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She uses her intuitive gifts accurately to assist her clients to recognize and successfully move toward their unique paths in career, life and love through Numerology, Astrology and Oracle Cards! Life can be confusing at times let me walk along side you as your Intuitive partner for all the major area's of your life! Sunday 12 - 6 PM.

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I am directed by my gentle spirit guides during tarot card readings. Combining this with clairvoyance and clairaudience, I can assist you in matters of the heart, career and finance. Allow me to help you become more aware of opportunities awaiting you. As a lifelong student of Metaphysics, my intention is to guide you to your own empowerment. Let's work together seeking answers to your important questions. Carl is a gifted Tarot reader and can give intuitive impressions on situations and interpersonal dynamics.

A Psy Card or Tarot reading includes feedback on career, relocation, personal relationships and other subjects or any specific situation in which you might need further clarity. All information is delivered in an empathic, friendly, and non-judgemental approach. In his intuitive feather readings, he uses objects from nature to establish a connection with both you and Spirit that allows solutions to unfold. Dwight believes in the "Wizard of Oz" philosophy that you have the answers within you, his intuitive feather readings help you access your own inner wisdom.

Sheila receives messages from her spirit guides and angels to give you assistance for your highest good. She comes from a family of psychics and has a strong gift for helping others to see the past, present and future. She has over 30 years of experience. For those of you who have had the pleasure of getting a reading with Teresa at the psychic fair, you will be thrilled to see that she is teaching this much requested class. For those who are new to this divination method, it is a Jungian, self defined set of tools that are as unique and individual as the reader. Teresa will guide us through a selection of items which represent each archetype in a person's life, be it money, love, family, work or more.

This afternoon is an intro to a longer program of study, but will give you the tools to read with your own found items. Sometimes one, or more, of the main chakras can be out of balance, or the energies flowing through them may be blocked. When this happens it has an effect on our health either physically, mentally or emotionally. Using essential oils can help stimulate the 'energy centrers' and bring them back into balance. Venetta will guide you through the process of selecting the proper oils for each chakra. Tuesday, May 30 Metaphysical Discussion Group.

Melinda is a treasurehouse of metaphysical knowledge.

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She has personally studied with such greats as Marcel Vogel, Dr. Raymond Moond and many other greats in the field. She has a background in the Cayce materials and is a teacher, healer and Light Worker. She is anxious to share her vast knowledge with others in an informal "fireside-chat" atmosphere. If this type of group is of interest to you, if you would like to tap Melinda's knowledge, attend the first of the monthly sessions Free.

Beginner's Qigong. Law of Attraction Meetup. Leslie Carlin - 9 PM. All Are Welcome! Psychic Fairs Held Monthly on the 3rd Weekend. The Capricorn Moon on Monday is sextile Neptune. This is an oxymoron with Capricorn representing boundaries and Neptune is the planet of illusion and no boundaries. This aspect is quickly followed by a square to Jupiter just before daylight. Decisions made now may be based on false optimism. If you are up early, trying to decide on something, wait. This evening the Moon conjoins Pluto. Manipulation and control issues may bring up feelings of worthlessness, but on the upside, therapy can clear this out hypnotherapy etc.

Tuesday the Moon is void of course after a trine to the Sun and square to Uranus early this morning. Freedom issues loom large today. Mercury moves into Taurus. The mind chatter slows down and thinking revolves around sensual pleasures, money and things. The Moon is square Mercury mid afternoon. Emotions around freedom and may challenge thinking about the above mentioned Taurus things.

Wednesday should prove to be a much smother energy with a lunar sextile to Venus mid afternoon, followed with the Moon's trine to Jupiter early this evening. Life is good. Early morning Thursday could find you pacing or possibly feeling the effects of Wednesday's caffeine. The Moon trine Mars at , then sextile Uranus and Saturn may prevent sleep. As the Moon moves into Pisces this afternoon, the only aspects this afternoon are a sextile to Saturn and square to the Sun. This tells me that it's going to be a rough day with lack of sleep and challenges about doing what you must rather than what what you wish.

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Friday morning early there is trine between Saturn and Uranus. This could mean freedom through structure.

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We have already been feeling this for a week or more and it will continue to be in effect for at least a week to come. Depending on how it appears in your own chart, it could be rather challenging. Just before daylight the Moon is sextile Mercury. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jul 16, Marjorie rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. This is a guide to learning the principles of Reiki and how to develop your psychic and empathic abilities.

The author, Lisa Campion, is a psychic counsellor and a Reiki master teacher. The book guides its readers through Reiki Levels I and II though stresses the importance of having an attunement by a Reiki master. I unde This is a guide to learning the principles of Reiki and how to develop your psychic and empathic abilities.

I understand that in some ways we all have some psychic abilities and intuition about the world around us.

