressive Ferengi. By the time "Acquisition" was produced, the Star Trek makeup artists, still supervised by Michael Westmore , had built up a large stock of Ferengi prosthetics.

Jeff Combs explained, " They have basic molds and heads and it costs them a lot of money to sculpt the new ones. While Ethan Phillips and Matt Malloy were having their Ferengi makeup applied for "Acquisition", they sat beside each other. Regarding not only himself and Phillips but also the other actors who were portraying Ferengi in "Acquisition", Malloy later noted, " We were in the chair eight days in a row. He later pointed out, " The brow-lines — that ridge above the eyes — are different and distinguishable if you're really looking [ I even chose a different posture; Brunt was always a strutting peacock, and Krem is much more timid and shuffle-footed.

In fact, all the Ferengi-playing actors who appeared in "Acquisition" were given a lot of freedom to vary their performances as Ferengi from how the species had been established before. Clint Howard explained, " I knew what a Ferengi was — I'd seen Armin Shimerman's work, and I've seen enough of Deep Space Nine to know what they're like — but the producers and Jimmy [Whitmore , the director] said, 'These are different; this is the very first time in the world of Star Trek that we're going to see Ferengis, so be comfortable in whatever your choices are — they're fine, because it just means that everybody else has been wrong!

The performances of the Ferengi in "Acquisition" were influenced by such elements as the extensive makeup and how each of the characters had been written. Jeff Combs reported, " The parts were written very specifically in terms of who they were; you could easily tell one from the other, and they just let us run with it.

Even by the time of "Acquisition"'s making, the Ferengi make-up still had its difficulties. Jeff Combs admitted, " It's one of the hardest [makeups] that I've been in. Matt Malloy pointed out, " We were lifting stuff, dragging the captain off and unbolting his chair and walking it to the elevator. We're stomping around, having to push each other through little corridors and wedge through doorways and get in little shoving matches, and you do that three or four times and there's just no place for the heat to go [ Matt Malloy had never been in Star Trek before.

As a result, Howard and Malloy based their performances as Ferengi on those which Combs and Phillips delivered for "Acquisition". If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you. Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, The Ascension Myth tells an entirely new story in the Age of Expansion--when the Etheric Empire is fast becoming the Etheric Federation with all of the trials and tribulations that come with bringing together different peoples, systems, and ideals.

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