Holistic and Spiritual Fair at Unity Church of Jackson, Michigan

I some ways, I think the author over-simplifies Reiki, especially when she talks about giving self-Reiki while watching TV. On the other hand, I felt this book over-complicates Reiki in many ways and may actually turn some people off from doing Reiki. To me, Reiki is very, very simple. This book was given to me by the publisher in return for an honest review.

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Apr 23, Cara rated it it was amazing Shelves: mindfulness , life-changers , health. For me, the most valuable part of this book was the information about how to protect yourself as an empath and have more control over whether you're picking up other people's stuff or not. I had fallen away from my Reiki habit, but this book inspired me to pick it back up.

I was finding that one call with a client or prospect could suck up all the energy I had for a whole day. I'm super grateful that that is not the case any more. Really good. It sounds different than your ego-based inner voice, which is usually a little uncertain. Thank you!!!! Orange is life-force energy and sexuality. Yellow is the will and mental energy thinking. Green is a heart color and the color of healing.

Pink is love. Blue can be either sadness or peacefulness. Purple is a very spiritual color and is the color of Reiki. Yellow highlight Location: The psychic inner voice is a quiet and rather matter-of-fact voice.

The Course

Yellow highlight Location: You will know that you have mediumship capacity if the spirits of the dead often surround you. Yellow highlight Location: Yoga is designed to clear out your energy meridians and physical body so that you can meditate without feeling all blocked and kinked up. Being out in nature clears the energy field naturally and easily, and it calms and clears the whole system. Yellow highlight Location: Learning to Perceive Auras Yellow highlight Location: Hot Hands Exercise Yellow highlight Location: Daily Aura-Clearing Meditation Yellow highlight Location: 1, New Harbinger website for access to a guided audio meditation that is designed specifically to keep your entire energy field healthy and strong.

All healers in any modality need to learn this. When you are grounded and fully present, and your heart is open with compassion, you will transmute the suffering of your client. Yellow highlight Location: 1, Basic Grounding Practice Yellow highlight Location: 1, Connecting to the Grounding Cord Yellow highlight Location: 1, In addition to the breathing meditation, here are some clearing techniques that are very effective. Yellow highlight Location: 1, The following exercise is a powerful and fun meditation for clearing your energy field and replenishing your energy reserves very quickly.

Do Reiki breathing to ground and center yourself.

Turn Reiki off and step away. Ground and clear as you learned in chapter 4. Yellow highlight Location: 1, Sandwich positions are the best for: Filling up depleted chakras Clearing blocked chakras Relieving pain and bringing healing to a specific area Handling an emotional upset heart sandwich Yellow highlight Location: 1, The crown and brow bridge calms and settles the mind. The throat and heart bridge helps you talk about your feelings. The heart and solar plexus bridge relieves anxiety. The heart and navel bridge calms down emotions in general. The navel and root bridge one hand on the belly, the other on the knees helps ground your emotions.

This is called spot treating. Or, if you only have a few minutes, just do the head, shoulders, and heart areas. Yellow highlight Location: 1, You need to stay in visual contact with your recipient throughout your entire interaction. Yellow highlight Location: 1, Reiki flows with our breath, so make sure you are breathing a lot while you are giving Reiki. Yellow highlight Location: 1, Place your hand above the crown of the head, and allow it to hover there. Yellow highlight Location: 1, Move the energy back and forth between your hands to balance the hemispheres of the brain.

These books are fabulous references when learning about how the body holds stuck emotion and energy. Put it on your forehead for mental clarity and to wake yourself up. You can also do this for others, too. Use it on the palms of your hands before you do Reiki to increase the flow of Reiki to your hands. Put it on the soles of your feet to help ground yourself. You can do the same thing to your recipient. Draw it into the crown to increase energy in general. This is great for people with fatigue issues.

Yellow highlight Location: 2, If my clients start crying, I will ask them to breathe deeply and allow the energy to move through their body. Yellow highlight Location: 2, Often, I say nothing and let them process it in their own time. Or, I will ask gentle, open-ended questions, such as: Where does that feeling come from? What do you need to do to let that go? What do you need right now? Yellow highlight Location: 2, When I sense a strong emotion coming up, I ask clients to breathe deeply into the emotion, directing their breath to the part of the body that is holding the emotion.

Then, I recommend that they breathe the feeling out of their body in any way that feels natural to them. The exhale breath allows the energy of the emotion to leave the body, which is the desired outcome here. Yellow highlight Location: 2, The Q-Link, which can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet, will also greatly strengthen your energy field, and it can give an empath some peace when in psychically difficult situations.

You can find it online. Yellow highlight Location: 2, I notice that some people prefer figuring out stuff all by themselves and hate to be told what to do. If that describes you, your guides will be around but will stay out of your hair unless you specifically ask for help. Yellow highlight Location: 2, I treat spirits a lot like I treat people. Most of the time, being polite and asking them to move along works very well.